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dojo phone: (510) 839-1814

Century Martial Arts
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Lakeshore, Lower Hills District, Grand Lake
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Children's Instructional Play Programs, Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs, Martial Arts Instruction, Self Defense Instruction & Equipment
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Parking: Street

Bike Parking: Yes

Classes Offered: Martial Arts

Good for Kids: Yes


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Best quality training you can get!

I love this school! I have been training martial arts with them for six years now and I would never go to another place. The instructors are very knowledgeable of their material and great in teaching the entire program.

If you have not tried a class with Si-hing Adrian you should stop by at any time and see for yourself how the quality of his classes are far superior than any other Wing Tsun school in the area. In addition, Si-hing Adrian is a very well rounded martial artist with multiple Black Belts in various styles.

The most important thing for me as a woman is that I can walk with confidence that I am able to defend my self or avoid any dangerous situation.

Training with BMMA Oakland I have become physically fit and mentally balanced and able to bring the best of martial arts into my daily life. I can not thank Si-hing Adrian and BMMA Oakland enough for all they have done.

The facility is great and well equipped. The office staff is very helpful. There are always parking close by. And I heard from parents that take the adult classes that their kids program is excellent.



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Self defense and so much more

I joined Bay Mountain Martial Arts in Oakland about 2 A? years ago. It has been, and continues to be, a great experience. Joining BMMA was truly one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Sihing Adrian is an excellent instructor, one who skillfully weaves together traditional martial arts instruction and the application of Wing Tsun King Fu principles in real life self-defense situations.
Sihing Adrian challenges the student to constantly better oneself, and the rewards are manifested in one?s personal and professional life. Training with Sihing Adrian has greatly improved my physical endurance and coordination, as well as my mental strength, focus, concentration, and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Oakland BMMA and Sihing Adrian to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts and self defense. I have also helped out in many kids classes and Sihing Adrian and the other staff are great with children



Great School!

I began studying with Sihing Adrian DeSilva almost four years ago. I was then a mother of one, and looking for a way to schedule regular exercise, some time away from home and conquer some fears by studying martial arts. I practiced Kempo under Sihing Adrian until I became pregnant again and was too ill to continue. During my absence, I continued to be checked on by Sihing Adrian and given the stern yet caring reminder to get back to class. When I returned, I was in need of significant rehabilitation after a difficult pregnancy and subsequent surgery. Returning to my old school, teachers and classmates was a comfortable transition for me, filled with support, friendship and care.

My five year old son joined the Little Ninja’s class before I returned and has benefited from the new location of the school as well as the teaching. The lessons my son learns in class at Bay Mountain are applicable at school and home. He takes pride in his developing martial arts skills and has worked with Sihing’s help to speak up and to lead by example. He has gained another important adult in his life who he respects and trusts. He also knows that Sihing will provide him with recognition when deserving and will provide opportunities for him to learn from his mistakes safely.

I continue to grow in my relationship with Sihing Adrian and the other teachers through my own classes and have found the same to be true as an adult. Sihing Adrian and all the instructors at Bay Mountain believe strongly in what they are studying and in pushing you to surpass your own goals. The training is real, the instruction is real and the skills are completely applicable to real life. We as students, benefit from Sihing Adrian’s continued study in his own martial arts training. I have seen Sihing Adrian‘s transition from teaching Kempo to Wing Tsun. Typical of Sihing, as he grew in his understanding and appreciation of the style, he brought his students and school along. I now am training in Wing Tsun and have found numerous benefits. I am regaining my strength and stamina, gaining physical and emotional confidence, challenging myself to be a student again and finding more balance in life through the Wing Tsun principles as taught by Sihing Adrian.

After seeing my son’s excitement, getting back to class and attending my first Wing Tsun seminar and meeting our Sifu Simon Mayer, there is no doubt that my family has found a great martial arts school. I’d encourage you and your family to stop by and try a class soon!



Self defense - And so much more

I joined Bay Mountain Martial Arts in Oakland about 2 ½ years ago. It has been, and continues to be, a great experience. Joining BMMA was truly one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Sihing Adrian DaSilva is an excellent instructor, one who skillfully weaves together traditional martial arts instruction and the application of Wing Tsun King Fu principles in real life self-defense situations.

Sihing Adrian challenges the student to constantly better oneself, and the rewards are manifested in one’s personal and professional life. Training with Sihing Adrian has greatly improved my physical endurance and coordination, as well as my mental strength, focus, concentration, and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Oakland BMMA and Sihing Adrian to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts and self defense.



I have learned applicable Mart...

I have learned applicable Martial Arts as well as consistently gotten rigorous exercise at Bay Mountain Martial Arts. I have been training at BMMA for 5 years now, throughout all of high school. During this time period, I have witnessed a lot of curriculum changes, testimony that the school is always striving to teach the most beneficial and useful material possible. The material is never stagnant, nor are the class structures too rigid. The classes are personal and tailored to benefit the specific students that are in class each day. Each class starts with a workout, which is often something new and that really is good exercise, before moving into actual material. The classes are dynamic, and the instructors try to give students the best understanding of material by doing a variety of exercises. Most drills are done with partners, which makes it easy to learn how to apply what we learn. This school teaches martial arts that in a way that lets students really understand the concepts and how to use them realistically, while also combining that with a good fitness program and more traditional aspects.



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Best Martial Arts in Oakalnd Ca

I have been training here for a few years now and yes this is the best martial arts school in Oakland. before i started here i tried out lots of different schools and they either where so filthy that the smell seeped in your nose as soon as you got near the door and or the instructors where just well how can i put it nicely (full of them selves) They offer a Very clean training area. They just moved across the street from their old location into a much larger facility last year, that has high ceilings and great parking. Their prices are very reasonable, I started out in the Hiit class and my son also takes class in their dragons program the dragons program is so kewl to watch I like to see my son ex cell and the instructors especially Sihing Adrian, who is totally a master instructor with the kids he can help them develop so much confidence as i have seen with my son and his peers in his class. The head instructor Sihing Adrian is like a professor of martial arts take a look at his bio on their website he has studied so many different styles and has reached substantial rank in each.I researched other instructors in the area and they dont have what he has, I asked him why he trained in so many styles, he said to better the training of his students.

you can see that this is Sihings passion in his life. i have just started the Wing Tsun Program and this is such a awesome style based from simple and logical concepts. As i am not interested in MMA or Ufc style fighting this style gives me what i am looking for as far as being able to defend my self and my family if need be. also since i am not a very big guy. trying to arm bar someone until they submit is not very appealing. also who wants to jump on the floor and try to do that to someone on the street where environment will have a big play in the outcome.

If you want the best training around then go to Bay Mountain Martial Arts it will have something for you!!



A Great School to Learn Wing Tsun

I have trained at Bay Mountain Martial Arts since April 2007. Adrian���s approach to training differs from other instructors under whom I have studied in that he trains you to develop both your physical skill set and your knowledge base in the art of Wing Tsun. Unlike other instructors, he will take the time to explain the principles and the application of the skills he teaches. Adrian trains you to properly apply martial skills in real-life self-defense situations when you have exhausted all non-violent options. This is about being able to walk away with yourself intact and the criminal who attempted to assault you incapacitated on the ground, not flowery, 15-movement, high-kicking techniques, since a real street fight lasts only seconds just enough to either lose your life or preserve it. Adrian trains you so that you want to become more proficient in your skills because he wants you to continue learning. This is not a school where the senior students teach all the classes and the instructor watches the latest television programs in the lobby. The instructor and all students, from the instructor���s most senior pupil to the newest recruit, will touch hands and train together in an atmosphere of respect, with each student learning from one another no matter their skill level. This school is not about tournament point-sparring, mindless brawling or UFC/MMA-type fighting. There are plenty of other facilities deliriously happy to empty your wallet for that purpose alone. Leave the extended Shaw Brothers action sequences and high-wire camera trickery where they belong ��� on the movie screen. Do not come to this school expecting to train strictly form or to practice punching and kicking air endlessly. Do come to the school if you want to truly learn about an art that is alive and constantly evolving and how to properly apply its fighting principles from a most knowledgeable full-time instructor. I highly recommend the school.



Bay Mountain's instructors are...

Bay Mountain's instructors are exceptional. They understand the concepts and principles required to learn effective self defense. More importantly, BMMA instructors explain the concepts to all levels of student. I highly recommend Bay Mountain Martial Arts.



Excellent school

This school is excellent for anyone who wants to learn self defense, Kung Fu, Escrima (stick fighting) and the basic fundamentals of martial arts in general. I've been training Wing Tsun Kung Fu here for over a year and really enjoy the training facility, the class structure and particularly the quality of instruction given. I also find the prices quite reasonable. Some places I looked into initially were nearly twice as expensive and did'nt even offer the same quality, or the variety of classtimes/days. (There are classes offered every day, except fri and sun)

Also, at this school, students don't wait months upon months before they actually "touch hands" with someone. The training does involve form, but students begin training with each other right away, instead of standing around by themselves practicing form, which I have seen a lot of at other schools.

Another huge plus is that there are usually multiple instructors during one class, so everyone gets individual attention during a lesson.

The head instructor, Adrian, is an excellent teacher, and just by talking to him for five minutes, you can tell that he not only is passionate about martial arts, but also loves to teach and is great at what he does, meaning, he is impressively skilled and incredibly fast, and more importantly, he is able to explain and demonstrate things clearly to those who want to learn. He also will inform you of your progress, and is always honest about it, which I have always found very helpful. Highly recommended.



Fitness and realistic self-defense

I can honestly say that after having trained at Bay Mountain Martial Arts for over a year, I'm in the best shape of my life. I started my training in the HIIT program, and was delighted to find what a welcoming and friendly atmosphere Bay Mountain was. Being an adult, it can be intimidating entering a martial arts school. This was never the case here. I was welcomed with open arms and made to fell extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend this martial arts school to anyone. Not only do you get in great shape but you learn real world self-defense. As a flight attendant for a major US airline, I have received federal self defense training from numerous martial arts instructors. The skills I have learned at Bay Mountain Martial arts make federal training look like a joke. In the last federal class I was forced to take, I ended up teaching most of the class more effective techniques I learned at Bay Mountain.



This is not your a typical Martial Arts Dojo! This School Rocks

I am so glad i joined Bay Mountain Martial Arts all of their instructors have exceptional skills in their arts. I signed up for the H.I.I.T. self defense which helped me lose 15 pounds and i learned alot of great mental and physical skills i truly am amazed by Sihing Adrian's teaching style, you could say he is very energetic and his very passionate for what he teaches he is a true doer. His combination of technical fighting skills and understanding of the human body is amazing he encourages and most of the time demands that you ask questions about what you are doing so you may better understand The "How" It works. he always talks about martial arts in a way that you can understand it. I recently also just started Wing Tsun Kung Fu this style is so amazing, it is not meant for sport but for real life i have taken jujitsu and judo when i was younger and rolling on the floor is great but you cant do that on the cement and also why would you want to roll on the floor with someone who is trying to do you bodily harm this is not a game we are talking about. Wing Tsun is definetly not a sport style! For you men and women out their that are truly interested in a pure Self Defense style I would Say that Wing Tsun the style for you. you dont need previous experience but all the instructors will help you to learn how your body works. Wing Tsun classes are taught in a collegial atmosphere its not like a gym mentality school where they just train bullies. we are all here to understand what self preservation is in a violent situation.

At the center of Wing Tsun training stands a unique and variable technique that must be learned through concentrated practice and conscious, purposeful engagement with a partner. the movement is fluent explosive and lots of fun .

again i recommend this school to everyone i meet it truly has changed my life for the POSITIVE!!!



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Best Martial Arts in Oakland

I have been training at Bay Mountain Martial Arts for about a year. Training in martial arts has sharpened my physical and mental flexibility which has given me more self confidence that I have applied in my everyday life. Sihing Adrian emphasizes on a healthy and fitness-orientate lifestyle. The dojo provides a positive learning experience that you can?t find in a fitness gym. His professional instruction is intense as well as challenging. I like that his methods are against any aggressive form of violence, but emphasizes that what we are training is pure self-defense. The basic training techniques he uses helped enhanced my existing strengths and improved my coordination. I feel that I am more relaxed and have more balance in my life. I recommend Bay Mountain Martial Arts for anyone who likes to be challenged physically, yet provoked mentally. You will not be disappointed. The staff and other instructors are knowledgeable and they treat everyone like family.