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RI RN License, also Red Cross certified in pet first aid and CPR. Member of PUPS



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Edited: 02/07/2017
my crazy terriers love her!!

We have 2 terriers that we board with Shelley. They love her, we love her, it's a great match. We are so comfortable leaving our boys with her and yes we have recommended her to our friends without hesitation.
We travel without any worries as we know she treats them like family. We feel very fortunate to have Shelley.

Katie D.



Katie 9/6/2014

I am so happy that I found Shelly! I have left my cats with her twice. I felt at ease with her right away. She goes above and beyond in caring for my two cats who require special care. She is knowledgeable, caring and genuinely interested. I have even learned a few helpful tips from her!


I could literally write a novel at this point describing just how incredible Shelly was and continues to be in caring for/taking care of my 2 cats. My 2 cats are everything to me, and I had never left them with anyone before. This past June I needed to bring them somewhere to be taken care of while I was away with family. I was very skeptical about this, but the moment I spoke to Shelly on the phone I knew that there was no one better. There was a certain confidence and trusting sound in her voice that she knew exactly what she was doing and how to do it. The more I learned about her, the more impressed I was. Her credentials and background in care for animals is unmatched. While I was away Shelly alerted me that my girl cat Sparrow was ill, and needed attention. She brought her in for me and we discovered that she had chronic kidney failure. From that moment on up until this day, Shelly LITERALLY saved my cats life, and took amazing care of her. She even took her back and forth to the vets for me, and made sure she was under the best care possible. To say she went above and beyond her overnight fee of $10 which is INSANE considering the care she gives every animal...would be such an understatement. Shelly has been in contact with me via phone calls and texts for the past few months now, and is constantly helping me with medical questions and she is now someone I consider a true friend that I can turn to. I could go on and on and on...seriously....I wouldn't be able to tell you everything she's done for me. Just know this, YOUR ANIMAL NEEDS TO BE WITH SHELLY AND NO ONE ELSE WHILE YOU'RE AWAY. You will never have to worry and it'll be one of the best decisions of your life. I promise!!!!



Shelly in unquestionably an an...

Shelly in unquestionably an animal lover. She takes the upmost care with dogs and cats in her care. She attends to every detail, and is endlessly patient with my super-active dog that is always turning her house upside down. She always puts the welfare of the animal first. I leave my two dogs with her on a regular basis, and always feel relaxed and comfortable that they will be fine. As a matter of fact, they can't wait to get inside her house when we pull into the driveway. She seeks veterinary care at the first sign of trouble, and follows through with all recommendations. Over the years, I have seen her with many different animals with various problems, and I've never seen her do anything except that exceptionally good care of them. You can feel relaxed leaving your beloved animals in her care!!



i have known Shelly, and trust...

i have known Shelly, and trusted my dogs and cats to her care, for about 5 years now. I have NEVER met anyone so completely dedicated to the welfare of the animals she takes in; regardless of whether she is caring for them as guests of her pet-sitting business or oarticipating in fostering or rescues. Many of the cats are essentially un-adoptable because of the medical care required, or their age, or some behavior quirk. Shelly rarely, if ever, turns down a request for help for a cat - many of whose care she has taken responsibility for . . . all at her own expense. There are truly not enough good things I could say about Shelly and her care of animals. That someone would post something like Lani W. has, which is not only inaccurate but just plain mean-spirited, is a disgrace to not only Diabetic Cats in Need, but to Yelp as well. This woman has devoted her life to cats - diabetic and other medical challenges in particular . . . all at her own expense, I might ad. I can't think of anyone else that would take better care of my pets.



My dog and 2 cats have all spe...

My dog and 2 cats have all spent time with Shelly. I have complete confidence leaving them in her care.

She has taken care of my diabetic cat many times and has gotten her through critical health challenges. Instead of leaving her at the vet's for observation I trusted Shelly, who is an RN, to monitor her.

Shelly has a way with animals. She won over my cat, Eli, who has never let anyone but me near him.

When my animals are with Shelly, I know they are getting the best care possible and that she treats them as if they were her own.

I absolutely recommend Catlover Pet Sitting to everyone, knowing that it will please even the most finicky of clients.



Also a friend to dogs!

Shelley is amazing and wonderful, part of the support system that keeps my family going. Just like leaving a child with a daycare provider, you want to feel that your pet is happy to be there, and we can tell that's true by the way Gracie bounds into Shelley's car, or through her door, so happy to be in her second home. Shelley has been incredibly flexible in accommodating our crazy schedule, especially for some recent family emergencies when we needed to be out of town. We are hugely grateful to have Shelley in our lives, and definitely recommend her to EVERYONE we know who has a dog.



Shelly is so caring and trustworthy!

We met Shelly when she was with Kitty Sitting and always found her so knowledgeable and compassionate when dealing with our (then) elderly cats. It's difficult to find someone whom you can trust when your cats have special needs, and Shelly was available 24/7 to offer her expertise, help and friendship. She goes far above and beyond any expectations we've ever had for animal care. When we were dealing with losing our 21 year old cat to CRF, not only did she show us how to administer sub-q fluids, but she also met us at the vet's office when the time came to let her go.

Thanks to Shelly, we now have a delightful young cat in our household, and if we go anywhere, we wouldn't even consider having anyone else look after him!



Home away from home!

Shelly and her husband are wonderful with Spike. He makes himself at home as soon as he walks in the door! I couldn't ask for better care.



Extremely Caring

Shelly is a terrific lover of cats. My cat Julie, who was 16 years old, was a diabetic and Shelly took care of her as if Julie were her own cat. Unfortunately, Julie's diabetes became worse while Shelly was taking care of her, as I was traveling. Shelly had taken her to the vet, and kept me informed of Julie's progress. Julie's internal organs began to shut down. When I returned home, Shelly brought Julie to my house and Shelly was a big help. The next day I had to make a decision regarding Julie. I had to put her to sleep, as she would not recover from her illness. However, Shelly was extremely supportive and even accompanied me to the vet when I had to have Julie put down. Shelly is indeed a saint and her love of cats is first rate. She not only takes care fo cats, but treats them like a member of her family.



Excellent Plus

Took excellent care of my 2 kitties when I was gone for 9 days. Shelly's responsible, caring, and gave reassuring reports by email when we were out of phone contact. I plan to use Catlover then next time I'm out of town.



5 Kitties

Posted by John on 8/18/2010

We hired Shelly to oversee our family of cats for 7 days

during which time our oldest cat was suffering from old age

which required extra care which Shelly so diligently

provided -- above and beyond. Being concerned with

the cat, she took the cat home and provided home care

for her. We can never say enough about Shelly's

qualifications and concern for our family. We highly

recommend her. This is the 3rd time we have used

Shelly and, because of this, we had a great vacation.



Conscientious and knowledgeable

I haven't used Shelly's services, but I have had the opportunity to work closely with her on a medical basis. I have served as Shelly's veterinarian for many of her own cats, whose medical problems have ranged from mild to complex. When it comes to managing a complex feline medical case, Shelly is second to none. She comes to me having already researched everything there is to know about a particular disease and has opened my eyes to novel treatment options. Shelly always places the care and wellbeing of her own cats at the forefront. But even more, she places the care and wellbeing of her client's cats at the same level. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a conscientious and knowledgable caretaker.



The Name Says it All!

Shelly is truly a cat lover, having several of her own. She is also a Registered Nurse, so you know that your cats are in good hands. She doesn't just stop in, feed the cats and clean the litter boxes; she spends time playing with them. She also leaves notes to update you on each visit. She is truly the next best thing to "mom & dad." I would never even think of using any other pet service because when you find the best, you forget about the rest.



Shelly is the best!

We have used Shelly's cat sitting service for two consecutive years and would never go anywhere else. Our old cat Zach honestly looks better when we return from vacation than when we leave! Shelly clearly spends lots of time with him, offering much needed grooming in addition to other feline affections. Since our senior cat now poops in places other than the litter box, Shelly also cleans this up...not a pleasant job, but one Shelly completes with compassion for our "elder" cat instead of complaints. Shelly also feeds our birds (and, yes, squirrels) and changes their bath water. She leaves progress notes of each cat visit. She is absolutely reliable, trustworthy, professional, and the best animal sitter you could find. By all means take advantage, and know your pet will be in loving hands.



Kitty Staycation

I like to travel, but I always felt guilty leaving my elderly cat in a kennel or at home to be fed by a neighbor. Catlover Pet Sitting provides a great service for a moderate fee. Shelly comes to my home to feed the cat, clean the litter, and play with the cat. She spends about 45 minutes doing chores and giving my kitty some one-on-one time. Shelly leaves extensive notes for each day that she sits and is also more than willing to do a few extra chores (like collect the mail) that need doing while I am away. Best of all Shelly loves and cares about her pet-clients. She is totally responsible and trustworthy. Catlover Pet Sitting is a great find.




I had never left my little guy "Caleb" before, and was very concerned about leaving him, even just for a few days. However, Shelly was very reassuring and understanding of my concerns and fears. Not only did she provide me with daily updates on my cat, but she took very good care of him while I was away. What I like the most about her, is that she doesn't just rush in and out after feeding the animal, emptying a litter box, etc... She also plays with the animal (or in my case, attempts to, but my little guy wasn't at all interested - (0-:) She spends time with the kitty, and is patient with their needs.

I would highly recommend this pet service to any other "pet parent" out there. A definite "two thumbs up!"



8 Kitties

I don't know how to say it any better than, She is By far the best pet sitter I have ever used. My wife Linda and I would recomend her service to anyone.



Couldn't be better

We have used this service twice and have been extremely satisfied. We plan on using the service any time we are away. Shelly is very professional and makes the process very simple. Our two cats have taken to Shelly and seem to enjoy her visits. I would recommend this service to anyone.


Phone: (401) 651-1510

Address: 50 Black Plain Rd, North Smithfield, RI 02896

Website: blog

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