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Extraordinary as usual.....

Nothing to add, the food - the space - the ambience speaks loud on its on.



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Awesome food, great atmosphere, great location

We just love this place. The food is always great, it's right near great nightlife, and it's bigger than your average east village restaurant so you don't feel suffocated sitting 3 inches from the person next to you that you don't know. The prices are reasonable, and the drinks are great too!



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Dinner at Indochine in a real experience. Food is good, staff is friendly and gorgeous, the lighting is dimmed to perfection and you never know who will be at the next table.



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The perfect dinner

My experience was exactly the opposite of green frog. The service was impeccable, food was great and portions were a nice size. I really recommend ordering the grilled eggplant appetizer and the spicy chicken entree! As an added bonus, we spotted Coco Rocha, Tyson Beckford and Amy Sacco in the house.



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unfocused service staff, big portions

i sat at the bar, waiting for the rest of my party to arrive. 15 minutes after i ordered, and still no drink. by this time, my friends arrived and we were seated -- so i saved the $12 for my would-be cocktail. once at the table, the waitstaff mixed up the appetizer, entree AND after-dinner drink. above average food, and the portions were almost family-style sized. if only they could get the service together...



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over-priced mediocre food

i have to say the only good part of this restaurant was the ambiance (even this wasn't spectacular) and the nice hostess in the front. i ordered a duck salad dish as an appetizer, and the duck was so overcooked and hard. not only that but the salad was so overpowered with the dressing that i couldn't taste the actual contents of this dish. i ordered a fish dish wrapped in banana leaf and again, fish was over-cooked. flavor was mediocre to say the least. i honestly had better food in any take-out place, rather than here. i would not come here again, nor would i recommend it to anyone. for their price tag, the least i expect is good food and they did not provide that. now i know better!



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Nightmare Hype

Although I had put the stroller in the reservation, and had confirmed it with their caller, they never mentioned the two sets of stairs that have to be mounted, never offered to help with the stroller, and made us wait ten minutes at the host stand while they figured out where to put the stroller. Then they seated us in the stupidest location, the center of traffic where every server and guest knocked my chair on their way in and out, in and out. Just don't even think of eating there unless you have a booth, they looked comfortable and even possibly romantic- as you could get close enough to your date to speak without SHOUTING over the music. There were two children there - very well behaved, both yawning at their respective tables. Reading the other reviews I see this place is best for it's night ""scene"" if that's what you are into- but please don't say its about the food. Or the drinks. We ordered their Mojito and a Bellini and their Black and Blue. The Mojito was so bad we did not drink it. We had to ask to have it removed from the bill. The Bellini was nice. We canceled the Black and Blue because it was so hard to eat our meal while being battered by passers-by. We couldn't wait to get out of there. The crab cakes fell apart and into the sauce. (Why bother to wrap disposable chopsticks in a napkin?) Appetizer duck dish you could get at any Chinese delivery. The January reviewer should know that this time the Bass and the Duck were on the menu, and they were both only fair. Bass served on an odd log of ginger, it's so dark you can't see what you are eating with your cheap chopsticks. I did not even finish the duck entree - which is unlike me. By this time my stomach was upset. Our server Kim was the only great part - but even she got flummoxed and forgot our desserts. We took them to go and plan to give them away, not interested. Sorry to admit, its 7 hours later and I still have gas. Boy am I glad I only paid $35!



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From the Beverly Hills Hotel-esque banana leaf walls to the perfect pineapple capirihnas, Indochine remains one of my top 5 favorite places to go in Manhattan. The service is attentive, the lighting is super-flattering, the music is always up-to-date, the atmosphere is a perfect mix of louche downtown decadence and uptown propriety and most importantly, the food is delish. I try to go at least once a week for spring rolls and a bloody mary (extra horseradish) and always run into friends from the worlds of fashion, cinema and journalism. The genius of the place is its ability to be simultaneously as appropriate for dinner with mom as it is for a raunchy, boozy, slut-tastic night out with your friends. My only complaint is that the bathroom is too small. The place is always so full of people that you end up having to wait, which is never a good thing after a few pineapple capirihnas (or bloody marys).



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I love Indochine!!!! I am a regular and i usually go on friday or saturday......when i walk in, i am greeted by lovely girls, nice ambiance, soft music, and it it perfect not only for a romantic date, but also with friends...and the crowd is young and fresh, full of energy...( i go there usually at 10 pm)
Sometimes, i crave the food so bad that i have to stop by during the week to have an appetizer and a glass of wine at the bar......
I love the beef salad and the spicy chicken, u gotta try it...ah, also the steam ravioli, AMAZING.....
The place has been rocking and rolling for more than 20 years....
i am going this friday for sure.....see you there!!!!!!
Baci Baci



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i didn't know that i could have a bad experience without even going there..

we made reservations during restaurant week for a late friday night dinner. we had friends coming in from out of town. earlier in the day, we received a phone call confirming our reservations. however, indochine didn't think it was necessary to give us a call later in the day to let us know they had cancelled our reservations. we gave them a call 15 minutes before our reservations to let them know we would be a little late, and that's when they told us that ""con ed tapped into their gas line"" and they had no cooking gas. they didn't even bother calling us at 4:30pm, when apparently this whole fiasco happened. when we asked what they could do for our inconvenience, they said to give them a call back on monday. not for anything, but it's a little hard making reservations for a nice place in the city after 11pm. not only were we not able to experience restaurant week at a ""nice place,"" but our friday night was ruined. we didn't even bother calling them on monday - if the service was this horrible without even going to the restaurant, i can only imagine how it would be if actually did eat there.



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BAIT and SWITCH - Changed the menu for cheaper option after publishing restaurant week menu

I booked dinner reservations after checking out Indochine's published Retaurant Week Menu. I sent information about the menu and the details to all of my friends and when we got there, they happened to have changed two entrees and appetizer, but never updated this information. For instance, they had duck breast and grilled striped bass on the Retaurant Week Menu, which incidentally was changed to cheaper options of poultry and fish: chicken and salmon, respectively. When I asked about it, the only answer the lazy waitress had was that they changed the menu about a month ago and that I can order the duck a la carte for $24. Also, after 20 minutes of wiating we had to flag down ""a"" waitress who finished serving us. When we ordered coffee (which was also part of the Restaurant Week Menu), they were not only surprised, but took forever to bring out an American coffee, not vietnamese. I was in Indochine, not Indiana.

The wait staff completely overlooked and forgot we were there. Hostess was not friendly in the least and snooty. For its price, the most cheapest wooden disposable chopsticks were a disappointment.

Overall, decore was ok, but nothing spectacular. Drinks were weak (Lychee martini is the worst I have ever had), but the appetizers short ribs and crab cake was tasty. In sum, I would certainly not go back.



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too expensive for mediocre food and ambiance

I mean, it's fine, but at $175 for two people, I found the food underwhelming and the decor average. The service was good, and the place does have a nice energy. But call me cheap, I just feel that in this price range, some element of my dining experience should be noticeably above average. Go to O Mai on 9th Ave, you'll get the same quality food at half the price.



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A wonderful dining experience

I had a fantastic time dining at Indochine last week. It is definitely one of my favorites. The flower arrangements blew me away. The music and the lighting helped to created a dreamy ambience. I received great service. The seafood was especially amazing, the Chilean sea bass is the best I've had in the city.



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Great food, ambience, service and overall experience.

We had dinner on a Friday night. Amazing experience. Ordered the steamed rolls (vs fried), the seabass, the filet, and the sauteed rice. Dessert - got the banana dish as well as the pineapple. Phenomenal service, very attentive, and all of the dishes were delicious and plentiful. When leaving the restaurant, I dropped my scarf and was unaware I had left it. One of the waiters ran after us, even though we were 2 blocks from the restaurant, to give me my scarf. I am definitely going back and recommending to all of my friends!



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exceeded my expectations

I was hesitant to go to indochine based on the inconsistent reviews, but it did not dissappoint. My party had 5 people in it, and between us we tried 4 different entrees, four appetizers, and two desserts, ALL of which were delicious. I had the summer rolls for my appetizer, the filet mignon for my entree, and the hazlenut mousse cake for my dessert. Our reservation was timely honored, and while the wait staff was certainly ""wannabe model,"" i didn't find them to be too snooty. Oh, and the cocktails were flavorful, particularly the pineapple capirinha. I highly recommend indochine!



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Amazing food and service!!

I am a hotel concierge and received and invite from Indochine to dine with a guest. I loved everything about this place! The food was fantastic..I had Sliced Seared Filet Mignon which comes with grilled baby corn, carrots & asparagus and it was the most tender, juicy steak you can have! the ambiance is very fun and trendy...great place for group dining...Our waitress was so friendly and eloquent...Though a bit pricey, It is worth every penny...I strongly recommend you dine at indochine!



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Too pricey for what you get, but nice, quiet and romantic.

My boyfriend and I went during restaurant week. Made reservations for 5:30 (mostly because we wanted to dine early, but also because this was the only time availible during the busy Rest. Week. Understandible). Arrived at 5:10 and had to wait until the place ""Opened"". No big deal really. It is nice and quite romantic inside. The wait staff is a little model-wannabe and a bit snooty, but professional still the same. Appetizers were good. He had the Beef Carpaccio (good) and I had the crab cakes which I felt were better. The Indochine Martini is tasty. For main courses we had the Striped Bass (VERY GOOD) and the Lamb. Dessert was Pear Tart and a plate of sorbets in 3 flavors. All in all it was a good meal. I can see how people would get impatient with this place. We were not in a hurry so it didn't bother us. By the time we left at 7:30 the place was packed and bustling. I would never eat at this place if it were not during restuarant week. There are many other better places for this kind of food as much better prices and less-prententious attitudes. I do have to add that at one point after main course plates were removed there were places on the white table cloth that had a few spots of food on it, just from sharing and spilling, etc. Not anything super-messy. The waitress actually put a napkin over it which I felt was just silly. Sorry, but that's just too much for me.



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Horrible service, so-so food

So we (bf and I) made reservations for restaurant week, which may have been our first mistake. Still, it looked like a decent RW menu, so we decided to give it a try.
We showed up 15 minutes in advance of our 8:00 reservation, and had a drink at the bar while we waited for a table to open up. 8:00 rolled around, then 8:15, 8:30... Finally my bf asked the hostess if we would be able to eat soon. She acted like she'd never seen us before. He indicated where we'd been sitting for the last 45 minutes, and she told him- completely unapologetically- that she'd let him know when something was available. So we ordered another drink, and watched as several other two-tops that had come in AFTER us were seated right away. 15 minutes later, he asked again, and again she acted like she didn't even recognize him. I mean honestly, we're young and well-dressed and reasonably stylish, not exactly the kind of couple a restaurant with so-so reviews should act snobby towards! I really think it was just idiocy, not malicious, but regardless it left a bad taste in my mouth. She finally seated us, but she never once apologized for the fact that we'd been waiting an hour- a full 45 MINUTES past our reservation time.
The server was not good, and the service would have irked me normally but it probably wouldn't have ruined the meal if I hadn't already been predisposed to hate it... But already in a bad mood, I especially resented waiting a full hour for our entree, and then we sat there for 20 minutes after our plates were cleared, impatiently looking for her. Finally we managed to flag her down, and got our desserts to go because I couldn't stand to spend another second staring at the tacky faux-jungle decor. Oh and the ribs were overcooked, and the rice = gross!
There are WAY too many good restaurants in this city to drop $100 on a mediocore meal that will leave you feeling more insulted than satisfied. Don't make the mistake we did, spend your money elsewhere!!



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Food's Ok, But Beware of Your Belongings - Personnel Won't Help

Food is ok, although you better avoid the Viet Bouillabaisse that's slightly revolting. I must say, rethinking, that the best thing they have is the house rice, so that's not a great compliment.
Anyway, someone stole a bag from beneath my seat, it was only us left in the restraurant, and waiters and management were not very helpful at all. Will not see me back.


Phone: (212) 505-5111

Address: 430 Lafayette St Lbby A, New York, NY 10003


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General Info
Founded in 1984, INDOCHINE offers French-Vietnamese cuisine for dinners and private events. INDOCHINE restaurant is located in New York City and is famous for hosting important events from famous clients including Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.
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Fax: (212) 477-0397

Payment method
amex, discover, master card, visa, all major credit cards, cash, debit
Price Range
NoHo, Downtown Manhattan
Tropical decor Restaurant setting, Lounge, Bar, In house Florist

Indochine Restaurant

Other Information

Parking: Street

Wi-Fi: No

Bike Parking: Yes

Attire: Dressy

Good For Groups: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, Family Style, French, Take Out, European, Continental

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Pets Allowed: No

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