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Call Today to Make an Appointment! At Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital we are committed to providing comprehensive, quality care for each patient to enhance their well-being and quality of life. Our compassionate, knowledgeable and professional team, utilizes state of the art technology, and is continually implementing the latest in cutting edge medical practices. Combining western conventional medicine and ancient eastern traditions, we provide the most appropriate means of medical care for your pet, striving to find the balance all living creatures require in order to enjoy a peaceful, wholesome and healthy life. A.A.H.A. Accreditation Counts When quality medical care matters, clients take their pets to A.A.H.A. accredited hospitals. There are 3,000 accredited hospitals in North America, and Heart of Chelsea is one of them. Superior care is clearly a priority for you and your family, so it should be reassuring to know that your hospital made the grade. We continually exceed rigorous reviews that include more than 900 standards created by the American Animal Hospital Association (A.A.H.A.) which evaluate quality care and client service. A.A.H.A. accreditation is a trusted sign of excellence. It shows that veterinary professionals are knowledgeable, equipment is well maintained and updated, medical procedures are cutting-edge, and facilities deliver high quality veterinary care. To maintain accredited status, we voluntarily undergo comprehensive on-site evaluations about every three years. A.A.H.A. accreditation keeps us at the front of the veterinary pack. We are dedicated to providing your pet with the best health care possible. Take pride in the knowledge that your pets are in great hands.
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Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan
Veterinarian Emergency Services, Veterinarians, Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals
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Provided by Citysearch - 
Really good vets

I recommended Heart of Chelsea to a friend, who checked the online reviews and told me she was hesitant to take her cat because of those reviews, so I'm writing my own.

I have used Heart of Chelsea for about six or seven years, finding them after I had issues with another group of Vets. I wanted a vet that would test before automatically vaccinating my dog. Heart of Chelsea did and in fact my dog didn't need the shot. I still wonder if over vaccination causes some problems, especially in smaller breeds, so I was pleased to find vets that exercised some caution.

But more importantly, when my dog started having some problems, I took him in and Dr. Siebert quickly and accurately diagnosed Cushing's Disease. This was confirmed by a blood test. Then they suggested I take my dog to an ultrasound specialist to see if the disease was being caused by an adrenal or pituitary gland tumor. This was not a frivolous suggestion. It determined and improved treatment for my dog. Moreover, the specialist they referred me to was excellent.

The Heart of Chelsea vets have successfully treated my dog ever since, adjusting Cushing meds when needed and dealing with emergencies, including a chocolate episode and disk problems.

My favorite vet there is Dr. Crane, who will take the time to answer all questions fully, and who treats my dog like gold. But all the vets I've seen there have been really good.

Now, they are expensive (thus 4 versus 5 stars) but I have to say they are no more expensive than the other vets in my area. I think the solution is probably pet insurance, not trashing the vets. Thank you, Heart of Chelsea.



Provided by Citysearch - 
munchausens by proxy?

We fully expected to drop >300 for a check up, blood panel, rabies and distemper vaccinations. But they wanted to do tons more - blood panels that other vets said they order only rarely as well as vaccinations which were not necessary. They insisted that giving our cat Tagamet was not as good as whatever snake oil they sell and also wanted to do an x-ray because she spit up a furball. Again, I don't mind spending the money but I shudder at the pain other animals go through to line this outfit's pockets.



Provided by Citysearch - 
all about $$$

As a first time pet owner I had no idea what my puppy needed. I got no explanations what vaccine she is getting or why all they said she needs them. I walked out with medication that was not needed at the time. Would not recommend, all about making money. I should have read the reviews before i went there.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Dishonest, money hungry doctors with a friendly smile.

If you want an honest review of this hospital, this is it.

I am not going to complain about the price. We live in NYC so let's be real. NOTHING is cheap here.

I am going to complain about the doctors. They are nice and friendly. But they view every appointment as an opportunity to make as much money as they can. As doctors, they should view each appointment as an opportunity to educate owners on how best to take care of their pets, give an accurate diagnosis without dollar signs in their eyes. They run unnecessary tests, which not only means racking up the bill, but now you are poking and prodding on MY pet for no real benefit. And it is absolutely ridiculous how trigger happy they are to give shots and medicine - again, for no real benefit.

Those that gave comments on how nice the doctors are - wake up. The only reason why you step into this place is to help your pet, NOT to make friends and to feel like YOU are being treated well. It's a fact that conventional pet food and medication is making our pets sick across the country. Do your part and educate yourself on your pet's health and well being, so that you can make the best decisions for them with a doctor you can trust, and not just be lured to medicate or operate bc a greedy doctor said so. This hospital is making a killing off of uneducated and unsuspecting pet owners.

Too many reviews have noted that the staff is responsible to fish out bad reviews and to respond with a fake 5-star review. I BELIEVE IT. It goes to show that their main interest is to keep their reputation sparkly by deception, and not by hiring doctors that are there to truly help animals. Shame, shame shame on you Heart of Chelsea!!!

If there is a glowing review right after this review, it means they are still up to their old tricks.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Lovely front desk staff and very attentive

From the minute I walked in to the hospital with my kitty Quincy, I was greeted by a smiling face and didn't even wait 5 minutes before somebody took me back to a room. The nurse that helped me was very gentle with my 16 year old boy and even offered him some treats to calm him down. Dr. Padro was just lovely and VERY patient with me. Since my senior kitty was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I had lots of questions and she answered every one and made me feel comfortable about giving him the medication. She even offered to call me the next week ""just to check in to see how things were going."" I wish MY doctor were as efficient as the people here.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Well educated, you get what you pay for

Yes, it's ""expensive,"" but still way cheaper than human health. You get what you pay for. They offer personalized service and know what they are doing. They talk on the phone as many times as it takes. They call to follow-up. They answer their calls. They are open late and on the weekends. Dr. Siebert is top notch, well trained, has a calming touch (no need to scruff my cats) and saved my cat's life when she had bladder stones.

They usually check titers before giving vaccines, so you don't get anything unnecessary. You can refuse the stool samples if you think it's unnecessary for your indoor animals, and it might be, but my cats eat NYC cockroaches so I'd like to ensure they don't have parasites.

My only critique: I have my own bias against homeopathic treatment and I could do without the personalized scrub tops. But they care for my babies who can't speak for themselves and offer nothing but unconditional love in return. I want staff and physicians that are the best.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Poor, will take your $$ over and over

Don't go. This place did constant ""guess work"" to try and diagnose my dog. It cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and weeks later, he is still suffering. I never had the same vet twice, always different, always guessing. Don't make the same mistake. Treat your dog well and do your research.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Worst Vet, dont' waste your time listeing to deceptive reviews!!

I usually do not feel compelled to write reviews for businesses. But I was overwhelmed to do so with the violation I felt at this place. I brought my kitten here that I adopted from AC&C in NYC. I came in for a FREE checkup that I was alotted. I was told to bring a stool sample. I now realize this is so they could make some money out of me while I was there. They sampled it, and found NOTHING wrong with it. Yet still perscribed me some medication for her. It was uneccessary, and in my opinion unhealthy to give me pet medicine she did not even need. They told me to give it to her ""just in case"" she had something. (Even though she has all her vaccinations and is an indoor cat) All in all, I ended up paying over $50 for a FREE checkup when there was nothing wrong with my pet! This place takes deceptive measures to take advantage of you and rob you of every penny they can.

Also, a side note. If you notice there are either glowing reviews of this place, or the miraculous coicendence of being insanely overcharged. Do not believe these ""amazing"" reviews. They are most likely writtien by employees themselves since they obviously monitor these reviews.

Here is my message to this business' owners, stop spending so much time managing your public relations issues, and actually improve your service for the customers you manage to get inside your doors. Just a tip, it is not good business to violate the customers you actually do have.

I keep receiving reminders in the mail to update my cats shots. I will NEVER give another penny to this disgraceful place.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Money, money, money

If you want to feel as though you're on an infomercial or in a used car lot, HOCAH is the place for you. I took my cats here for exactly two visits before I decided to transfer them to another practice in another neighborhood and never looked back.

I thought Dr. Gabrielle was excellent, and the front desk staff was lovely beyond all words. However, I found Dr. Siebert to be somewhat cold, and I didn't really feel comfortable talking to him about my cats' issues.

And then there was the money. HOCAH will shake you down for every cent you have on you, and the ones you're earning next week too. It isn't just about preventative health; it's about this extra treatment and that preventative product and overcharging for basic services like vaccinations, and the next thing you know, you're walking out with a $300 bill for a routine visit for a healthy cat, and feeling as though you've been hustled. Vets in Manhattan are more expensive than elsewhere, but HOCAH is ridiculous.

Despite what they say about their promotional practices being for the benefit of the pets, I didn't find this to be the case. When my girls had their rabies vaccinations, they gave them the Fort Worth vaccine. While I received certificates I did not get the tags that went with the vaccine. HOCAH also tried to tell me that the vaccine was good for only one year, and put that on the certificate...except that Fort Worth is actually good for THREE years, and SHOULDN'T be given to cats annually. Another vet was able to look up the information on the certificate and confirm this for me.

Please don't bring your pets here.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Dishonest business practice.

I recently got a puppy and was recommended to Heart of Chelsea by a couple dog owners. I have been frequenting their establishment now for a couple months and I have serious issues with the way they conduct business. When you go in for a vaccination, they also give your dog a $60 health exam. After my puppy's exam(s), the vet then tells me that I should bring my puppy in for her second series of shots next week. This is because they didn't give my pup the second series vaccination (which they told me they would do when I was there for my pup's last vaccination). I didn't really think too much about it until they did it to me again. What they are doing is telling customers to come in for a vaccination for their puppies and then telling them to come in a week later for the vaccination they originally came in for; this way, they can charge you for two [$60] health exams (not to mention that it is a waste of your time). They purposely spread your vaccinations out into as many trips as they can get you to make so they can charge you more for the same services. Based on the budgeting of my puppy's current health costs, it is going to cost the average Heart of Chelsea customer $600 to get up to their 3rd-series shots. This is roughly double what you'd pay at most animal clinics, and nearly triple what you'd pay if you went out of the region to have your pup inoculated. Think about it.



Provided by Citysearch - 
honest review from a concerned dog owner part 2

***THIS IS A NOTE TO HEART OF CHELSEA: I?m noticing that after every negative comment on here, you always respond back with ?our goal is to provide excellent care for both you and your pet? etc, etc?. Instead of spending all your time on this website fishing for bad reviews so you can have your last word on saying how great your establishment is, take the time to read these reviews as constructive critism on how to be a better animal hospital. Your job is to be the voice of our pets. Shame on you Heart Of Chelsea for being so disinterested in them! I suggest you take time to teach your staff that the animals and their owners come first, not the heavily educated doctors and their egotistical rantings. Book fewer appointments each day so you can give your FULL time and attention to each patient. THANK YOU!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Great Vet!

We have been taking our doggy to Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital for 2 1/2 years and have been very very happy with the care. We have seen 3 different doctors and have been impressed with all of them. I have had to use their emergency pager system to contact a doctor after hours and have been very pleased with the rapid and compassionate response I've received from the doctors. I have only positive things to say about Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Best Vet Ever, Dr. Cohen

So I LOVED Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital. The staff was amazing! And I was lucky enough to get Dr. Cohen to take care of my cat. She is the BEST VET I have ever experienced in my life, and this is coming from someone whose had pets for 23 years. However, I was horrified to find out one day that Dr. Cohen was no longer there, and then absolutely enraged when they would not tell me why she was gone or where she relocated. I am appalled. This is my cat's doctor, who saved my animals life, and they refuse to give me any information on where she went. If anyone reads this and knows where Dr. Cohen is currently practicing, please post the information on this site. It would mean the world to me.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Highest level of care

Having lived in several Countries over the years I have had to visit many veterinary clinics with my animals. The staff at Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital stand out above the rest.
I took my kitten in as an emergency and from the moment I walked through the door the reception staff and technicians were all very friendly, caring and attentive.
I was extremely fortunate to see Dr Cohen, who was actually leaving for the day, but stayed on to attend to my sick kitten. Dr Cohen made me feel at ease straight away, she was very thorough, very knowledgeable and very professional.
In New York alone I have taken my cats to four Vets, none of whom compare to the level of care given by Dr Cohen and the rest of the staff. I will only be seeing Dr Cohen from now on and highly recomend her to anyone.

Thank you again to everyone that helped and keep up the great work...



Provided by Citysearch - 
Best Vet I have ever been to!!!

I am so thankful to the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, my dog Louis and I have been going to them for a year now and we are very happy. The staff is friendly and attentive to my dog's care. Every time we go in I feel completely comfortable with understanding the medical reasoning and prognoses/treatment plan. I trust the staff 100%. Dr. Laura Cohen is so nice and always goes the extra mile to make sure Louis is doing great! Louis is our families little joy and we know he is in great hands at the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital! I recommend any loving pet owner to this wonderful veterinary establishment! I feel lucky to have found them!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Great vet service!

First-rate for quality of service, cleanliness and making us feel welcome. Our puppy especially liked Dr. Lara Cohen, who was knowledgeable, kind and devoted.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Avoid going

You leave this vet feeling like you have just been robbed. It is very apparent that all they care about is making money. They make you do unnecessary tests and to say they over-charge would be a complete understatement.

I went here because it was in my neighborhood but I will find a new vet because they only care about is making money. Other dog owners in the neighborhood have had similar experiences.



Provided by Citysearch - 
The HeartLE$$ Chelsea Animal Hospital

To start off, I first went to Heart of Chelsea based on the reviews offered here on CitySearch, which I have now realized must be completely false. 71 reviews for one vet in New York City? Common, most vets on CitySearch, even those superior to Heart of Chelsea, have an average of 3 or 4 reviews. Might I say they are also provided by more than one-time reviewers. In fact, my experience with Heart of Chelsea motivated me to comment here for the first time.
Heart of Chelsea will do anything to siphon every penny out of your wallet to feed their deadbeat staff, whether it be by tacking on the mere glance of their staff, or by charging exorbitant prices for their half-hearted care. Don't expect to to leave without dropping a few hundreds on every visit and spending thousands total on any incident. As far as Heart of Chelsea being concerned about your pet, hmmm not so much. Their snotty, money-hungry staff will do anything to hold up their ""concerned"" facade, including their austere phone calls questioning the condition of your pet. Please, if you care about your pet, take him somewhere where your money is well spent. It was not difficult to find better care at a reasonable price here in Chelsea. I'll expect this to be drowned by another load of 30 more ""5-star reviews,"" presumably their staff's overnight homework assignment.




Provided by Citysearch - 
Best Vet ever--saved my puppy's life!!

I have been to many vets (and many doctors, for that matter), but none compare to Dr. Cohen at Heart of Chelsea!! I got my puppy on the evening of June 25, 2008, and had scheduled a new puppy exam for the following day. I provided her with the medical records I was given for my pup, which showed that he had been de-wormed 4 times (the last being 2 days prior) and had already had all his initial vaccinations. He was becoming sickly by then, and Dr. Cohen diagnosed him with Giardia and told me to call if he wasn't getting better, especially because he's a little guy at only 3 lbs. Unfortunately, he didn't get better so I called and left a message at the hospital. Dr. Cohen called me back within 10 minutes and told me to bring him in the next day. After another pack of subcutaneous fluids and day of force-feeding, he still wasn't getting better. I texted back and forth with Dr. Cohen all night. From my description via text alone, she was able to diagnose him with Parvo and had him come in for the lab test first thing and even opened the hospital early. The test was very positive, and she immediately had me take him to Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists where he was put in 24-hour isolation. Because of Dr. Cohen's attention to detail, love for pets, and wonderful recommendation to FAVS, my puppy is now alive and very well! Upon investigation, I discovered the medical records supplied for my puppy at purchase were completely fabricated and that my pup had never had any vaccinations or de-worming. Most doctors and vets eliminate a disease/cause before having enough information, while Dr. Cohen explores all possibilities for illness despite having information that contradicts diagnosis (having had all vaccines +), which is exactly what you need--especially when time is working against you (as it often does when your pet is extremely ill)!



Provided by Citysearch - 

I just recently got my 8 week old puppy from a rescue center and when i got him, he was very sick and tired. I took him to heart of chelsea (following the other reviews on this site) and they cured him! The reception was extremely friendly and knowledgeable (i felt like they could have been doctors too from the phone conversation i had) and was able to get me appt that same day i called. The assistants were very friendly and the doctor herself was amazing. I took my puppy home that night and he was bouncing around healthy and happy as can be! They also went a step further, my baby pup had some behavior issues and i called them because i really didn't know where to go, and they provided me tips and even gave me 2 trainers numbers. I just had my first training session with my pup and i swear he's like a changed pup! he stopped barking and everything and he's even started to understand the concept of housetraining.