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Phone: (212) 260-8118

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mastercard, visa
We are between E Houston Street / Stanton Street
Downtown Manhattan, Lower East Side
Hair Stylists, Beauty Salons
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Parking: Street

Bike Parking: Yes

Price Range : Average

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Warren W.



It was an absolute pleasure, she is a true professional. I definitely recommend! Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

C M.
Edited: 10/30/2017

Randi, seemed slightly abrupt on the phone at first, but then she became more approachable as the conversation went on. However, I decided to give her a try as I never "wrapped" my locs (which she highly recommends, no wonder, as it costs a whopping $200), and I was fairly new to locing (only had my locs in then about a year).

When I arrived I noticed and was slightly apprehensive to find she had her surly girlfriend in the wings upon your entering her establishment. I felt a little like I was being slanted against, before she ever got to see, or know me. I am glad my teenaged sons came with me, one waited in the car and the other escorted me in. Once I felt safe enough I had them both to wait in the car. Randi and I then had our consult which again seemed a bit obnoxious, but I always give person time to show who they really are.

Therefore; I saw her every three months for about a year, and over time she showed her character, and it was not one I would aspire to, or recommend associating with. On occasion we talked, and she would indicate some of her troubles (we all vent). (But 'Karma'; if you follow that sort of thing, which I don't, but in this case I couldn't help but say, "hmmmm maybe", being the person you are is attracting pain and difficulties into your life, Randi.)

Let's talk about Randi the person: On one of my visits I asked her to allow me to leave a very small but really "cute" advertising box for my Mary Kay business in her shop (which she said she wouldn't mind). However, upon my return for my regularly scheduled appointment she explained that the cleaning lady might have thrown it out?! Lol. The way my 'facial box' looks, and where she had placed it in her shop, this could not have been mistakenly discarded. She threw it out herself, or She told the cleaning lady to do so. So not nice, I would even say mean!

Now, let's talk about Randi the loctician: I won't lie when you leave your hair looks okay (nothing to rave about, but I was fairly new to locs at the time); and well, this wrapping thing does takes care of the frizzies. But "wrapping", doesn't deal with caring for the health of your hair. And before you come for each appointment you have to wash your hair?!; that really threw me, I mean isn't that part of the service a loctician is to provide for a client (especially at $200 a pop)?, but as I said I gave her a shot.

Randi's seems to be a person who is self-centered, crude, shallow, and even a bit hostile. I have never returned, and never will. I certainly advise against stepping into her "dungeon", much less sitting in her chair. To say her hair care skills are lacking is generous at best. If there was anyway to rate her a (-)5 I would have.

Sigh ... what a waste of time and money, I trusted you Randi ... REALLY?! You did nothing for my hair .... NOTHING!

If you love your locs and need a good loctician?, it's definitely not Randi, don't do it to yourself. Run ... hide!

I wish the best to whomever reads this, love always

Pat P.



I have read all the negative and positive reviews and my advice to those who complain is in life u will not get every thing perfect all the time. I live upstate and for twelve years my hair was abused by beauticians who claim to know about locks well they were dead wrong it wasn't until i found this well educated women who saved my BEAUTIFUL Hair. Yea she can be a little strong in her personalty but i am not their to date her or get in her personnel life i am straight up about my hair and what she continues to do to help my hair so on that note don't go find some one in ny who is better.Good luck.( PATRICK)



Provided by Citysearch

I'm a frequent traveler who has been to many places and encountered different people within the customer service realm but recently I had the pleasure of meeting the two most amazing professional females. Dreadlocks by Randi is much more the a Lock salon, Randi goes above and beyond for her clients and the environments makes you feel like you've never left home. It's clean professional and caters to the client in the chair my dreads took 15hrs an it felt like just another day spent with friends. I truly appreciate the chance to meeting her walked in as a client and felt that I walked out with new friends and AWESOME/AMAZING dreads. Many can try but highly doubt they would come even close to Dreadlocks by Randi.



Provided by Citysearch
Best experience EVER!!! Love my lock Extentions!!!

What can I say about ""Dreadlocks by Randi"" besides that it’s the BEST IN THE CITY and maybe even the country in my opinion. Randi has a personal touch that makes the work that she does priceless. For her it’s not about the money it’s about the quality and she won't let you leave until she feels she's given you her best. Randi takes a pride in the dreads that she creates that is unmatched. I went to get dreadlock extensions to my shoulders and the work took 15 hours. The conversation was engaging and her personality will keep you smiling the whole time you’re in her chair. Being there for that long I got to see some of her other clients come and go and they all have nothing but love and praise for their loctician as do I. I absolutely LOVE MY NEW DREADS and I couldn't imagine letting anyone else handle my locs from now on. THANK YOU RANDI YOUR ONE OF A KIND.



Provided by Citysearch
Came from Afghanistan

I got off the plane from a WAR ZONE and into Randi's chair. After conversing by email and phone, having her adjust her schedule several times to accommodate me, finally i was there. In a foreign land once again because I am from SC. Randi re-constructed a ripped up situation. I mean my HAIR. My locks were a DISATER. From stress and just living in a war zone for 2 years. She went to work and now my hair looks great. She was very polite and patient with me as i kept falling to sleep, because i was so tired. She made my hair look FANTASTIC!
What was the best part, was after her job was finished she made sure i got home safe! to me thats more than a stylist, thats a GREAT PERSON! Thank you Randi, I wish you much success in everything you do!



Provided by Citysearch
Response to Indian Princess

I've visited Randi's shop several times a year and had no problems. She was nice but notice from her phone conversations her personally can be gruff and intimidating so understand what Indian Princess may have experienced. As far as her work, it was okay but not great. Unfortunately she's the only one in the area that does that kind of work so lots of people go to her. The work can be expensive and sloppy at times. Every time I leave the shop I have to do home maintenance but she doesn't charge me a lot and my locs look pretty good overall so don't complain. I only go to her if they break. I did find her website misleading. the hair is not 'human' and she has never used any of the products mentioned on my hair. Also noticed the unprofessionalism - profane language and constantly on cell while doing hair. Since I only visit several times a year deal with it. I go to her because it's convenient but would not recommend her.



Provided by Citysearch
not a review - need advice

I am looking for someone to reattach my locks and a friend told me to read these reviews before I make up my mind and take a leep of fate with Randi. I cut off my locks because I could not find someone to do them well, but I really miss having my locks and want them back. I am worried because someone menshoned on an earlier page that this lady asks for reviews here. Her work on her website looks grate, but I am enclined to beleive that she does ask for reviews and some of these people are her friends. Reviews about her hands dancing across their scalp, looking forward to laughing with her again, or her answering a calling are a little over the top and gushing for them to come from strangers. I want to beleive that she does work majic but some of these reviews are a little too much to be beleivable. Its almost as if they are love letters or fan mail to her, and not direcshons for readers. One person says she's a client for 10 years in other words, a friend and another one gushes how they felt at the end of the night after being in her shop. I dont no if this is they way to be sure but these dont seem like normal reviews. So if anyone can help it would be good before I make this big life style change and end up dissapointed.



Provided by Citysearch
An Absolute God-send!!!!

I have been a long standing client of Randi's for the better part of a decade. When I first came to her shop, in the spring 2002, my fledgling locks were holding on by a thread - literally.

I started my locks myself in the fall of 2001 and decided to quit smoking cigarettes at the same time. (Brilliant right?!?). Hence, I had the worse case of ""hand-in-locks-itis"" ever. My locks were frail, on the verge of breaking off and suffering from serious over-twisting.

Randi, patiently and professionally saved and re-enforced my locks. She carefully and thoroughly explained to me how to care for them and I have been elated ever since.

As a professional singer and entertainer, appearance is very important in my line of work. People stop me constantly; everywhere I go and compliment me on how beautiful my hair is. I've even gone so far as to hand out Randi



Provided by Citysearch
Amazing work, it just keeps getting better and better!

Randi you did my loc extensions, in August of this year, as the days go by they are getting softer and softer and looking more natural as time passes.Everyday I get stopped by someone complementing me on my locs, and asking how long Ive been growing them.They cant tell Ive had them for a little over a month.I look forward to laughing with you in the shop and you twisting my new growth in the near future.



Provided by Citysearch
locks have a second chance!

I am thrilled with the beautiful work Randi did with my locks on my daughter's head. Yes, that's right I said ""My locks were used as extensions to my daughters head of uneven and split locks. It was amazing to watch her do her magic one by one carefully selecting only the locks that were either weak in the middle, shorter than the rest or frayed on the ends. Randi gently crafted a renewed longer stronger lock. Each was an invisible blend of my daughters 12 year old lock with my 10 year old locks that I cut and saved over 6 years ago. The result when she finished was remarkable. Both of us left with a smile as my daughter walked away with nice even locks draped down her back. I beam with delight whenever I wash her hair and think to myself ""My locks have a second chance! thanks to Randi.""



Provided by Citysearch
SIMPLY WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking to start dreads , need dread maintenance or your interested in dread extensions Randi is definitely the woman you need to see. Not only is Randi extremely patient and interested in knowing the needs and wants of her clients , potential clients or people who are just curious, she has amazing work ethic. She is extremely knowledgeable about the process and care of dreading . She also has a beautiful genuine spirit. I had the pleasure of Randi doing my dread extensions and I absolutely love them , Randi is really a joy to interact with. My hair took 12 hours to complete and Randi was just as sweet and funny at the end of the night as she was when we first started.Randi's prices are extremely reasonable and she doesnt double book.. So if your looking for a great dread experience stop by and see Randi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Provided by Citysearch
Randi is the one to choose for Dread Extensions

My son and I have been looking for a couple months for a salon to repair his dreads and add dread extensions to my permed hair. We called several places but could not find one where the price was right and they could do exactly what we needed. Although Randi is more than 2 hours away from me, after a thorough comparison of salons, Randi was ultimately our best choice.
I am that 40+ woman looking to continue being fabulous. I have changed my look in a few ways and getting dreads is just another step towards my fabulousness. I don

sappo brady


Provided by Citysearch
Wouldn't think of going anywhere else in NYC

Dreadlocks by Randi is dope. I've been getting my hair done here for the past two years, and have never looked back. Prior to coming to Randi's I would get my hair done uptown by the African ladies. Honestly I was lucky if the job lasted a few days. When I come to Randi, my locks are good for a few months if I follow the simple after care instructions provided. Randi's talents as well as her partner Nikki's are excellent, and reasonably priced. Initial costs may seem a steep, but honestly you get what you pay for. When I leave Randi's, I leave looking fresh to death. I get compliments from friends and strangers alike. As an added bonus, if need be I can always call Randi and request a wash and style in between twist sessions. The shop itself is also cool. On occasion I will get a shape up by one of the barbers located on site. The shop itself is chill, laid back, and is a fixture to it's LES community. Bottom line is that Randi, Nikki, and each barber on site all have crazy skills. If your looking to get the job done right, Randi's is the place to go.

Query AKA Tim


Provided by Citysearch
Randi –Dread Doctor & Neighborhood Saint

Six months ago, Randi’s fingers danced along my scalp and transformed my hair into earthy, vibrant dreadlocks. Michelangelo may have chosen marble for his medium, but Randi chose hair—specifically dreadlocks. She’s got a real creative eye and the deftest fingers I’ve ever seen.

Whatever continent your people came from, whatever texture your hair is, if you choose to work with Randi, I promise that you’ll dig your new locks. And your friends and quite a few strangers won’t stop talking about them either. Now that I’ve added feathers and beads, and the locks have settled in over the course of the last six months, the compliments have only increased.

Word on the street is that Randi is the best. That’s also what more than a few celebrities are telling each other, too. Yes, this is her career, and yes, she’s very good at it. But Randi isn’t just doing a job.

Randi lives to make people shine. While her fingers work their magic, she wants to know your story and she’s happy to tell you hers. She recognizes the relationship between inner and outer beauty. She’s very aware that when people do something dramatic to modify their appearance, like getting dreads, they’re often also entering a new phase in their lives.

Randi helps her clients transition into happier, more beautiful people. And, even more impressively, she does her part to create community. There’s always a steady stream of people coming into her salon – even people who’ve never sat in her chair, who simply live and work in the neighborhood and have come to rely on her. There’s a real Old School New York Vibe in her salon, the sort of thing that’s getting harder and harder to find in the city.

People come by to joke, to tell stories and to work through problems. Somehow she has time for everyone, for youth who are coming of age, for elders, for artists and dreamers and for whoever else is passing through.

Ten years ago, Randi didn’t simply launch a career as a locktician. She answered a calling.



Provided by Citysearch
Thanks again!


Thanks again Randi for the impeccable job you continue to do on an AFRICAN JAMAICAN's HAIR..the creators of DREADLOCKS!!! Returning from Jamaica Carnival on June 6th, I could not wait to have you return me to the GODDESS!!! I continue to receive compliments on my hair. I truly appreciate your service, and hope that you maintain good health, and prosperity so that I will NEVER have the need to go some place else. As I mentioned earlier, I am working on engaging you in the new CFW (Caribbean Fashion Week) Magazine and event scheduled for December 2011, an annual event. Like I said, I will also take a picture of myself as when travelling to the Caribbean for Carnival, Sum-Fest, and Caribbean JAZZ, I continue to receive compliments on my hair. I will keep you posted, once the producers and organizers start soliciting sponsorship. I will assume initial costs, as I know once the CFW and Essence Caribbean events magazine engages your services, it will also be a WIN-WIN for my continued relationship and involvement in the organization. Stay tuned. Just thought I would advise you here, incase clients are also interested in being a part of the photo shoots and promotions.

Thanks Randi, for your continued professionalism and expertise!


Randi Master Loctician


Provided by Citysearch
Rebuttal to ""Don't get your dreadlock ext done by this lady""


It is most unfortunate that you were so dissatisfied with the services that your sibling received at my establishment that you felt inclined to voice your displeasure via this public forum. However, as an act of good faith and for clarity’s sake, I shall address each of the “concerns” you’ve raised.

First, each client is informed that after having dreadlock extensions done, their hair will be slightly stiff and should be massaged with mineral oil and covered with a stocking cap while sleeping, showering or exercising. They also receive an after care kit, which includes: a shower cap, a stocking cap, headbands, (2) copies of typed after care instructions and my business cards in case of questions or concerns.

Secondly, Full discloser of all prices for services offered and rendered are provide prior to any work being done.

Furthermore, all wash and re-twist services come with a complimentary style, moisturizing oil application and the above referenced after care kit.

It is highly offensive, divisive and egregious that you would mention race as it pertains to my business practices. To even have to address how categorically uncalled for such a bogus correlation is, is both tragic and unfortunate. To make assumptions regarding someone’s racial heritage or background is both insensitive and bellicose and quite frankly has nothing to do with the “issues” being raised.

As the proprietor of my own business for well over a decade, with myriad repeat and long standing clients, I have no need to solicit reviews from any of my clientele. Each and every favorable review posted about the services offered and provided is completely unsolicited.

If any client is dissatisfied with the services he or she received, he or she has ample opportunity to voice his or her displeasure at the time of receiving said service to the stylist who did her hair.

To unprovokedly slander my name, defame my character and question my business practices is truly baffling. My attorney has been notified.

Proprietor of Dreadlocks By Randi

Sexxii Dreadbwoy Finesse


Provided by Citysearch

Before getting Dread Extensions I spent months researching and gathering as much info as I could about them. Once I was a little content with what info I found I then begain searching for someone skilled in that field. During my search Dreadlocks by Randi and a few others popped up. However to me Randi's site gave more of a visual as well as an understanding about the process its self more so then any of the others. From that point I was totally convinced that I was ready to make advances towards getting Dread Extensions. So I made the call and went in for my consultation. A few weeks later I went to have the extensions done. Although the process was quite long lol it was worth every minute. I must say that I'm lovin my new look many of my co- works, family and friends feel that it compliments me as well. In my book there are no words that can truly give window to how skilled this woman is with her hands. Randi's work is PHENOMENAL she is simply the BEST at what she does. I recommend that if you're looking for a SKILLED LOCKTICIAN DREADLOCKS BY RANDI is the place to go. Futhermore thank you Randi for the wonderful job you did with my hair keep up the good work. Respeck bless!



Provided by Citysearch
Don't get your dreadlock ext done by this lady

After moving to NY, my sister got her loc extensions at Randi's salon. They looked ok, but were so stiff for days.

This woman is only concerned with money!!! Her prices are ridiculous for the services she offers.

I went to pick up my sister who just got her hair done by Randi, and they looked like something anyone could do.

She charged $70- or $80 for a wash, retwist WITH NO STYLE! Personally I just think that she can't style dreads, because my locks are much shorter that my sister's own, and I get it styled all the time.
I warned my sister to not let a Caucasian lady do her hair. Well, at least she learnt a lesson.

If you're so good, then let your client do it on their own!!!

She lost my sister as a client.....but I'm sure she'll fool others to give them her money.


I wonder how many of these clients still go to her once they realize all she says is bull!!

Take your money somewhere else! I wish I could give no star!



Provided by Citysearch
Master locktician

I have very fine hair, which caused my dreads to be very frizzy; I couldn’t stand the way it looked, especially because I needed my hair to look professional for my business. I’m so grateful I met Randi, because ever since I started going to her my dreadlocks have never looked better. She is the main reason I travel 4 hours to the city. She never rushes and her technique is the best! Not only do I love getting my hair done by her but I enjoy my time spent with her as well. She is a great locktician, and person. I would never let anyone else touch my hair. I get so many compliments on my hair, even from people who don’t have dreadlocks. I can really appreciate my dreads now! Thanks Randi!!

-Vinny Scollo, Syracuse NY

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