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The Best Physical Therapy in New York The Shmuel Tatz body tuning studio is the best that the practice of physical therapy has to offer in New York City or anywhere. In fact, people come from all over the world to experience his healing art. His clients include famous musicians like Isaac Stern, Rosalyn Tureck, Mstislav Rostrapovich, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Lou Reed, ballet dancers, actresses and newsmen like Peter Jennings. However, most of Tatz's clients are people from all walks of life seeking relief from such diverse ailments as sports injuries, arthritis, disk problems, sinusitis and Parkinson's disease or repetitive strain injuries caused by too many hours at a computer keyboard.
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Jen F.


Angry quack

I have never written a review for anything , but felt compelled to warn patients in pain seeking "therapy" to avoid wasting their time and money on this angry man. I had scheduled a few visits (October 2014) with "Dr" Tatz. During each visit he spent time telling me how other physical therapists are not any good. He is obsessed with himself and asks questions and speaks, however, the patient realizes quickly they can not talk or respond and all questions are belittling not of concern. In my very few visits (hoping the magical body tuner kept having an off day) I have heard him refer to other patients using mean derogatory words and thought just because english is his second language does not give him the right to use that as an excuse to abuse the people who pay him for care. During EVERY visit I heard him make patients cry, get upset, I've heard him do nothing but yell ("healer"), and verbally disregaurd every patient and I thought I was special... He has yelled in my face "do you know who I an !?" - that's telling.

Treament is expensive which is fine if he was worth it, but, he spends 10-13 minutes doing chiropractic treatments treatments mixed with intermittent message and shiatsu... How can one be treated in such a short time? If something hurts during treatment, you are on your own he blames you and your body part and even yells. The music is a good "relaxing gimmick" but his uncaring hands are uncomfortable and cause more discomfort. Maybe he wants us to come back? Anyway, after being yelled at, belittled and handled without care... Dr Tatz will place you on a machine and say "your done". If your in pain you can talk to the walls because he just wants his money and that's clear. He does not want to hear it. I will never return. I'm so disgusted by this place.

Please don't fall for this quack, we live in New York, there is so much care available to us here. There are so many different types of therapies. You do not need to come here. Do not believe the good reviews.



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A Healer and a Gem ..!!

Dr. Tazt is the most wonderful healer. As a physician myself, I have had the opportunity of knowing about many physical therapists in NY- both from the results of hundreds of my patients, as well as having visited several therapists myself after my own knee surgery in early 2010. Being a physically active person, it was extremely frustrating to not be able to go back adequately to my activities even 8-9 months after an uncomplicated laparascopic knee meniscus surgery. Within two weeks after treatment with Dr. Tazt, my knee mobility as well as overall strength and function of the involved leg improved tremendously, and I am now joyously back to my physical activities at about 90% ( it was at about 60% at the 9 month post-op mark prior to treatment with Dr. Tazt) - and have faith that this will continue to improve. Additionally, since the skeleton and mind are interlinked, the treatment has also had an amazing effect on my physicality and well being as a whole.


Robert Cohen


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Saving my knee

I thought knee replacement was inevitable. Repeated sports injuries, two surgeries and severe oesteoarthritis over a period of thirty years left me increasingly disabled. Several doctors told me replacement with an artificial joint was my only choice -- nothing else would work. But over the past year I witnessed my wife gradually recovering from her own acute knee problems thanks to physical therapy. I was skeptical because I had been through physical therapy before, without much improvement. But since my wife was making so much progress I decided to take a leap of faith and start working with her therapist, Dr. Shmuel Tatz. I'm not sure how to describe his unconventional ""body tuning"" approach, but after only a couple of months I feel my knee is improving. I have less pain, more flexibility, more strength for walking. Shmuel has a true healer's understanding of the body and great respect for its ability to restore itself after injury. He has given me the confidence to resist the technological quick-fix. It will take more work with him -- and on my own -- to get my knee back into shape. Stay tuned (pardon the pun"" -- I'll report back in a few months. -- Robert C.



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Healthy Living with Dr. Tatz

I’ve been treated at Tatz’s clinic for several years: from the day I discovered their practice till now I am glad and thankful for their magic doing! I first came to Body Tuning about 5 years ago when I started my first corporate job straight from college. Quickly enough I realized that merely sitting in the chair can really hurt you. I showed up at Body Tuning with a severe back pain resulted from a bad sitting posture exacerbated by many hours spent in front of the computer in an uncomfortable chair.

After the first session the sharp pain was gone, and after just a few more sessions I was able to get comfortable again in my office chair, though, now giving my back much more support and watching my posture more carefully. Gradually, I became more educated and more attentive to the signals my body was sending me - I learned how to handle sudden pain and minor discomfort in my back, while receiving constant support from Body Tuning.

For the past 5 years I’ve met most of the staff members and always enjoy their considerate and hands-on approach. Would I recommend Body Tuning for somebody else? Absolutely! My sister, her husband, and several of my co-workers received help from Shmuel Tatz that they are still very thankful for. Dr. Tatz believes in and promotes quality of life and healthy living. And I cannot say no to it.

Olya Kisseleva



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Best Physical Therapy Professionals

I love Tatz Studio for its great physical therapists and its relaxing environment. They are even open on Saturdays, which is very convenient for me. I had a skiing accident and I was worried that I needed surgery. However, having gone to Tatz Studio for three months, my condition is a lot better, almost completely healed.
The office is beautiful, the atmosphere is very relaxing and most importantly, they really know their craft! Highly recommend!



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The best!!

In the summer of 2003 I developed a terrible pain that began in my mid-back and eventually over the course of several weeks settled in my neck. I have always been active and healthy so it was a real shock to me that this situation had occurred in my body seemingly out of nowhere and would not go away. After a few visits to the chiropractor, my acupuncturist and a physical therapist the pain and numbness went away after about a month but this was to be the beginning of a long-term problem.

Over the next 7 years my back and neck pain became more and more constant until in the fall of 2009 I was desperate enough to have a spinal surgery. I had always sworn I would NEVER have back surgery after seeing my mother suffer through many failed back surgeries in the 1980s. I was simply desperate to be out of pain and was losing feeling and strength in my arms and hands. I had been to 4 chiropractors, 5 acupuncturists, 2 physical therapists, several pain management doctors and consulted with 3 surgeons. When I finally had the surgery in Oct 2009, it did relieve the numbness in my arms but I still had considerable pain in my neck and shoulders.

When my surgeon told me I could start a physical therapy program I barely had any hope left. He did not have a suggestion so I googled ""best physical therapist nyc"" and found Dr. Schmuel Tatz's Body Tuning website and made an appointment. This is the best thing that could have happened to me! Schmuel and his therapists listen to you with not only their ears but with their hands. He has an uncanny ability to find areas of your body that are under stress or strain and to relieve it. His office is an oasis of beautiful music and calm where you are treated as a completely unique individual. I could tell from my first visit that Dr. Tatz would work with me until he found the solution to the problem in my body and I was right. I felt relief after my first session and have continued to experience healing ever since.

I often wonder if I had found Dr. Tatz before having surgery, if I would have even needed to have it. I have been able to return to my job and my life. Thank you!



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Where would I be today without Shmuel?

I walk more easily now. I stand taller now. I feel better now. Everyone says that Shmuel has magic hands--there is no other way to say it. He has. Shmuel's treatments are unique and give you results.
He and his staff are skilled and knowledgeable.

Thank you, Shmuel!

sheila weinstein


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The Best Hands on Physical Therapy

If you want to know what real physical therapy is, go to the Tatz Body Tuning Studio. Shmuel Tatz is a miracle worker, spending at least 40 minutes hands on with every patient. His ability to make my aging body behave like a much younger person is my reward for having found him. The other therapists in his office are also wonderful. Don't waste time with other physical therapists. Try the Tatz Studio Bodytuning and you will always be grateful you did.



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Simply the best!

Let me just start by saying that prior to my first visit to Dr. Tatz’s office I was undergoing various forms of therapy (at different times) from a chiropractor, a physical therapist, an acupuncturist as well as from a pain management specialist. One year and a half later there was still very little (if any) of progress.
From the very first visit I was very impressed with Dr. Tatz’s unconventional approach to physical therapy. He combines various forms of manual therapy with some of the latest technologies available. His hands are truly amazing!
And while the long list of Dr. Tatz’s clients is beyond impressive you always receive top quality treatment and all the attention you need from him personally as well as from all the members of his staff.
But the main thing is - with Dr. Tatz the results you are getting are real!



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A prominent NYC actor recommended that I visit the Body Tuning office of Shmuel Tatz and I was very pleased with the recommendation. I had visited many other physical therapy offices throughout the years and generally found that after the first visit I was assigned to do exercises on the machines and received very little personal attention. However, in Shmuel Tatz's office I received constant hands-on physical therapy treatment and, for what it's worth, I noticed many celebrities in the practice. I am very grateful that I found this fantastic place!



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Thanks to Shmuel Tatz! A Healing Story

The day that I became injured is still very clear in my mind but unfortunately even more clear in my body. I had gone to a chiropractor that I had very little experience with due to the fact that my long time chiropractor in New York City had moved to California a few years ago. Since this new chiropractor was a few blocks from my home, I thought I would give him a try. Unfortunately, something terrible happened while lying on my back on his treatment table. He grabbed one ankle and pulled very hard – I screamed in pain – but without even a hesitation he then grabbed my right ankle and again pulled very hard. I heard an audible pop sound and again the pain was excruciating. But this time my heart sank, because something felt very wrong in my foot and ankle. All the energy seemed to drain from my foot and leg. When I returned home the ankle began to swell and it felt very much like a severe sprain.

I could not put my weight on the foot without experiencing pain. A week later I went to a podiatrist who said I had a sprain. He taped it up and sent me home. By the second night I had to tear the tape off because of the pain and swelling. A few weeks later I went to an orthopedist, who again determined that I had a sprain and told me to wait a couple of weeks. He then ordered an MRI which showed no fractures or breaks. He told me to go to physical therapy. I found a local physical therapy unit and went 3 times a week for 2 months. Still my ankle was painful day and night. I spent long hours researching this type of injury on the internet. To make a long story short, I ended up seeing an acupuncturist, another podiatrist and yet another type of physical therapy with no relief in site. I spent many long days in severe pain, crying while lying on my couch. I could no longer sleep without Tylenol PM and always woke with the same pain in my foot. This brought on a severe depression. Now almost 5 months had past and I still could not walk without experiencing pain. It felt like a nail was shooting through my ankle. My life had changed so drastically. I used to walk at least a mile or 2 a day – and now I could only hobble around my apartment.

One day after spending a few hours reading and researching on foot and ankle injuries on the internet I came across Shmuel Tatz’s website. I read with interest the relief that many famous ballet dancers had found at Tatz’s studio. These were professionals who needed to dance again – I just wanted to walk again – perhaps he could help me.

Entering the studio in Carnegie Hall, you immediately feel the presence and an atmosphere of healing. Shmuel introduced himself and made me feel relaxed and at home in his treatment room. I then lay down on his treatment table and for the first time felt someone with truly gifted hands on my foot. He worked on my foot for a good 45 minutes – but really this was like nothing I have ever felt before. It was as if his hands have x-ray vision, going exactly to the stuck places and working, working and finally moving the position of the bones, tendons and ligaments. And then the relief. A little wave of relief. By the third visit with Shmuel, I finally felt my foot in the proper position so that I was not longer in agony 24/7. My pain after 5 visits has been reduced 95%. I still feel pain after walking but to a lot less extent then before, and I am confident that with Shmuel’s help – I will get better. I have so much gratitude for the talent and healing abilities of Shmuel Tatz. He is a truly gifted man.

Avital S.



I had to do an essay of carnegie hall. I enjoyed finding all teh information. People on other review sites put amazing reveiws, which made me want to go there. When I did, I was amazed. Please go to carnegie hall! you will enjoy the moment and will not want to leave!



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No More Sweaty Hands

Since when I was a little kid I had a problem with my hands. Every time I touched the keys they mysteriously became slippery. One of the doctors was a pediatrician. He said that there was no way anybody could stop the sweating. As a result my hands then released sweat to compensate for the coldness. The neurologist described to me three things that I could try: to work more with my hands thus increasing the circulation, take special medication that would increase the circulation, or find a person who could teach my brain to keep my hands warm.

At first I wanted to take the neurologist's third approach to the problem. After some deep thinking Shmuel decided to treat me with pulse magnetic therapy and non-invasive electrical stimulation.

While holding a small machine that created the magnetic pulse on my hand I did not feel anything. I did not understand how a machine like that could do anything and expressed my confusion to Shmuel. In response he held up a paper clip above the machine and the paper clip began to vibrate! That's how I knew that the machine was creating magnetic pulse and actually worked on my hand.

The non-invasive electrical stimulation however was a different experience. There was a machine a little bigger than my hand which created a weak electrical current. At first felt some pain. Shmuel advised me that I can adjust the electrical current to make it even weaker to lessen the pain. It took only two weeks of three times a week procedures for me to notice that the keys of my piano were completely dry after intense practice. I was comfortable to shake hands with my tennis opponent after our match because I already forgot that only two weeks before my hands were wet from sweat and I was embarrassed of a simple handshake. In school my friends stopped asking me why my hands were so wet. I felt like Shmuel Tatz made a miracle.


Phone: (212) 246-7308

Address: 30 W 60th St Apt 1d, New York, NY 10023


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