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It's Time To Relax And Enjoy... Retractable Swimming Pool, Spa, and Patio Enclosures

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Retractable Pool and Patio Enclosures allow you to convert your outdoor pool, spa, or patio into an indoor paradise within minutes. Experience year round enjoyment with our fully retractable enclosures! Our Enclosures serve as sunrooms or conservatories with added value. Our elegantly designed retractable enclosures allow you to enjoy your pool, spa or entertainment area throughout the year even in the often unpredictable conditions of spring, summer or autumn. We are one the largest producers of pool, patio and spa retractable enclosures in the world which are exported to over 35 countries. Our diversity of models and product uniqueness are characterized by excellent quality, reliability, design innovation and ease of use.There are many uses for our retractable enclosures attached to a home other than a pool or spa such as a patio enclosure.The Style model which can be found in the Pool Enclosures line and both the Veranda and Corso models from our Hot Tub and Spa Enclosures line are examples of versatile Home Enclosures.Our modern design provides year round use of enclosed outdoor space. Imagine a Retractable Patio Enclosure, Sunroom, Entertainment Room, Florida Room, Observatory, or a Greenhouse.Benefits Include:* The ability to extend your season and swim all year round.*Open air swimming by simply sliding the retractable enclosure to an open position.* Time saving maintenance which means more time for pleasure.">* High clarity light transmission and protection against harmful UV Radiation.* Aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for years* Reduce cleaning costs by keepingdirt, leaves and debris out of your pool and patio.* Better water quality and reduced amounts of water treatment chemicals.* no need for opening and closing your pool each season
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Khileem P.



My pool enclosure was installed by Pure Professionals who really care about the home owner. My wife and I are truly enjoying the enclosure. I would highly recommend this company and go no where else. #veryprofessional

Larry D.



I have been enjoying my elegant retractable pool enclosure for about 3 months. It is fantastic! All of my neighbors are very impressed by it. They say that they have never seen anything like it. I would not have gotten a pool unless I was able to have an enclosure. That's how important it was to me. The enclosure drastically reduces the amount of time and energy needed to clean the pool and reduces the need to add pool chemicals. Before I got the enclosure, so much debris got into the pool to the point of clogging my 2 filters. It was a chore cleaning and vacuuming the filters and the bottom of the pool. I knew that this would change once the enclosure was in place. When the enclosure is kept closed, all vacuuming and cleaning of filters is eliminated. The only time I need to vacuum or clean filters is when I have the enclosure open, or partially retracted. Even then, in comparison from the beginning, there is hardly anything that needs to be done, in terms of cleaning. I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with, and attribute a lot of the success to Alex, of Pool and Spa Enclosures. He was terrific from the beginning to the end. I strongly urge anyone considering a pool enclosure to contact him first. He will give you the best deal and best price. Trust me, I checked. Keep up the Great work Alex, Larry Davis, Sayreville, New Jersey.

Thomas D.



I purchased a Pool and Spa enclosure a year ago. I purposely waited to write this review because I wanted to experience a North Dakota winter with this coving my Swim-spa/hot tub. To make a long story short, I purchased my hot tub/ swim spa and enclosure because my wife was diagnosed with 3rd stage kidney failure and Rheumatoid arthritis. She couldn’t go into public pools because her medications had robbed her of her immune system. I called to numerous spa cover outlets, just to hear the same, we are so great, or to be met with rude people who seem to have better things to do. I finally got to Alex at Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC. In spite of the fact that he is a Giants Fan and I’m a Patriots Fan, we hit it off. Alex knew his product and specifications. When I told him what I was doing, he took a personal interest and the sale took a back seat. From design to delivery, this dome has been everything it was advertised to be! After the installation, I called Alex for some incidental details and he got me the answers. I wholeheartedly recommend this enclosure because of the quality of construction, the engineering that goes into it and the SERVICE you receive. Very Impressed!

James H.



We installed our enclosure ahead of our annual Monsoon Season, the highlight which is our haboobs. Think of a 5,000 foot high wall of dust moving across the desert and headed for your pool. Prior to our enclosure, baboob clean-up was a guarantee along with days of cleaning and water chem adjustments. Yuk! However, with the enclosure this summer, we just move the panels in place, ride out the dust, then move back the panels for dirt-free swimming. The construction of the panels, along with the installation will blow you away with their quality. The next step is to add a pool heater and enjoy our pool from October to April. We couldn't be happier with the product and now wish we installed an enclosure years ago.

Marcia W.



We installed a Universe enclosure for an 18 X 36 pool in early May. To skip to the bottom line, we are more than satisfied, THRILLED, with our purchase. A few random thoughts:

1) The quality of materials, engineering,fabrication, and fit is probably 3 times better than you are imagining (I'm an engineer). When we inserted the first section and gave it a gentle shove it took off down the pool it moved so easily - we had to run it down.

2) Installation, with a few caveats, is not as difficult as I had anticipated. The concrete surrounding our existing pool was at the outer limits of the stated tolerances of flatness and caused me pause - no problem - provided shims solved all of that. We had the channel guides down in about 3 hrs. BIG NOTE - have plenty of manpower available to move the sections, they

are heavy. We had 6 grown men and it was still a challenge. All of the peripherals are a piece of cake.

3) We went with the clear glass - beautiful, the 'green house effect" is greater.

4) Unanticipated benefits - pool cleaning went from daily to once in 2 weeks (huge difference), chemical consumption is down due to less organics (leaves), can swim at night with no bugs, and music sounds great

5) Anticipated benfits - our motivator for buying the enclosure was pool temperature. We are in east central Alabama. We like the pool to be very warm - we're seeking "relaxing", not "refreshing". In previous summers the pool reached a maximum of 88 F and that was just for a few days. 84 F for us is not really enjoyable. We were only able to enjoy the pool for about 3

months of the year. Toward that end we had installed a heat pump on the pool a couple of months before the enclosure. The heat pump, in late April, early May, was costing $18/day to heat the pool to 92 F. After the enclosure installation that immediately went down to $4/day, and

quickly to $0/day. The "green house effect" will take the pool up to 97F if we leave the enclosure completely closed during sunny days. Every morning I get up and open each end for some air flow, trying to maintain about 92F.We are anxious to see what the performance is in cooler weather. I anticipate we will be able to swim year round. Time will tell but right now I'm guessing the enclosure will save us about $3000-5000/year in electrical costs on the heat pump 9the heat pump has a dedicated smart meter so I can accurately monitor daily consumption). I had not initially looked at it that way, but that's about a 10-15% return on our money.

John and Cristine were great to work with and were patient with this engineer.

Oh, and it looks great!

Best purchase we've made in a long time.

Anja E.



After having the enclosure almost a year I am still totally convinced about it! There are 3 main advantages:

1) security: We have a 4 year old daughter that is not allowed to go into the water without having one of us beside her. The enclosure has a lock, so it is not possible for her to get in without us.

2) Energy efficiency: We were able to use the pool from beginning of April to end of october in Columbus/Ohio! Our neighbours who do not have an enclosure can just use it half of the time. In addition the enclosure keeps the temperature so right now the heater is not running! In addition: The temperature was already above the choosen temperature!

3) The cleanness is incredible! We live in the woods so by having the enclosure we have no dirt or leafs inside (except we open the enclosure temporary :-) )

Also after the winter (we winterized the pool end of october) the water was still cristal clear! So there was no exchange/shock chlorinating needed. Side note: The pool is already 14 years old and we are not sure where the pipes are, so else we could also use the pool 365 days/year!

I strongly recommend the enclosure to every pool-owner! In addition the stuff is very friendly! They helped us in choosing the right model and also the installation was no problem at all. Everything was well organized and done in a promised time-line!

Thanks so much again!

Anja Elsaesser

Ruchy C.



I am loving every minute of my pool dome. It's especially beautiful on a sunny day. I get to swim in any weather any day of the year. I'm so happy I did this. Thanks Alex you did a great job

Frank K.



We looked at 4 different pool enclosures. Two were custom made and expensive. In the range of $45,000. A third was very similar to the one Pool and Spa offered and a bit lower in price. However, the quality was also a bit lower and it came in only standard sizes and no installation. I'm approaching 80 and not interested in do it yourself. Pool and Spa's is a quality unit, custom sized, with full installation. We are pleased with the enclosure and it works very well.

Ilana L.



Excellent service. Superb product! I really like my elegant retractable enclosure. I would recommend it to everyone




I considered pool enclosures for almost 5 years before I bought this enclosure. Alex was very helpful in the design phase. It is good he is not paid by the hour as we spent many hours discussing the surface and installation site. So far I like the cover. The test will be how it performs this winter. The assembly was pretty easy and can nearly be completed without instructions. I can say this because there were no instructions contained in the shipping materials. This situation was quickly remedied by Alex on a Saturday no less. The surface can slope away from the pool, but the length of the pool should be as flat a possible Although shims are provided is was easier to start with a flat surface. I was concerned about how easy it might be to retract the cover. It turns out that my 2 year old grandson is able to push the sections on his own. It is a good thing they lock in place. Do it yourselfers need to be prepared with the tools they will need for installation. Not every homeowner will have a roto-hammer or a riveting tool. My cover had 7 sections which amounted to just over 50 feet. There were 350 anchors to hold down the track. No wonder why the wind rating is 150 mph. So far the enclosure appears to be the right choice!




Fantastic Experience. Alex and his crew did a first class job. They were very helpful in helping us design a pool cover for our infinity pool. The installation crew showed up on time, as scheduledl, and completed the job in a professional, courteous and timely manner. We are VERY pleased




This is one of the best investments we have ever made. It gives us 12-month/year use of our pool (maximizing the investment we made in the pool itself). It looks attractive . . . it is really an addition to the beauty of our home as well. It works like something out of Star Trek . . . really cool. And easy . . . anyone in the family can open and close it. And the company is service personified. When we researched this product, our pool contractor told us to choose Pool & Spa Enclosures LLC. You work with the owner of the company to plan your enclosure and lay out the specs. You receive detailed specifications for approval before ordering. The team of technicians are courteous, competent, and cheerful. They were a pleasure to meet and have work on the enclosure. And they completely deliver on the product, service, and commitment. Add to this the following: we had a disastrous storm (our area was labeled a disaster area) that unfortunately damaged the first pool enclosure. The owner of Pool & Spa Enclosures worked with my insurance company and the new enclosure was installed, the old one replaced, and all made well very promptly. So, we've gotten two enclosures from Pool & Spa Enclosures and we couldn't be any happier. I can't understand why anyone would invest the money and time in a pool, and then only enjoy it 6 to 8 months (if you're lucky) out of the year. For a fraction of the pools cost in addition, you can get one of these enclosures and enjoy your pool (investment) 12 months out of the year. And I'd only go with Pool & Spa Enclosures. The finish on the metal, the construction quality, the design, the service and follow up . . . all perfect.


We love our new pool and enclosure!! We have used it everyday since the enclosure was installed, even when it was hailing and snowing! The enclosure itself is so well made, easy to use and the talk of all our friend! When we swim at night it glows like some kind of ufo. Beautiful! I must say that Alex was so easy to work with, friendly and honest. When we were promised dates and details, he delivered promptly and accurately! We would highly reccommend Pool and Spa Enclosures, LLC for a high quality and reliable product that ensures your pool investment is enhanced! CB



Great Customer Service

Alex and his crew did a great job installing an enclosure over our Swim Spa. Everyone was courteous and professional.




I installed a Universe enclosure over an Endless Pool. Yesterday it was 29 degrees outside with 25MPH winds (gusting to 42MPH), but it was sunny so it was 86 degrees in my enclosure. The enclosures are great and the company went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect from before I ordered until after everything was installed. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again if I needed an enclosure.




We had the Universal Type Enclosure installed about a year ago, and we love it! While everyone else is closing their pools, we keep ours open year around. We swim in the winter as well as the summer, sometimes just because we can! We save on pool chemicals because they don't evaporate as quickly, and the pool is protected from bugs. The customer service from this company is awesome and professional, and we are now looking to install another enclosure as a sun room.


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