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Bus Service, with Rates starting as low as $1 per seat.

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Reserve your seat via the internet for discounts - Reservations By Phone! 877-GO-2-MEGA You can reach customer service by calling 877-GO2-MEGA (877-462-6342) between 6:30AM and 10:00PM CST Mon-Sat, or 6:30AM and 8PM CST on Sundays. is the first non-stop intercity express bus line delivering high-quality low-cost travel options to seventeen Midwest cities and eight East Coast cities, for as low as $1 via the Internet at Travel in comfort in our new fleet of double decker buses. State of the art coaches with free WiFi and power outlets. Go Green with! 10 times more eco-friendly than air travel and less emissions than car travel. Service for operates daily between: * Chicago * Cincinnati * Columbus * Cleveland * Columbia * Detroit * Indianapolis * Kansas City * Normal * Champaign * Madison * Memphis * Milwaukee * Minneapolis * Toledo * St Louis Service also operates between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and Cincinnati to Columbus. In the east operates between New York and Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Ann Arbor, Buffalo and Toronto Canada. is a subsidiary of Coach USA, one of the largest transportation service companies in North America.
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Boletos de Autobus Mexico: (314) 739-5017

Brands is a subsidiary of Coach USA. Coach USA is one of the largest transportation service providers. They own and operate more than 20 local companies in North America that offer scheduled bus routes, motor coach tours, charters and sightseeing tours.
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Pam H.



There is no such thing as customer service. The bus that was supposed to arrive almost 90 minutes ago "can't be found". Really? No idea when it will arrive.

Actually the update is "we must have missed the bus". I explained we did not but he insisted. Then he said they have no idea where the bus is --- hopefully it didn't go into a ravine because no one would ever know how to find it. I will never use this service again

Chrissy W.



Bus is broke down on the side of the road with little to no help on any info when the rescue bus will be here. We keep getting the run around in what time that will be. Were all sitting here on the dide of the road broke down. This is not a safe way to travel nor do i recommend any one traveling this way its always so unsure on the outcome and its not a quick ride.

Jose R.


Megabus only as a last resort

There's a serious lack of customer service.

Despite a thoroughly enjoyable morning drive from NYC to D.C., it was the terrible experience on the way back that will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

There was serious miscommunication between the arrival of the bus and the info shared by the dispatcher at Union Station. No one gave clarity until much after the alleged departure time. The dispatcher and her crew gave snarky remarks with a serious attitude that I certainly didn't appreciate. I don't think I would ride Megabus again. Greyhound, Boltbus or Amtrak will certainly be my next options in the future.

Paige V.


Id Rather take a ChinaTown Bus

Bad service. Not only is Wifi free! It also doesnt work! My bus was running late to my final destination on a 10* hour bus ride and they couldn't even give an educated guess as to around what time bus was going to arrive ((super early in the morning)) they wouldnt tell coustomers how much they were off by so far and acted as if they were being personally attacked by the question. When it was made clear* I just wanted to know so I could tell my ride! They yelled at me for stepping off the bus from the top story, which was very stuffy, I have asthma and could NOT breathe. And then let a little kid down the same stairs they had yelled at me for. Super rude, this bus company has a LONG ways to go before it will ever be considered a "classy" way to travel. Maybe start by hiring bus drivers who are not complete idiots. I usually fly. & I have tried many of the bus systems as well and my conclusion? Id rather take a China town bus. No wifi either way, less backtalk from drivers, suprisingly more respect. Be careful everyone!!

Spancer F.



the ticket is not refundable and I have more luggage than their luggage policy required.

They only allow one luggage and one carry on bag.

I phoned them about it, they say I need to pay an extra ticket for the bags. not just extra money for ship the bag, its to buy an extra ticket. The guy on the phone was very very rude.

Then I send e-mail to consumer service, they suggest me to buy two extra ticket!! Worst bus company ever

C. M.



Just walk. You're obviously visiting this site because you're contemplating purchasing a ticket. So to you, I say - walk rather than take Megabus. It will take several days - sure, but it would be expediently more pleasant.

And dependable. You can depend on your two feet can't you? Even if you can't and even if they gave out after two blocks - they would still have worked more than the 12 some employees sitting aimlessly in the only square foot of shade on the block. Imagine waiting over 2 hours for a bus alongside 100 some other stranded passengers in the unforgiving pavement-fresh July New York heat, and then trying to get an update from the dozen or so Megabus employees, and being told "No one is answering the phone. What do you want us to do?" And then continuing their heated debate on who's going to walk 20 feet to a nearby hardware store to purchase a trash can for some reason.

Or fly! Or take a train! Sure, it may cost 100 times the price - but it will still be cheaper than purchasing a ticket on Megabus, waiting over two hours to only be told that the bus wasn't going to show up, and THEN having to purchase a plane or train ticket. I mean - you would think that Megabus would give you a refund after failing to provide you a service that you paid for, but you would be mistaken. I've sent 6 emails - and have yet to receive a response.

Or take any number of more reliable bus services. Take Vamoose, or Bolt Bus, or Grey Hound, or Peter Pan, or highjack a school bus.

But for the love of God, don't waste your time or money on Megabus.

A K.





Katie E.



So terrible i wouldn't even give it 1 star. Booked a round trip from Toronto to Montreal. Ticket was 80 bucks each way (not too far off from a train ticket but still some savings) the ride there was behind by an hour and a half and we froze the whole way. Not just a little bit of AC everyone on the bus was shivering and trying everything they could to cover themselves up. It was unbearable. Then on the way back we missed our bus by 4 min because we couldn't navigate our way out of the metro terminal (no signage pointing to megabus) and the bus left without us. When i went to the desk the woman said there was nothing she could do (i.e. no refund of ticket) and if we wanted to go on another bus we would have to pay another full priced fare and the only bus we could get on is later that night (this was 1030 am). We had to spend 140 each to grab the next train to toronto. I would never recommend this service as a means of travelling and i would never use megabus again.

Diane O.



Wish I could give it negative 5 stars. Booked a roundtrip from Reno to Sacramento a month ago. Two weeks ago I got an email stating my trip to Sac had been cancelled, but if I clicked on a link I could reschedule at no cost, which I did. Schedule had only CHANGED - by 20 minutes. Not sure why "cancelled"?? Today I get email saying trip from Sac to Reno is "cancelled" and to follow links. No links provided. Took over an hour to find a phone # to call, finally reached very rude customer service who said the refund had been processed and I would HAVE TO just re-book - so nooooo, I don't HAVE to do anything - cancel the whole trip. Again, the trip wasn't cancelled, just the TIME changed by 20 minutes!! They refused to cancel the other leg, and won't refund me for the booking fee. They also REFUSED to allow me to speak with a Supervisor! This is THEIR fault, and it is costing me?? I think not. Do not use these crooks!!!!! I have disputed the charge on my credit card and filed BBB and DOT complaints.

Ijs S.



This is the worst bus service I've ever encountered! They don't tell you, your being picked up on corners and and if you miss your bus, you have to purchase another ticket. they won't let you speak to a manager. it's not worth the cheap seats!!! Unfortunately I have to give them a star, I'd prefer to give them nothing...Read the complaints on BBB

Abc A.



the worst bus service...the route from detroit to chicago is aweful and an average 75 mins late especialy on weekends..listen to this..the bus was suppossed to be at ann arbor at 5:30..reaches at 6:30 and then its already full...the careless driver says to wait 15 mins more for another bus coming behind reaches at top it there customer service is horrendous..i suggest to quit such kind of one even acknowledges..




I've ridden the Megabus multiple times now from both Atlanta and Orlando and I've had a negative experience every time. The employees are extremely rude and the bus stops are very unorganized. The Orlando bus stop is in a terrible location and unaccommodating to those dropping off friends or loved ones. I keep giving the company a chance because of their prices, but I am constantly reminded of the saying"you get what you pay for." The Megabus may be cheaper than flying, but the buses are freezing, the employees are very unpleasant and bus stops are inconvenient.




I didn't want to believe the reviews, but unfortunately, it is even worse... I few days ago I received an email that my son's trip from Columbus to Chicago was canceled, the representative confirmed that on the phone, so I bought a new ticket. Now they say this was an error, but the the customer service representatives would give you conflicting information, the rescheduled trips are not on the website, it's a total MESS! They won't admit that they have SERIOUS problems with their computer system, with their customer service and probably with a lot more things too! SO disappointed!!!

Christopher S.


#Megabus is the worst bus serv...

#Megabus is the worst bus service, EVER.

Every time I rode Megabus from Washington, D.C. to Hampton, VA and back, it was late. When I say late, I don't mean five or ten minutes. I'm talking at least an hour. The last time I rode Megabus, I was leaving Hampton, VA to go back to Washington, D.C. The bus didn't leave because the bus driver couldn't get it backed out. There was something mechanically wrong with the bus and the bus driver attempted to "reset it," but a new bus didn't come for hours later. If you care to read my correspondence with Megabus customer service below, it's always the same thing, "we apologize for the delayed response," blah, blah, blah.

Unless you have zero regard for your time, I highly recommend you not take Megabus.



Dear Christopher,

We apologize for the delayed response. In regards to your inquiry, while we deeply regret the service disruptions that have affected your previous trips, there are unfortunately unforeseen issues that can occur and cause subsequent delays. Of course, aims to provide our clients with affordable, dependable, and quality service expected and so we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you again.

Thank you for using, your patronage is important to us.



Megabus Customer Service Specialist


Megabus Customer Support


12/11/2012 09:22 PM

Subject: Every MegaBus experience is awful

To whom it may concern:

I continue to have the worst possible experience with MegaBus. You'll see from the below email trail that I have had on-going issues with your service, EVERY TIME I have used it. Because of these issues, I lose time and money. When I purchase a service, I expect to receive the service I pay for (perhaps I'm expecting too much). Nonetheless, some people have schedules and places to be. We cannot afford for buses arrive late or not even leave because they're broken down. This leads me to my most recent experience on 2Dec. As always, the bus is supposed to depart Hampton, VA at 5:40PM. I depend on this bus to leave on-time so that I can take the metro to another bus which stops running at 10:30 PM. Because this bus was broken, I had to have a friend drive me to DC which cost us both time and money.

I feel sorry for every customer you had on your bus because I received an email at 9:27 PM stating another bus should be arriving in an hour. REALLY!? The bus was supposed to leave at 5:40PM and another bus doesn't even theoretically arrive until 10:27? You left all these people sitting out in the cold -- I'm not sure how your company is still in business.

This is only my experience on the return leg of my trip. As I left DC that earlier Friday, 30Nov, they had to bring in another bus because there was a mechanical problem with the bus that arrived. We didn't actually leave D.C. until probably close to 10 or 10:30PM. It appears there is a trend with Megabus being unreliable and mechanically unsound.

I told myself I should never use your service again. However, since I have two complimentary round-trip tickets because of my most recent problems, I'm considering booking the 8:45PM bus leaving Washington, D.C. to Hampton, VA on 21Dec and returning at 5:40 PM on 25Dec. Although, what guarantee do I have that my bus will actually leave and return? I'd rather not be late for Christmas festivities and I cannot afford not to show up to work on the 26th. I have no faith in your service and I need some assurance I will actually get to where I need to go.

Christopher S.



Ticket from Nashville TN to Lo...

Ticket from Nashville TN to Louisville KY. after waiting over 45 mins someone call and found out the bus had broke down. After 3 hrs. We figure out after 20 calls and being told to dial another number and going in circle. That the bus would not make it and if you wanted a refund you would have to call within 24hrs. Now here goes the call 1st 877-462-6342 they then told us to call customer service at 908-282-7420(Northeast) after 20 mins of hold then they told us to call 773-890-6342 (midwest). Waiting for over 25 mins. Make sure when you book on with seem to be a great price you give yourself a couple of days. Finial note after 5 hrs they have told me a refund has been credited back to my card. We will see. It too bad they can not get things done quicker. Good luck!!



The tickets from Harrisburg to...

The tickets from Harrisburg to Washington D.C. tickets are so expensive by comparison (2-3X per mile) compared to every other stop they have going to Washington D.C. even if you get tickets a couple months in advance. It is only a 2 1/2 hour trip and yet it costs more than trips to Washington DC. from cities such as Pittsburgh, Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia (which is half the price of it even though it takes longer to get there). They should have a discount on the Harrisburg to Washington DC trips anyways with it being 1-2 hours late arriving most of the time. Getting tickets for that route is a ripoff, it is like you are funding everyone else to get their tickets to Washington D.C cheaper. You are paying double what you should be regardless of when you try to get your tickets and for what date.

I give them a 3 stars for comf...

I give them a 3 stars for comfort but a 0 for customer service. Here is why... I have taken this bus before and though they were late was happy about the leg room and free wifi. However, my uncle ended up dying suddenly while I was visiting in NYC so I could not take the bus back at the time I had paid for. I called the representative to explain but she treated the call as if it was her persobal line and had absolutely no manners or professionalism at all. I told her I can have the funeral home fax a letter to them but she told me I had to buy another ticket & I was not going to have my money refunded at all. I decided to let it go because I had other things to deal with than this.

On my way home, I board the bus and I see people outside upset with their tickets in hand. One of the very "professional" Megabus employees states "Oops, my bad" because people were waiting to board that bus who already had reservations but megabus allowed people to board the bus that had not bought tickets prior. He was laughing because they were not able to board the bus and the bus was now super full. Plus the one bathroom they had on board was out of service & the AC was not functioning.

Today I decide to give them 1 more chance. I go online and once I'm about to pay for my ticket the website goes down around 2:30pm. It has been down ever since. I decide to call them only to find out by yet another unprofessional representative (Shawn) they are charging me $3 booking fee per ticket each way, not roundtrip. Shawn tells me to go online and buy the ticket because the booking fee is cheaper. I explain I cannot go online to buy the ticket because the website is down. He then tells me he is aware of it, he doesnt know when it will be up, and they give no refunds for the ticket purchased. So why did he tell me to go onine when he knew it was down all along?

Im reporting this to the BBB because it seems they had the website down on purpose so people can call them & pay the $3 each way which is a total ripoff. If they charge $3 booking fee it should be per transaction not per ticket. Not to mention the fact that they dont appreciate their customers. We are the reason they are in business. I will NOT be using them again. Buy your ticket if you like but at your own risk. I personally rather pay more & get great customer service than to pay less & be treated like crap.



I recently took the megabus on...

Megabus is comfortable and affordable!

I recently took the megabus on a trip home to Pittsburgh. The entire experience was a pleasant surprise for many reasons. The seats were comfortable on the double decker bus. They reclined, but didn't interfere with the legroom of the person behind you. Coming from someone who gets carsick easily, the megabus was smooth and relaxing. I would advise headphones though, because not much conversation ensues. Although the bus was full both ways, it never felt over crowded. Even when I got stuck with the seat by the bathroom, the bus didn't smell like normal public transportation does. The ceiling is rather low so anyone in the six foot range would have to duck when standing. Both on the outgoing and returning trips the bus was early, but waited for the scheduled time to depart. It was also nice arriving earlier than the predicted time, and it didn't cause problems with pickup arrangements because the bus driver nicely informed us when we were a half hour out. Both of the bus drivers were courteous and helpful. With an hour left in the return trip, the air conditioning cut out, making the entire bus into a hotbox, especially on the top level with the sun shining in. The bus driver did everything in his power to fix it and eventually it did cool off again. The promised WIFI is very sketchy though. Both ways I couldn't get it to work on my phone or computer. For how inexpensive the ticket is, the megabus was definitely worth the ease and comfort.




Bus driver in Albany New York left my daughter stranded in the parking lot. He had the nerve to honk at her to get out of the way and sped away. Called customer service to complain. They did not know the bus drivers name, the managers name, or the website to submit a complaint. They did say they would not refund any money. Too bad if they treat you like dirt. HORRIBLE> I will NEVER use them again and do not recommend them to anyone else. I would give them NEGATIVE FIVE STARS.



I haven't had a negative experience yet!!!

I learned about the mega-bus a few years back and refuse to use any other bus or the train. It is convenient and comfortable...and not to mention very affordable!!! They are on time and for the reasonably clean. If you are going any where in the mid-west i highly reccomend the megabus...Ps, if u dont want to get left, be on time!!!!


Phone: (877) 462-6342