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Lisa S.



I just want you to be aware that the people you have answering the phones on your customer service center have no idea what they are talking about and are lieing to customers. I had an issue with my card on Saturday, August 25th, 2018. I called from inside the store and was told that they are waiting for my payment to clear, which was made on August 17th, 2018. They told me to go back on Sunday. I called Sunday morning and was told I was misinformed, that I had to wait until after midnight on Sunday. Then, when I called back later on Sunday, I was told the last 2 people were both wrong and that I would not be able to use the card until Tuesday, the 28th. I called today, the 28th and now I am told that EVERYBODY was wrong and they actually decreased my credit limit on that Saturday. Now, my child has these clothes on hold at the store that we think we are going to pick up today and come to find out I was lied to from day one. I have missed ONE payment of $25.00. I have not missed any others and I always pay over the minimum amount due. I think this is totally disgusting how I have been treated and how my child is upset over something that could have been told to me at the very beginning and I would not have had to waste my time everyday to make these phone calls and be lied to.

Carmella C.



I am a customer of Forever 21(or should I say used to be a customer) and I recently purchased some items online for my son as a Christmas gift. The items were never delivered although they say that they were. So I called customer service on that following Monday to make them aware of the fact I never received my package, and I was told to call back on Thursday. So I call back on Friday morning and I spoke with a representative(Mary) who told me that she would be sending out an affidavit via email, well I never got the email either. I call back and spoke with a different customer service representative(Juliet) who was very rude and showed no empathy to my issue, she kept talking over me and cutting me off. When I asked to speak to her manager she told me that if I wanted to speak to someone else that I could hang up and call back then she rudely hung up on me. My order was for $90.63 and now I'm jumping through hoops to get my money back. My son's gift is gone, I don't even know if I'm really going to be refunded, and no one in customer service cares. I tried calling the corporate office and I get sent to an answering machine. I am really disappointed that such a large company would conduct themselves in this manner and do bad business. I will never shop with them again, because now I'm out of $90.63 and my son doesn't have his stuff!! Beyond frustrating!! If I could give zero stars that's what you would have gotten from me!

Sofia K.
Edited: 07/12/2017

Hello my name is Sophia Kotsias.
I have been trying to contact corporate for weeks and have not got a response or any type of support for the matter I am facing . I'm very upset and displeased with your companies service. It upsets me that people can be so inconsiderate. I applied to forever 21 multiple times till I decided to demand a supervisor to see my resume . Finally due to my persistence I got my interview and was told that I got the job. For the next couple of days I completed all of my paper work and attended orientation , where I was also told I was going to get paid for the hours in orientation . Following orientation I was told that I was going to get a call in a week or so to start working . I waited one week, two weeks , three and still no call . In between these weeks I made my effort to make sure everything was ok . All I was told was sorry we have been really busy and that their system was down. I politely said ok no problem and patiently waited. I was also offered another opportunity to work at another company but had refused it since I was waiting to be called by forever 21 . I finally got fed up and called again and again and again . It was so stressful just trying to get in contact with someone . So I decided to go visit forever 21 in person . There were two supervisors I've spoken to . The one man is name (Sean) and the women (Tatiana) they saw me and told me the same as always "we didn't forget about you ". Me being so naive , I still had hope that they would call . This didn't stop me for looking for jobs. Financially things were getting harder for me and I was just so upset that I thought I would be making an income all this time. But I kept on hoping. I had waited four months in total for forever 21 to acknowledge me in some way . I called corporate , I've called other locations, and had spoke to At least three supervisors that had given me false hope. I still haven't found a job. I am struggling and I'm just so upset that I was made a fool of . I feel abandoned and insignificant. This issue will not be left alone until I get and answer and explanation to why I was shoved aside and ignored.

This is the location of the Forever 21 that promised me employment

90-15 Queens Blvd (at Queens Center Mall)
(718) 699-5630

This is the number of the supervisor Tatiana (347) 278-7779

Samantha W.



This is literally the worst store ever. I have been a customer of forever 21 for a while, and until now, it's been fine. My mother made an online order on the 3rd of December, ordering clothes for me for Christmas. I got a pair of pants on December 25th, Christmas Day, and didn't try them on until January 2nd. When I put on the pants, they fit, but the seam up the side was not closed. Not ripped, but the pants had not even been finished being sewn up. I took the pants to exchange them on January 11th, and I was told that I couldn't return them because it was too late. This is completely ridiculous considering the pants are DAMAGED. I would be more understanding if there was nothing wrong with them, however, I have to pay to keep ripped clothing. I called customer service and nothing. Forever 21 does not do anything for their customers, and couldn't care less about the quality of their clothing or service. I can honestly say I have never had this issue at any other store and I will not be shopping there any longer.

Morgan H.



The costumer service is AWFUL. They could not care less about thre costumers and it will put them out of business. I returned a sweater and did not have the receipt so I went and got an item to examge it. The item I choose was $5.90 and the sweater after being on sale was down to $5.99. The manager would not let me exchange the sweater because of the 0.9 cent difference. The manager was David at the millennia mall and he couldn't have been more rude and couldn't have cared less about the situation. It was 9 cents in there favor, and they would not let me do the exchange.
Forever 21- you need to start caring about your costumers.

Chavone J.



Forever 21 customer service is absolutely un professional in every wa. They have had a label made for my package since 23rd still sitting their today on 28th. They have had the funds already and Refuse to give me a refund she says they have until January 3rd to get it out. You really mean to tell me it takes that long to get a package to fed ex. She was very rude, I can't help with anything else. Oh ok I will dispute this charge with my bank. Better not send that package. No stars deserved for this company I hope they go out of business completely. People won't understand until they get treated the way they have treated somebody else. ��������Forever 21 done with this company.

Sara S.



Forever 21, by far has the worst customer service I have ever experienced by any company thus far. Throughout the years I have been an regular customer, but within the last couple years prices have gone up, quality continues to go down, and customer service has hit an all time low. I recently signed up for the forever 21 credit card, which I adamantly warn customers not to do (BUYER BEWARE). The reason why I suggest customers not get their credit card is because they initially promise you 15% off your first order. But the jokes on you, the coupon code they give does not work. So you never even get the promotion for even signing up for the card. Then when you spend a certain amount they sent you coupons (none of which work). I contacted customer service via online chat, they directed me to the customer service line. I called customers service and the guy told me he did not know what to do. So he gave me the forever21 email. I emailed them, they have yet to answer. Awful company will never shop their again. Instead of increasing prices on deteriorating products maybe they should fire all customer service support, seeing how they have limited to no ability in resolving any issues. :)

Travis D.



I quit because I found a new job, now it's been almost a week and they still haven't payed me. 72 hours is the amount of time in CA a employer has to pay you. This company is unorganized and not professional.

Diamond H.



So I have been working here for about 5 weeks took four days off to go to lollapalooza came back the managers gossiped to the employees about me and how they were talking about firing me my manager Amanda Nagy is very unprofessional and childish she makes it hard on the workers because she's having issues with her boyfriend. I have still not gotten paid and she is basically blaming it on my "absence" I have worked over 30 hours each week and I'm pissed off because I am basically working for nothing, I have decided today that I am not going to continue working there because it's a terrible store with terrible managers.

Natassha N.



Let me start off saying I was a faithful customer at Forever 21 I had never had this problem UTIL!!! This one particular purchase, I have made an order online and for the first time I received clothes that looked Nothing!! like it was on the catalog online. The clothes had fine holes like it was old or moths had got to them, they were all raggedy, poor fabric you name it! I paid for shipping to return back hoping for a refund I spoke to a woman named Julie who told me that forever 21 was sending my clothes back and No I was not going to receive my money back. I told her "But they look nothing! like the catalog online plus they're damaged" she responded " They don't look bad to me we're sending it back" than she hung up in my face.

Rosanna B.



F21 was opening a new store on camelback and I had to travel to Scottsdale fashion square twice, then from Tempe market place twice..(I live in laveen az) worked the camelback store from 5/23/2016 to 5/28/2016 I worked Monday -thurs& sat. point is I did a lot of driving around.spent my savings on gas to keep this job.. pay day was around 5/26/2016..I didn't receive anything.. apparently there was a mix I was to wait for the next payday while still working.6/10/2016.. still nothing.. it is now 6/13/2016 and no one knows anything. I have been broke for 33 days, I'm 4 months pregnant, and owe money..(bills, pay backs for borrowed money) and nobody seems to care all I get is excuses on why I'm not getting paid (mix up, messed up my account number, I need to fill out a form for check replacement.)..this is stressful and a real bad time, like I said I m pregnant, and my father in law is having heart's a bad time. and I feel like they think I'm trippin..

Isabelle C.



i was recently an emplyee at forever 21 seriously only worked 3 days my manager started talking to me like a baby! and GRABBED MY HAND and tried to walk me over to the cash register! she got mad because i requested off 3 weeks on advance to go to my grandmas memorial. then fired me because i was sick and had to call in customer service is no help and doesnt answer i will never step foot in a forever 21 store again

Diana P.



I heard the managers treat employees really bad by several employees I know as a customer I bought a skirt ttoo small, was told by one of the managers to return it get a gift card and buy it online so I did so, it's out of stock, 2 an hour later I went back to the store to purchase it nobody knew where it was recently I called gave them the SKU number and they said they have four on the floor they're going to put my name on it someone went to go pick it up and nobody knows nothing about nothing. What the shame is is it's a very nice store I'm sure they get a lot of clientele but their characteristics are ghetto!!!

Chanel H.



I have been an employee with the company for seven years today I was written up for turning the music off early (30 minutes) a customer complained through survey. Today I had a meeting with my store manager & area manager. Area manager was very rude & disrespectful towards me because she witnessed what she called bad customer service (which didn't happen) she talked to me like a child & and then dismissed me embarrassing me in front of my fellow managers (store & Co) do not work for this company they treat their employees with disrespect & I am taking steps to report my area manager for misconduct

Shackeria B.



I was currently a forever 21 employee...yesterday the store manager told the other manager to call me on my cell phone and tell me that I am fired...forever whatever reason she made that decision I have no clue because I was not given a reason. I knew she didn't like me because her attitude says it all..she use to give me a lot of uncalled shifts thinking that I would give up but I didn't. I guess when she realise that I would not give up she decided to fire me. I tried to call their HR department for days and left voice messages...still can't get through to then or to receive a call back from them...I am only 17 years old very hard working, independent and ambitious...I feel like when young individuals try to go out in society and make use of ourselves we just always get turned down...

Leeza K.



I'll start off by saying I love shopping here but working here is another story. It's horrendous

I've tried to contact HR 3 times with no response, here's what I wrote to corporate:

"I have been working at Forever 21 for a short time and every time I work, I seem to get more miserable. I work at the Mall of America Forever 21. Reasons why it’s not fun to work: they keep all employees pass their availability. My availability is to 11 each weeknight and even if I finish 3 sections (alone) they still have me stay and if I say I have to go to catch the bus, I’m always told “we don’t leave until everything is finished.” it’s never finished and the managers (excluding 1) keep us until midnight. I walk a mile to a bus stop and catch 3 buses for this company and at night also. The visuals also talk to the other employees as if we’re children, literally. If the store manager tells me again how much time that I have to make the LAST bus I will call the Better Business Bureau since I can’t reach human resources and left 3 messages (also It’s one of the most complicated process to even reach the HR hotline) I don’t believe forcing people to stay after their scheduled times is legal and we don’t get paid for our bag checks (illegal); last time I was waiting to get my bag checked an employee at the cash wrap said “You’re taking to long to clock out, just go.” I’m done with working this way and will gladly hand in my resignation. I just want to let people that plan on working at the Mall of America location to beware of what you’re in for. No wonder the turnover rate is horrible there. So if anyone from corporate will finally respond or at least call the MOA to see what’s taking place at the massive store. And also please tell the visuals they’re not our parents nor are they managers forcing people to stay. i always have whatever section I’m in done before my available time ends but have to go to another section because someone wasn’t even put in that section. Please fix this. Thanks"

Liz D.



If you or someone you know is thinking of working for this company - DON'T!!! They hire you and then don't give you any hours. someone I know who was hired, hasn't received any hours in 6 weeks. You have to call in weekly to find out if you have a shift, except no one answers the phone - EVER! When you go into the store, the Managers brush you off. I contacted the DM of the store and was told they initially hired too much staff and there may be weeks between shifts. That's ridiculous. They leave you hanging and expect you to be there when and if they need you. The store Managers at this particular location are rude and condescending to their staff. I'm seriously considering going to the Labor Board. If you're considering applying for a job, there are plenty of other stores that I'm sure put more value into their employees. Forever 21, unfortunately is not one of those companies. They've also lost my business and word of mouth can go a long way. If I could, I'd give this company a ZERO rating!!!

Alex H.



Horrible! The return policy is ridiculous! My recipe can not be looked up so they will not take the return. This is stupid because I would only get store credit anyway! I will stick to H&M better quality clothes anyway!


Phone: (213) 741-5100