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RH Cash for Cars & Trucks

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Nations Top Car Buyer - 160 Locations Nationwide - Get Cash Today

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RH Cash for Cars & Trucks offers buy junk cars and trucks, lockout, abandoned cars, cars with titles in Cleveland, OH areas. For more information about our pricing, feel free, and give us a call. Car Buyer, Cash for Cars, Used Car Buyer, Reliable Junk Car Buyer Highland Hills Village OH; Lyndhurst OH; Warrensville Heights OH; University Heights OH; Shaker Heights OH; Used Car Dealer, Used Car, Reputable Junk Car Buyers, Junk Car Buyer, Salvage Car Buyers
Used Car Dealer, Used Car, Reputable Junk Car Buyers, Junk Car Buyer, Salvage Car Buyers
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With nearly 200 locations nationwide, we pick up vehicles in 48 states and Canada. With free towing and pickup we come to you.
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Edited: 01/26/2021

I had a '98 Dodge Caravan that my landlord wanted gone because we were only allowed a certain amount of vehicles. The car had been running fine until we let it sit for a couple of months and then the computer or battery decided to fizzle out on us and it was no longer worth the effort to fix it.

I called Cash for Cars knowing I would be low-balled since that is the type of company they are, but was shocked at just how low they went. From the get-go, the woman I spoke with tried to convince me that my van was a piece of crap and hardly any Dodge Caravans run anymore which is BS. The van had just been sitting and probably could have been started up with a little babying which I didn't have time to give it. I was offered $225 originally and decided since it wasn't running anyway, I may as well just as accept that price, especially with the pressure from my landlord mounting.

I scheduled an afternoon pick-up (between 12-4p) and was told I would receive a call to confirm. Received the confirmation call and was told I would only be getting $200 for my car. Decided it still wasn't worth arguing over and let it go.

That evening, I received a voicemail the day before pick-up saying they needed to reschedule for the morning (8-12) after two confirmations. Tried to call back immediately to tell them I couldn't do that and would need to reschedule. Left two voicemails, no response.

Tried to call again the next morning and was told they had already driven out to my place and didn't receive an answer so I would be charged a "dry run" fee of $137. Almost all the rest of my "profit". After arguing with several incompetent and stubborn employees about how this was THEIR mistake, not ours and we should not be fined for it, we finally asked to speak to the manager. The manager was more decent and told us she knew it was their fault and allowed us our original agreed upon price of $200 but only after a looong discussion.

Case in point- if you have ANY other way to sell your car, do it that way. These guys WILL low-ball you, it's their job. If you have no other choice, expect to be swindled and roll with the punches.

Jess M.



Super friendly people to work with and it was extremely easy to set up and they were quick to set up a time to come and get the car and tow it away. The whole process was extremely from start to finish. I would use this company again the next I need to sell/junk a car.

Dawn T.



Unless you have TRUCK they won't take it, especially in NORTH DAKOTA!! they do not take CARS at all

Rodney R.


rude and unprofestional

Talk to two reps first one said someone would b in touch… later no calls. So I called back to c y n thesecond rep was rude n told me its a salvage site n they don't go over $500-$600 cash on any car well pls dont waste ur time talkin too these dummys that are mad cause thier work screws them too, also I read some other reviews n one guy saidhe got a$7900 offer on a bmw so was it salvaged for that much or did the jew that posted it is a co- owner but really if u woulda showed up here talkin like that my chic woulda beat u down for the insult somebody needs to shut these crooks down I wonder how many old people or unknowing victims they have already took. But karmas waitin n it will land on ur face oh n it'll b priceless just hope im there when ur junk doors a closed so either fix ur adds or I will post everyday until u give me a strait offer like the add says oh n if people need to b trained cause when someone is talkin u listen dont be a smartass n tell them u not gonna go thru this u will explain it everyday a thousand times as long as u answer the phone for that shady company… .now I b back tomorrow so have better answers pls. Now u owe me 175$ for time spent talkin to u useless people isn't that what yall do to people read that one too… lol

Allison M.



Called to get a quote about my 2002 Trailblazer. All he asked was "what's wrong with it" and "how many miles" then told me that he wasn't gonna waste my time because it's only worth a couple of hundred dollars then hung up on me. Um, bull. It has a relatively new engine and a brand new transmission and a sound system and the car runs just fine. Sorry, but this actually WAS a waste of my time.


Called & upon telling him the information about my vehicle he just said ok & hung up on me. Didn't get a quote or anything!



Fast service, most money offered!

There are a ton of scammers out there and this is the REAL 1-800-CASH-FOR-CARS! I called a few other places and the negative comments I am reading must be from them because this was the most professional place of them all. Thanks!!!




I dont have a phone but I was just wondering if they will buy my car even if it has illinoise plates and no title? Thanks

Worst. Customer service

Called, seemed as if dude was eating fried chicken while taking a dump. No bueno, telling me 300 bucks for my awesome car. Heck, no!!




The site shows that it covers the Eureka area in Humboldt County but when you call they say they don't. There are tons of sites on google with different 800 numbers that show that they cover this area but when you call they say they don't. Maybe they need to update their info instead of wasting everyone's time. Frustrating.



Overall gives the m... gives the most cash for your junk unwanted car in portland oregon.




I called, they made a great offer and they came and picked up the car. All in less than a day. Great free service!



When I tried to get my name re...

When I tried to get my name removed from their calling list for offers, I kept getting the run around. I talked to 4 different people who all said they were not affiliated with that company. I am very displeased with this company. They did however do their job in sending my information to buyers. The buyers would call me and they sounded very legit. But as far as my personal opinion of this company, I will NEVER use them again!



not satisfied

the closest one to us was in salt lake and she wouldnt even blink at coming to get a car from vernal. not quote no answers just flat out no way. very poor service



GREAT OFFER! Called them, got ...

GREAT OFFER! Called them, got a real offer and they picked up the next morning. I read a lot of the reviews and have to say, there are a lot of whiners that post on these things. They made me an offer, I had the choice to accept or deny. I don't think that is a scam or a low baller. It is what it is. I did not have to sell them my car for the price they offered, but I did and I am glad. No more worries about trying to show it to strangers or meeting in parking lots for test drives. Also, no more repairs! This car had a cracked windshield and needed tires. It was fast, easy and I am a VERY satisfied customer!



aka Prime Auto Buyers. LOW-BAL...

aka Prime Auto Buyers. LOW-BALLERS, LIARS, UNPROFESSIONAL! I called for a quote to sell my car that is in excellent running condition, low milage, and has a KBB value of $15.5K. Was first told they could not give me a quote because they didnt have a history of buy this type of car (a BMW) doesn't ad say they buy any car?). I then asked how they expect to establish a history if they never buy one. The rep left, then came back with a LOW-BALL offer of $7.9k. SHAME ON YOU C4C, ripping people off!



They set me up with an appoint...

They set me up with an appointment, then failed to show up. When I called they were rude and told me that because I was in Greeley and they were in Denver it wasn't worth it to pick up one car, and they were booked anyway. I asked why set up an appointment if they were booked and they told me the girl was new and didn't know. They then told me that they would call later that day or the next day (2 days ago) to pick up with car. Still have not heard from them. Called another place, who offered more for the car. Rude and unreliable service.



Called, got an offer, it was f...

Called, got an offer, it was for more than I thought it would be, they took care of everything. Great service!


Phone: (216) 304-6458

Address: Cleveland, OH 44128

Website: website