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Edited: 02/23/2017
It is so relaxing every time I...

It is so relaxing every time I come here. I feel ten years younger after every visit!

I definitely recommend visiting this location and trying it out for yourself.

William T.



My wife's haircut was scraggly and uneven on the sides. She returned to the salon to have it corrected she was told she would have to return the following week to talk to the manager. When she did so the manager told her "it was apparent they could not satisfy her", without even trying to correct the bad hair cut. Very upsetting for my wife because she would have to go through the holiday season with subpar hair cut.

Valeriya S.




I just came to the salon and saw Debbie. The "master" stylist that has been there for 19+ years. This is what my hair looked like a week before I came into the salon:

I asked for my ombre to be lifted higher up more and for my color to be brightened a bit since it was looking a bit dull. I also had kind of an orange tint throughout my brown, barely noticeable, which I asked to have toned down and be more ashy, as my natural hair color (I had about an inch and a half of my natural color).

This is 10 minutes later after I left the salon and got home on my back porch in natural lighting.

Whatever was done to my hair, left my hair on top orangy and EXTREMELY splotchy. After they started blowdrying it, I had to go in for a second time and have color and toner put on the top part of my hair once again to fix the splotching. I asked what color will be put on top since I wanted my NATURAL ashy brown so I don't have to worry about my roots (the whole point of ombre).

Needless to say, I left the salon in tears and (obviously) did not pay.

My hair feels brittle, looks orange, splotchy and disgusting and I'm SCARED to go through another coloring process, except it looks like it's necessary unless I want to look like this. I contacted the salon with these pictures. This is their response:

"(My name),

We would first like to apologize for your experience on Saturday, we are never happy to hear a client is upset with their new look. Unfortunately, we are unable to correct the color or schedule another appointment, until your services rendered are paid for from Saturday. As always, our redo policy is of no charge on services rendered during original appointment (9/20/14). Your bill for 9/20/14 totals: $258. Once this is paid, we will be happy to book a redo appointment with another stylist who specializes in ombre. Again, we would like to apologize for your recent experience


Elon Salon

Management Team"

If I go to a service to get something done, and instead of doing what I want they actually damaged my property (hair), you're telling me the only way to get them to fix it... is by paying them 258 dollars for damaging it in the first place?

Cherie H.



I have been a loyal customer for more than 6 years at Elon, but after service yesterday, no more! Don't trust the cashier (young girl with no apparent morals) with tip money for the stylist and assistant! Sad to have to report this: When I paid for services at the cashier counter, the cashier added figures incorrectly in her head with overcharge; then, once the figure was corrected plus adding a $30 tip for the sylist and assistant, she did not give me the cash! About 15 minutes after I left the salon, I called to be sure the cashier gave the $30 to the stylist and she actually stunned me by lying, saying she gave me the money! I was in my car and my wallet was empty! I am a doctor and know for a fact the young girl lied and did not give me ANY cash but instead handed me my bag of shampoo and conditioner. I asked to speak with the manager and was told they were not there. I insisted that the $30 be given to the stylist and the receptionist said they would count the drawer money later to determine if the $30 was there. Interestingly, I called back in the morning and asked to speak to the manager and was again refused. I wanted to ask if the $30 was given to the stylist and was angrily told by the receptionist that they found the $30 in an envelope in the smock hamper with the stylist's name written on the envelope. The receptionist further stated that they had me on tape receiving the money and tossing it in the hamper! Well, now that is a bold faced set of lies! When you actually think you can convince someone they not only received the money but forgot and now also forgot they put it in an envelope, forgot they wrote someone's name on it and also forgot they went into a room where smock hampers are when I NEVER went into that room after paying for services.....well, the lies are really adding up! The young girl clearly wanted to cover her tracks by hiding money in the hamper and pretending I left it there. I was again stunned by the angry receptionist's comments that I would no longer be allowed to book appointments because I accused their staff of taking the money. Really? For telling the absolute GOD's truth, they prefer to believe the young girl cashier over a doctor who has absolutely NO REASON to lie! note a well trained professional with immaculate attention to detail and absolutely no reason to play games or not pay's very sad to have to report these facts so anyone else can make an informed decision and protect themselves from similar incidents likely to happen again with the cashier at Elon! Past behaviors and performance are a very good predictor of future performance! Beware and make sure you handle tip money yourself and give directly to stylist. Don't trust Elon cashier! YIKES!!!!!!!!

Missy W.



After receiving an uneven haircut, by Becky on June 19, 2014 I was informed by Michelle on June 20,2014 by phone and also a written letter that I was no longer welcomed at the salon and my hair would NOT be corrected. I paid $71.91 by Visa for haircut, tip, and product. This stemmed from a color visit on May 24, 2014 also done by Becky. On that date I paid $59.00 by Visa. I had to return because I still had gray and my color had to be redone. Elon markets the salon as "hair color speccialist" so I expected the color to be done correctly. Three times it was wrong with the first time being April 17, 2014 by Janice. I had originally gone in on April 17 due to receiving a complementary cut and color packet in the mail. I still bought products on April 17th and tipped for a total of $48.37 paid by my debit card. I tried this salon for 3 months and each time had a problem with my hair and had to return for redo's. I gave up on the color service but was flabbergasted they would not fix a cut that I paid full price for and tipped 20%- not to mention buying products.




I've been a client at Elon Salon for 5 years. Their entire staff is professional and friendly and I always receive excellent results from their stylists, namely Nina, Lindsay, & Amber. Before every service, we always discuss what I like about my current cut and color and what changes need to be made. I know that they are always training and staying current on the latest trends and techniques and I trust that they know what is best for my hair. I always look forward to my next service! I highly recommend this salon!

Jodia F.


I got a referral from a friend...

I got a referral from a friend to meet with Lisa at the Elon Salon, and I am so glad I did. I was actually feeling a bit down when I called the salon and was so excited they could see me so quickly. Lisa listened as I explained how I've styled my hair in the past, and then gave me some suggestions. She gave me such a great cut. Lisa really knows what she is doing :) Anyone reading this, give Elon a try!



I should've known better when ...

I should've known better when I got a letter in the mail from Elon offering me a complementary cut and color that it was too good to be true.

I can't speak for any other staff members but I had a woman named Debbie who was down right awful. I don't know if she was having a bad day or just always treated her clients the way she did with me.

She had an attitude toward me and her assistant, she was gossiping right in front of me, and slinging hair color left and right like a child being forced to do something they didn't want to do.

Right of the bat she was cutting me off when i was telling her what I wanted, she ended talking me into getting foils because i wanted to go back to blonde so she said it would look better that way and blend and what not. I thought I could trust her 16+ years of experience but I guess i was wrong.

My hair now LOOKS LIKE A ZEBRA. I almost broke down in tears right then and there. I didn't say anything to her because, quite frankly I was afraid of her cutting off my ear while she was chopping away at my hair.

The whole ordeal took 2 hours but right when I got home I called the salon and complained to the manager about Debbie and my god awful zebra hair. She said they have a 2 week redo policy (hmm, wonder why?) so I'm hopefully getting it fixed with another person soon.

Funny enough, my giant chunky highlights are the color i wanted, so I don't know why in the world she just didn't do that to my whole head. I guess she was too busy being rude to notice.

Point is, I would NEVER suggest this salon to someone much less go back after this entire fiasco. Regretfully, I am now having to wear a hat for the next few days to cover up the mess.



This is a perfect example of p...

This is a perfect example of professional, talented, and friendly stylists who make you feel welcome as well as look great! I found the staff to be respectful and fun with each other as well as their clients. You can always tell when people love what they do, It was very apparent



From the moment you step into ...

From the moment you step into this beautiful salon there is not only a sense of arrival...there is an immediate calm that envelops you.

Waste of Time!!

I would hope this post would save somebody the time (and money) that would other wise be wasted. I had the unpleasant experience of being invited to Elon Salon through a mail promo. You would think discounted work..can't complain, right? wrong. First off..after describing over the phone what I was looking for you would think that I would be paired with a stylist of similar style/personality. Oh no. Two ends of the be brief..very brief. Okay..what next. Well..when I asked for a specific color profile..a certain shade of red (pomegranate) on top and leather black under neath in a star pattern. (Stylist the way..met with a blank look!) I was not so politely informed that they didn't have pomegranate or any other "shade" I was describing..They just had RED. Okay I say.."Can you show me a swatch so I can explain?" "No.. I was informed..we don't have SWATCHES". Are you joking? (Grace under pressure here.) I will probably lose you at this point when I say that I replied.."Okay..just do it..plain ol' RED" That is the last I saw of..oh I'm sorry..she didn't give me a name. Older Southern So her assistant walks up..yawning. First words out of her mouth..Swear to God.."I'm so freaking tired." she stifles a yawn. They know how to make a girl a feel special! The assistant proceeds to color my hair without so much as cordial conversation. Fast forward..I'm done. I await my finish. Oh wait. No I don't get a finish. The finish will cost extra and doesn't already come with a color. But I'm informed I can blow out my own hair if I like at the station until the next client comes in. I do this for about 60 seconds..which feels like 60 minutes. (Enter public embarrassment.) I walk out with wet hair and a shred of dignity. WILL NEVER GO BACK. Now I understand how businesses can inspire hatred.



Good Cut Bad Color

I love the way my stylist cuts my hair but she is absolutely horrible at coloring. I have had her color my hair about 4 or 5 times and never once have I liked the color. When I let her do highlights I ended up with bleach spots all over my head. I have to agree with the other reviews that this is not the place to go if you are looking for a good color job or highlights. I have learned to just let her cut my hair and then color it myself at home. I think I may actually try to find another salon, however, because this place keeps getting more and more expensive. And they are almost always over-booked where they really can't give you the attention that you are paying for. Alot of hype and no real substance, I think.



Worst experience

This was the worst experience I have ever had at a salon. I received a coupon for a free color, cut and style and decided to give them a try thinking that they would be at their best trying to bring in new customers. I could not have been more wrong. The owner, Flonnie is who did my hair and it was a horrible experience. They left me waiting for 45 minutes before Flonnie could get to me.When she did finally make it over to me she was rushed, did not listen to anything that I was telling her about how I wanted my hair and was very rude to me. I should have gotten up and left then and I wish that I had. The highlights that they did damaged my hair beyond repair and the low lights (which were not included in the coupon and I paid for) were bright orange as well as all of my root area.

I asked for a trim and she cut 3 inches off my hair which completely changed the hair cut that I had and loved and it can not be corrected until my hair grows out.

The cost of the blow out is not included when you are having color just when having a cut. Many customers were drying there own hair as they found out that surprise at the end of their color. I have curly hair which I wanted blown out straight and it took her 45 minutes to blow it out when it should have taken 15 minutes and it was full, fuzzy and frizzy when she was finished and not sleek and smooth as it should have been.

When I checked out I found out that it would have cost me $170 for this horrible experience if I did not have the coupon.

I would never return to this salon or recommend it to anyone. All I can say is run as fast and as far as you can if you are thinking of going here.



I've been going to this salon ...

I've been going to this salon for almost 2 years. I used to hate getting my hair done because it never turned out how I wanted. Since going to Lisa, I absolutely refuse to have it done by anyone else. I did have it done by one other person there and they cut my layers too close together. However, I will say that this place is worth the money. Just be sure, like any other salon, you should be asking questions about the pricing because everything is relative. Last time I went, Lisa trimmed the layers, and did highlights. I have very thick, difficult hair and I haven't been happier with a cut or color like this. The last time I paid someone almost $200 @ school to highlight and cut my hair and hated it so much I went and got box color to cover it. Overall, its a good salon, it may depend on the person you get. But this is a hint, if you see someone's hair you like, ask them where and WHO does it. Lisa has been, by far, the best hairdresser I've had.


Phone: (770) 499-9217

Address: 695 Piedmont Rd, Marietta, GA 30066