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Anika C.
Edited: 02/23/2017

I remember eating the best slice of pizza I ever had in my life: it was the most delicious combination of Italian cheese on a thin pie with Tuscan prosciutto so cooked to the point, that it simply melted away on my tongue. Sadly this was not here but in Florence, Italy. This place here is somewhat overrated and does not make up to the hype... I am totally agree with this post writter

Michiko T.


Went here on Sunday night. I h...

Went here on Sunday night. I had a high expectation about this place but I was not impressed. Yes, the food was good but felt it was over-priced. I've tried popular restaurants that are owned by celebrity chefs but I always feel that because of that, all these restaurants are over-priced for the quality of food.

I also did not like the wine list; way too over-priced. The cheapest bottle of wine was $35 and it tasted like $5 bottle of wine from grocery store.

Oh, and they charge you $6 for tap water!!

Brandon Hurd


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good entrees

The food is amazing. It's not your mainstream Italian food. It's similar to foods you would get in Italy. The entrees were good but the appetizers totally steal the show.



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Never, but never again

This was our last try.... never again. We were in a group of 6 and all through the evening the waiters, bus boys, don't know, they all came around pouring water. UNLABELED BOTTLES AND WITH NO CAP ON. WONDER WHERE THEY WERE FILLED UP. We never paid attention, we were never asked if we wanted more bottled water, but they kept pouring and pouring. Water costed us $80.00. I believe this is called ""stealing"". I'm not even sure if bottles were emptied when they removed them from the table. We could have ordered few more bottles of wine had we known that they kept opening new water bottles. We only realized when we got our very expensive check that it wasn't tap water they were pouring. We were there before and wanted to give it another try, very disappointing. Food is way too expensive, portions are very very small, and the food, well, sucked. Did not like it at all. Don't believe the hype: It's overrated.



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Really Enjoy The Food!!

When I go out to eat, I expect to pay a lot for my meal. I also expect to get a lot of food for that money. I'm a bit of a foodie and only want the best. Well, this place did deliver a great meal that I really enjoyed, only the portion was so small that I left feeling hungry still. The price wasn't worth the meal. However, the ambiance is very nice.



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I didn't have any problem with service like most of reviews I read here and which it was impeccable, we arrived at 7:15 for our reservation and sitting at the table at 7:16, our waiter was professional and friendly, also spoke Italian which it's a plus for me since it's my main language. What is the non sense here is that the food is not impressive especially for the money, this place is ridiculously expensive and even a simple dish like "" Penne al Ragu' "" that they call ""Garganelli"" but in reality are the classic Penne Rigate that you can find at any grocerie's store, it isn't that great, also I was told that their Mozzarella bar it supposed to have fresh mozzarella's delivered freshly every day from Italy with special cargoes and that's why we go there and spend tons of money to have this impeccable selection of cheeses, but the truth is that are ALL cheeses from the most common factories in California and other US states......only one from Puglia ( which it's not the most famous place for mozzarella in Italy) and they were sold out anyway . In any case and most IMPORTANTLY...the portions!!! I mean when we saw the amount of food in the middle of the plates we just started to laugh, because we thought that to have a decent meal here we would need to go get a kids were constantly asking for bread which it's not a good quality anyway,to fill them self up, or we would need to spend about 90 dollars to have 2 decent dishes of simple pasta. ....other dishes weren't any better or at least to say, yes I'm paying all this money but this is really food from heaven....we skipped the dessert which that's really miserable as well over there and headed for a good friend of mine's restaurant to get some satisfaction.



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Osteria Slowza

Dining at Osteria Slowza is a painful all night event. Writing this and reflecting upon how much my party just sat there waiting, I realize we could have made it through the entire first part of ""The Godfather"". The highlights: over 45 minutes waiting for our table after our reservation time, 30 minutes for our appetizers to come out, 30 minutes waiting to get a refill from a bottle of wine that we purchased and refills on water, over 30 minutes for our second course to arrive, 30 minutes to clear our plates, 30 minutes to order get the picture.

I am so embarrassed by touting this place to my family, I am embarrassed to have brought my mom here on her 60th birthday, but not as embarrassed as Batali and Silverton should be for having their names associated with such abominably slow service. I eat at good restaurants all the time but I've never witnessed more incompetently slow service. It was honestly, mind-blowingly, slower than concrete drying.

To be fair the food was decent and our server was a nice guy. However, it's hard to justify spending that much money when a restaurant completely loses the ability to keep track of everything. And the ice-queen blonde hostess at the front desk was quite frankly a b*tch. She practically flung my wife's leftovers at her when were leaving and sneered at me when I asked if she needed to mark our valet ticket that we ate there. If her friendliness is proportional to her skirt length, the world would be a much more pleasant place if she wore a hijab.

I will not come back here, I cannot recommend this place to anyone, while the food was good, I've completely run out of patience for the utter incompetence in their execution of service. On balance, I think I'd have rather paid Batali $400 to kick me in the balls than have to endure all that waiting again. And to top it all off they still don't have the butterscotch budino on the menu.



I have been reading how good t...

I have been reading how good this place was for the past 12 month's... My wife was able to secure a reservation (she called 30 days in advance) for my birthday. I was excited but waiting for a month seemed little ridicules. Well.... This is one of the few places I went to that did not disappoint. We had 2 pasta dishes and shared a sea bass and it was awesome. Sommelier recommended a Pinot Noir that was simply the best wine I had in a long time. This place is expensive but worth every, you may run into to a star or two.



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rude sommelier, but great food

I went to Mozza with 3 girlfriends last night. I've been here before and love the food. We enjoyed all our meals, but the service was ridiculously slow and it seemed like there were no adults in charge of making sure things hummed along. The waitress disappeared for long periods, to the point where we actually wondered if she had given up on our table. When we tried to get our bill from her, we stared at her back for 20 minutes hoping she'd see us, but she never turned around and we only watched her disappear again. Our water glasses were only refilled when we asked (and found someone). But, the worst part of the service was asking the sommelier for a simple and quick recommendation. He was visably annoyed at our simple question of what would be a good, but reasonably priced red wine. We weren't intimidated by his attitude because we are experienced diners; however, we had never seen anything like it: he was so arrogant and ridiculous that we all just laughed.



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Extraordinary Experience

I had a friend in from out of state & wanted a true LA experience, so, I wanted to take her to a celebrity chef restaurant. This was an experience, as well as food that was to die for. The staff never made you feel rushed at all, even though we were there for almost 3 hours, they made excellent recommendations. We had the butternut squash ravioli, and braised beef w/polenta that fell off the bone. Even the cocktails were delicious. I will be returning for seconds, and mark this as a go to spot for visiting friends.



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Great food - embarrassing service!

We arrived for our reservation and were told we'd have to wait. We were not allowed to wait at the bar because there was a 'bar waiting list'

Once we were seated it took nearly half an hour before we saw a waitress - and only then because we asked the hostess to send one over. Our waitress was neither helpful nor present most of the evening. The special request I had made when I called in the reservation never materialized.

The food was amazing - but I was very embarrassed in bring high level VIPs here - I've had better service at. mcDonalds. I don't expect perfection but when I'm dropping $600-$800 for dinner I expect better than this



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Really? Get over your self.

Ok so we had reservations, and when we got there the hostess started to walk us back to a table, which apparently was not available, so she then stopped at a table near the counter and said how is this? I spotted a table close to the window and said can we have that one and her only response was no. with no explanation, so as we were seated there, the waiter heard us bitching about it and he explained that the chef was going to be sitting there with someone in just a few minutes, had the hostess explained that..then they way she responded would not have been so shocking. then took FOREVER for the waiter to come back and take the order...I mean what was he waiting for, it was towards the end of the lunch hour and was not that busy. Food finally came, and to me it was just marginal, I don't get this place and why people are so in love with it. The best part of being there, it I ran into an old boss. Next time I think I will pass.



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Great food but come on...

Okay...we went and the burratta dishes were fantastic. Proscuitto was the best I've had in years. The steak was superb. Trout was divine. But we brought our two 13 year olds and there was no kids menu. So they said they could do two pastas--with a butter or a tomato sauce. The kids wanted a pink sauce--they couldn't do it. (Huh? Throw some cream in the tomato sauce and mix...)
So the kids get a dollop of pasta on the middle of a big plate. Honestly, about HALF the size of a normal kids portion. They finish it in a minute and they're still about as hungry as when they started. So we ordered each one another appetizer and called it a day. The bill comes: $17 for each of the pastas! $17 for a half a salad-plate of penne and some tomato sauce?!?! Basically, that's like charging $34 for a full child's portion of pasta.
Ya know, I have money. I'm not a cheap guy. I don't mind spending $100 on dinner for a great ap, entree, dessert, maybe some wine. But guys, make an accomodation for kids. Put five items on a kids menu. Charge $12 for some penne and butter and give them a normal kid's portion so they're not hungry afterward. Maybe throw a thin cheeze pizza on there for them--it can be the way you'd do it--you can hip it up. But some of us do have kids, do bring them to nice restaurants with us, and we're not getting them the lamb brains for $39. Give us something for them. It's not unhip to consider kids. Your clientele can't be all gay guys and studio execs with their mistresses.



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One of the Best in LA

Osteria Mozza has just topped my list of the best restaurants in LA. I've lived here for 10 years and tried a lot of great places. As a self-proclaimed Foodie, I love to try new places. This one is hard to get in to, but a special occasion arose with a business dinner. I love Mario Batali's food and have been to 5 of his restaurants. His LA venture is definitely up to par. The food was amazing. The service was excellent and ultra attentive. The staff was really knowledge and showed their love for food and wine. I tried new things that I would never order normally - grilled octopus and gnocchi with duck ragu. Everything was just SO good. The bisteca and pork tenderloin were very good (a little rare for me, but the quality was so high that it was okay!). Even the desserts were over the top (olive oil gelato is to die for). We spent over 5 hours at Mozza and the time really flew by. The atmosphere and vibe were great and genuine - which is hard to find in a such a pretentious town. This is definitely a restaurant that is worth trying for special occasions. I can't wait until next time!

Cesar Biggeri


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The food is incredible. The attitude will give you heartburn

Osteria Mozza has delicious food!

I was at Mario Batali’s Osteria Mozza for dinner on October 15, 2009 with the head of a studio (for privacy reasons I will not disclose the name or the studio). As the restaurant is a very trendy LA eatery, I made reservations on September 16 to be able to get a table on October 15 at 6:30 PM. If you’ve never tried making reservations at this restaurant before, let me tell you it is quite a process. Reservations are only accepted 30 days prior from your desired dinning date. They prefer you reserve via their website, but if you insist in speaking with a real person, you may do so by calling on the phone. But first you have to go through a phone maze which tells you to go to their website. Clearly this cuts down on labor costs for them and helps them build their hype on just how difficult it is to get a table.

We were seated and as usual, we had the most delicious dinner. We received correct service, not over the top, just right. The company was great. We were enjoying a delightful evening and friendly conversation. As we finished our entrees, we were debating if we were having desert or not. The waiter approached our table and offered “Cookies To Go”. At first I thought this may be a new trend, so we asked “cookies to go”? The waiter replied “Yes, we need this table for another customer. Didn’t the host tell you we need this table?”. I said “No, no one told us anything and I would like to have desert!” My guests were shocked and in disbelieve this was taking place at Osteria Mozza!

Moments later Rod Bonios, a member of the restaurant’s management team came to the table and announced he had to move us to the bar and would buy us desert or wine to compensate for the inconvenience. I was so shocked, angry, confused and embarrassed in front of my clients. I said “No just bring us the check” He replied “Sorry, I did not mean to ruin your evening. I replied, “You just did.”

Regardless of whom you are, this should never happen in a restaurant, particularly one of this caliber. This clearly demonstrates how little they care about their customers and how full of themselves they are. If they were over booked and there was a special request for our specific table, they should have alerted me when I arrived prior to my guests’ arrival or had the decency to ask to speak with me privately about the situation and avoided creating such an awkward and uncomfortable scene. I should mention we were at a table for four and there was an empty table for four right next to us!

I have been in the luxury business for more years that I would like to admit. I work for a company that owns the most luxurious hotel in the world based in Dubai and I handled the world’s most affluent clients. This is why I chose restaurants like Mario Batali’s Osteria Mozza to celebrate and thank my clients for their support. I paid the bill in full, no discount was offered and I tipped 20+ %. It would have been unfair to punish the waiter. Please share this story with your friends and colleagues who enjoy dinning out and entertain for business reasons. As my friends and colleagues in the hotel industry, studios, high end retail business, food critics and all, I encourage you to be extremely careful before you make reservations at Mario Batali’s Osteria Mozza (if you choose to support them) and to check with the host when you arrive to see if there is a time limit on your dining experience or if they will need your table to accommodate a bigger name.

Make note, the food is incredible. The attitude will give you heartburn.

Cesar Biggeri

Owner TPN


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I absolutely can't get enough of this place! The food, the ambiance, the feeling I have when I leave! Perfect date place and outstanding food to compliment it! One of my absolute favs in LA!



Great Pizza!

I've been searching high and low for the best pizza in Los Angeles, and I think this is it! They had very unique combinations, many I would not think of putting together, let alone on a pizza. Our table got several different types, all of which were outstanding. I think the less traditional, the better the taste. Oh, and it was the best crust I've had in this city.



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We decided to check this place out after my cousins rave reviews. Well, it was OVERRATED!!! nothing special about the pizza, maybe only the price. Disappointing.


Phone: (323) 297-0100

Address: 6602 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038


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"Osteria Mozza is a casual restaurant where people dress to impress…" Presided over by always-dressed-to-impress Nancy Silverton, Osteria Mozza goes from strength to strength. From exquisite handmade pastas to grilled beef tagliata to Pastry Chef Dahlia Narvaez's rosemary olive oil cakes. Osteria Mozza's is a menu Angelenos can recite by heart: the greatest hits. The centerpiece of Osteria Mozza is a white Carrara marble Mozzarella Bar where Nancy composes a long list of small dishes featuring fresh imported mozzarella as well as ricotta and cream-filled burrata."Osteria Mozza is a casual restaurant where people dress to impress…" Presided over by always-dressed-to-impress Nancy Silverton, Osteria Mozza goes from strength to strength. From exquisite handmade pastas to grilled beef tagliata to Pastry Chef Dahlia Narvaez's rosemary olive oil cakes. Osteria Mozza's is a menu Angelenos can recite by heart: the greatest hits. The centerpiece of Osteria Mozza is a white Carrara marble Mozzarella Bar where Nancy composes a long list of small dishes featuring fresh imported mozzarella as well as ricotta and cream-filled burrata.
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amex, visa, mastercard
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Central LA, Melrose, Central La, Central Hollywood, Greater Wilshire

Mozza 2 Go

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Parking: Valet

Wi-Fi: No

Bike Parking: No

Attire: Dressy

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Cuisines: Fine Dining, Italian, European, Continental, Pizza

Alcohol: Full Bar

Takes Reservations: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Price Range : Above Average

Good for Kids: Yes

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