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f you need somebody at your home right away, call Los Angeles and Orange County’s famous Smell Good Plumber™, Mike Diamond Services at 1-800-446-6453. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So whenever you have a plumbing, heating or air conditioning problem, we’re ready to help. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with our installation or service repair, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for FREE.
Drain Cleaning.
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Services: Drain Cleaning


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Ma C.



I feel scammed.

You know when you hire the carpet cleaners and they say 5 rooms for $80.00 and then they get to your house and it's $105.00 because they determine the small room you have separated into an eating area and tv watching area are 2 room.. bs.

Well your $99.00 to clear a drain is bs. It was $188.00 because first he tried to clear the main drain and then the shower drain.

Oh it's not $99.00/ backup.. It's $99.00 per pipe they deal with regardless if it is the same problem.

I am going to blog all over the internet about this scam.

The technician was very nice though




10 days and drain clogged again. Called MD and we were told it would be another $110 to unclog again. They only reminded us that the invoice clearly states that they do not guarantee their work! There are too many

plumbers to use one with no guarantee. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS

Martha McDavid


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No Service, Dumb Plumber

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The plumber showed up smelling good on time, big whoop. I had a stoppage in my tub and toilet and when I told him to make sure that the stopper was released from the tub while he was running water he actually did not understand what I was talking about. When he finally got what a stopper was he asked me for paper towels to turn the thing - he didn't want to get his hands dirty! and had no gloves of his own. I told him where the stoppage always occurs and he was still mystified. Then he said he would have to charge $385 to remove the toilet! this has Never been done before. And then he was going to charge more, for, get this, to remove the dirty water from the tub! These guys are supposed to be plumbers! I showed him the door and am looking for some late smelly plumbers who ACTUALLY DO PLUMBING WORK! go figure....avoid these losers



Mike diamond

In an emergency I called Mike Diamond for stopped up sink for a pricey 515.00 . They charge! And still leaking!! I called them back only for them to want an additional 300.00, which I couldn't afford so they left everything unfinished, canceling out rhe first work ! They took me to the cleaners!!!!!

big nancy


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these people are thiefs

They charged my mother-in-law over $800 to replace the valve assembly in her toilet tank. now that's a $20 part at home depot, and it took the guy 30 minutes to do. That works out to what, $400 per hour !?!? Enough said ? A lawyer would have done it for less.



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DO not deal with Mike Diamond EVER

Last week end new tenants moved in and had a toilet proble. I asked them to call a plumer and let me know.
MD tech. gets on the phone and tells me it is a main line problem needs to get a camera, install a valve, and at $ 3,000 if it still doesnt help then will need to start
digging in the front yard. By now I am having a hear attack. I asked my tenant to send them off and called in a local plumer.
No problems were found. It was a fast fix.
I have now read a lot of reveiws all with one stars. I think MD is a complete rip off and please I beg you
guys do not fall for their sales pitch. DO NOT get taken by these guys. I have never written a review on any such services but I had to warn the general public out there. Be carefull not to take one openion and thank GOD I got a second openion.



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Service does not smell good.

The only good thing I have to say is that they were punctual. The plumber was arrogant with a ""know it all"" attitude. He was not able to fix the problem....slow flowing toilet....with a snake. The only other other method he would try would entail removing the toilet for a cost of $400.00. He then said I had to pay the $99 even though he could not fix the problem because he said he told me it wouldn't work. Then why did he do it?? He then tried to sell me an over priced enzyme treatment. Well, I purchased the same thing at Home Depot for $8.00, a fraction of the cost of his product, and the problem is solved. I felt taken advantage of...not good. Would never recommend...not even to my ex-husband...well-maybe! :p

And...I gave them one star because the site made me!



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Poor service

Alright, my house had backed up plumbing. No problem, I listen to KFI, and decided to call the ""smell good plumber."" I do live in the sticks in Riverside Co., and when I told the lady who answered the line my zip code, she said I did live in the coverage area, and that a plumber would be at my house between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. No problem I thought, although it was 10:00 in the morning, I do live in the sticks. They even told me a technician would call me 30 minutes prior to arrival.

At 3:00 I called and asked for status. They again asked for my zip code, and reassured me that a plumber would come to my house after he cleared his current job, some time between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. No problem I thought.

I again called at 6:00 and asked for status. They said the technician was clearing in Dana Point, and would head our way. I said, ""Dana Point, you guys might as well forget it as it will take him three hours.""

They then asked me for my zip code a third time, and said I lived out of their coverage area. What a waste of a day. They did not even say sorry.




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Total Rip off

I really wish I had read this page before I called them as it was a total rip off. I an unemployed and can't afford this rip off. Learn by istake do not call them ever.

852147 Lee


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False Advertizing

This company is falsely advertizing. They say that the other plumbing companies base their pricing off of the kind of car the customer drives and that is why they can't give a price over the phone.
I worked for over 10 years for a solid plumbing company and NEVER did any of our technicians give a price based on anything but what the scope of work was. If MIKE DIAMOND is so confident in the work his technicians do and the way he runs his business, he wouldn't have to work so hard slamming other reputible companies. He needs to clean up his company and be HONEST.



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Nice guys, good service - they came in and fixed a clog over the weekend and didn't charge me the normal overtime rate. it was not an easy fix, they came within 30 minutes of me calling them on a Sunday.

They fixed the problem and for much less than the previous plumber's quoted price!

Overall very friendly and efficient. I would definitely recommend them and call them again for any plumbing issues.

Ms Flawless


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Crooks don't trust these fools

Ok so I hired these knuckle heads to unplug my showers. 2 weeks later it's backed up again. I didn't buy the insurance that they offer so they want to charge me again $99.00. The tech that came to unplug the the shower was more concerned about trying to get us to fix our water pressure for$ 3000.00These guys are crooks! Be careful!



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Wanted a new faucet and disposal installed. Pretty simple job, but I don't have all the tools and didn't want to get dirty so I called Mike Diamond. They advised me it was $76 just to show up and I couldn't get a straight answer about whether it would be credited to work performed (it isn't). They were late and the guy quoted me $392 for the faucet and $326 to install the disposal even though I was supplying the materials. The guy even admitted the whole job would only take 1-2 hours. My Century City attorney charges less! On top of that, he wanted me to replace the shutoff valves at $600. AHHHHH!



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Smell Good? I think not!

As a senior citizen, I can't do the simple things that I would have years ago so I have to rely on others. Mike Diamond recently charged me $235.00 to replace a leaking shut-off valve on one of my toilets. In my younger days, I could have gone to Home Depot, both the part for under $10.00 and installed it myself. I was at their mercy and when I called and asked about my senior discount they told me that they had included that in the price. Interestingly - it was stated on the invoice.



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They figure out a way to get out of the on time or free guarantee, not to mention being rude and then canceling my house call because I called them on it.
so, go somewhere else and save yourself a headache
They dont desrve any stars, I was forced to give them one to leave a review!

this company really STINKS



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most overpriced plumber EVER!

So, I noticed water leaking from my pressure relief valve where the water main enters the house. I checked the pressure inside the house and it was at 140psi. Knowing that the Pressure Reducing Valve was bad, I called Mike Diamond who was able to come out that same day. I was advised there was a ""house call fee"" of $75 which would not be applied to any work completed. After getting a manager to agree to apply the service charge fee to the work (like any other business would do) I explained the exact problem, down to which part was bad (3/4"" PRV dual Union).. available at Home Depot for $104. I asked what they charge per hour and was explained that they charge ""by the job"", not by the hour. So I asked how much this job would be (after explaining every detail of what was needed). They said they would need to see it first. Well the guy showed up and confirm the PRV was bad based on the water flow from he relief valve. He then walked me over to his truck where he took out a book and opened up the PRV replacement page. He pointed to the size valve on the page and the price next to it was $675!!!!! Holy crap. I told him he was insane. It would take about 20 mins to replace, so his labor rate is actually higher than hiring Johnny Cochran as a defense atty in a celebrity murder trial. I told him to ""f-off and leave"" but he said I had to pay him the $75 service fee. I again told him to ""f-off"" and advised that I asked how much it would be before he even came out, and they were not able to tell me, but he actually had a printed page from the company stating the price. After he called the manager he came back to me and said I still had to pay the $75. I told him again to ""f-off"" and he left. I later got a call from the manager stating they would not be charging me for the fee after-all. I then went to Home Depot, bought the part and it took exactly 12 minutes for me to install, adjust, and confirm the house water pressure was back to a safe 65psi.



Mike Diamond Plumbing Overcharge / Took advantage of elderly

Mike Diamond Plumbing took advantage of my elderly mother and charged her over $1, 000 to install a toilet, which should have been $150 at the most. This was all installation, does not include the cost of the toilet itself. They obviously have a practice of preying on elderly or ill people who know nothing about plumbing and overcharging them. Mike Diamond has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau (see for yourself ). I have just started the process for a refund and will update if I receive any response but I'm sure this will come down to small claims court.

Edward Benveniste


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Dishonest, specializing in Bait & Switch tactics - AVOID

They cleaned main line about 45 days ago and found some roots. They asked me if they could put a camera down the sewer line and I agreed, a no expense to me. The camera was not working, so they simply left with no follow up scheduled. The line has backed up again and I am told there was no warranty on the job. I inquired about the camera inspection and they said it would cost me $350. I get a call from the original tech, who was driving a Brazille plumbing truck when he showed up and said that I told your line need hydrojetting at $1000 and no need for a camera inspection. Mike Diamond can not and should not be trusted on ANY sort of plumbing job. They simply want to take advantage of people in need at a desperate time. The rating really should be no STAR at all.



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No Mike Diamond for me

It's Friday December 3, 2010 and I need a plumber. Remembering the nice slogan on the radio; ""the smell good plumber"", I set out to research Mike Diamond. Thank you all for saving me the hassle of calling these jerks. Your opinions are greatly valued and it goes to show that the feedback of the people really does count.

I am not going to call Mike Diamond. Too bad Mike Diamond, you should be running an honest business, it's what America needs most of all right now.




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Don't Believe $99 ad- BAIT and SWITCH

I called them out and the guy tried putting a snake into the drain twice, then told me that the $99 would have to be charged EVERY time the snake went in. It would cost another $99 for every drain on the line because he didn't know where the stoppage was. So total would and could run to $2000 without result. He suggested a hydropressure jetter and that would be less at $1982 and this comes with a one year warranty.



Phone: (323) 256-1313

Address: 405 W Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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