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Westside, West Los Angeles

Fitness Club Warehouse Inc

Exercise & Fitness Equipment


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this place sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't believe this place is still open given the economic climate. the staff is insanely high pressure. obviously the owner of the place thinks this is ok, or it wouldn't be allowed to happen. when I went there, the staff threw temper tantrums when I tried to negotiate. they acutally became violent. i'm not joking. i didn't even negotiate that hard. i just simply asked how low they were willing to go, and they cursed, and actually told me to get out of their store...i'm putting this nicely...they said "get the f..k out of here you f..king idiot, the prices will never come down. any moron can see that. you're wasting my time". then they proceded to follow me out to the back isolated dingy parking area, where they continued to threaten and go berserk in a bizarre fashion. i'm a big guy, and any intelligent person would be fearful, but there were two of them, and the dark parking lot in the back it was hard to see. and one guy kept his hands in his pockets. who knows, maybe he could have had a weapon. i put up a much more detailed review after it happened, but they took it down. so here we go again. anyway, i give this place the lowest rating. go to some place better like busy bodies, or order on-line from pacemaster. both are more reputable, and have quality products. even Sears or Nortic track would be better. besides, this place is ugly, low class and cheap looking as is the equipment. i was an excellent personal trainer for many years, and i know good equipment when i see it, and this equipment looks cheap and poorly made. stay away from this place if you have a brain in your head.



Conclusion: Sales Staff Sucks!!!

To conclude:

I give this store the absolute lowest rating possible...go somewhere else...don't even bother!!! There is no way anyone with above average intelligence could trust such people. Maybe as the sales staff likes to say, a "loser" might shop there. I certainly won't!!! I'm definitely going to buy a treadmill from some other store in the next couple of days, I have the money. But I'm not going to buy from this place. Ever.

Now, I might be taken off of here because I don't know if Yellowpages is getting paid for advertising or not, (i'm sure they are) but I feel I have the right to write this review, because I hope to prevent someone else from getting ripped off by the staff, or even physically harmed. Unless you were there, there's no way to fully appreciate what happened that night. The staff was absolutely borderline. So watch your back if you do go there, and don't go in there to bargain unless you literally know how to defend yourself from physical harm. I know it might seem funny, but i'm not joking.

Sales staff sucks. They can't be trusted!!!

Talk about high pressure salesmen...this is far beyond that. Clearly the most unprofessional and rude staff that I have ever encountered. Let's start with the phone call. I thought they were joking. Using words and phrases like "you have to be an idiot."..."you're crazy if you don't." The fact is, that I am crazy because I did go to the store, and as you'll see, my worst suspicisions were confirmed beyond my wildest expectations. Now you can take it or leave it, and I'm not saying that I'm totally innocent, but I wasn't that bad when I tried to bagain for a better price. See, when we originally talked on the phone, they said the price was a certain amount, and the price wasn't going to come down, but a week later, the price was down 20% or so, so I thought, that I could bagain a little more if I went to the store personally. The store was deserted. Not one person there. They didn't tolerate bargaining very well, because when I asked how low they would go, the salesman just said, "are you joking? The price is going to go up in a few days, and we're going to be getting a bunch of new machines. You must be crazy. Just get out of the store, you're wasting my time." I said to him, "hey, I just drove here ready to deal, and you're throwing me out of the store. Goodbye then." To make a long story short, I went outside, and the one other salesman came out, and totally freaked out, cursing, and calling me an idiot for not buying now, when prices are going to go up for sure. (Side note: this is 1/1/2009...we know where pricing are going in the near future. And it's not up! Sorry dude!!) In between all of this, he said that if the price did come down, that they have a price match for a year or whatever. But at the same time, he was stating that the price wasn't going to come down. In fact, now I remember what set him off. All I said as I was walking out of the door was, despite all the insanity, that I might be back in a few day, and ,"let see where the price goes." That's when the other guy flipped out. It was very frightening, considering that the parking lot was behind the building and very isolated with two guys yelling like a bunch of freaks at me. Now let's get down to dollars and sense. I'm going to make an assumption here, and I might be wrong. Because of the way they acted, I'm going to assume that they aren't going to be open for long, because nobody would talk to a prospective client in such a violent, unprofessional and childish fashion unless they aren't going to be open in the near future. But once again, maybe I'm wrong, and they are going to be open forever. I hope not. So the question is now, what are they really saying, by acting in such a bizzare way? Can it be that business is so bad that they don't care about what people think about them? Are they desperate to the point of violence? And if they are going to close down in a few day who cares anyway? I'll tell you who cares. The price of the item has added in value, most importantly the warrenty and care of the product, i.e., treadmill. So, what about the lifetime warranty? How are they going to honor it if they aren't going to be around? Who cares how low the price is, if the thing breaks down and they aren't going to be able to honor the warranty. So the added in value they they are throwing in with the warrenty, they can't even honor. I'm not going to say the equipment is crap. How can a person tell? But I'm not going to buy anything from people act like a bunch of immature psychos who don't care if they make sale or not. There are too many other excellent stores, with very helpful staff, that treat people who are prospective clients the way a customer should be treated. The staff that was rude was not the owner of the store. Hopefully. Question. Would the owner actually permit his staff to act like he encouraging this behavior. I hope not. He would have to be insane if he was.