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Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr

Va Long Beach Health Care Sys: Gutierrez Paul Andre MD

Long Beach VA Healthcare System

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David T.



As a veteran , I wish there was some one to go to? Like a chain of command. Other American veterans feel the same way. Yet, they are afraid of losing the little medical coverage they have. Meaning: American veterans are paying for services. Some were told free medical. Then the real shocking facts. The Veteran Hospital police are allowed to use selective enforcement. Why? To discourage American veterans from coming to the Long Beach Veteran Hospital. That's why no cameras are in the parking lot. Monitored by Internal Affairs. We saw how : Corporal Castro abuses his position. Along with his accomplices: Calif. Penal Code: 31. They will gang up on certain American veterans in the parking lot. The Filipino VA cop will yell and scream. This tactic is to get the veteran to yell and scream. Its known as the : ( Instigation Of Provocation Technique ). The goal is make a false arrest on a American Veteran. Then kick the American veteran off the property permanently . Or to have a excuse to : ( Pull a Fullerton Cop ). This means: Beat the American veteran up. Like : Kelly Thomas was beat to death by savages. Most American veterans are afraid and frightened, to talk about the abuses of the : Long Beach Veteran Police. Why? Retaliation for making a complaint. Calif. Labor Code: 6310. Lets not forget, they are watching where you park. They can easily cause a flat tire. Or drain you're engine oil. We can't put nothing they won't do. That's why no cameras are in the parking lot. To catch them in the act. They know no employee is required to do anything unsafe or illegal . Calif. Labor Code: 6300. Yet, most Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police don't care. They are all kissing behind to get a promotion. So the top dog issues the target . Then they gang up on the American veteran in the parking lot. The goal is to provoke and humiliate the American veteran. Why? To get a reaction. Why? To have a excuse to beat the American veteran up. Plus a excuse to make a false arrest. The Filipino will yell at the top of his lungs. " Are you a American veteran"? Even though he has the Long Beach Veteran Hospital Identification in his hand. Plus: The American veteran's driver license in his hand. So the Filipino will yell and scream over and over: " Are you a American veteran"! Then the Filipino will run a criminal background on the American veteran. Then Castro will put hand cuffs on the American veteran. This is a few violations against public policy. Hazing: Calif. Gov. Code: 12900. With selective enforcement. Plus: Constructive Discharge. Calif. Labor Code: 2922. Possibly : Assault. Calif. Penal Code: 240. Touching a American veteran. With out written authorization. Yelling for no reason. This is another crime. Being loud & boisterous. Calif. Penal Code: 415. Illegal detainment , false imprisonment of a American Veteran. Calif. Penal Codes: 236-237. Castro will use very condescending words. Or offensive words. A violation of: Calif. Penal Code: 415. Under offensive words. Castro will order the American veteran to stand sit stand then yell at the top of his lungs! Then Castro, will continue more condescending words: As follows: " Sit on you're butt"!. Usually there is no probable cause. Calif. Penal Code: 849. The other part of the Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police Gang, is the elderly male white adult. He is supposedly the watch commander. Note: As all this abuse is taking place; All three will be laughing with hysterical laughter. All this abuse is allowed. Then Corporal Castro will continue in the hazing. Castro will look into a American veteran's car. With out a warrant. Corporal Castro will then order certain American veterans to only show up at the Long Beach Veteran Hospital with a scheduled appointment. We heard Castro ordered a American veteran to always check in with him first. This is protocol , Castro uses. Castro will order a American veteran to not only to check in with him first. Corporal : Castro will order a vet, to not go to appoint.

Walter W.



I used to enjoy visiting the , VA hospital. Then I really started noticing one American veteran after another with the same area of concern. We don't have real doctors for a primary care provider. We have what is called: A nurse practitioner . Or fake doctor. So like the state of Arizona removed their lame ducks. This hospital has hundreds of lame ducks. For no good reason. They just sit and do nothing. All union. This why American veterans can't have a real doctor as a primary care doctor. Lots of money is wasted on all the human resources department. Why are there so many? Solution : Replace these lame ducks with one computer. Next: The other empty suites. Called the check in & out person. They just sit all day. They should be replaced by a computer. Next: More wasted money: Patient Advocate Office. How many American veterans have been really helped by these lame ducks? Answer about none. This plus: More reasons : Are janitors deliberately taking their time to clean the hospital? Why? Obviously to get more over time. This might the reason most of all the bathrooms are dirty. Give a man a inch they take a mile. Now look at the highly expensive Suv's that are being driven by the Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police. These : Suv's could cost: $60,000.00 plus? Also: Considering : Gas, maintenance . To include : Car insurance. To drive around a parking lot. They need to give these lame duck empty suites a golf cart. Just plug it in. They need to replace the Long Beach , Veteran Hospital Police, with private security. Its much cheaper . What have the Long Beach Veteran police , accomplished in the last twenty years? The answer is nothing. This is why : American veterans can have a real doctor for a primary care doctor. Too much is being wasted on lame duck empty suites. Also its been: Written : Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We observed a example of the abuse by the Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police. First there was the ; Filipino . He drove next to a American veteran. The Filipino Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police was yelling at the top of his lungs. Demanding to know if the American veteran leaving is a American veteran ? The American veteran , handed him, his California Driver's license . Plus: His Long Beach Veteran Hospital identification card . Now the Filipino , Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police is still yelling at the top of his lungs at the American veteran . That was about to leave. Then the Filipino Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police , calls some one to inquire if the American veteran , has warrants. Now more abuse: Corporal : Castro. He orders the American veteran to stand then yells" Sit on you're butt". Castro is a Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police. Castro , spoke very condescending to the American Veteran. He said," Don't act dumb"!. Castro committed allot of acts against public policy. ( 1.) False imprisonment. Also: Illegal detainment. Calif. Penal Codes: 236-237. Touched the American veteran with out written consent. This is: Assault. Calif. Penal Code: 240. Castro , was very loud & boisterous. A violation of: Calif. Penal Code: 415. What was more shocking : Castro was looking in side the American veteran's car. With out a legal search warrant. A violation of the : 4 th Amendment of the constitution. When the elderly male white adult that was then was asked by the American veteran one question: " What is you're probable cause for stopping me from leaving"? The answer was heard as follows: " You're car door was open". All three , Long Beach Veteran Hospital Police had grin on their face. Holding back hysterical laughter. Castro , was heard ordering the American veteran to never come back to the Long Beach Veteran Hospital unless he had a appointment. Or he looks for , Castro to get permission. Castro , of the Long Beach Police, ordered the American veteran , to not go to his follow up appointment in the emergency room. Note: This is a breach of implied contract: Civil Code:3300-3400.

Barbara M.
Edited: 03/26/2018

Yes, I believe that my information claiming my diagnosis from Dr. Woods and Dr. Mendenhal has made an absolute change. I believe they are aware that I am getting better from the schizophrenia to PTSD. Also my work will be tested later on by the LAPD in an examination process for a good job. Barbara Miller.


Phone: (562) 826-8000

Address: 5901 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822


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