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Jennifer W.



I started going to Chiropractic First in March for Daily dizzy spells and I have seen great improvement in my dizziness. Jamey is very knowledgeable about how everything works and takes the time to explain it to you. He also takes the times to explain everything to kids even when they don't care. I would recommend Chiropractic First to everyone.

Athena B.



I started using Wellness First with Dr. Jamey Kruger after my husband started. They had given him a great deal on services, however, that is not the reason I started going. I started going because of the startling information Dr. Kruger was able to give my husband on his current health and his future health with regards to his spine condition. I knew after my initial visit that this would become a life changing decision for myself and my family. Not only is the science behind Dr. Kruger's philosophy very sound and enlightening; his overall business is friendly and welcoming. As soon as you walk into the office, you are greeted by the smiling face of Charity, his secretary, and a cozy sitting area. Dr. Kruger is companionable and accommodating. We have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for an adjustment, during which time the patient actually spends doing exercises to get ready for the adjustment. Dr. Kruger is also very informative about everyday health and has pointed my husband and I into more health conscious directions.

Overall, my health has greatly improved since I started seeing Dr. Kruger in January. Not only are my charts showing improvement but I can also feel my body improving. Before I started going to Wellness First I always had a nagging pain in my neck and upper back from stress and tension. Now that pain is nonexistent and my work outs have improved. I definitely see myself improving with every appointment I have with Dr. Kruger and would suggest his chiropractic care to anyone.

Tara J.



Dr. Jamey has been a blessing to our family. We have been patients of Dr. Jamey's for over three years. We were originally recommended to Dr. Jamey because our daughter had severe acid reflux and was on medication for the first several months of her life. We stopped giving her the medication prior to visiting with Dr. Jamey because it wasn't helping. After our first few visits, she showed significant improvement and eventually was reflux free. Through our visits, my husband and I have learned how to eat healthier and de-stress our lives. Without hounding or being pushy about his views, Dr. Jamey educates and coaches us into making better decisions for ourselves and our family. We are very thankful for his guidance and have recommended many of our friends and family to him for adjustments. Thank you, Dr. Jamey!

Jody S.



Dr. Jamey is amazing to work with. He is understanding and seeks to find the problem and not just treat symptoms. He is the best Dr. I've ever been a patient of and my health is much better today as a result. I would highly recommend Dr. Jamey's services to anyone. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming as well. It's an amazing atmosphere; they took the time to learn my name right away and I don't feel like just another patient in a long line of patients.



Definitely recommend!

I have been going to Chiropractic First for almost a year. My back has improved SO much! Not only my back, but my overall well-being has improved. Dr. Jamey is super knowledgeable about many things, and Charity is very welcoming. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking!

Tylene K.



I started seeing Dr. Jamey in February and I have seen some great improvement in my chronic headaches. He is very knowledgeable about how everything works and takes the time to explain it to you. If you're looking for a holistic approach to your health and someone who will take the time to help you get there I'd highly recommend Dr. Jamey!

Natalie M.



WE have started treatment for my daughter with Dr. Jamey because her Eustachian tubes would not unplugged and she didn't have fluid. We've only been seeing him a short time, but we are seeming to get to the bottom of her issue. I was so impressed, I'm seeing him too! :)



We started coming to Chiroprac...

We started coming to Chiropractic FIRST a month ago. Our 4 year old had crossed eyes and our 11 year old was suffering from panic attacks, depression, and felt like he was living in a cartoon. The four year old tried wearing glasses with little to no progress, and our other son has been on antidepressants for 8 months with very little progress.

Our youngest son’s eyes have improved more in 3 weeks of care here than in the two years of glasses, and our older son has completely stopped the anti-depressants and improved 99% with NO panic attacks at all. Thank you Chiropractic FIRST – your team is the best!!



Well what brought me in to the...

Well what brought me in to the office was neck stiffness, kind of intermittent neck pain, and I wanted to get my C1, atlas bone, all adjusted properly. I found out that this was one of the few offices that really concentrated on doing that. So that seems to be done, my neck now has way more movement than before and my golf swing is now fuller. I can swing better and I don’t have any pain or stiffness after golf that I used to have. Further, I am a recovering non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient. My last PET scan was completely clear and my blood pressure is now lower than it has ever been, matter fact my wife and I looked at each other in the doctor’s office and we were confused by those numbers because they were so low and it’s been that way since. My anticipation is I’ll be off the medication from the blood pressure real soon. Other than that, I’m feeling great, losing weight, exercising more. The curve in my neck is now returning to pretty much close to normal. I was told, which I disagreed with, that maybe it wouldn’t all come back and I said, “No, no, it’ll all come back” and it looks like we are on the road to that. So I guess close to or the actual impossible is being done here, so in a good way I’m happy about it. That’s my story.



I’ve been coming to Chiropra...

I’ve been coming to Chiropractic First for probably a month and a half now with prostate cancer, and toe, knee, and back problems. We have had miraculous results on the toe, and the prostate has shrunk down considerably, and there is quite a bit of relief on the knee. Plus, the fusions in the back are loosening up quite a bit. So far I’ve been really pleased with whats happened here.



I came in a couple months ago ...

I came in a couple months ago because of chronic headaches. I fell on my head at dance and had had a headache every day since September. I’ve been here for two months now and my headaches are completely gone. I haven’t had one since starting care here.



I’ve been coming to Chiropra...

I’ve been coming to Chiropractic First since September of last year. I was having some problems like aching hips, aching back, and when I would get my period, I would get terrible cramps, be bed ridden, and living on ibuprofen for days. After my first visit I got up in the morning and my hips and feet didn’t hurt and when my period came I didn’t have to take a single Advil. I was scheduled to have a total hysterectomy and needless to say I didn’t have to have that done, because I’ve now been ibuprofen free since September for cramps and back pain. It’s just been an amazing experience. Dr. Krueger is wonderful and recently I had a pain in my foot and my doctor told me I had plantar fasciitis and it would take three weeks to heal and to stay in bed. I wasn’t going to come to my chiropractor appointment that day, but I did. He tugged on my foot, and it hurt really bad, but by the end of the evening I was walking like nothing was wrong. Dr. Krueger is a miracle worker. He is a wonderful doctor, and I would recommend him to anyone.



I started care in May, I had s...

I started care in May, I had seizures just about all my life and they would come on by stress usually, stress and hormones, since I’ve started care I haven’t had any seizures, and now its October…It’s great!



Natural Health & Wellness

My husband and I have made a commitment to educate ourselves on the most current health information. Fortunately, we came across a Dr. Jamey Krueger who has absolutely blown us away with his knowledge and commitment to natural health. We have had numerous conversations with him about mapping out an overall Health and Wellness plan for our family. Thanks Dr. Jamey! ~ The Thonen's



Only One Who Helped

My son's nickname was the "walking infection" because he was on a different antibiotic every other month since he was born. He had to have his tonsils scrapped at 10 mo. then removed with his adinoids at 2yr. and also had tubes in his ears twice before he was 5. He was plagued by constant ear infections and sinus infections. My cousin had told me about Dr. Krueger at Chiropractic FIRST and I had thought about it once or twice but was extremely sceptical until the day I took my son to the pediatrician because I knew he had ANOTHER sinus infection. Only to find out at the appointment that he also had a double ear infection ontop of the sinus! I felt horrible and was desperate! On the way home I drove by Chiropractic FIRST and stopped in. When I told them what was going on they immediately fit us in and did a scan and xrays, I told him that we had a perscription for an antibiotic in the van and I was on my way to fill it. He said not to fill it and to come back in two hours after he could look and study the scans and xrays and he would adjust my son. We came back and he gave my son his first adjustment. We walked out the door and my son started coughing and coughed from 5pm till 8pm straight. He slept through the night without me having to wake up and give him cough and decongestant meds for a LONG time. The next day he had SO much more energy and felt great! I never did fill that perscription and my son has not had a single ear infection or sinus infection since!!!! My only regret is that I didn't take him here sooner, I'm sure that I would've spared my son from many infections, surgeries, and medicine that his little body didn't need.