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Whether you live here or just play here, you have to notice this city is growing at an alarming rate. Like all major cities personal and asset protection is quickly becoming the leading topic of concern. Our company is a proven force in the prevention of unfortunate incidents which could impact your life long after you experience the wonder and splendor of Las Vegas. If you are a local business owner and have experienced a recent burglary and or vandalism, our uniformed patrol division can aid in preventing this activity by creating a routine presence around your business and neighborhood. Using our Community Patrol Plan, we can meet your needs whether you are a large or small business owner. If you have experienced a "window-smash" or a "door-kick" it can be very traumatic and leave you wondering who to call. Our Burglary Response Team can respond, stand-by, and temporarily repair damages created by burglars until a more permanent solution can be arranged. We are the capital of new marriages and the unfortunate bad romances. If you find yourself in need of a solution, our team of private investigators can help solve confidential issues at an affordable rate. Our staff is not only trained to protect, we are also ambassadors of this magnificent city. We have entertained clients and family members of all ages introducing them to safe and memorable activities. We have an intimate knowledge of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and local nightlife.
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I want to thank the continuing...

I want to thank the continuing service of LVPS. They were chosen over a # of other companies for their proactive patrol and their standards they hold amongst their patrol officers which has kept their contract to be renewed year after year. Common issues we had in our community are now deterred to other areas due to LVPS presence, but when you have miles of streets and numerous community parks crime sometimes will still occur.

LVPS realizes you can't just chase the crime off for them to come back another day but they take action by investigating the situation, being aware and when warranted take the appropriate action and detain anyone involved in illegal activity to ensure they will not return. They have assisted in a number of arrests for illicit activities in our parks and have made or assisted METRO in identifying burglars who pray on our homeowners private properties. This is all done through keen observation of their surroundings at all times.

There is even the other side of community patrolling they do regularly and assisting of the homeowners. This includes anything from alerting a homeowner that they left their vehicle lights on to leaving their garage door open with valuables unsecured.

I would recommend them to anyone that has issues and their current security company is not doing the job or even if your community is quiet and you want to ensure it stays quiet.



I've had very recent and perso...

I've had very recent and personal experience regarding these guys, and I must say they are the WORST bunch of "security" people I have ever seen. They started here January 3rd, 2012, and have tried to come into our condo complex like an overly aggressive Gestapo force, harassing and stalking residents, threatening residents with imprisonment under false pretenses -one of their officers threatened a resident with imprisonment and tried to start a fight with him because a very small dog wasn't on a leash. Their so called "highly trained" personnel did not have the presence of mind to call 911 when a shooting incident occurred near our complex, and ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off-clueless as to what to do. One of their guards was also caught being a "peeping tom" earlier this week, spying on one of the residents here. They also walk around with tazers, etc., and ride around in cars painted to look like police cars. These guys are nothing more than a bunch of wanna be POSERS, that do nothing but walk around in their "gay" looking little paramilitary uniforms, causing trouble wherever they go. it was nice and quiet here before they came around, now there's nothing but trouble, and their personnel are the sole source of it! DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!! In the meantime, I am doing everything I can to get them fired from this complex, and will not rest until they are outta here!!

claimed iconBusiness Response03/29/2012

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. Fortunately, or unfortunately for you, your board feels differently about our services and calls us, "The best security company they have ever had."

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For a law enforcement officer ...

Reply to bosoxo4. For a Law Enforcement Officer you are VERY unprofessional.

Having interacted with some of the LVPS folks in my community; I can’t say anything bad about them. True, they are not the Police, but none of the LVPS Protective Service Officers I speak to have ever pretended they are.

Who cares where they get the cars from or how they paint and decal them? When any municipal agency sells a vehicle, there are potentially 100k miles of life still in it. It’s a smart move considering the company would spend significantly more on a Tacoma or Prius. Note the uniforms and vehicles do not have the word Police either. Maybe the word Security is not displayed anywhere because this company is making efforts to go above and beyond any other Security company's image. I think it works for them and they have a seriously professional look, which is important for detering criminals. Any business is about branding and LVPS has done it well.

Perhaps they ARE doing radar in YOUR community. Did you know it is perfectly legal for HOA Boards to have security conduct speed enforcement with a radar gun? An HOA can even levy health and safety violation fines based on it. Some communities I know of that legally do speed enforcement with a certified Doppler radar device are; Rhodes Ranch, Red Rock Country Club, Siena, Queensridge, Anthem and there are others.

We have had positive results in my community and it is because these folks patrol the community correctly. The way all security professionals should.

Great job LVPS!

claimed iconBusiness Response07/11/2011

Thank you, we appreciate your gratitude for our services. We work very hard as a team to provide the very best security services in the Las Vegas Valley.

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Great Service, Thumbs Up!

I live in a gated community in Henderson, "Castleridge Estates", Las Vegas Protective Services has been patrolling our community for some time now and these guys are great. This is the first company our board has hired that has maintained the same level of service they started with and I am very glad we have them.

claimed iconBusiness Response05/26/2011

Moses, we are very happy to be part of your community and we wish you and Castleridge Estates the very best.

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Thank you for the Great Service

Thank you to the great service you provide to our neighborhood. For anyone that thinks security is all the same I say not. We had a previous company that was never seen and never took proactive approaches to the issues. Now I hear about seeing them drive by regularly making a much larger presence.

LVPS Patrol Officers don’t just drive around but they interact with residents. Many residents often give them information on things to look out for and when warranted they will approach and interact appropriately to the situation. With these proactive approaches they have addressed several issues and deterred what was continuous and growing vandalism. I have seen them interact well with local Law Enforcement and many residents who are law enforcement have complimented the service.

claimed iconBusiness Response03/20/2011

Thank you for your review, it is the greatest compliment we can receive. Our goal is to make you feel safe in your home, I'm glad we're accomplishing that.

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LVPS or Las Vegas "protective" Services is a joke! Las Vegas Finest??? 0 Stars

Being a valley Law Enforcement Officer my self i have the pleasure of watching these guys in my neighborhood, driving around in Ford Crown Vics purchased from police auctions, with a paint scheme that is a cross between The Department of Homeland Security and The U.S. Marshals, its deceiving and border line police impersonation.DO NOT BE FOOLED these are not Police officers nor have they any police or arresting powers. I have even seen them hiding in between street entrances acting like they radaring speeders as drivers pass.....and to be clear no where on their uniform OR vehicles does it say the word "security" anywhere, in fact some of the kids have chevron's on their uniforms and have the audacity to call themselves a Sergeant! They hire washouts and wannabes most are people who have tried to be in real L.E. (many times) but cant get on any Dept. or agency (usually due to unfavrorable backgrounds) so they go here to LVPS where they can at least pretend to be Officers(Police) and their supervisors encourage this behavior of acting like they are law enforcement. The only power they really have is just the same as your neighborhood watch group, and can make citizen's arrest, just like any other civilian. So again do NOT be fooled or intimidated, THEY ARE SECURITY GAURDS nothing more-although some are allowed to carry firearms if they get their armed gaurd cards cert. from the state,and i believe a couple of the head guys are FORMER law enforcement but thats its.So just a word of caution to anyone who runs into these guys THEY ARE NOT POLICE. Plus they have no REAL academy training and again some are carrying firearms and other weaopns so be careful. These guys interfere and most times make our jobs more difficult and just get in our way and by the way they are in no way endorsed by any NV agency contrary to the pics on their site..... they are good for a laugh though! Anyway be safe out there folks.

Good Day,


claimed iconBusiness Response01/31/2011

Thank you for taking the time to review our services, however, the review seems to be less about us and more about your insecurities. If you are a Police Officer, I would be surprised. Our uniforms, badges, patches, and vehicles have been reviewed and approved by the State of Nevada Attorney General and the Sheriff of Clark County. We have been thanked often my members of the local LE community.

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A Step Above the Rest

I have had many problems in my neighborhood and have made repeated attempts to have our "security" company put a stop to it. But what can the guy really do having only pepper spray and a flashlight to "protect" us? I went online searching for a new company to present to my HOA and when I saw Las vegas Protective Services' video, I literally said out loud, "That's who i need protecting my neighborhhod!!" I showed it to my HOA and they agreed! Now that LVPS is patroling my neighborhood, i feel much safer! Thanks so much LVPS, for providing peace of mind!!

claimed iconBusiness Response10/23/2010

Thank you for your review and your recommendation to your HOA. We have been experiencing a steady increase in requests for our services as people like yourself find out about LVPS. I am confident we will meet your expectations and raise them.

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Local LEO highly recommends

I am a Police Officer here in the valley. I have dealt with officers from this company on a variety of calls, they are professional and well trained, this is not something I find very often. When I am asked by a citizen or business if I would recommend a security company I refer them to LVPS.

Keep up the great work guys, it is appreciated.

claimed iconBusiness Response09/20/2010

Thank you for your review. Our relationships with public safety is extremely important to us, thank you for all you do.

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Daniel L.


Doing Business

Las Vegas Protective Services or LVPS is an amazing company to do business with. very professional and very serious about personal security. I recommend them to anyone I do business with. I can't wait for them to expand out side of Nevada. Thanks John.

claimed iconBusiness Response03/21/2010

I'm glad we were able to assist you with your issue, and thank you for the referral.

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Spring Mtn Ranch

These guys are great! If you are looking for a new company to take over your associations patrols, these are the guys to call. I have seen them engage the children walking through our neighborhood, greet the residents, and enforce our rules in a very professional manner. I am not easily impressed, good job guys.

claimed iconBusiness Response01/31/2010

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Taking care of business

"John, I love having your security company taking care of business. I can personally recommend your company to anyone looking for consumate professionals to oversee a Las Vegas business, or doing personal protection for high profile clients."

-Dave Pappas, Las Vegas Entertainment Expert

claimed iconBusiness Response10/21/2009

Thank you sir, glad to help.

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All I can say is WOW!!

Las Vegas Protection Services just started at my condo and all I can say is WOW!!!! For the first few days we all thought metro was working the front gate. If you are looking for security come and check them out, but they won't let you in so you will have to look from the street.

claimed iconBusiness Response07/13/2009

Thank you for your review. Just to clarify, we do not wear any uniform similar to Metro. Our uniforms are LAPD blue for armed and Grey shirts for unarmed. I do recognize your intent was to cite our professionalism and we appreciate it. Thank you again, John

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Met you at the M opening

I am a cocktail waitress at the M Resort. We opened this weekend and Las Vegas Protective Services was there providing our security. I was very grateful for their help, I was running late due to traffic and they helped me find a parking spot and even stopped traffic so I could cross the street. These guys are great I actually thought it was the police at first, very professional. Thank you again!!

claimed iconBusiness Response03/07/2009

We are very happy to have been a part of the M Grand Opening. We wish you and your casino continued success.

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Professional on all levels

This company provides security after hours and on the weekends for the office building I work in. I am the assistant to one of the owners of the building, so I have dealt with them personally on several occasions. They send us reports about any suspicious activity they witness and how they dealt with it while on patrol. This shows me how serious they are about the security of our building, it's contents, and our employees. They are extremely professional and always very courteous in their interactions with our employees as well as our customers. I have also witnessed how they treat their employees and even new applicants, so I can honestly say that I am impressed on all levels. I feel truly grateful to have such great people working to keep us safe and I feel much better having them around. THANK YOU!

claimed iconBusiness Response03/01/2009

Thank you so much for your kind words. LVPS is very happy to provide the safety services for Shea at Tenaya Village, building relationships with you (our client) is our goal. If there is anything you need, please let us know.

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Thank you Las Vegas Protective Services

Las Vegas Protective Services called me one night to let me know they found my shred truck's door open while they were in the area checking an alarm. I went to my shop and they were still there standing by, nothing was wrong with my truck other than someone had gone through it. I offered the security guard a tip but he refused it.

Bottom line is I don't pay them for services but they looked out for my property anyway. I would recommend them to anyone who needs security. They have professionals working for them.

Trevor Stewart

Owner, ShredCo

claimed iconBusiness Response01/29/2009

Trevor/ShredCo, thank you for taking the time to comment on our services. Being former Police Officers we are in the habit of checking all areas during a call for service regardless of pay. I appreciate your referrals and wish you and ShredCo the best.

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Phone: (702) 506-5877

Address: 9550 S Eastern Ave Ste 253, Las Vegas, NV 89123


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