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Jewell R.


Don't buy and don't buy extra warranty all lies

After buying my sofa and love seat and the extended warranty ray both started to peel company and warranty didn't cover the leather peeling .what? Now my thay peel huge chunks of leather on into floor .my living room suite looks like it has mange.




August 13, 2013

NEVER ever purchase from this store. I ordered a sofa & loveseat set on May 24 2013 - it is now August 13.

I was told that it would be 4 to 6 weeks for this order to be delivered. It has been OVER 3 MONTHS.

I get excuse after excuse why it has been delayed. First it was the sofa fabric is back ordered, then it was "Gee, I don't know - I'll get back to you." run around. Or "Oh, this is they way Broyhill operates." So why does KWF offer furniture from Broyhill? Now it's we don't have the other fabric for the pillows - WHAT!?!?

Our next step is to file a fraud lawsuit against KWF with the District Attorney or get our money fully refunded.

This is not how a business should treat it's customers.

Know who you are dealing with and what their history with former customers has been.

It's doesn't need to be this hard to purchase furniture. Especially from a "SO CALLED" pillar of Knoxville business.

Do yourself a huge favor and buy your furniture anywhere else but KWF.



To start with Sales Lady and b...

To start with Sales Lady and building was awesome.(just wanted to add that in here) i bought a couch from this company, i wouldn't recommend these fools to anybody. i have owned this couch since 9/23/2011. the recliner mechanism broke by the end of 10/2011, so i called them and they sent out a guy (he was very unprofessional, wear a pair of sweat pants) finally came out about 2 weeks later. but the couch wasn't fixed til 03/2012. then the same mechanism broke again 8/27/2011 so i called again. now they say it has been abused, just to get out of warranty. they are a bunch of crooks. i hope this will help influence you to not make a bad decision like i did.



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Editorial review from Citysearch

Furniture was delivered in a timely manner, and everything was perfect and fir great as expected!



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Editorial review from Citysearch

LOVE LOVE LOVE coming here for my furniture needs! they have an amazing store with great furniture and friendly customer service! wouldnt catch me anywhere else!



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Editorial review from Citysearch

Very helpful sales associates and had answers to all of our questions. Very friendly and had exactly what we were looking for!



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I spent almost 2 years looking for just

I spent almost 2 years looking for just the right bedroom set and at the right price. I finally found what I was looking for at Knoxville Wholesale Furniture and bought it the same day. The delivery was timely and the men were very professional, they set everything up so I didn't have to do a thing. The furniture has gone beyond my expectations. The drawers are lined in velvet and cedar and everything looks absolutely beautiful. I'm still shocked at how much value I ended up with for the price I paid. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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This store has alot to choose from. The

This store has alot to choose from. The prices are somewhat expensive, but they also have some items at a great deal. I hear that the delivery options are not very good with this store.



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I wanted to get a new mattress for our

I wanted to get a new mattress for our bed; hubby not excited about going shopping. Only went to two stores; one of those bed shops and Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. I fell in love with their new Serta mattresses. My husband was a little more excited about shopping when he found out top of the line Serta comes with a 50"" Panasonic Plasma TV. Never owned a mattress that nice, but felt like heaven. Salesperson said another store locally was selling that same mattress set without a tv for more money. Took a few minutes and called that store from our cell phone; he told us the truth. We made the plunge and now sleep better than we have ever. Whole family excited about the new television.



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Just moved back to Knox from Cali into

Just moved back to Knox from Cali into mother-in-laws home. Downsizing from 2000 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. I had to think of how to get three kids into 2 small bedrooms. I searched, researched, and shopped at least 10 stores from Target, Big Lots, KMart, Walmart, Bed Store, specialty stores, etc. and Knoxville Wholesale Furniture had the best price on the quality we were looking for. NOT top quality, but the midrange. Not the cheap stuff you can sometimes buy at Big Lots. We wanted something reasonably priced, but that would last quite a few years. They had the best bunks at the price, but they didn't have them in stock. They only charged ONE delivery fee, brought us a loaner within 4 days and then came out when the new bed came in (like 2 weeks) and set up the new bed for the one price. I even had to reschedule the first time and they were very nice about it. You should shop around. Not everyone is looking for the same thing. Do take measurements in your house before you go to make sure what too little or too big is going to be in your rooms. Be smart and know what you are looking for before you buy.



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Terrific Service!

Knoxville Wholesale Furniture has a great selection of furniture and their service is terrific! I bought a really nice oak bedroom set here for a really good price!





We bought our bedroom sutie, living room set and coffee and end tables from there in august 2011 and purchased the insurance to go along with it.. The delivery came as promised but the delivery guy did the sloppiest job putting the bed from and metal support together; he scratched the foot frame and the bed rail came cracked. Reported the defect with the bed rail right away and have been waitng ever since and nothing yet. Jumping from one manager to another, and each one pointing fingers at the others and the ware house and then finally one manager informs me that the kingsize of that bedframe is dicontinued??????? OK is that my problem; this was their answer in around feb 2012 (after waiting and calling for about 6 months and store visits), we informed you of this since aug 2011.

so after many rude and useless phone calls and store visits....we were asked to bend with them so they can deliver the right part supposedly because they didn't do late deliveries after 4 to my area???? people have to work!!! and not after we waited 8 months you are telling us that we have to change our work schedule for you...hellloooooo. so after my husband exchanged a few words with them, they called and promised a saturday delivery and not to our surprise they deiver the wrong bed rail..( how hard can it the right part number to match the right bed number?????)))))))

so finally we are over this.......just livid......i don't want my bedroom suite anymore......and they just don't do that they said...u can't return the furniture yet they can screw around with your time, nerves and they're promising the right rails to come in maybe in 27 days to their store and then we have to wait for them to deliver it to us....yeah right...i won't hold my breath on that one.......and guess it's the turn of the coffee table that's falling apart..and nothing done yet....come on.....these managers need to be retrained on what customer service actually is....

i will never purchase anything from them again....and i advise everyone else to do the same...don't fall into the trap of their great prices and financing options....



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Did as promised. Pleased with service and product

We were helped by a great gent...

We were helped by a great gentleman, and I know our order was not his fault however I am really dissatisfied by Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. We wanted to purchase a couch and a bed. We went ahead and paid cash for our bed and financed the sectional. We waited a week for it to be delivered and boy were we in for a surprise. The bed had several deep scratches in the foot board and was dusty like it had been sitting in a warehouse with no protection since Reagan was in the White House. So the delivery guys said they would write it up and came in with a Sharpie Marker to color in the deep scratches black. The Ottoman that goes with our Leather Sectional did not sit on the floor right it was completed lop-sided. The delivery guy tried everything to fix it, then said this isn't built right and is a manufacturing issue and that he would write that up too. So we tipped him, he gave us a copy of the paper work with the discrepancies on it and said they would call us. So we waited and did not hear anything, so we called them instead. They said, we don't get our paperwork till Monday then someone will contact you. Well the guy contacted us while we were at work and said he will be out until Thursday and that he would contact us again then. Still no call on Thursday by the way. So my boyfriend called Friday, they said, get this now, wait for it, wait for it, a TECHNICIAN needs to come out to evaluate the damage before they can replace our furniture! And it will be when they can get to us. How absolutely RIDICULOUS, a technician to verify that our stuff is destroyed as the delivery guys already wrote that it is destroyed? Well the Technician called us today, Saturday, saying that he will be in the area on Tuesday between come here, we work for a living, who the hell do they think is at home during this time of day, we are not in BEVERLY HILLS get real. And of course, this guy left a voicemail, and we tried calling him several times and no answer. But basically, we have to wait for this, then for it to be reordered and then delivered again, but I almost feel like this is not going to happen. When you hear people said you get what you paid for, that is the truth till the end my dear. So the next time you see that happy little couple on that commercial for Knoxville Wholesale Furniture don't be fooled, because we were a happy couple walking in the store like them, but I sure as hell am not smiling now!



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My mom purchased a mattress from KWF in NOVEMBER. It's now MARCH and she hasn't seen anything. No one would return her calls so I started calling several months ago. I have been speaking with the manager, Joe. He gave a great song and dance at first about how he was going to get this taken care of and he was sorry for our bad experience. He then proceeded to be like everyone else and forget to call me back. He said the first one could not be located and they ordered another one. Then, he said they hadn't ordered a new one. Who knows what's going on - but they won't give her a refund and no one calls me back either. They are, however, full of excuses for why they didn't call me back. Now they are saying they no longer carry the line she ordered. Really?! FIVE months for NOTHING! She is supposed to go and see if there is anything else she wants instead but KWF does NOT care about their customers or customer service once they have your money. This has been a HORRIBLE experience! I would say RUN AWAY from this business!



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Customer Service is horrible from delivery to salespeople

We JUST got our furniture, so I can't say a whole lot yet about the quality of the furniture, but I can say that the overall customer service is terrible. We purchased two couches that should have fit, but the delivery people couldn't get them in the house... Even though we already had bigger couches in the same spot. In addition, we ended up with huge gouges on our walls, with some being 3 feet long. Awesome. Their service manager said that someone would be sent out to fix our walls... and I STILL have gouges in my walls more than a week later. In the end, the returned the couches and we picked something else. They ran my card for a refund, yet after a week, still no actual refund. Even when the delivery people got to our house the second time, it was literally 5-6 hours after they were supposed to be there. Didn't even bother calling until they were already late to say that ""there was a problem with the truck."" Not just that, but the delivery people were more interested in staring at my (turned off) TV than getting the furniture in the room or working quickly. While all the shenanigans were going on the SECOND delivery day, the salesperson called back to ""see how we liked the couches,"" that we not only returned, but also the ones that we hadn't gotten because the delivery people couldn't get their stuff together.
We went with Knoxville Wholesale furniture originally because we didn't want to spend the money to get high end Lazboy furniture, or the wait time associated with having your furniture personally built. Next time, we will go with Lazboy as their service and quality are impeccable. Not only that, but the money that I am going to have to spend fixing the gouges and the paint could have been spent on higher quality furniture instead of my walls.

Dana I


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Lesson learned, never again!!!

In November of 2011 I purchased 2 living room suites from Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. They were set to be delivered on a Friday between 3 and 6pm. They were finally delivered at 10pm on Friday night. During the delivery process the truck drove through my front yard and made a huge mess, which was not discovered until the next day due to the delivery people not saying anything about it. The next day I called the business to talk to them about this and was told they would fix it. It is now 2 months later and still nothing has been done. I am furious that they would find this acceptable. Along with the yard they also did not deliver the 9 decorative pillows that came with one of my living room suites. I had to pick them up at the Callahan store and as I was leaving the three salesman standing at the front door laughed at me and my teenage daughter after we passed by. Not very professional especially to have 3 men laugh and stare as you walk by. I will never make another purchase from these stores again. Maybe $2500 isn't alot of money to them but it is to me and I will be spending my money elsewhere.



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Deplorable, Treated me like garbage

I went to KWF and got turned down for finanacing due to my husband filing bankruptcy years ago. Well we were there at 5:15 and were rushed out the door when they were closing. We told them if we got turned down we still wanted to purchase the sofa and a chair. Well they called us to deny us financing then we told them that we would be there to pick up the items and pay cash they replied ""all ready sold it"". THOSE BASTARDS!! Went to Value City better quality, service, and financing options. They got us financed and we both have good credit, Screw them



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Terrible Service

I bought a sofa set from the Knoxville Wholesale of Papermill. Before I had the furniture paid off the sofa broke. I have tried and tried for 8 months to get the sofa fixed. I have heard over and over again that they would have someone come out and fix it. I even called the General Manager Dave Tom he also insured me that someone would come out and fix the sofa. Still waiting still no has ever come to fix the sofa. The quality of furniture they sell is very poor.



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Finally, after 15 weeks

My husband and I bought our furniture from the one on Callahan in January 2011. In May we noticed the cushions were beginning to seperate inside. In June, we noticed it kept getting worse. We could hardly sit on the cushions without sinking to the bottom of the sofa. So we called the warranty company and they sent someone. The man came to our home within 48 hrs. He told us he would have the new cushions ordered and sent to us within 4-6 weeks. Well 4 weeks passed and we didn't recieve them, I called the callahan store just to make sure they were ordered.They said it didn't look like they were ordered and they would order the new ones for me. My husband and I waited for about another 4 weeks we received what we thought were our cushions. I opened them to put them on the couch and they were wrong! Not even the correct brand or fabric. I called back to the store and they said they would do some research and get back with me. I let 2 weeks pass before I called them back. I asked them what they found out about my cushions and they said they ordered the wrong ones. They said they didn't check with me on how to spell my name and pulled up the wrong account and ordered from there. They said they would order the correct ones and it should take about 2-4 weeks for the new ones to come in. I let 3 weeks pass before I called back. When I called back they told me the cushions had only been ordered 1 week ago. I asked why it took so long for the cushions to be ordered the manager told me ""it must have been set aside"".I told him I no longer want the furniture and they could come pick it up and I wanted a FULL refund. He told me he couldn't do any of that. I told him I wanted to speak to someone else. He gave me another managers name at a different store. I called and spoke to this manager he said he would personally see that my cushions are ordered and shipped directly to me. 2 weeks later,I get a small box.It's not cushions, but covers for my cushions which I do not have yet! I called back and told them I received covers but not cushions. He told me sometimes they ship seperatly just to wait it might be another 2 weeks. I waited those 2 weeks and called back. They now see where my cushions are on BACK ORDER! It has now been 15 weeks and I still don't have any cushions for my couch! I spoke to the upper manager this morning hoping we would have a resolution. When I spoke to this so-called ""upper"" it was like he didnt remember talking to me, He told me he would take my name and number and have the correct manager call me. Finally, I was able to speak to this manager. He told me I could come pick up my new sofa on Wednesday, I told him it would be a lot eaiser if they could just come pick up the one i have and drop of the new one. He told me that was fine but I wasn't
""entitled"" to a free shipping so there would be a pick up fee and a delievery fee. I told him I would not be paying that fee. He told me because when I first purchased my furniture I didn't pay for deliever, I told him it was because we picked up the furniture to save some money. He told me only those who originally paid for delivery would get it for free. I told him my husband would bring the messed up couch and wrong cushions, and covers and pick up the good one. He said that would be just fine. When I asked who I could talk to about this matter because I just wanted to voice my concern because it's been since June and it's now October when this is finally get resolved. He told me there was no one else to talk to. I told him there has to be someone other than him and the other manager. He told me the other manager was it. He said the owners are over him and they won't speak to me. I told him i just wanted to speak to someone about this matter, because I felt like it needed to be known, he told me and I quote, "" once you get your new sofa, this matter is over."" I have been waiting on new cushions for 15 weeks and finally getting a new sofa!


Phone: (865) 212-4050

Address: 6700 Papermill Dr, Knoxville, TN 37919

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