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Little Lambs Learning Academy
Cliff B. rated

I have had babies at Little Lambs Learning Academy for the last four years. In those four years, and between my two children, we have been from the infant room through the Kinder class. My children come home clean, eager to share what they learn and happy. They are excited to go to school in the mornings.LLLA does an incredible job of instilling a Christian foundation - Chapel on Fridays, memory verses, ten commandments, etc. My oldest went to LLLA for his PK4 year, and graduated (moving into Kinder) reading on a first grade level and I attribute his love for learning on LLLA.While their prices may average a bit higher than the next facility when you factor in the every day expenses of uniforms, community snacks, curriculum, you are absolutely getting exactly what you pay for - if not so much more.I love LLLA and would recommend them to ANYONE.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Telma D. rated

I have an 8 month old infant and the infant room at Creative Child #2 on Clear Creek has been where my infant has been since 6 weeks. The staff is very professional, friendly and open to my family. I would recommend this center to anyone that asked.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Eloi S. rated

My 3 year old son has been there for a year and my 6 weeks old daughter will be attending soon.The staff is amazing . My sons teacher is very kind and loving , She has a special way of teaching the kids to there level so there understand and I receive lots of Art work. My son love the food and the place is very clean. The Staff in the front is very friendly and always helping hand.I recommend this school anyone!

Creative Child Learning Academy
Marlan Z. rated

We just recently PCS here (9 months) and daycare on post was full. I chose a daycare for my children and it left a bad taste in my mouth. 2 days later I walked into CCLA #2 and my children's eyes lit up and they have loved it ever since!! My son is 3 and his teachers have been truly amazing from taking their time with him to teaching him. My daughter is in the after school class and she really loves it! The staff you couldn't ask for better they don't only watch our children when we are not around they take care of them so we can leave in peace knowing they are fine. After having a horrible experience at one daycare here I can truly recommend CCLA #2 to anyone!!!

Creative Child Learning Academy
Paulo K. rated

Great daycare and very friendly. I couldn't have chosen a better place for my children to go during the day and after school. The staff is awesome and customer friendly and they take good care of my little ones. Check this daycare out and you won't be disappointed.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Daniel H. rated

I agree with lily42. I really wanted to like this day care, but I was wrong. They have way too many children to take care of for the amount of staff they have. And they hire very few good staff members. My wife walked in there one day and found an aid screaming at our 16 month old daughter and another toddler in her class. They were in the corner, crying. I've never seen anyone treat toddlers like that. Anytime I saw the staff mistreat a child, they looked at me with the "dear in the headlights" look. I'm assuming it's because they didn't know I was there. Twice I walked in and found staff snatching children by their limbs. One of the times, a staff member grabbed a 15 month old girl by her arm and yank her to the ground. When I confronted the management about it, the german woman up front told me that "it looks worse on camera." I told her that I saw it in real life, but her response was that the 15 month old needs that kind of behavior. I was disgusted that a day care would tell a parent that some children need to be man-handled. I told the german woman that the girl's parents would probably not be happy with the treatment of their child, at which time she told me that they're not going to find out because she won't give us the names of her parents. She also refused to let us see the surveillance video.I then told the manager that I'm seeing a lot of negative behavior of staff similar to what I've been reading in on-line reviews. She told me that we need to be careful what we read on-line because the people that post bad reviews are parents who don't pay their child care on-time. I told her that was ridiculous because I'm seeing the same things in person that I read on-line. She refused to listen to me.Another problem that my wife and I both noticed is that we never saw anyone cleaning the tables or toys with any disinfectants. Our daughter would come home sick on a regular basis. Now that we have her in another daycare that actually disinfects, she is rarely sick. Our daughter would cry every morning when we dropped her off and beg us to take her out the minute she saw us every evening. She has never acted like that in her new day care. I believe there's more abuse going on than what we are seeing. I would highly recommend that you do not send your child to this day care. If you do, go in a odd times that aren't typical pickup. The staff members know when to behave themselves. The abuse I saw occurred when they weren't expecting me and my wife to be there, usually between noon and 2pm. Please check it out for yourself.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Ken I. rated

I love Creative Child on Clear Creek. I have had some bad experiences with childcare in the past and was leery of putting my baby anywhere. I was greeted at the front with kind professional service, given a tour of the facility, and then I signed up the same day. My baby has been in the 18-24 month room and just moved up to the two year old room. I have nothing but good things to say about the care that she has received and would not take her anywhere else. They have curriculum and learning even for the little ones and do not just sit and watch the children they teach them. This is most definitely not a DAYCARE but it is a school even for the babies.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Jame B. rated

I have three children that have attended Creative Child and I have been very happy with the school. The teachers and staff are all very professional. My children are well cared for and love going to school during the day. There have been several days where my baby was having an off day and cried at drop-off. The teacher talked to her and reassured her making her feel better very quickly. She was not crying when I left and this made me feel much better about leaving her. I would not take them anywhere else.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Lovely L. rated

Don't enroll your child here. Not a real private school. My child was almost four years old and they had him in the two year old room because he would have accidents from them not taking him to the potty (which the staff admitted that it was their fault). "We were outside playing or in between classrooms. It wasn't your child's fault that he had an accident." My three year old started biting because he was in a room with two year olds and the director would not let him advance to the three year old room because the teacher could not get my child to the potty. Unacceptable! One day the teacher said that everyone had an accident. I knew it was time to go. When I put in my two weeks notice, the assistant director had the audacity to ask me if they put him in the three year old room would we consider staying. $$$. My child is at a new daycare and has no accidents. My child would cry when I mentioned school or if he saw the center. He would fight us to not take him in. Run.

Creative Child Learning Academy
Kazia C. rated

This place is a scam. They charge you for a registration fee because their fake school year starts on Aug. 1. If you say, I'm not paying because my kid won't be there for the school year they tell you that your kid can't come back after you've already paid for a full week's tuition. The regular school year doesn't begin until mid to late August. So there is a three week overlap of summer daycare and the REAL school year that allows them to take money from families that the families won't use. It's utterly ridiculous. Every other daycare we've been in charged supplies fees on Sept. 1. If that's not enough, they use the same curriculum in their K4 classes as KISD. Why would anyone with any sense pay $130 a week for a public school education at a place that is trying to bill itself as a private school? Go to a private school and pay less money for an actual private school education. My daughter didn't benefit academically either. Do NOT waste yours or your kid's time with these jagoffs.