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Helpful Reviews 
U.S. Bank
Nancy V. rated

Poor customer service, I've left messages for Justine numerous time and she has yet to return my call. I need to rollover an IRA and only have 10 days per the bank before they will "automatically" reinvest it for me. Every time I have dealt with this bank it has been an issue, as they very difficult processes that none of the rest of the banks I deal with have. Can't wait to move my money!!

Arvest Bank
Hayley B. rated

My business checking account is free! The employees are very accommodating and experienced. Overall this bank has the lowest fees around. I'm moving my personal accounts over here.

U.S. Bank
David S. rated

Mr. Darr provides No communication on required documentation. No communication on status of the loan process. By the time he does return your calls and emails, it's too late and you have to start the process all over again. Then treats you like it's your fault for not knowing. C'mon !! I expect a higher level of professionalism from US Bank!!!

Commerce Bank
Jerry B. rated

Not helpful, not courteous, I felt like they would rather I will go somewhere else. I moved here from Springfield Missouri and it was always a good experience in Springfield Missouri

Dickinson Financial Corporation
krankenheim rated

The websites for these banks are HORRIBLE. They only seem to be up during business hours. I need to get into my checking account now, and as usual, the website is down. It's been nothing but problem after problem from Academy Bank, one of their banks. This bank can go to hell. It took a YEAR for them to send me a debit card for my 2nd checking account, but I dealt with that because I could always go on the website and transfer funds from one account to the next - a work around of sorts. Now, it's been months since the website has properly worked. They keep "working" on it, but it's never worked properly - IF AT ALL. Don't do business with them, they're terrible.

UMB Bank
joe.mcnerney.9 rated
The manager, Ryan, and all the...

The manager, Ryan, and all the folks behind the desk are so pleasent to work with. Service comes with a smile.UMB GREAT

U.S. Bank
karissa.k.7 rated
This is one of the worst banks...

This is one of the worst banks out there! I think their monthly maintenance fees are ridiculous. I joined this bank about 3 weeks ago and last Friday was the first time I made a deposit. I deposited my PAYROLL paycheck because my direct deposit will take a bit to kick in since it's new. I deposited it on a Saturday since the branch nearest to me was open. It's now 6 days later and my paycheck is still on hold!!!! I called their customer service on Tuesday because I can understand at least 1 biz day hold and they tell me that all deposits (except for direct deposit) are held for 5 biz days for new customers within the first 30 days. I was annoyed because I have bills to pay and now I'm late on them. He told me my money would be available today. First thing this morning, I see it's still not available. I call customer service and surprise, surprise, their systems are updating so they want me to call back. At this point I'm very angry. I call back 2 hours later and the rep informs me that if I can have the branch that made the deposit call customer service and verify it cleared, they can push it through and give me my money. I call the branch and they of course tell me they can't do it and that it actually takes 5-7 biz days so I'll have my money either tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow will be a week. I get paid again in another week. I'm done with this bank and I'm not putting another dollar in that account. They're screwing with my bills and my money and I don't feel that anyone should have to deal with that. Buh-bye US Bank!

UMB Bank
bpub1_1 rated
Can you explain to me how it i...

Can you explain to me how it is that you don't have a mobile app for Android smartphones, when they account for 52% of the smartphone market in the US? You have an iPhone app and Apple only has 33% of the market share. Even the small local Credit Union that we have an account with has this. Just another reason to leave UMB for good....

UMB Bank
gracepotter rated
I have been a satisfied custom...

I have been a satisfied customer with UMB Bank for 7 years. And I have to say this....I will NEVER go to this branch again. SHERRY GOUCH is the absolute worst bank employee I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I recognized her while I was waiting in line (there was no one in front of me, she was running off copies for 10 minutes while I sat and waited) to speak to a personal banker about some activity on my checking account. I had been to the branch previously and had less than satisfying results from her in the past. I understand that to an older woman, dealing with students covered in tattoos might be unsettling. But this woman began talking to me like I was her disobedient red headed step child the minute I sat down. When I began to explain my problem to her (a check of mine had bounced a few months back, but it did not show up on my statements), she interrupted me to ask if I was signed up for online banking. I told her no, so she then put me on hold with an online rep for another ten minutes. While on hold I attempted to explain my problem to her again, and she claimed she was not able to pull up a record of my checks or statements prior to the past 60 days, that I could only do this through online banking. So I waited on hold. When the rep came back, I explained to him the urgency of my issue. He said he could call me back within 1 to 2 business days due to a "strange hold" on my online signup. I told him I would hold while he fixed the problem, because my issue was urgent and I needed the records of the check that had supposedly bounced. He then asked to be transferred back to SHERRY GOUCH, who then disconnected the call after listening to me beg the customer service rep to stay on the line with me. She then produced a pile of paperwork, explaining to me that this paperwork proved I had never bounced a check, because I had never written the rent check in the first place. I explained this was impossible, at which time she scoffed and began berating me in front of the bank branch, telling me to be quiet and listen to her. She then stopped, went back to her computer, and produced a second pile of paperwork, claiming that THIS pile proved that I DID bounce the check. When I told her I was confused by her actions, she began rolling her eyes at me! She then began to loudly read off my checking account transactions for that month, specifically a $200 keg purchase from a liquor store (for a fundraiser, I might add), any purchases from bars, and lastly "Well, and you know, that $300 purchase from the TATTOO SHOP". At this point I was angry. I came to this branch to rectify an issue (an issue, which later I found out, was caused by improper routing between my home branch in STL and the branch in Kansas City) with my bank account, not to be publicly berated for my lifestyle and talked down to by this stranger. I am a 25 year old student and full time employee, not to mention a loyal customer. I might be covered in tattoos, but that does not give this woman the right to talk to me like a dog for 30 minutes in the middle of my bank branch.This is not the first time I have had issues with this woman. I will never go back to this branch again, and as far as I am concerned, this woman does not deserve to have any job in customer service.

UMB Bank
deniseymead rated
Terrible Commercial teller ser...

Terrible Commercial teller service. The service is very slow and I usually end up wasting my lunch break waiting in lines with only 1 person ahead of me.