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Professional Veterinary Services.

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Here at Animal Hospital of Onslow County, we treat each of our animal patients with tender care and compassion. Jacksonville veterinarians, Dr. Dave Altman and Dr. Craig Corry, along with our team of skilled animal hospital professionals, know that the main attribute that sets us apart from others in our area is our commitment to quality service and gentle touch. Thus, we strive to make sure each and every pet owner and patient knows how thankful we are for their choosing of our veterinary clinic. We understand that folks may not care how much we know about veterinary medicine until they know how much we care about them and their animal family members. We know that, for many folks, treatment of their animal family member can be quite a stressful experience. At Animal Hospital of Onslow County, quality treatment and care of our patients is our first priority. We also understand that many veterinary techniques change over time and know just how important continuing education of our staff actually is. We currently have several knowledgeable and experienced staff members here, allowing us to offer internal medicine diagnosis;urine analysis for diseases involving the kidney or liver;dermatology services;treatment for ear problems and orthopedic surgery. Both Dr. Dave Altman and Dr. Craig Corry are dedicated to veterinary medicine and have the skill and experience to provide advanced care. To put that in much simpler terms, we can handle just about any ailment our animal patients come in our doors with. Call us to book an appointment today!
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Samantha M.



The entire staff was amazing! We are new to the area and I called many vets in the area and the girls at the desk were the sweetest. We took our female dane to be spayed and they were great with her. She got sick after the surgery and I rushed her back and they got her right in and spent a lot of time with us. They ran every test possible to make sure everything was functioning the way it should, I couldn't have asked for better care.

Kim F.



Horrible place! Dr. Ianni misdiagnosed where the break was in our puppy's leg. Set the wrong area. Made fun of him for crying. Sent us home. We were waiting for them the next morning to open. Still made fun of him even though he was in excruciating pain. Ignored the fact that he had internal issues because of the break. Our puppy ended up in Wilmington Pet Hospital for over a week. I called to speak with her and she denied everything and even lied to me. Highly unprofessional!! They do not even warrant 1 star!!

Becky P.



If you like your pet even a little, find somewhere else to go! This is a heartless, money hungry practice! They will tell use your emotions against you to get your money, then treat you & your pet like garbage. I learned the hard way. Please don't be like me.

Amanda D.



My experience has been GREAT!!! The staff is beyond words, they are wonderful. Back in Aug , is when I first started taking Bailey Mae in for check-ups. Bailey also has heavy \ allergies and anxiety . There has been several time where I have had to take he in and have her looked at. The staff answered all the questions I asked and also added to it. They have went out of there way to make sure I know what the treatment plan is , and weather or not to do this or that if something occurs. All I can say is that they are AMAZING!!!!




My experience was good. I did notice the fact that they were a little rough with my 3 month old puppy. But my apt was at 930 I got there at 915 and before I even talked to the lady at the front the vet walked out and asked who he was seeing and why. I explained my past visit with animal academy and how they told me my dog was healthy but they would put her on meds yo ease my mind (for breathing problems, runny nose,eye drainage, and swollen shut eyes) after the meds didn't work I brought her to the animal hospital. The vet (in the waiting room) told me it seemed like allergies if the meds didn't help and he didn't want to take my dog to the exam room and charge me for a visit when benadryll could cure her. He told me to put her on the scale and yell him how much she weighed. I did and he told me the dose to give her. I think they were good like I said but I did get a bad vibe when he was trying to look at her eye and she was bouncing all around like an excited puppy and he shook her head and yelled at her. That kind of ribbed me the wrong way. I will take my pets there again because he could of charged me an arm and a leg but didn't charge me a dime. So its obvious they are not just in it for the money but I won't tolerate mistreating my pet for free or if I pay an arm and leg.




I think this place is absolutely heartless. My pet was literally dying (ended up passing later on in the night) and I had to basically beg for help, because everyone was on their lunch break. They acted hesitant to call the Doctor in, meanwhile my dog's temperature is on the rise way above normal range. I was a bit hysterical due to the fact that my dog's mouth was purple and foaming and his body was lifeless. It seemed as if it wasn't worth it to the doctor to come in right away, because my dog was already a goner. Once he got there, I don't feel like they did everything they could have to keep my dog alive. My dog seemed to be in a more stable condition and I left to pick up my spouse. When I returned my dog was in a kennel shivering and struggling to breath as the vet tech is in the same room cleaning up. I realize that there is still a business to run, but I cannot understand how you can be in the same room listening to a dog suffer and not offer some TLC to him. I couldn't take seeing him like that and a tranquilizer was administered to him. I really wanted to bring him home with us, but the doctor advised against it and thought it would be better if he stayed at the facility alone until he came back at 8:30 pm to check on him. My biggest regret is leaving him there, because my dog ended up dying alone in the kennel. When we were notified at 8:30pm that Titan did not make it, we weren't offered to come in and say our goodbyes. It was as if this whole situation was a big inconvenience. The facility opens at 9:00 am and by 9:05 am I received a message stating that Titan needs to go and that he is a very big dog that they don't have room for. Once again, I realize there is a business to run, but there is not a sympathetic bone in any of the staff there. They were also sure to charge me for my dead dog staying over night. Bottom line...The heartless staff and doctors at this facility are not equipped to handle anything but your typical check ups. If only I could go back....




At first they were all quite nice. I was happy with Dr. Corry. I had adopted a dog from the local shelter and took him straight to this vet for a check up. He was initially vomiting (vomited in the car on my way there). The dr was very nice about it, and having worked in the vet field I knew a stomach virus or something minor could be causing it, so I took the meds he gave me to give him and got some HWP and took my new family member home. Days past and he continued to vomit; not just once per day but upwards of 5 or so times per day. I take him back to the vet. They changed the meds, and even gave me injections to give him at home to control his nausea. They suggested bloodwork, which I gladly did (if it would give me an answer I was willing to do it). Still no change. I adjusted this dog's food, no treats, continued to give meds and nothing ever changed. I think in a 3 week span I was at the vet office maybe 7 times, spending probably $700 or more dollars on treatments. On my second to last visit there I was told that it was possible he could have something more serious, but the only way to know would be to do an exploratory, and if it was what they thought the surgery and the procedure to fix it probably would not alleviate the entire problem.. basically my dog would vomit massive amounts multiple times per day for the rest of his life. I took him home, knowing my options and also knowing that neither me or my husband were made of money and with the money we already had put into him another $600 or more to probably not fix the problem was a lot for us. We knew he did not have the quality of life that he deserved.. he was losing weight, couldn't hardly keep food down, was very lethargic and dehydrated half the time, so we made the decision we thought was the best option for him and us. When I went in to put him down, I was balling. The staff at the front desk were amazing, very compassionate. The technicians were also very compassionate and understanding and that made it slightly less difficult for me. Until Dr. Corry came into the room. He was just plain rude. He spoke to me in this demeaning tone, basically saying that I could do the surgery and if I didn't do the surgery then I was a bad owner. He made me feel like I was about a foot tall, telling me it wasn't the right decision. So I had a bad taste in my mouth from his attitude from the start. When he went to give the injection, I was petting my dog on the head trying to comfort him as much as possible, and Dr. Corry is fishing around in his arm to the point where my dog screams in pain and then proceeds to projectile vomit right next to me.

Had I not had that last experience of having to put my pet down I would have most definitely rec this vet. But NO vet should EVER make an owner feel bad for having to make a decision they have to make when it comes to this. I have worked as a vet assistant for over 8 years, and even if the vet's I worked for disagreed with an owner and thought whatever the ailment that animal had was treatable, I have in those 8 years NEVER seen a vet be as rude to me as this man was. It was unacceptable behavior in my eyes. And I have never stepped foot back in this clinic since. I tell everyone I know about my experience with this man and how he is, in my opinion, not a compassionate man. You cannot make someone feel like dirt and expect them to be pleased with your service. Disgusting..



first experience

Our 15 year old chihuahua had to be put down,and we were very pleased with the care. We actually saw compassion from a vet.



Your not talking about the Animal Hospital

Your talking about the Emergency Vets office. Which is down the street from Animal Hospital of Onslow County. They are not even open passed 0530pm. Only the Emergency Vet is open that late. I have been taking my pets there for many years and they have the best prices in town and by far the best Vets in Jacksonville. The very honest and friendly. They actually care about what happens to your pet.



So far so good

Just based on a phone call, I can say this place had the kindest and most helpful representative of all the clinics I've called. They also offer a multiple pet discount per visit which is great because I have 5!



I inadvertantly used large dog...

I inadvertantly used large dog flea medication on my torti persian. Hony-Girl My friend of 6 years. We found her in the living room bleeding from her mouth and convulsing, so we rushed her to the only 24 hour vet in Jacksonville. We were told that they could probably save her if we had 300.00 to 400.00 in cash right then. We didn't. They wanted a credit card...we were at our limit. I begged them to help her...I told them I would sell my jewelry to have them save her life. Instead we were told to leave. I asked what I could do for Honey-girl...the nurse told me to dig a hole in my back yard. What kind of treatment is this? Once they started treating her...we COULD HAVE gotten the money...but at 10:30 at night, we were hopeless.

This 24 hour animal hospital on DRs. Drive should be shut down. They are inhumane!!!



Best Jax Vet!

We used Dr. Altman's services between Nov 95- Feb 00 and May 03- present day. We transferred to Virginia Beach Feb 07, but I continue to drive the 3.5hrs to take my dog to Dr. Altman. He's very pleasant, his staff is pleasant, Dr. Altman listens to your concerns, he explains things well, he takes his time during your appt... You can tell he cares about your pet's well-being. He's been in the Jacksonville area for a long time. The listing on Lejeune Blvd is his old office. He is now in the Doctors Dr office right behind the mall theater. His practice is worth checking out!

--Guinevere Wahle, spouse of US Marine


Phone: (910) 939-3808

Address: 296 Doctors Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28546