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Angelica L.



I'm not going to rant on about details because at this point, my wedding has passed and there would be no point to write about the amount of phone calls, stress and disappointment this shop caused. But, I would want to know as a new bride and a first time customer what a horrible experience I had here so I'll just give you a quick run down of facts..

I ordered the Cora Watters dress.
The shop ordered the wrong colored mesh several times and the first time the owner tried to tell me the sample dress (color I wanted) looked "almost the same" as the dress I had.
Owner tried to "fix it" by replacing all of the mesh but in the end told me I was costing her money and blamed me for 'ordering the wrong color" in the first place.
Because of all of this I got my dress from the shop less than 3 weeks from the wedding without having any fittings yet.
All of my fittings took place in the last 3 weeks before the wedding and I ended up just searching for a seamstress myself because I had lost all trust.

This was the the most stressful part of my wedding process. I only write this post because I hope that brides don't go through the same hassle. I'm sure there have been a lot of good experiences here but if you have any dress issues arise along the way, don't expect the owner to be of much help.



worst shopping experience ever!!!

I will never shop at Nancy's bridal again. Owner called bride and myself liars and yelled at us numerous times about how she is not in business to make us happy. Employee did not inform us on how plus size dress request would be handled. Told us we should have asked questions...I'm not sure when its the customers duty to ask questions on what should be explained. Owner offered no solution other to pay more to get dress fixed. She was so insincere and unprofessional during entire visit. I have never been yelled out at an establishment ever. Will never shop there again!!! Super rude!!!



Nancy's has the nicest and mos...

Nancy's has the nicest and most knowladgable staff out of all the places I went. I dressed myself and my whole bridal party here and everything was a dream.



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Rude and very lacking in customer service!!!

I purchased my wedding dress, 7 bridesmaid dresses, and 2 flower girl dresses from Nancy's Bridal this year. The girl (Jessica) who helped me back in March when I was trying on wedding dresses was very nice! If everyone that worked at Nancy's was like Jessica, they would get 5 stars...but they aren't! When my mom went in with my flower girls to order their dresses, the cold shoulder began. They were completely ignored, most likely because the commission off a flower girl dress isn't as much as the bridal gowns. Then when I tried to make an appointment for my sister and mom to come in for my final fitting and learn how to tie up my dress for the wedding day, they(Barb) were refusing to let me come in on a Saturday. I told them that was the only day we had off work together and they still refused to help me on a Saturday, even though she said it would only take 10-15 minutes. My mom had to call and talk to Nancy, who was completely RUDE to her, lecturing us about coming in on a Saturday. Nancy finally said we could come in and said, ""fine, I will just work 70 hours a week then!"" We gave them $3,000 worth of business, and they still treated us horribly! When we got their, they would barely speak to us. They forgot about the slip I ordered until I called and reminded them about it. Then when my mom picked up my dress 2 days before the wedding, they forgot to give her my veil. Good thing she remembered!

Overall, I loved my dress, and my bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. Too bad they don't care about treating their customers with respect. It's obvious from this chain on negative reviews, Nancy isn't phased by it and will continue to treat people poorly. There are several places in Indy to buy your wedding dress, I would recommend going somewhere other than Nancy's!



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Please go somewhere else to get your dress

Please go somewhere else to get your dress.

After finding a bridesmaid dress I loved, I had my sister go to Nancy's to try it on because they carried the dress. My sister ordered the dress at that time. Then about 10 days later, I received a call from Nancy saying we owed a rush order fee. The waited to order the dress, and now we had to pay a fee. They wouldn't admit that they waited to order the dress and said if we wouldn't pay the fee, they wouldn't order it. Stressful!

Then, when my sister went to pick up her dress, they ordered her the wrong size. My sis even had the slip that showed the size the were supposed to order. Nancy was not apologetic at all and said she was stuck with the dress unless we wanted to rush order and pay for another one! My sister ended up having to get alterations on a dress she wouldn't have had to. Needless to say, we did not go to Nancy's for the alterations.

I have spoken to Nancy on the phone and met her in person, and she is very phony and not a very good business owner. We will never go back there, and I beg of you to go somewhere else. It just caused a lot of unneeded stress.

I am so glad I got my dress somewhere else (at Vera's Bridal in Madison, WI). They are so great, and I am very happy with them.



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Great Customer Service for me

I'm not sure why my experience was better than all of the others, but I have nothing but positive things to say about Nancy's bridal store. I went in without an appointment and tried on about 6 dresses. There was a girl helping me and I offering to help me whenever I needed help. With each dress I tried on she'd be right there asking if I needed her to tie up the back part of it. I am actually a little suprised by all the other remarks and it's making me wonder if I should actually purchase the dress I liked so much. I went to Bridal Superstore after Nancy's and didn't like them AT ALL!!!

love indy


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HORRIBLE customer service

I am completely dissatisfied with my experiences with Nancy's Bridal Boutique. They are incredibly understaffed and do not provide individualized attention to the people that are in their store - they are constantly running back and forth between the people that are trying on dresses or needing fittings. Any other store I went to, I had a person dedicated to me the entire time I was there. And that person would even make recommendations as to what would like nice - at Nancy's you are completely on your own. Even when you have an appointment, you will not get the service you need.

Their customer service leaves a LOT to be desired. Their answering machine is always full, so you can't even leave a message, and their business practices are from something out of the early 1900s. I have even heard stories of them driving around in their personal vehicles with bridal gowns in the back, and people sitting on them. And I have never gotten a dress back that didn't have straight pins sticking me from random places.

Recently, I called to see if there was anything they could do for a friend of mine who had purchased a bridesmaids dress but was then admitted to the hospital on bedrest and wouldn't be able to go to the wedding. I suggested they maybe they could pay her for just a portion of the dress and keep it as a sample, or do something to help her out. Nancy herself started yelling at me in a raised voice and then HUNG UP ON ME! This just confirmed everything I knew about how horrible their customer service was.

I would NEVER go back there or recommend them to a friend.



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Worst customer service in the world

I called Nancys Bridal because they were the closest retailer that sold the specific dresses I was looking at. They assured me that they had both dresses so I made an appointment. When I came in they only had one, even though on the phone they said they had both! A lady pulled a few dresses, put them in a room and never came back to ask if we were doing ok or if we needed anything. I don't expect to be coddled and catered to but we were the only people in the store and the bitches stood around talking to one another and dressing mannequins. Not sure why we needed an appointment because they DO NOT offer service or assistance! I am buying the dress I tried on there but I will not be giving them my business or money. I would rather inconvenience myself and travel to the moon to buy the dress than ever buy from them!
That store should go out of business and each and every one of those so called ""workers"" should lose their jobs.



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I wish that I would have read these reviews before I went to purchase my wedding dress and put down a deposit. The owner/workers are EXTREMELY RUDE. Actually, I could not believe how snotty they were. I went to 4 different bridal shops and this ended up being a horrible experience. During alterations, Nancy herself actually commented that if I lost some weight my dress would fit much better - could not believe it! She is a snob and thinks she's better than everyone that walks through the store. I ended up not getting my dress altered there - they were going to charge $300 for 2 minor alterations. The guy that works in there is just as bad as the others - DO NOT BUY A DRESS FROM THIS STORE! Trust me - go to ebay and buy a dress - SAVE YOURSELF!



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I went to Nancy's Bridal to try on a brides maid dress and get measured. I had read some of these reviews and didn't think they could possibly be THAT bad. They were awful from the second I stepped in the store. They grudgingly got the dresses for me, but when I asked them to please measure me the guy that works there told me they didn't measure people on weekends. After I pressed the issue he told me I had to have an appointment to be measured and turned and walked away without another word. A girl beside me then let me know they had just measured her, with no appointment. I'm not sure what made her different from her. They did eventually measure me and acted like it was the biggest inconvinience they'd ever encountered.
I would not recommend this store to anyone, ever. It was a terrible experience.



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Wedding/bridesmaid dresses

I have never been treated so poorly in a retail store! We had made an appointment days in advance to look at dresses and arrived right on time.There were 2 employees at the front desk. We allowed them to finish what they were doing ,then told them our name and that we had an appointment. One of the employees looked up from her paperwork and said nothing and returned to her papers. The other employee said we'll be right with you. From that point on not one person spoke to us. We had pulled some dresses to try on...asked if we could use one of the empty dressing rooms...then proceeded to try at least 20 different dresses. No one spoke to us or helped us in any way, even though we were all one area and they had to walk around us several times. I might excuse this behavior, to some extent, if we hadn't made an appointment,but under the circumstances their conduct was rude and totally uncalled for. Under the current economic conditions you would think they would bend over backwards for customers. I would not recommend this shop to anyone nor would I ever order dresses or any other merchandise from them.



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I wish that I had searched for reviews before I bought my wedding dress from this place! If I had, I would not have done business with them. I have read tons of terrible reviews of Nancy?s and now I know why.

Like others have written, I was quoted a ridiculous amount for alterations ~ $275. When I told them that I was going to shop around for alterations, they told me that there was a $50 cancellation fee, even though NO alterations had been done to my dress. This fee was NEVER mentioned to me before, nor was it in writing anywhere. And even though I have paid for my dress in full (and have a receipt showing it paid in full), they are refusing to give me my dress unless I pay their $50 fee. I have called two other places for quotes on alterations and after looking at pictures of the dress (because I can't show them the dress in person because Nancy's is holding it hostage), one place quoted me $75 - $100 and the other quoted me $150 max. No wonder Nancy's didn't want me to shop around!

I also called four other local bridal salons ~ two of them don't charge a fee like this and the other two that do charge a fee said they always have the buyer sign and date a disclosure form stating the fee up front. If I had been told up front about this fee, I would pay it, but it's not fair for them to charge me something without telling me up front that that is their policy. And it certainly isn't fair for them to keep a wedding dress that I have paid for in full!

This place is in the business of ripping people off. Stay away! Or if you must go there and find a dress you like, I suggest you write down the style number and look for it either online or at another bridal store to avoid any hassles with this store like so many others have had.



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More from unhappy customer

I picked up my dress and it was in a plastic bag. When I went to try it on I saw a very visible spot on the front of the dress right. I took it to the store and they told me they could get the spot out and to return in one hour. When I returned the spot was even larger and more visible. I wanted my money back. They refused. I never got a refund and the dress sits in my closet unwearable. We spent $1,600 at the shop on dresses for the wedding and they refused to make this one dress order right and even made it worse after saying they would fix it. I will never recommend this store. The attitude if something is not right is ""If you order it then it is yours.""


Phone: (317) 842-2080

Address: 3917 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46240


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