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LA Fitness

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17091 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 848-1919

Today: 5:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tomorrow: 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
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master card, visa
Oak View, Huntington Beach

La Fitness Huntington Beach

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Charlie F.







I recently have reviewed these blogs.This is why ,I go to 24 Hour Fitnees.As a nurse.I experience enough drama.They have to tolerate rude drivers on the freeway.My friend explained his very bad mistreatment by;Manager;Erric.Also;Female employees: Gabby,and Abigail.The implied conract he had,that was breached.Pertaining to his month to month cash payments.Also he was lied to by a female employee,named: Diana Dao.She informed my friend La Fitness ,would not send him bills any more.She can be reached for comment at;(949)255-7234.He recently received a bill for $79.00.He states the corporate office can have all the employees at this gym,volunteer to be tested with very new technology to clear their names as suspects.Called:( ).This great technology is wonderful.It measures actual certain portions of the brain.To help employers see if employees are not lieing. This should occur at this gym.Primarily with all the recent lockers broke into.Also ; How does the public and members know ,actually and factaually ,if they paid monthly as did ,Bally's gym did for members,if the employees of this gym are in fact providing the member a receipt.But not posting the payment to his or her account.I say if employees refuse:( this definately shows: (Reasonable Doubt ). Plus if all the employees reduse to volunteer on a volunteer basis ,how does this look to the public? Action always speaks louder then words.Calif labor code:2922 ,covers :( Constructive - Discharge ).Were any employees at any time informed to haze,badger,or target and members .With the motive and intent to harss? Calif labor code:6400.Under health and safety.Reads :No employee is required to do anything unsafe or illegal for the employer. Did any employees at this gym touch any female member in appropriately at any time.With knowledge she was married? Were any employees at this gym coereced or persuaded at any time to forge members names.To gym paper work.Designed to look authentic? Here is the answer, to get the truth,the public has a right to know.Under the : Freedom of Information Act. Will employees of gym volunteer to be filmed by:( You-Tube ) ,in lieu of a blood and urine test first? So they can take this test in all honesty. So mass millions can vote,to see the results and see if they are honest employees? Here is the test: ( ). Also will, Ms.Diana Dao ,at the corporate Irvine office volunteer? She can be reached for comment at: ( 949) 255-7234. Why does she lie? Does she lie? Was she told to lie? Does she know what Jesus said? "Treat people like you want to be treated" Also the Bible says:" All liars will have a place in the lake of fire".




Well ,I'll try not to be too extensive .Ms.Diana Dao appears to be a liar.She informed a very good friend he would not be receiving bills any more.Yet he still did.For $79.00 .After he was :(BROW-BEAT,and (BADGERED ) by employee:(GABE).She is described as a female Hispanic adult.Its unknown what kind of private (RELATIONSHIP SHE MIGHT BE IN TO GET A HEAD). With the boss.She told my friend ,"IF MEMBERS DON'T HAVE A BANK WE'LL MAKE THEM GET ONE"! She also told my friend:"IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT HERE ,GO TO ANOTHER GYM"! Her actions were condoned of by the corporate office in ,Irvine. The phone number to reach a very good lieing;( B) is :( 949)255-7234.Her name is: Diana Dao. After what this :LA FILTHINESS ,put my friend through ,they expect him to pay:$79.00. He has welcomed them to call him.However;The phone call will be tape recorded.In lieu of ;Calif Penal Codes:633-633.6. Then its admissible in a court of law.( DID THE CORRUPT EMPLOYEES FORGE MY FRIEND'S NAME). Lets find out : lie M.R.I. This technology measures brain waves.To inquire if an employee is telling the truth. If any of the employees of ;LA FILTHINESS ,refuse they should be terminated.What is :( CONTRUCTIVE -DISCHARGE)? Its Calif Labor Code:2922.Its when a employer creates a hostile environment ,so the average employee will quit.Why? What would be the motive and the intent? If in reference to : LA FILTHINESS,to allow or cause action so a member of ;LA FILTHINESS ,would end their membership.Here is the example,with the blessing of the corporate office: Gabe sent her friend possible lover to the men's bathroom.He stared my friend down in my friend's face.So as to insigate provocation.Then the members of the gym,such as the staff,would use the ( shifting technique) then state my friend started it.So they could get a good false arrest. Even though my friend had a receipt in his hand.( THE RECEIPT STATED PAID UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH).It did not state any amount owed or due. IS IT POSSIBLE SOME OF THE CORRUPT EMPLOYEES,COULD HAVE FORGED MY FRIEND'S NAME? IS IT POSSIBLE ,WHEN MY FRIEND PAID:$20.00 MONTHLY SINCE DAY ONE,SINCE ;LA FILTHINESS TOOK ,OVER .THAT IN STEAD OF POSTING PAYMENT TO MY FRIEND'S MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT.THE CORRUPT EMPLOYEE PUT THE MONEY IN HIS POCKET?? ALSO : Why don't these constant different employees have name tags.Is it because they don't want you to know their names. GABE'S FRIEND AND POSSIBLE LOVER ,FOLLOWED MY FRIEND IN THE BATHROOM.HE CLAIMED HE WAS A MANAGER.HE ORDERED MY FRIEND TO WALK IN FRONT.HE THEN TOLD HIS POSSIBLE :( PIECE OF TAIL) ( GABE ) THAT MY FRIEND ,DECIDED TO END HIS MEMBERSHIP.This was not the case at all. My friend walked in this gym:( LA FILTHINESS ,with the receipt in his hand). THIS IS A ( BREACH OF CONTRACT). THEN TO COVER HIS BEHIND: THE POSSIBLE LOVER ,THAT CLAIMED HE WAS A LA FILTHINESS MANAGER,GAVE MY FRIEND $20.00 ,WITH A REQUEST FOR THE IMPLIED CONTRACT OR RECEIPT.IT STATED GOOD UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH. Now ;LA FILTHINESS ,wants my friend to pay $79.00. After this lieing:( B) ,stated to my friend via email he would not get any bills.Her name is:DIANA DAO.HER PHONE NUMBER IS:( 949)255-7234. FOR DAYS,GABE WAS ALLOWED BY THE CORPORATE OFFICE IN IRVINE TO:( BROW -BEAT),( BADGER), AND (HARASS MY FRIEND) .THIS IS A VIOLATION OF ;CALIF GOV.CODE:12900.She wanted my friend to give his private and personal bank account information.To her a high school girl.With the rise of ( IDENTITY THEFT). DO YOU WANT YOU'RE LOVED ONES TO GO THROUGH THIS??? MY FRIEND IS NOT PAYING THIS BLANK COMPANY NOTHING.WILL THEY BE WILLING TO BE FILMED ON :YOU TUBE:DOING THE POLYGRAGH,BARE FOOTED.SO THEY CAN'T PUT THUMB TACTS. WITH A BLOOD TEST AND URINE TEST FIRST? HOW ABOUT:CALIF EVIDENCE CODES:801.70 THE LIE TRUTH SERUM AND BE HYPNOTISED ,BY A LICENSED HYNOTIST.SECTION:795.OR HOW ABOUT: www. no lie M.R.I.??? NOTE:IF ANY REFUSE THEY SHOULD BE ALL TERMINATED.



Recently experienced hazzing a...

Recently experienced hazzing and harssment by:(Gabby,Abigail.and female Hispanic adult)Also proclaimed manager named:Erric.Gabby a female Hispanic adult demaned my friend under duress to waive his 4th Ammendment.To give up all his private ,personal bank account information to her.Her reason she needed this un-reasonable demand against public policy.Is because its a new policy.Calif Labor Code:6400.No employee has to do anything unsafe or ilegal. She is suppose to show:(DUE CARE:2800.Work with ;(BEST EFFORTS,Calif Labor Code:2924.This is what occured my friend was recently hazed by the female Hispanic adult.She claimed his card displayed denied.He shows her the receipt.She smirks.Explains see my manager.The next day :Abigail a female Asian adult yells my friend's name out over the loud speaker and demands him to front desk.She explains: To him he owes penalty fee. Yet my friend shows her the receipt.It shows paid in full.Next payment due:( Nov 15,2012).It does not mention any late fees due.Or all old and new members must waive the 4th Ammendment bank account private information to La Fitness or Gabby or Abibigail.So they can take as much as they want and when they want.Yet Gabby ,most recently badgered and brow beat my friend to give her his atm and all personal bank account information.She stated,"If members don't have a bank we make them get one"! Also Gabby most recently sent her lover and possible boyfriend to the back locker room to stand and hover over my friend as to instigate provocation. Why?Calif Labor Code:2922. Constructive discharge.What is her (Hiddem motive and intent)?With the rise in;(Identity theft)? Hopefuly ;the (F.B.I) can in private wire tap her cell phone and then the public can learn if she was planing ;( IDENTITY THEFT). The receipt displayed payed off until Oct 15,2012. My friend was originally with Bally's Gym.Then we had the La Filthiness take over.My friend always paid cash and month to month.He also paid on time.

Until ;La Filthiness took over. Well Gabby's lover that claims he is a manager noticed the receipt.Yet turned a blind eye to the contents of the implied contract.He just stood looking over my friend as though it appeared to some other member that this so called;Erric ,was trying to start a fight.Then have ,his lover ;Gabby call the local police for entrapment.Plus the quad que pro ,stick to the false story together.The end result:Her lover;Erric lied and told his lover,Gabby that my friend decided to end his membership.I saw the entire hazing .I was waiting under the front tv area. This is so unprofessional. Unjustified and unethical behavior.If you want to give Gabby and her possible lover ;Erric all you're bank account info,if you are victim to bounced checks and identity theft.You have no one to blame put you're self.She that is Gabby stated,"IF MEMBERS DON'T HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT,WE MAKE THEM GET ONE"! ALSO SHE SAID,"ITS OUR POLICY,IF YOU DON'T LIKE OUR POLICY GO TO ANOTHER GYM"? WOULD YOU LIKE GABBY TO TREAT YOU'RE WIFE LIKE THIS? IF SHE DENIES THIS: CALIF EVIDENCE CODE:801.70 AND SECTION:795. She is self centered ,rude arrogant and very un-educated.Hope she gets sued and fired.Erric refunded my friend's $18.00 for monthly payment.( BREACH OF CONTRACT) .He should be fired for neglect.NO LIGHTS IN PARKING AREA THAT ARE BRIGHT IN FRONT OF GYM,PITCH BLACK UN-SAFE IN LIEU OF OSHA AND HEALTH DEPT.Also; excessive mold and fungas in the sauna and steam room also the showers.



I really do like this gym.The ...

I really do like this gym.The equipment helped me lose : Exactly : 5o pounds. What I would like to address is the parking lot.I like the cameras,the and the on duty security guard. Yet yesterday , I happend to notice this very strange male white adult ,sitting in his car.He was wearing a baseball cap backward. The car was a big baige :Grand Marquis.Calif Plate:5V1J965.The car had a leather or vinyl roof.The color looked brown.It was strange and very unconfortable. He was looking at a x magazine in the front seat of the car.The guard was'nt even around.I hope this guy was'nt a pervert.With all the females being abducted now days.I do hope eventually the police investigate this guy.He could be waiting to kidnapp a girl.This is very frightening.This occured on Friday,June 1,2012. At 7:00 P.M. This possible pervert looked about twenty four. The car as stated was a :Baige ,Grand Marquis: Calif Plate:5VIJ965. He had a magazine of nakid girls in the front seat. Other then this very creepy incident.This is a great gym.



Provided by Citysearch - 

It was this month that as I was walking to the front of the gym.It appeared I observed a possible (Attempt:Penal Code:664) of a hit an run.There appeared to be two gym members walking toward the front of the gym. From the side that has a wall an behind is the apartments.The two appeared to jump back in fear and horror.It appeared this Blue Crown Victoria,Calif Plate:2CHZ254 ,ZOOMED out.As the driver had no regard to pededestrians walking by.The pedestrians always have the right of way.The driver has been observed as a member of the gym.He is described as a male white adult.He has black hair.What is very unique is his left collor bone appears to, preclude.He loves to still park his big blue ,Crown Victoria ,Calif Plate:2CHZ254 ,in the front of the gym.There is a sign posted do not park it is reserved.So far he still parks in the front.So far it is unknown if parking enforcenet has given him a ticket. Or if the Huntington Beach police have given him one.What is also unknown is does he have priors in the system? The obvious concern is if does this very unsafe driving again;Will the next possible victim be some ones father or mother in a walker? What I noticed that night at only about ;8:30 P.M. was the lights were out in the parking lot.As we know subjecting gym members to any hanous crime.Especially with the unemployment rate up.Also no cameras.England has reduced crime up to ;99 percent.They have talking cameras.With real time. They have police that monitor each sector.I do hope the person in charge of this private property can invest in extreme coverage of lights and cameras that talk .Like England. This has reduced crime ,up to ;99 percent. Espeacially with the no hood policy.



Provided by Citysearch - 

Its been three or four times according to my friend.This male Asian adult that works the front desk gos in the bathroom to spy on my friend ,an American veteran as he has to take his prescription medicine.This is not proper.Also the smell is very bad in the sauna area hall way of the mens bathroom area.According to my friend.Plus my friend has indicated there still is no signs posted for males not to go in the sauna nakid.The staff still keep turning a blind eye? Why?

Bill Joe


Provided by Citysearch - 
The Slam an Scam :Physical Trainers/Bathroom cleaners.

Its very simple. Be considerate and treat people like you want to be treated.Today this tall new male white adult physical trainer just eye balled me while I was nakid.Next that was'nt enough he called the Mexican or Hispanic asdult to join in staring. Why the complaint is that I was using bathroom paper for my feet. I was improvising plus as a customer I paid for this. Why did I use this ? The cheap skates don't have any more paper towels. As a diabedtic I must keep my feet clean.If I have a scratch it could get infected. So at least if I have a paper towel this helps.The Hispanic adult did not give his name.Or his hound dog. Also he told me to bring a rag.He was cold and callased. The male bathroom sink is constantly wet and not cleaned.It should be cleaned at all times. Bring back the paper towels or keep the floor clean. Stop the selective enforcement.Stop the hazing. It should be about keeping customers.