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5656 Kelley St

Houston, TX 77026

Lyndon Baines Johnson Hospital
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Phone: (713) 500-8614

Northeast Houston, Trinity - Houston Gardens


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Jorge D.



We went for enmergency , staff din’t Care about you , terrible service , waiting for Hours the doctor never show up

Lourdes B.



Unprofessional hospital and rude The Emergency department is unprofessional And rude the triage. Nurses (he ). Is turning patient down. The security staff at emergency room are harassing people to cover the emergency room front triage nurses wirong doing. The Mayur or Houston need to make changes to this facility Or closed the hospital since the staff do not want to work

Debbie A.



1989 I lived in Houston Texas couldn't afford Healthcare. I was 9 months pregnant two weeks overdue. Went to LBJ. floor 53lbs. Worst Hospital I have ever been in. In labor 3 days. Did C-section did not get to see my son till a friend come and got me 2nd day. Whelled me in a wheelchair to see my son. I laid in blood they did not change my gown or sheets there was blood all on the floor&on the toilet from the other 8 2 10 mothers in my ward. LBJ is not a good Hospital. I would not have gave them a star but they insisted.

Francisco V.



this place sucks!! if i could give negative stars, i would but since i only have a choice of one through five then i guess i will give a one star for the worst place in the world and after hearing the person who recorded those Doctors talking crap about her, that confirms everything.

Terri P.



This place often lacks compassion. Especially the people at the front desks where you sign in. I've always said,if you're that unhappy with your job where you can't offer compassion in the medical filed, get out..move on. You are not benefitting anyone but your unhappy self. I bet all these patients would go somewhere else if they could. My comment only applies to those that are checking people in. Some of the nurses behind the scene actually do care.



bum rap

Clearly some of you are disparaging LBJ and its services provided. I am an oncology patient and I can personally attest that LBJ went above and beyond in trying to keep me alive and comfortable while I was hospitalized for almost Six weeks. There was a time when I had basically given up but the Dr. and nurses never seemed to accept this and eventually I improved. This is a County Hospital, dedicated to the less fortunate, but i've never been treated badly by LBJ and their ER treats you according to your condition. There is a long wait at times but if your vitals show that you are in distress then your circumstances will also change.



Not good

Had my daughter here. Provided no wheelchair when walked in with labor pains .

Stole my new pair of sandals.

One the ladies there seemed Arabian was racist because of my age and nationality . Rolled her eyes to positive comments made by a young student (Previous incident pregnancy related also)



Good Job

I was at LBJ last month and it was great.

I remember praying before I went in and asking God for them to treat me right abd find out everything that was going on in my body.

I have a gold card and they do a great job, don't forget sometimes it depends on the nurse you do have.

Pray before you enter any place your feet touches.

God Bless.




what can I say.... if you have a real emergency and you don't have any other place to go...go to lbj,but if you can go to another place please do it....the waiting time is too long like another public hospital,but the cleaning is unspeakable, nasty....well is your option



The worst ER service imagineable

I brought my husband to the ER at 9 pm as he was complaining of chest pain

s. The admitting nurse in formed us there was a 7 hr wait. I thought she might have been exaggerating but 6 1/2 hrs later his name was called for a vacant bed. 4 hrs later we were told he was ok to go home. It too k another 1 1/2 to get dischared so we could

leave. This overall experience was horrible. I was at LBJ for 12 hrs, but spent 20 mins with a doctor



Needs improvement in patient c...

Needs improvement in patient care and accuracy. LBJ is improving facility but keep working on actual PATIENT CARE. I fully understand that it is has a large teaching aspect of HCHD. The county system is NOT charity. They offer financial assistance. You pay based on income,insurance,cash,credit card.This is a great concept. (pay based on income if qualified). pay when owed, to help in improving facility.

As I have heard before it does seem to be "socialized healthcare".This does not mean let them do whatever without consequence. If you have to make a complaint do so but with respect. Sometimes the best way for the staff to learn is for the patient to show them. (i personally know it is difficult when you need medical care and staff sometimes want to downplay your condition).They are even disrespectful. And they are the ones earning a paycheck and pointing the finger at those who are unemployed!

Medical staff might earn degrees but not all are cut out for the job. ALL staff needs to LISTEN to patient.Have respect when a patient declines or know more about their own BODY than you do. Knowing medicine does not make you omnipotent.

Patients; Get all your info. write it down if you have to. Take an advocate. understand as much as possible. Once again from experience not some employee trying to give 5 star rating.

The county system is slowly improving but the patient can only do so much. The employees need to take responsibility. Cashiers included can be down right bossy! This includes "trainees". It looks like the training needs to change. I am very surprised that so many people who are smart enough to get degrees or licence, will go along with whatever they are told when it is clearly unethical,immoral,unlawful.............If you harm, mistreat or misguide; patients that is on your conscience. You can't hide behind or cover it up. You might think it is just a small; telling a patient they don't have anything when they do. Then as you practice lies and mistakes become easier preparing you for the big ones. If you are asked to do something that may harm the patient YOU NEED to practice what you preach and SPEAK UP!. All aspects include things such as; INFORMED CONSENT not after putting patient on any meds. Small things such as blood pressure need to be done accurately. STOP blaming the patient. Admit and ASK patient for a redo.

First thing that happened was ...

First thing that happened was after driving all the way from the woodlands I was told it was 6 dollars to park cash only. Well I had like 2 dollars cash on me so I asked what should I do? The parking guy said there may be an ATM at store down the road. Yeah right I thought I am gonna end up getting robbed or shot just driving through much less walking around this area with my little girl! So I ended up parking possibly illegally across the street and had to hope my car did not get stolen and that I was not run over with my child while crossing the street. When I got my reminder phone call it said things like be here 30 min before your appointment and bring your medication and don't forget you may have a copay... They need to add that parking is 6 dollars cash ONLY!! On my next appointment it was more of the same as far as waiting for over an hour but I was told my first doctor was not there and I would be seeing another doctor. She asked me all the same questions the first doctor did like she didn't even have a file for me.During my 4th visit I am seen by a different nurse who was very rude from the get go she said that I would not see a doctor today and asked if I brought proof of pregnancy which I was told upon making my appointment that I would not need. I told her I was having severe stabbing pain and because of my symptoms I thought I may have a tubal pregnancy. She said too bad go to the emergency room now if you catch a tubal pregnancy early you can get an injection to take care of it. If you wait till it erupts you have to have surgery and could possibly die. She also stated that if I went through with this appointment that I had to deliver at LBJ as if I have no choice in the matter. During my last visit I was seen by yet another doctor. This make three doctors and like 5 nurses. Wait time was still an hour and the room I was in had piles of dirt and grime in the corners of the room. The doctor once again asked me a bunch of questions I had already answered three other times as if I had no file for her to read before meeting with me.She then proceeded to tell me that she also had to to a trans vaginal ultra sound because a normal one would not work. I know for a fact thats not true! This is NOT my first baby. I delivered at Texas Women's and they never needed to do a trans vaginal. Still fearing a tubal pregnancy I reluctantly agreed. The doctor comes back in with the machine and a different nurse who does not know how to work the examination table she fumbles around and finally figures it out I have to point out that the machine is caught on the table and is being lifted up and almost gets knocked over before she stops puts it back down before she starts over. So my head is down and my legs are up like im gonna slide off the table head first which is not right. The specula pinches me and Im like what is going on down there? The doctor does not tell me but decided to do an exam although we already discussed how I don't need one because I just had one a month ago. At this point all I want to do is run! After the exam she does the transvaginal AGAIN to check to see the baby is in the right place then she starts to dig the probe all around looking for my left ovary which has nothing to do with this appointment. Had she looked at my file she would have known that I already have images of my ovaries. The last question she had for me was about what type of birth control I wanted after delivery. REALLY??? First of all I'm only 8 weeks pregnant thats not really important right now second If she had she listened to my answers earlier she would remember that I told her I cant use anything but condoms because I had really bad side effects with birth control. This was by far the worst experience I have EVER had in a hospital! It's unclean unorginized and filled with unhappy undertrained employess and I will go without medical attention and birth my child in my bath tub before I come back to LBJ!!!!!



In case no one else on here is...

In case no one else on here is aware, this is a FREE COUNTY HOSPITAL! They are a bit slow, but everyone from one of the biggest city in America try to come and get seen here. My father, who had no insurance at the time, got diagnosed with cancer about 6 months ago, and they've done nothing but take care of him, all his surgeries he had to have before starting his treatment, getting him on a FREE COUNTY INSURANCE program, and he's getting better by the week. So everyone lighten up. If you have insurance, go somewhere else, if not, WAIT like everyone else! Trust me, if you're dying, you get to be seen first. Thank you.



Great care recieved at a Great Hospital

I had surgery to remove huge amounts of infection from my hip area as well as breathing treatments for COPD. I wwas unable to breath when i reached the er and the swelling was unbareable. It is my belief that I would not be sitting here writing this review if not for the excellent care I recieved at LBJ. I've had no complications to date. I was under care for 4 days in 4C, thanks you guys, my meds were on time, I was kept clean, sheets changed and all the stuff trhat most hospital are not real anxious to do.I was kepty abreast of what was going on, having full command over my care. I just can't say enough. THANKS YOU ALL, I don't overlook the people behind the scenes either, Great food, clean linen, (always brought warm!). Gentle lab, radiology, top of the line! As far as I could observe all the patients recieved the same level of care I did. You may be thinking, yeh he was paying out his nose and had insurance, etc. Not so, I was, (am), a charity patient.

Once againg Thank You for the excellent care and God Blee to you all,

James C. (4c3-2)



poor service

the quality of service is very unacceptable. the amount of time just to see someone, no matter the level of pain, is also unacceptable. the physicians, well, every "STUDENT" has to learn somewhere right? the quality of care, little to none. mind you, this is only my opinion, but it is also an experience on several occasions, not only myself, but with others as well. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL! (not even to a dog) sad, but oh so true!



Not so good

I was in a motorcycle accident on I-10 I was brought to LBJ. From what I can remember the first nurse's that attended to me were awesome. They cleaned me up made sure my pain level was down, and all my wounds cleaned up. Then i got to the CAT scann area, they gave me a shot then told me to put my arms behind my head. I did that then i went into the tube. I was still kind of confused about what was going on. Then I got squirted in the eye by my own IV. When I came out of the tube I told the technican what happend. After he yelled at me telling my I should of said something, he then wrestled with my IV jerked it around a little then cleared it. I then got another IV in the other arm for no reason. After all that I was transferred to another nurse.That when it got worse he was telling me that I should not have 2 IV's and why did I let them put another one in. Hello I have a concusion. Finally my family shows up, at first they tell her she cant come back and see me. She drove 2 hours from austin, she raised enough hell they finally let her back. By this time its like 10 at night still have not seen another doctor my IV bag ran dry and my blood was starting to go back up the line to the bag. We had asked several times for someone to attend to this before I was giving help. I started to ask for my doctor and they told me that I was not even suppose to be were I was. I was suppose to be with a trauma team. by this time its about 11:30 at night several hours not a docter around. Then the nurse told my wife that she had to leave and was talking to her with out any manners."you out of here now" "Get now". Then some doctor got onto the nurse and started to ask why I was not with the trauma team. Of course he said he called for them and they never came. Not one time did we see him on the phone. I ended up having to discharge my self and go to the methodist hospital where I recieved excellent care from the time I got there to I left there care. So I would not recommend this hospital at all.