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Sunset Heights, Central Houston, Greater Heights

Houston Garden Ctr

Garden Centers


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Michael G.



I just left store #20 on US290. As I was leaving I asked the manager his name. He replied his name was Joe and I thanked him. In the matter of seconds I found myself under an aggressive attack by Joe, who as he put it, "you got a problem with me". During the next few minutes, Joe said I could get a complete refund (not requested) and that he didn't care about the sale (a value of about $200). And then he closed with telling me he had a problem with me. The center is very well-stocked, but I'll go elsewhere from now on. One other thing: The best, most helpful, and friendliest employee is a man I met in the parking lot. He struck up a light conversation and during my time asked at least two times if he could help me. I didn't get his name, but you recognize him by his missing teeth. Look for him if you must shop here.

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B D.



The cashiers at the West Loop location are surly at best - makes me want to go out of my way to shop elsewhere. Very unfriendly. Anyone in management listening?

Oagie O.



Horrible people, terrible business!! I went in there for help finding a shrub that would do well in a shaded area. They recommended the bamboo trees they were selling. They had no information about this plant or how it would grow. It turns out this is an invasive species that will take over your yard and neighbors yard. We found this out only a few days after purchase but they would not do a return or even apologize for their recommendation. They were rude, nasty and horrible people at the head office. They don't want their employees to answer the phones at the garden center locations because they don't want to provide customer service of any kind. We are out the money now and will NEVER shop there ever again.

Melanie K.



SHAME ON YOU, HOUSTON GARDEN CENTER!!!!!!!!! We just moved to Houston. Went to the FM 1960 store. We thought it was such a lovely place with lots to choose from. Purchased over 250.00 worth of a variety of garden plants. I counted and purchased 20 plumbago plants and when I got home realized they had charged me for 25 plants! Went back and told them very, very nicely that I did not want a refund or exchange...just 5 more items at 5.99 apiece. The manager stunned me. He could not have been more rude! Told me no, and actually said it was too much trouble for him. I am 60 years old and I have NEVER been treated like that in my lifetime. I am calling the BBB! They are not ethical and not nice. They do not care at all about their customer base. I suppose because they are so large they have become apathetic. Terrible way to treat paying customers. Will not return and will try to spread the word as much as I can.

Paul J.



My name is paul jacobs i was recently fired on monday for not having my apron. so i calledhouston garden center at corporate and asked for my check wich you are supposed to get 72 hours after being fired the vice president of houston garden center told me that was not gonna happen and in fact i would not get paid on friday, but had to wait till monday 3 days past payday. he also stated that houston garden center could care less about the texas labor board laws and then there was laughing and heckling in the background. that is the type of people matt hooper has running his company!!! All i can do is contact texas labor board and see if they will force or if they can force them to pay me. i was employed at houston garden center #32 s.w. frwy at w. airport further more i would not buy from there the plants are over watered and constant;y burned up and full of pests!!!!!

Sanford S.



Mission bend store Highway 6 near Sugar Land: A bunch of crooks!!!!!!!!!!!! Their 7 gallon crepe myrtle trees were $19.95 last week but when I went to their 1/2 price sale that had them priced at $69.95 of which 1/2 of that is around $35.00, or in other words $15.00 more than last week. They are a bunch of crooks and I told them so!!!!!!!!!!

Mike G.



Do NOT buy anything at Houston garden Centers! The employees are rude, customer service is nonexistent and the No-return, no-exchange policy is the most customer UNfriendly imaginable! Stay away from Houston Garden Centers unless you want to be abused!!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Let me set the record straight. I work

Let me set the record straight. I work at Houston Garden Center. It is owned by Matt Hooper. His ""corporate office"" is a small trailer at the back of the HGC location in the south west loop. Your anger should be directed at him. Go to this location and give him heck. But do not be upset with the employees.

You must understand where they are coming from. More importantly what they are doing. My first day on the job, I worked 15 hours. I showed up at 7:30, we were done at 11. The people who had to work the next day had to be back there in 8 hours. You do the math. Many of them work at least 3 days in a row. Add in an hour for travel time, as only one other person had a car, hour for eating (probably a crummy meal, and the only real one of the day as you only get 30 minutes for lunch) and bathroom stuff, and they then have seven hours, if that's all they do, to sleep.

So, have you ever stood on your feet, working, for 15 hours straight, in the heat of a Houston summer? By hour 11, do you think they give a flip about smiling to a customer? They are making 7.25 per hour doing back breaking work. One man I worked with was in his 60s. Would you get mad at your grandfather about some dumb flower after he's spent his third day in a row working like a slave? And that's not an exaggeration. The working hours are similar to what the slaves actually did in early America.

Hopefully you can now get some glimpse of how bad these people's lives are, and why they might not be concerned with giving your rich self good customer service. So don't be mad at them. Not even the local store managers. They are hispanic and in the same situation as the employees. This is all they can do to support their families. Don't be upset with them. Admire them. Help them. Pray for them.

Matt Hooper and his cheap business practices are the cause of all of it. But here's the thing, if you put him out of business, all these people lose the only legal job they can get. So what can you do? The least you can do is be nice to anyone who works there while you buy some stupid plants, probably for more money than those people are getting paid for a 15 hour day.

So if you want to contact Matt Hooper, this is how. Go to the main location. Ask for an application. When they give it to you, fill out right there (and be appalled by the wording of the application) and then walk to the back and turn it in. They won't dare let you walk into the air conditioned trailer, because if you're looking for a job there you're probably not white, so they'll make you stand in the heat while they check your papers. When the lady comes out she will enter you into the clock, and now you work at HGC. No interview, no background check. But follow her back to the trailer, and grab the door before she locks you out, then go to Matt Hoopers little office and try to speak reason and people loving life into this man.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Bad is an understatement

I have NEVER been to a place with such bad customer service. DON'T and I repeat DON'T go to this place. It doesn't matter which location you go to, they are all bad. You can never find someone to help you, you are lucky if you find someone that barely speaks English. When I spend my hard earned money I expect some type of assistance. Well you won't get that here. I really don't understand how or why this company is still in business.

Jeff T.


Went by to order a pallet of g...

Went by to order a pallet of grass with a coupon to be deliverd. The cashier told me that they couldn't order it, I had to do it online. But the website says they don't honor coupons online. I was told to call the 'corporate' number posted, but they had just closed 3 minutes ago. I went online and noticed that they have no customer service, which is pretty telling. This will be my last trip to Houston Garden Center.....



Provided by Citysearch - 
Worst customer service ever

I actually created a city search account just to leave this feedback, because i have never left any before, but this is absolutely necessary. I just called the ""corporate office"" to ask a simple question about the HGC near me in cinco ranch because I could not get a hold of anyone there after about 20 straight calls. When I call, this he/she whatever it was, gives me the worst attitude and unprofessional treatment I have ever received from the get go of the conversation. All I did was ask a simple question, and this person that called itself Jennifer, gave me terrible customer service over the phone like she had never actually spoke to another person before, plus I even got hung up on. Hey, if you hate your life that much, how bout find something else to do for a living you miserable soul. If you dont believe me call the office @ 713.218.0860 and ask for Jennifer, like thats even its real name. I promise you will talk to a person that sounds like they about to jump off a bridge, that just hates you and the HGC. If I can lose any money out of this idiots pocket, I sincerely hope to do so with this review.



Provided by Citysearch - 
rip-off, waste of money, no good, pos company!

i really wish i had read the reviews before i went to ""houston garden center"". what a waste. i bought grass seed that i was told was just grass. i have a 1 yr old who still puts everything in her mouth and i am afraid to use anything with chemicals or fertilizers. ""it says on the reciept 'no refund' so no we cant help you"" AFTER i buy it im supposed to see ""no refunds"" dont bother calling the corporate number. matt hooper is never available and nobody else will help you.this is the worst company ever. total rip-off!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Workers Point Of View

I am not a customer i work for the houston garden center i will not disclose which, but they are all the same.

First the corporate office number is: (713) 218-0860
For who doesn't know it yet.

Alright to get down to it as bad as it is for the customers trust me its as bad for us. We (us laborers not sure of cashiers) get paid 7.25$hr which is nothing. We work 3 days in a week with a total of 42 hours a week. We have NO breaks, NO employee room to eat or sit (even if its cold and raining), 30 minute lunch.
We are automatically fired if we have to leave even 30 mins early or if we clock in 1-2 mins late for work or lunch.

Not only that we do not have enough workers. AND yes all of you are correct. 99% even the managers DO NOT have papers. Not even a visa to work. They work their because it is the only place that will hire on the spot without any checks. Cashiers cannot be hired if they don't no just a tiny bit of english to speak.

Our plants are tossed and thrown depending on the workers attitude or how tired they are. Half of the cashiers don't know simple math which is sad.

I can say it is one of the worst places i ever worked at. Its like being a slave knowing you will never make anything more then 7.25. It can be pouring rain, but we are forced too still be out their working.

The customers just don't understand the company head only cares about what is made they don't care about the customers opinions. We ran out of grass (sod) and 20 customers in counting had to leave home without grass and a receipt showing the mistake they made because they weren't allowed a refund.

The corporate office is a joke its a small little shack in back of the houston garden center near 610-s & bissonet. The door is kept locked even for new hires because theirs offices are a mess. Papers thrown, boxes all over. Meanwhile the manager and bosses are out eating and drinking and show up once in a while to do the daily report which means nothing because they only get on the english speaking employees. The ones who speak only spanish are more important as they know those are the ones who will never leave.

If you read the reasons above you will see why they only allow anyone 19 or older to work.. They are inconsiderate and should be closed down as soon as possible. They break so many working laws its not even funny, but smaller people like me trying to make a living don't have the money to take it to court.



Provided by Citysearch - 

If I had the option of giving less than 1 star, I would have. I went to the HGC near Hempstead and 610 this morning with a list of both plants and flowers that I wanted to buy. As others have already stated, trying to find an employee who speaks proper English is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I brought all of my plants, flowers, potting soil to the register to be totaled and then it dawns on me that I forgot my coupon at home. My total was $135, the coupon would have allowed me to receive $10 off. I explained this to the gal at the register, who looked just THRILLED to be at work that day (sarcasm) and she replied, half asleep and rudely that I had to bring the coupon into the store. I ask to speak to a manager, and NANCY, the rude, half asleep employee tells me he is outside ""way over there"", expecting me, (I am holding my 2 year old daughter) to walk way out to speak to him. I reply, oh okay, is he coming in so that I can talk to him? Nancy drags herself over to him, he walks over and in broken English tells me the same thing that Nancy said. Walter, the manager was pitiful. Needless to say I left without buying a damn thing. I will never be back. I called the corp. office and gave them the names of the employees to which the woman replied, ""we will speak to them about their attitude"". Lets hope so seeing as how local customers keep a local company in business. I'll go to Lowe's to buy all my landscaping needs from now on.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Will Never, Ever Shop There Again

I visited the HGC on I-45 in Spring, just south of Rayford, and had an issue that needed the ""Supervisor's"" approval. The supervisor is the guy who checks receipts as you leave, and the workers at HGC are very afraid of him. The poor woman there explained that she would get fired if she attempted to resolve my problem, so I asked who was going to fire her and I would speak with him. She was too afraid to even approach him, and simply pointed him out to me. Although he did resolve my problem in the end, I cannot begin to describe how rude and pompous this guy was! Not only to me, but to the poor workers as well. I left sorry I had ever spent any money there, and resolved NEVER to go there again. There are way too many places to shop for gardening items that treat customers (and workers) with respect, and appreciate customers' hard-earned dollars. Not only was this ""supervisor"" a total a$$, but he also gave me the creeps. I would like to point out that he was the only non-hispanic person working there. Total jerk with a capital J. I really feel badly for the people who have to work under him. Their job must be a total nightmare.

Please, I encourage you to go to Lowe's, Home Depot, or, even better, a business like Houston Plant & Garden World on I-45 just south of 1960, Arbor Gate or RCW. All of these places will greet you with a smile, and let you know they appreciate your business. DO NOT shop at HGC. TWO thumbs down.

I wish I could give a negative star rating. That is how bad this business is.



Provided by Citysearch - 
HGC at 21530 Katy Freeway

Yesterday, I visited the Garden Center at 21530 Katy Freeway right off of I-10, with my wife and 4 year old son. On a recent trip to Lowes, I learned of a product called Weed Free Zone, which is made by Fertilome. I was told that Lowes did not carry it but to try local garden stores, as it is the must have product to kill stubborn weeds.

I made location and asked the first staff member if he knew where I could find the product, of which I named by name. He then looks at another worker and says in spanish ""hey, I don't understand him.""

Cue the second person. I asked her if she knew where I could find a product called Weed Free Zone made by Fertilome. She looked at me with a blank stare and then walked me over to the Fertilzer section, pointed at the first one, which had nothing to do with Fertilome. I gather that she heard Fertilome and thought I meant Fertilizer.

After noting that she has no clue what I was asking for, I asked her for a manager... Cue the third person.

A ?manager? comes to her aid and asked how he could help. Mind you, this is the Manager, the head person in charge. I ask him the same question, and the begins to show me fertilizers as well. I again tell him, that I am in search of a specific product made by Fertilome called Weed Free Zone.

The manager removed his little orange cap, rubs his head (yes, movie like) and continues to rumage through the weed and feeds. After several minutes, I ask him if he knows what Atrazine is. The manager, the head of 21530 Katy Freeway Houston Garden Center, says NO!

Fast Forward to today. I locate Matt Hooper's number, which I am told is the owner of Houston Garden Centers. I speak to Jennifer who after listening to my dilemma, stated rudely that Houston Garden Center does not employ hordicultureist.

Again I add that I was not looking for a hordicultureist, but instead someone knowledgeable on a basic product such as Atrazine which helps..... (this is where she begins to yell at me and says that I don't have to tell her what Atrazine is.)

To bad Jennifer can't tell her staff what Atrazine is because I really could have used the product.

After I advised Jennifer that I felt she was being rude, she said our conversation was over.

I will say that I am in law enforcement and burglary suspects don't get talked to the way she spoke me.

I will follow up with the BBB and Matt Hooper. Someone has to open this guys eyes up but I am guessing that since Jennifer failed to provide her last name to me, it's probably Hooper.




Houston garden center

Don,t shop here!! They will not help you if you have a problem with there lieing to you



Provided by Citysearch - 
Horrible Service,Store and Corp.

HGC is a horrible place to ""TRY"" and do business. Not only do they not care about the customer, their corporate office is just as bad. Icouldn't get in touch with a location, so I called, 713-218-0860, the corporate office. You could tell she had fielded many calls like mine, and she wasn't interested. And I don't know what world one of the previous commenters is from, but Jazzeerun, or whoever, is a total dimwit. I imagine most people go to which ever store they go to, with a certain amount of knowledge. And if you go to a store, lacking said knowlwedge, you rely on store personnel to assist you. HGC cannot do that because they are not knowledgeable, and if they were, they could not convey that knowledge because they do not even have a working use of the ENGLISH language. I am half hispanic, but if I was in Mexico, and wanted to do business in a semi professional way, I would learn to speak spanish. One reason would be so people would not try to take advantage of you., and I would think that if someone else moved here from another country, like Mexico, maybe you should learn ENGLISH. I hope I.C.E. never pays a visit to their locations, because I would bet that AT LEAST 75% of their employees would not pass the legal definition of legal immigrant, or be on a work visa. HGC would have to shut down most if no all of their stores. If HGC doesn't want these type of reviews, maybe they should train the employees better, instead of hiring people who can't speak english and/or because it's covenient because they all ride together. Stay Away From Houston Garden Centers if you want to enjoy your Flower and Tree buying experience!!



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User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
by dat 03/28/2011
purchased some plants from Atascocia Store, Houston garden center, besides the fact you can never seem to get anyone to help you or answer questions, they over charged me. I didn't notice until I got home that they charged me for 5 when I only purchased 2. They ring up everything in mutltiples, which is no issue, but you need to check the number count they use. When I got home and realized the mistake, I called the phone number for Atascocita, goes to a recording. I went back to the store with my receipt, and attitude was so what, not our problem, you should of checked over the entire recept before you left the store, he had no desire to correct a mistake of theirs and was extremely rude. When you leave with your purchase there is an employee that checks your receipt and items in your cart to make sure it matches. Is it not surprising that he didn't say something when he matched the receipt up to the items purchased!!! I wonder how many times they ring up 5 or 6 of something when you are actually buying less, especially this time of year on weekends when you wait for a very long time in line to check out. Maybe this is a common practice with this store??? Watch out AND DON'T GET TAKEN LIKE ME!!!
I will never shop there again, at least at Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart, customer service is something you can always count on.



Poor customer service, poor quality plants

I do not know how these people stay in business. Their bedding plants look good but generally do not have a mature enough root system to survive transplant. They use illegal aliens in their stores who barely speak English and none of them know anything about their plants. This company is all about ripping people off. They DO NOT have any customer service at all and could care less if you are happy with your purchase.