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Alexander P.



With all the knowledge I gained from her I felt confident and grateful to take care of my body and make very specific diet and lifestyle changes. The combination of our meeting and detailed and personalized vitamin therapy, my health and eyes are completely refreshed. My eyes or completely clear of any redness and look and feel so much better. It's a MIRACLE!!! I have zero redness and virtually no allergies! I'm completely shocked and grateful for these improvements in my health.

I have been strongly recommending her to all of my friends and family who are experiencing any kind of health problems. And I would definitely recommend her to you if you're looking for an answer to your problems! Thank you so much Doctor!




Since seeing Dr. Ostroff I feel 100% better, and my energy level has increased a lot! Her work is so appreciated, and I'm sure I will see her again!



Today I am well and I feel fan...

Today I am well and I feel fantastic. I am in my fifties and for many years now I felt sick and weak and thought that is it just going to get worse as I age. Conventional doctors were convincing me of that as well. Dr. Ostroff's approach is so different. In my opinion she is a true healer. She looks at the whole person. I really love that treatment was so precisely designed for me and it worked so fast. Aft just two visits my asthma disappeared, I started loosing weight naturally. My arthritis stricken joints feel a lot better and I have more flexibility. The biggest one for me was how Dr.Ostroff correctly diagnosed and treated my chronic illness that I had been suffering from for so many years! Thank You Dr.Ostroff



Thank you Dr. Joy for helping ...

Thank you Dr. Joy for helping me learn so much about how to be a healthier, happier person. I feel like learning and following your program is some of the vital missing links to help me have full health and radiance. I feel great!



For a long time I had an extre...

For a long time I had an extreme skin allergy. I went to a lot of doctors and all told me there's not a cure for this condition. Now, with the acupuncture, the natural medicine, and changing my diet, I feel better and now I know how to control my allergy.



I was introduced by my wife to...

I was introduced by my wife to Dr. Joy. She told me how good she eflt and convinced me to try her services, so I did. After my first treatment I stopped taking my prescriptions and started with the natural medicine she prescribed. I feel completely better and thank you Dr. Joy!



I am happy to be well on my wa...

I am happy to be well on my way to a better life. Not too long ago I was requesting accomodations at a hospice or care home. Dr. Ostroff had assisted me to turn 180 degrees and I am moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Ostroff's counseling and responses to my questions is excellent. I ceommend her highly.



My thanks to Dr. Joy for her w...

My thanks to Dr. Joy for her wisdom and confidence in believing in me when I really didn’t anymore. She and Brittany had faith for me. My health was not good and I didn’t feel well and hadn’t for years. In three short weeks I fell alive and awake. On the way to living once again with love and gratitude I thank you.



For the first time in a long t...

For the first time in a long time I don't have any back pain. At night I had such a hard time sleeping, unable to find a comfortable position without pain, and had to resort to a pain killer. After Dr Joy's care, I can sleep however I want, without pain, even on my back, which used to be impossible. It is a joy to have Dr Joy in my life and as my doctor, using natural methods to heal me.



When I first came to see Dr Os...

When I first came to see Dr Ostroff, I weight 180 lbs, had migraine headaches, allergies, and terrible eating habits. In one year with Dr Ostroff's advice on dietary, natural remedies, and overall health, I lost 30 lbs, and changed my eating habits. I feel great, I do the things I've always wanted to do. I never could have done it without the knowledge and education from Dr Ostroff. Everyone should have a counselor to guide and educate them. I know I could not have done this alone.



I am so pleased with the Zeron...

I am so pleased with the Zerona treatments, which gave me a kick-start in losing weight. Her assistant, Brittany, was extremely helpful and encouraging. With Dr. Ostroff's help and dedication, I was able to stay on track of eating more healthily. This whole experience has changed my entire outlook on food, eating and life in general. I now look at food very differently. which empowers me to control my food intake. Dr. Ostroff has also helped me in understanding my diabetes and controlling it without prescription drugs. I no longer have the jitters as I sometimes did whenever I had not eaten in a while. I feel really good and more energetic. I am 64 years old, and with the accompanying aches and pains whenever I over-exert myself, Dr. Ostroff has also helped me with that problem by performing acupuncture. Thank you.



The first time Dr. Ostroff sat...

The first time Dr. Ostroff sat down and talked to me, I told her about my years of struggling with hypothyroidism. I suffered for about 4 years of constant fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, mood swings, and complete absence of my menstrual cycle. After coping with these symptoms, my main concern was the absent menstrual cycle. She tested me, changed my thyroid medication, and within DAYS, I had my period! (Which I haven't experienced in almost 2 years!). I am still on my way to full recovery and balancing my thyroid levels completely, but this is the best I've felt and the most results I've seen throughout the years!



When I began seeing Dr. Diana ...

When I began seeing Dr. Diana I was in pretty bad shape internally. My cholesterol was high, my bad fat was too high and my food fat was too low. I was even rejected by the blood bank to donate blood because my iron was so low. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling too good. But through many months of TLC from Dr. Diana and the help of supplements and lifestyle changes on my part, I am now in the road to living a healthy life. My lab test taken by Straub showed a dramatic decrease in my cholesterol level and great improvements on my HDL and LDL levels. I am now once again able to donate blood and needless to say am feeling much better. Dr Diana has taught me how to take care of myself.



Since 1986 I have had allergic...

Since 1986 I have had allergic reactions to common antibiotics and minor heart problems. For several years I was advised to take daily medication. During this period, the symptoms were somewhat controlled but did not fully abate. The thought of taking medication for an indefinite period was very distasteful. I read an article on naturopathic medicine and thought to give this avenue a try. To my amazement, within weeks my symptoms such as shortness of breath and irregular heart rhythm were controlled by diet and the correct supplements. Prior to my stating this regimen, I was able to jog only 10-15 minutes before experiencing discomfort. Today I run 45 minutes, 5 times per week, and this timeframe is only limited by family commitments and a bus work schedule.

Brittany P.


I moved to Hawaii from an enti...

I moved to Hawaii from an entire life of east coast living. Upon arrival my sleep cycle was seriously disturbed. I could not sleep during the night, during the day – anytime. I was exhausted and I could not sleep. This went on for two weeks and then I found Dr. Ostroff. Within one week I was sleeping 6 hours per night. After 2 weeks I was back to sleeping 8 hours. Then after 3 weeks, I was sleeping 8 RESTFUL hours and feeling much more energized. It even only took me 2 days to paint the entire inside of our new house! I am so thankful for her. Without this I would have continued to struggle to the adjustment, I would not have had energy to go on job interviews or spend time with my husband. Beyond this, she has kept me from getting colds, she has balanced my diet and helped with my terrible knee pain. I can say honestly: SHE DOES IT ALL!

I don't know what else I can d...

I don't know what else I can do for you - we've tried every medication there is for high blood pressure. This was the pronouncement of my medical doctor a few months ago. I was being treated for hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, arthritis, asthma, allergies and other maladies. I came to Dr. Ostroff in a brain fog of prescription drugs and pain. I had little energy, sleep deprivation and a very busy schedule which contributed to my elevated blood pressure. After only 2 months of treatment I am much more energetic, having more restful sleep, reducing the prescription medications and my blood pressure is beginning to go down. Dr. Ostroff's expertise and knowledge of correct supplements and herbal prescriptions has started a healing process in my body and I have a greater feeling of well-being than i've had for a long time. I really appreciate Dr. Ostroff's positive, caring attitude toward physical and emotional needs to promote healing.

I am not exaggerating when I s...

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never been in such despair or confusion about my health. During the initial consultation, I felt a sense of relief wash over me because Dr. Ostroff was able to cut through the confusion, and explained that getting my hormones in balance was not just about treating symptoms, and it certainly was not a quick fix. She set out a goal to get my entire mind, body, and spirit back into balance, and when that happens, the hormones should also be in balance. This not only made sense to me, but it demonstrated a sense of caring on her part to help bring me to optimal health. The simplicity of it is simply elegant. In addition, she detected a viral infection that we had to work on first. I have quit smoking and drinking coffee. I have lost some weight, which was unintentional, but a welcomed change. I can now see how my past diet and habits led me to a point where i could just not maintain my health and menopause, they say, is the mother of all wake up calls. I am at the point where I do feel much more balanced, have some energy and want to start an exercise program that will add even more energy and tone to the body. In less than two months, my hot flashes are much milder and less frequent, to the point where I can finally function during the day. The dizziness is gone and I can drive and go out with confidence. My sleep has improved. I feel so much better and believe that I have only just begun. My experience with Dr. Ostroff has been life changing, and I am now looking forward to the rest of my life knowing that the best is yet to come.


Phone: (808) 373-9966

Address: 5283 Kimokeo St, Honolulu, HI 96821


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