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Tactical U Firearms Training and Self-Defense Academy teaches you how to keep your family safe and win a lethal encounter!

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Tactical U Firearms Training and Self-Defense Academy teaches you how to keep your family safe and win a lethal encounter!
Active and Retired Law Enforcement SWAT Trainers Offering Firearm Safety, Firearms Training, Maritime Security, Civilian Defensive, Close Protection, Hostile Environment Awareness Training and more...
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Located inside the Hollywood Beach Resorts Hotel. On the beach!!
Hollywood Beach, Central Beach
Classroom, Simunitions Shoot House, 100 yard outdoor Range available




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Joey W.



Many of us are under the misconception that by simply owning a gun and firing at the range once-in-a-while is all we need for peace of mind... I mean, wouldn't that be nice if it were that simple? This course will quickly make you realize that without the proper techniques, the gun and ammo is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. I thought I was a decent shot and pretty comfortable with my handling techniques but thanks to Stephen, I now have a much better understanding as to not only "how" to properly handle my weapon, but equally importantly "why". Independent of your experience level, you'll either erase bad habits or get set on the correct path by the end of this course. Stephen also follows up with homework, additional info and video from your session so you won't walk out the door and forget everything you learned. Best self-defense investment I've made as a gun owner and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in the course!

Quan S.



Mr. Stephn Cohen is one of the best instructors. I have meet so far his course is very informational and i recommend anyone that need. Training Should Definitely Take one of mr cohen classes

Alex C.



Very informative and inspiring instruction from Steven. Left with more information than I was expecting, and motivated to continue my education in this field. Looking forward to more training to improve my comfort and skills with proper weapon usage. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is serious about concealed carry. ����������������

Darwin S.



Stephen Cohen is an excellent instructor. He will definitely show and explain the proper handling and discipline in handling a pistol. As a newbies, I have learned a lot in 1 day. I am looking forward in taking my 2nd and continuous education in handling a pistol. Highly recommended!

Brian G.



If your serious about learning how to use a firearm, Stephen Cohen is the man for you. He breaks it down into an easy to learn system that really works, and gives you drills that you can practice at home or on the range. Stephen has the experience, training, and know how to take your firearm skills to what ever level you desire. And its fun! I am much more confidant with my firearm, and know that the training I received is tested and used by professionals around the world. For whatever skill level you desire, he is the man to see.

Justin S.



Best firearm training I have ever received. Stephen helped me better my shooting and fundamentals. Even with military training my shooting wasn't excellent. I can say now I'm a lot better than I was before the class at tactical u. I plan on taking more classes with Stephen- Justin Army MP

Hector V.



I honestly would recommend the class to anyone I know. If you want a thorough teaching and to learn how to be safe handling your weapon this is your instructor.

Stephanie S.



He was a very excellent and patient instructor. Really great at giving you directions and getting you to understand how and why things are done! Highly recommend!

Ashley S.



Steve is thorough. I can't really say that enough. He is very thorough and I appreciate that more than I can say because one can never know too much about guns or gun safety and not knowing enough is frankly, a terrifying thing. Thoughout the course of the training session he discussed everything from basic gun safety to, to mechanics, law, and even the proper psychological mindset one must have in order to safely and confidently yield a firearm. The actual practical instructive portion of the lesson is organized so that one can take baby steps - getting acclimated to each step required in the process of handling and firing guns - so that by the time I was at the range I was a lot less intimidated by the prospect of shooting a gun. In addition, when at the range he offered clear and concise tips that helped my shooting technique improve at a spectacular rate. Moreover, Steve goes above and beyond what is required of him because he teaches more than just gun safety, he teaches one how to be safe, situationally aware at all times, and perpetually prepared for potentially dangerous scenarios one might face in everyday life.

Colin M.



I recently took a CCW class with Tactical U and instructor Steven C. I had very limited experience with safety/operation/accuracy of a firearm prior to my class. What a difference 6 hours makes. I had no idea what goes into the correct, safe and accurate (to name a few) ways to handle and use a firearm. Steve's decades of experience and training was very beneficial to me and the rest of the class. I highly recommend Tactical U if you are interested in receiving training from professional, experienced and talented people.

Sammy Z.



FLAWLESS!!! I can’t say enough positive things about Steve C. and his class. I am not one to recommend many people, but I must say that Steve delivered the best training class I could have wished for. His passion for teaching, his knowledge level and his enthusiasm is extremely contagious. I left his class 100% confident and extremely energized. Without a single doubt, Steve is the one to go to if you want to master how to safely handle a weapon for personal /family protection. Thank you Steve! You deserve every compliment you get.

Jason W.


You get what you pay for

Steve's class is priced slightly more than others, however it is longer and much more comprehensive. In the end it is an investment, you will actually learn safety that not only benefits you but anyone around you. I definitely recommend taking any weapons class he teaches.

Ali E.



Training by a proffessional! I've never felt comfortable around firearms. Thank You Steve for your thorough teachings and helping me walk out with confidence. Your class was full of information and your message was delievered well and clear. Can't wait to sign up for another class.

Charles N.



Steve at Tactical U is an amazing teacher. I have taken two courses: intro to AR-15 and CCW. In both courses, he was professional, his lessons were well put together, and he gave every student a lot of one-on-one time. I highly recommend Tactical U.

John S.


Summary: This is training tha...

Summary: This is training that will separate you from others in a good way. I came away with practical skills, techniques, and knowledge that go far beyond my previous ability to simply make holes in paper with bullets. The instructors are real people who are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and practice what they preach. I recommend this class as the right way to get grounded and learn respect for deadly firearms. It is also a lot of fun!

Impressions of Instructors:

- Safe - rules and understanding of those rules come first and they are consistently applied throughout the entire training experience.

- Friendly - smiles, handshakes, courtesy, and having fun are abundant.

- Encouraging, Supportive, and Understanding - They get you involved and motivate you no matter your abilities. Adjust pace of training for your skill and physical conditioning levels.

- Through

- Competent

- Entertaining - They have many engaging and humorous stories of real life teaching, consultative work, and personal experiences.

- Human and Approachable - They are not chest beaters who cram their stuff on you. They were like normal people who are also very good with firearms.

- A really good shot! - You will see perfect triangles during zeroing demonstrations and nickel size groupings at 100 yrds. It really encourages you to practice the techniques they have taught you.

What I Learned in the Intro to ARs Class:

- Techniques and practices which are compliant with the Criminal Justice Standard.

- Detailed information on AR platform including history, anatomy, operation, and cleaning procedures.

- Body placement of rifle, heel toe, Ready high/low. No bent over neck.

- Trigger control, slack out, press press press, bang, out till reset, breath, exhale, press press press...

- Stance, feet planted, forward aggressive lean.

- Muzzle awareness and control. Protect life first then property.

- Drills to practice at home, dry, which ingrain the proper behaviors that will automatically surface in any situation.

- Team movement and awareness of others on your team.

- Skills and techniques to show local range jockeys that they may be left behind or worse end up dead in a real fire fight.

- And much much more.

Some Observations:

- Classroom is a bit warm in the late spring early summer.

- Food, drinks for purchase, and restrooms are accessible during classroom breaks.

- Range is relatively new and well built with shaded firing/staging lines with benches and chairs. The range staff was friendly and the restrooms were unexpectedly clean and accommodating.

- Correspondence related to training confirmation had different class name than web site offering (Intro to Precision Scoped Rifle vs. Intro Assault Rifle)

- Classroom handouts are provided electronically which let me decide if trees should die for further reading.



Great class

The class with Steve were very insightful and he made sure I corrected my mistakes. He pushed me to improve and get better. The expertise Steve brought to the training was tremendous. When I learn something, I want to be taught by the best. I have not been through extensive tactical training, but I can attest that Tactical U has to be among the best. I would recommend them to anyone that wishes to be better prepared to handle an active shooter situation.


Cleyton Costa



A Must For All

This class should be required for all with CCW permits!! You won't believe how much you could learn about handling a pistol, trigger control and reloading, until you take this class. The instructor Stephen, eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff and loves teaching it. If you are serious about carrying a gun to protect yourself and your family, you need to take this class. It's worth the price of admission and then some!!



Firearms training

I have been shooting for about 2 years and I just took handgun firearms training class from Steve at Tactical U. Once the class started handling the handguns Steve notice my support hand wasn't right and he made a slight adjustment which made my grip on the gun much better. This little adjustment made a huge improvement in how well I shoot at the range. Another thing that was new to me was magazine changes, but Steve had the class rapidly changing them out and news ones back in in no time and using the proper angles, head up, etc. If you have some experience or none at all with guns you should take a class at Tactical U.




Both my wife and son came away from the class with a hole different outlook towards guns. My wife no longer fears them but respects them. That alone is a great accomplishment. My son was very impressed with you. He really came out more confident and raived about how his shots were much improved and also he personnally was impressed with your overall knowledge of everything.

For me, it was learning a structured approach towards guns. Learning the abc's of how to handle and the awareness involved in gun safety and self defense.

Now it is practice, practice, and a lot of "tapping and racking"!!

I definitely want to continue my education and proficiency in gun handling and self defense. Stephen will definitly be my instructor!!

What a great class and instruc...

What a great class and instructor. Class was full day lots of classroom work and then off to the range. You will leave being competent in handling a firearm safely and properly. Everyone thinking about gun ownership should take this class. Steve my instructor was wonderful. He drills the proper handling method into you. Come prepared to learn.


Phone: (561) 666-2720

Address: 101 N Ocean Dr Ste 131, Hollywood, FL 33019

Website: Law Enforcement Certifed Firearms Professionals!

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