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Provided by Citysearch - 
Oil Trading Academy? REAL!!

I have the secret code and have watched the videos. I like what I see and look forward to trading it. David seeks to inform the smart, educated people what the main stream media hides from us. We have been fed a lot of BS all of our lives. The secret code will help me to make money.



Provided by Citysearch - 

Hello, world, first of all, i´m in EL Salvador now, so no this is no David its JDNeeman, you can ask me or locate me at jdneeman@gmail com and can call me, i bought this videos in the US and brought them with me, i didnt have the time to watch them all, till a weeks ago a finished and i was eager to test it, let me tell you that i have applied the code to FOREX instead of OIL although i trade OIL too, but i have been trading FOREX for quite some time, my profit has been 80% using the code, i´m using it, all you have to do is check the chart and if you know the code will be very easy to trade.

by the way the code is so simple that is nothing close to a code but generates pips and ticks as the most hard code to crack.




OTA has put the truth out ther...

OTA has put the truth out there.

I started trading 18 months ago after taking early retirement from teaching maths at college level.I spent a small fortune on education on the forex market and another on systems and indicators.End result? Blew up two substantial accounts.Not wanting to quit trading for the incredible returns and freedom it can offer you and after learning that 97% fail in the forex market(with the remaining 3% driving Bentleys)I turned to trading Oil.Now Oil is even more volatile and the news does not appear at regular set dates that drive the market but I had inside info (or so I thought)as a close friend worked for an international oil company and was privy to their actuarial risk parameters which he surreptitiously passed on to me on a DAILY basis.End result?Blew up 2 more substantial accounts.

I was about to throw in the towel when I came across David in a desperate search on the internet.I knew this info was dynamite as I had been nursing bad trades for up to 36 consecutive hours and had noticed these inexplicable bizarre price movements that messed up all the technicals.Finally I came across the explanation and more than that a way of actually being able to anticipate the time at which the sure trades set up.No one else can do that!!

I cannot thank David enough for his generosity in making his observations available.You do need quite a bit of practice to master his method.You face a very cunning opponent.Only a superb mathematical mind could have noticed the subtlety of these patterns and he charges a pittance for the most valuable of all commodities-accurate knowledge.



Dear, I bought the videos from...

Dear, I bought the videos from the Oil Trading Acedemy, and after many years of experience I can say that the program shows by itself that it works.



Hi everyone! I bought the T...

Hi everyone!

I bought the The Oil Trading Academy three months ago

and that is the best purchase I 've ever made!

Some people think David is scam but it 's not true! he says

the truth but it sounds like some people go away from it!

All I can say that David is an eye opener!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Oil Trading Academy is the real deal!

Thank Oil Trading Academy! 98% of what 's being taught to you on the internet in connection with trading the financial markets is wrong! traders are fed up with that!

OLA teaches you the truth and open your eyes!
I purchased the videos few months back and was

Be careful out there!



PLEASE stay away from the Oil ...

PLEASE stay away from the Oil Trading Academy. It is a scam. If you websearch it you'll find only positive web returns, but look closely, The OTA and its minions flood every website they can to prop it up, burying negative news and 'scam' results. For one thing, look at the reviews on Yellow Pages. How many broken-english, ambiguous, 'rave' reviews can one company get?

There are countless 'Get Rich Quick' schemes promising a free lunch. If one man knew how to profit so strongly from the Oil markets, why wouldn't he just do so and make himself rich. And if you claim, "he wants to share his knowledge with the world"; thats fine, but why charge any money to participate? If I made millions trading oil, I doubt I would have any financial need to charge hundreds to share my idea.

If you are having financial troubles, plunking down hundreds of dollars just to hear "if there is a war in the middle east, the price of oil will go up!" is not the solution.



This is a great opportunity to...

This is a great opportunity to make a lot of money!!!! I've been trading for 8 years now, but this has blown my mind , and will make me a rich man soon. I only can recommend this "Secret Code", which price is a "steal" compare to the money you are able to make within a short period of time. Thank you so much David.





The best way for consumers to ...

The best way for consumers to determine if a business is legitimate is by the reviews of its customers. I have used David's system - both Oil and Blackjack. I have money using both methods. I have documentation of my trading records, as well as proof in my promotion card record at the casino (despite David's warning against this, which he explains in the video).

I am a living testament to the functioning of his methodology. In addition, he posts updates to his videos so you will retain your edge, should his system have any faults. David is an individual who believes in the truth. We are the type of people that believe, by concealing the truth, one is abetting and aiding those people who choose to conceal and suppress it. Join the revolution.



They guy uses his claim of bei...

They guy uses his claim of being a scientist and philosopher as well as using religion and conspiracy theories and even uses a word like "code" to act like he has something legitimate. These are all earmarks of a scammer. But don't take my word for it just based on that, ask him to prove it LIVE instead of handpicked videos that worked out that you are viewing after the fact and then listen to what he has to say. This guy has hocked car sales, to forex trading, to blackjack gambling over the years and now he spends time hocking this. He at one time lived in a tiny one bedroom apt and now the address he just now changed to shows for his latest living arrangement is at a big house that has been for sale for several months as of this writing. Is he now just renting a room?? Also do a search for his website on the web and see what you come up with. The only positive posts anywhere are brand new members to various sites thus making it very highly likely it is merely him posting those positive reviews as he did here. Pay attention to the long time members at these various sites. This is his common method of advertising which is also very common amongst scammers. If he really was successful would he really be hocking this garbage using sites like this? Of course not. If he really was successful he would be a multimillionaire and not hocking this garbage to the desperate folks looking for something for nothing, which is what he is all about. Be prudent...



David claims to be a scientist...

David claims to be a scientist, but knows nothing of science. He says he's too smart to learn anything from anyone else. He used to sell a blackjack system and forex signals. Now he's duping gullible people with his Oil Trading Academy scam.

He makes his money selling his system. His videos are carefully selected and don't represent the full trading history of his account. Buyer beware!



Oil trading Academy has its im...

Oil trading Academy has its important role in my trades. Through the secret code the impossible to earn big is now in reality. No worries to invest because 90% accuracy, double or triple your money back to you.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Truth about Oil Trading Academy

I purchased the videos from Oil Trading Academy 3 months ago. At first I was unsure and thought it was a scam. What I found out was the videos are legitimate. The people at Oil Trading Academy have taught me an effective trading strategy to trade and become profitable on a consistent basis. I have paid of other trading systems and trained for several months using them with little or no success. I would highly recommend purchasing the secret and macro code videos.




I bought the oil trading cours...

I bought the oil trading course at oil trading academy and I cannot believe how accurate it is! Thank you guys!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Scam or not? The truth about Oil trading Academy

I got the secret code videos from oil trading academy about 2 years ago. These secret code videos were absolutely real. Until I am using it everyday and from it I earned lots of money. Truly, oil trading academy is NOT a SCAM.



Truly, oil trading academy is ...

Truly, oil trading academy is the best way to earn money. I cant understand why some people say this is scam but it's not. Thank you for the secret code!



There are so many scams out th...

There are so many scams out there, but i'm glad to say that i have found something that really works. I am now earning really well by using the secret code in doing my trades.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Oil Trading Academy is definitely NOT A SCAM!

Very happy to have come across their website and have bought their videos. Learned different methods and strategies in trading, SECRET CODE is perfectly working,and i'm earning more money than ever before. Is that a scam? I don't think so :)



I used to avoid oil futures un...

I used to avoid oil futures until I began learning about the secret code. What the advanced videos from Oil Trading Academy reveal are incredible! Now I am able to make a serious money out of trading oil using the strategies that I've gained from the video course. This is far more profitable than any other investments out there.



Provided by Citysearch - 

The only way to make money trading oil is to actually learn how to trade and Oil Trading Academy guided me on the learning process through their advanced videos and the strategies they are teaching. The secret code works super well!!