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We specialize in providing high quality and affordable: room additions, home plans, and remodeling services.

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Das Haus Design was born out of a very simple but powerful solution to a problem. Namely, how can we help people increase the value of their real estate without waiting for the market to recover?Many homeowners through the Los Angeles area have already discovered that a home addition not only will increase such value but that such investment can be turned into real monthly rental income. With an intelligent design, this can even be achieved without having to sacrifice your privacy.Alternatively, if you're designing your own home, Das Haus Design can ensure make every square foot count out of your investment.Das Haus Design networks with a sophisticated and experienced list of designers and project development professionals across Southern California. We understand that only when functionality is blended with intelligent design can a product truly thrive. Call Das Haus Design today at 818 280 9292 or e-mail us at for a free consultation. Also, for free daily tips and design ideas don't forget to add us on Facebook.
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Room Additions: Das Haus Design counts with a network of professionals that prioritize design and functionality in our room additions. These professionals know the mathematical ratios and have the ability to emulate the look of your existing home which will likely earn you many compliments from your neighbors. Custom Homes:Your home is the most personal and precious space one has. Also, since no two families are ever alike, a home reflects our individual personalities and needs.For this reason, many fortunate homeowners choose to design their own homes in the hopes that this will provide the ultimate level of comfort and daily leisure they deserve.Unfortunately, not everyone can design a home. Also, not everyone that can build a home can successfully design a home that will meet expectations. For example, many homeowners who have had their homes designed by unqualified professionals are stuck with doors that open the wrong way or even run into each other. Moreover, once these errors are made they are permanent or at the least extremely expensive to correct.For this reason, it is essential to consult with the services of an Architect or another professional designer who knows not to commit these errors from the very beginning of planning. Das Haus counts with the support of such professionals to ensure your final project will bring many years of joy to you and your family.Remodeling:Physical things get old and every so often require attention and/or replacement. Just like an old car with milage on it, a home can also accumulate years. The issues arising from the passage of time not only create inconveniences around the house but it also takes a heavy toll on the home's value. Also, changes in style over time make it so that and what was beautiful and innovative in the 70's, today may evoke the feeling of living inside a time capsule. In order to maintain your investment, many home owners turn to remodeling. This solution preserves their home's value and functionality.Das Haus Design can help you remodel your house in an intelligent, innovative and functional way so that your dream home can stay a dream home for many years to come.
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