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Tri L.



Tran Nguyen Thang should be thankful for all customers' feedback recorded in this forum. Your business improves significantly because YOU read and implement solutions to ALL PROBLEMS identified in this forum. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL for the feedback. Without these IMPROVEMENTS, ATNT Travel would have filed bankruptcy. STOP YOUR COMPLAINS & SAYS YOUR THANKSGIVING PRAYER!
Your challenges are to bring back all customers who have fled ATNT Travel & Tours. Good Luck! We won't be coming back!
Đồ trốn lính!

Hoaihuong R.
Edited: 08/04/2017

Tran Nguyen Thang (aka Tran Van Thang) takes advantage of his travelers especially the senior citizens. Tran Nguyen Thang knows that the elderly are not the sophisticated travelers. It is easy for them just sign over the checks rather than to research for travel information. Tran Nguyen Thang put them in the so call 4-star hotels w/ bed bugs, urine-smelled unsecured rooms, feed them with intercontinental buffets without tasting the local well -known cuisine and teach them nothing about the destinations' culture. ATNT Tours' pricing is very expensive for the service it provides. Remember, Tran Nguyen Thang has to provide for his two mistresses with their two children and he is only few years away from reaching 70 (The guy got to make money FAST!)
Tourists have reported that Tran Nguyen Thang has made some changes to his business style. He no longer sleeps with customers; no longer brings mistress My Tien on the road; listens/adapts to customers’ needs more often now. Still ATNT still has a long way to become a reliable tour company for the Vietnamese community. ATNT Tours is still a baby in the crawling stage.
Here are the simple steps to get the most for your travel money for touring outside of the USA. Know which countries you want to visit. Use google to find out which tourist sites should be visited. Again, use google to get names of escorted tour companies. Read itineraries to see if your desired sites are covered. Google to review companies' ratings. Read companies' rules and proceed with bookings. ATNT Tours is not a knowledgeable and dependable tour company to use.

Thien H.



Tôi đã đi tour ở nước ngoài (ngoài USA) 2 lần với ATNT Travels & Tour. Tôi rất hài lòng về cách làm việc của hãng này, và nhứt là phong cách của người chủ nhân (Anh Trần Nguyên Thắng). Anh Thắng cũng là Tour Guide của chúng tôi trong kỳ đi Tây Âu mùa Hè 2015. Trong kỳ đi Japan+Taiwan+Skorea tháng April 2017, thì Tour Guide là Anh Trương Hà Sanh, chúng tôi cũng rất hài lòng với Anh Sanh. Mặc dù, mỗi kỳ đi tour, lúc nào cũng có một vài khuyết điểm nhỏ cần được điều chỉnh và cái tiến. Tuy nhiên, tôi cảm thấy Anh Thắng rất vui vẻ đón nhận những phê bình để cải thiện. Đây chính là điểm quan trọng nhứt để survive và success trong business. Anh Thắng không có cái lối nói chuyện hoặc làm việc như những businessperson khác. Chúng tôi sẽ đi thêm một Tour Canada & NewYork vào tháng July 2017 nầy. Và chúng tôi cũng dự định sẽ đi thêm những tour khác với hãng này trong tương lai gần. Nếu có bạn nào muốn hỏi thêm chi tiết, có thể liên lạc với tôi qua email, (Hồ Duy Thiện).

Minhthang T.



How does Tran Nguyen Thang able to keep ATNT running? TNT seduces women who have money to provide him the financial support necessary to keep him, his illegitimate children alive & ATNT in operation. TNT married Simone Nga because she owned a profitable business & he wanted to become a US citizen. She was the sole family provider when TNT was fired from Mitsubishi. She divorced TNT because of his excessive adulterous affairs. To operate & advance ATNT, gigolo TNT pursues various sugar mamas. For hired help around the office, TNT sleeps with already-married-secretary-SaigonVC & mother of his six-month old-baby-girl Francine NguyenMyTien for free labor. While dating FNMT, TNT also pursues HanoiVC-now-Moscow-mother-of-three writer Bui Lan Huong (AVTravel/ATNT tour guide Hoai Huong/Hoang Dung, Buddhist Tam Dieu Huong). BLH now provides financially support to TNT, the father of her six-year old son. To date, Tran Tat Thang continues affair with both NguyenQuiTien in CA and BLH in Moscow.

Orchid H.



South America--if you would like to experience outdoor camping on a cool night in high-elevation Machu Picchu , this tour is created just for you. Western & Central Europe--If your religion is Buddism, this tour is your tour. Tran Nguyen Thang's translation of Christianity is so incorrect that you won't notice. Tran Nguyen Thang will personally accompany you to watch European women swimming topless. Chilean's Atacama Desert & Torres del Paine--If you enjoy all-terrain- vehicle adventures to heaven on high roads full of pot holes, the tour is designed for you. Turkey & Greece--if you're an independent travelers, you will like this tour. Tran Dam Thang and his fairy, Qui Tien prefer to stay in their honeymoon suite most of the time. Tran Van Thang's equipment still works as he and VC Nguyen MyTien welcomed a baby girl named Nguyen MyNhan in March 2016. Israel & Jordan--Tran Van Thang will demonstrate how to lose blackberry and camera equipment in Old Jerusalem.

Charliephong D.



Another factor which contributes to the tours' poor quality is the poor-quality lodging. In one tour, we were subjected to many dirty hotels. In a TV talk show, Tran Nguyen Thang boasted the he just returned from an inspection trip. Apparently, inspection was only done at the starting of the business. Now that he makes millions, Tran Nguyen Thang does not care to perform inspection anymore. When we alert Tran Nguyen Thang of the hotels' issues, Tran Nguyen Thang asked if we had informed the local tour guide of the problems (local tour guides choose hotels). Can you believe that? Tran Nguyen Thang wants us to correct his own problems!! Another common lodging problem is people still do not hotel reservations upon arrival (a 10-year old ATNT Travel & Tours still has operational issues. The operation manager deserves to be fired.)

Anh B.



We thank you Little Saigon 19/19 investigative reporters for their thorough research on ATNT Travel & Tours-- the true face of ATNT Tours & Travel is now exposed-about their sloppy operation, incompetent tour guides/directors; sleazy and lazy tour coordinator, Tran Dam Thang and disrespectful and uneducated Nguyen Qui TIen Francine (NQTF). Many past tourists have chosen not to return to ATNT Travel & Tours Even long term and experienced employees, office manager, Hong Phuc and assistant office manager, Bao Nam have left their posts earlier this year. ATNT is struggling to recruit new customers. Even though already in their 10th anniversary, ATNT still tries hard in advertisement such as writing weekly travel articles in which no one reads anymore because of continual reprints; making porno videos which Tran Dam Thang (TDT) and nguoiviet's Huynh Ngoc Dam like to aim cameras at women's chests and creating TV talkshows in which the two lovers, TNT and NQTF make fools out of themselves.

Sophi L.



Tran Nguyen Thang does not know how to act appropriately as the owner of ATNT Travel & Tours. At the end of the tour, instead of himself bids goodbyes to his customers, he directs his secretary/lover Nguyen My Tien Francine to do the job (the Americans are so professional. US pilots stand by the airplanes' doors to personnally thank customers as they deplane). And we never have heard Tran Nguyen Thang nor any of his employees says thank you to customers. ATNT Travel & Tours believes that they do us a favor by taking on their tours. Also, when there are problems, Tran Nguyen Thang avoids looking straight into customers' eyes to say "I am sorry and I will take care of this." Instead, he looks away with arrogant face that says "Leave me alone.". How can a company be successful when the owner does not know the basics of customer service?

Hoangdung R.



Now that Tran Nguyen Thang is a multi-millionaire, he spends money lavishly for his personal uses. For examples, he buys Apple laptops and iphones for him and his secretary/lover, Nguyen My Tien to use. TNT also invests in real estate property for the mistress in Russia and purchases mobile home for the secretary/lover Nguyen My TIen Francine to live in Fountain Valley.

May we suggest that Tran Nguyen Thang also spends money on hiring professional and knowledgeable tour guides to lead ATNT tours so the tours' quality meets international standards (as is ATNT tours reflect China standard). Doing this allows Tran Nguyen Thang to concentrate on becoming a better tour coordinator and Nguyen Francine can focus on being a good secretary fulltime.

If you choose not to invest in your company, then you and My Tien should enroll at Golden West College to earn AA in world history so you can improve your skills in leading tours.

Ton K.



Two Faced/Double Standard/Hypocrite of Tran Nguyen Thang

ATNT Travel & Tours' Tran Nguyên Thang là mot gã đàn ông hai mat.

Tran Nguyên Thang (TNT) khi viet lách hay ke chuyen đi chùa tung kinh Phat. Nhung chuyen đó chi làm ban ngày truoc mat moi nguoi thôi. Đêm toi thì đi ôm/yêu vo nguoi khác (Đàn ông mà yeu mem, uy mĩ nhu đàn bà con gái. Suot ngày chi nghĩ vi tình yêu trai gái).

TNT ban ngày viet lách và bieu tình chong Trung Cong xâm lăng Viet Nam. Nhung thang 8 vua roi, Tran Nguyên Thang lên đài TV Viet Cong nói rang se mo them tours ve VN roi se muon nguoi My đe làm huong dan viên. Chong Trung Cong nhung hop tát voi Viet Cong. Mot nguoi voi hai lap truong (dân bat cá hai tay đo tham tien!).

Nguoi khác chi trích Tran Nguyen Thang ve tính 35 dê xom thì han ta lên TV cai chính (vô ích vì nhung các bà, các cô vô phòng Tran Nguyên Thang ban đêm đeu có nguoi nhìn thay) . Nhung Tran Nguyen Thang lai thích nói xau nguoi khác. Nhu là chê bai đong nghiep báo Nguoi Viet, nói xau khách hang--phi bang nguoi HO ve Viet Nam choi va vv.

Tran Nguyên Thang là mot con nguoi đao đuc gia không the tin đuoc.

So don't believe the current sale gimmick/tactic. To get $85 discount per person, a person must have gone on 3 tours with ATNT Travel & Tours or have spent $13500 (average price per tour $4500 X 3). Spend 14K to get $85 discount. No way, Jose!!

Recommend you use Trafalgar, Insights Vacations, Gate1 Travel, Tauck, Collette, Globus Journeys instead. These companies are reliable, professional and knowledgeable

Orsen F.



ATNT Tours & Travel operates like a Viet Cong's local spy. All his employees are fairly new to the US. The live-in lover/secretary, Francine My Tien Nguyen arrived in the US in 2003. Tour guide, Hai Thanh Nguyen still travels on VN passport. Hong Phuc and Bao Nam are in the US on student visas. Also, TNT recently went on Viet Cong's NetViet's Nguoi Viet Nam Chau to announce that he plans to operate more tours to VN and will be hiring American tour guides to lead those tours. He knows that there is no one at ATNT who can speak understandable English.

Michael D.



ATNT Travel & Tours does not meet industry standards for a professional and experienced tour company for the following reasons:

1) Tran Nguyen Thang (TNT, aka Tran Van Thang, trai diem Bang Co) either sleeps or snacks or busy taking photos during tours. We never hear him talk, explain nor translate. 2) ATNT's local tour guides either sits silently or plays with their smart phones through out the trips. We do not know why we pay them tips. 3) TNT sleeps with married customers/local tour guides/office secretaries. 4) Francine My Tien Nguyen (FMTN, TNT's live-in lover, con diem Cau Ong Lanh) speaks and talks like a viet cong (disrespectful manner, vulgar languages--even Hai Thanh's jokes are racy). 5) FMTN is uneducated and yet she is allowed to lead tours in order to cut cost. 6) FMTN is not the sharpest tool in the shed. FMTN advises customers not to buy cancellation insurance. FMTN advises customers to walk a long trail instead of taking cable car because she misinterprets the height (260m) as the length of the trail (she fails geometry apparently). FMTN writes that AM/PM are the radio frequencies instead of AM/FM. 7)There are too many issues to discuss here.

Use ATNT Travel & Tours at your own risk.

Hoaihuong M.



Chung toi la di nhieu chuyen du lich voi ATNT nam 2015 va co nhung nhan xet sau day ve ATNT: Uneducated, Sloppy Operation, Unreliable, Unprofessional--Tien Thang trai gai nham nho, Inexperience, Poor Quality, Expensive, Inadequate/Lack of Knowledge & Misleading, Poor Customer Service. ATNT Travel & Tours has outgrown its infancy stage and is growing into a toddler who is learning his ABCs. However, ATNT Travel & Tours still has 20 plus years to go before growing into a teenage and becoming an experienced and professional travel company

Fmt N.



The Two Faces of Tran Nguyen Thang (aka Tran van Thang)

During the day, Tran Nguyen Thang participates in live demonstrations and writes articles protesting China's efforts to dominate Vietnam. He even refuses to organize tours to China. He even be critical of local community's figures and religious group. However, at night, he hides under the skirts of someone else's wives such as his secretary (Francine My Tien Nguyen), his females customers and local tour guides. He fathers children in different continents which he visited as he loudly boasts his fertility during tour to Japan fertility temple. This double standard is an indication of an untrustworthy person. We will not be using ATNT Travel & Tours

Cole C.



The quality of ATNT Travel & Tours is degrading. One reason is the owner TranNguyenThang is aging. He shows signs of early Alzheimer. He spends time in the bus sleeping or snacking. The length of his talk during the entire 2-week tour is at most 30 minutes. His caretaker, MyTIenNguyen accompanies to babysit. However, having two tour leaders was ineffective. Customers were not tended to and kept getting lost during various excursions.

Marc H.



The Sordid Side of ATNT Travel & Tours

FrancineMyTIenNguyen was hired into ATNT Travel & Tours in 2008 after working as a ticket agent at a Little Saigon travel company. By 2009 during a tour to Egypt, Francine was seen by a customer entering into TrannNguyenThang's room at night even though she has her own room. She was a married woman at that time.

ATNT Travel & Tours' owner Tran Nguyen Thang (aka Tran Van Thang) has his own record. He has had multiple affairs with customers, local tour guides (even impregnanting them) and now with his own employees.

If you desire extramarital affairs, ATNT Travel & Tours is the place to be---FrancineMy TienNguyen and TranNguyenThang are ready for you.

Duyminh L.



The young lady tour guide is francine my tien nguyen. she lacks the education to be a tour guide (only a high school graduate) and therefore she also lacks customer service skill. she is better at booking airplane tickets and tours. However, shop around yourself to ensure she gets you the best fare. Ask for Thanh or Phuc for better service. Otherwise, ATNT tour is a good company.



japan 09

I am writing this for my grandmother since she does not know how to use the computer. She told me how disappointed she was with her recent trip with this company.

-not good service

-not friendly workers

-helpless tour guides

-way over-priced

-not professional

Overall my grandmother said when she came back from her trip and told her friends about it they told her she paid way too much. It is not right to rip people off especially the older folks. My grandmother asked a few times about the itinerary and schedules and the female tour guide could not even answer a simple question. Overall she enjoyed the views and shopping but everything else was not good.



Tour Japan 2009

I just came back from tour to Japan on March 29, the young lady tour guide not so nice with me and other travelers. The way she talks and treats us travelers is not nice and respectful. I am not the only customer that feels this way. I do not want to travel with a tour company that does not know how to treat their customers.