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Helpful Reviews 
Graves Mills Early Learning
Jack R. rated

On January 1st Linda Radgowski took over the management of Hearts & Hands Early Learning Center. She is a sweet, loving, mom and grandmother who puts her whole heart into caring for the children and providing a safe and fun place. You can see the joy in the kids’ faces when they come in the morning. The teachers are friendly and pull together to provide peace of mind for busy parents. Sometimes even Tigger shows up to play with the kids .

Graves Mills Early Learning
Anonymous P. rated

Teachers beat the kids and treat them like crap. They constantly yell at the kids and stick them in time out because there to stupid and immature to take the time to level with the kids and understand them. Id be mean to the teachers to if I was bring stuck in a corner and yelled at all the time. This is place needs a new management staff because it is run poorly. And the 2 fat ladies just sit in there chairs in the front office and get paid to do basically nothing because that's what they are doing every time im in there. Sitting on there fat lazy asses!

Graves Mills Early Learning
Sowmya M. rated

Worst first day experience. We just moved to Lynchburg and were looking for a daycare which had immediate availability. Most of the places were full, so when we found out this one had an opening, we were happy and enrolled our 3 year old. The first day, while doing the paperwork at the front desk we met her teacher and she didn't seem very friendly which eas still okay. Then we went to her classroom and met the other teacher, my first impression of the classroom and teachers was not the best one but I thought it was too soon to judge. Added to this, my daughter wasn't very comfortable there and didn't want me to leave. Obviously she was having a tough time, but the teachers weren't very cooperative and did not attempt to make her welcome. So, I stayed there for a while to see if she would feel comfortable but no. All this while, teachers did not even get closer to her or talk to her. I wanted to see how she does without me and I sneaked out (which I shouldn't have) and she went crazy and was crying so hard. The other teacher from a different classroom came to console her and put her down to nap, but she wouldn't. Te other teo were not even trying. So, I decided to take her home and bring back later during the outside play time as she loves that. I asked teachers what time they go out and they said not sure, we have too much stuff to clean here....maybe around 4. I didn't like the way they answered. So I took her home and came back around 3pm and walked her to the classroom. She still didn't want to go, the teachers were both there but none of them even cared to say hi. One did not even make eye contact, the other looked at us but turned her head away. We stood there for few minutes, nothing. It's like they didn't want us there. I was so upset and decided those teachers were not right for my daughter. We took our stuff told the front desk lady what happened and left. The tuition here is quite low compared to other places and I was wondering why. It clearly shows why.

Graves Mills Early Learning
M P. rated

I wouldn't even give this place one star. This place is disgusting in every way and what they get away with is absolutely horrid. Social services needs to be sending in investigators with cameras posing as workers. Putrid and incredibly vile people run this place and are dispicable human beings to let what happens to children here, happen. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE.

Once Upon A Child
Nettie B. rated

I was extremely disappointed. I used to know the owner. Not sure if its changed hands or not but the clerk was not friendly and seemed as if she couldn't be bothered to speak with me about a walker I was interested in. I'm a new grandmother and when my children were little the store was run much better. I don't think I'll be back.

Graves Mills Early Learning
Rachel W. rated

I am a mom of 3. This is a good daycare and it is structured to meet the development of children as they grow. I like their nutritious food choices, the breakdown of classes (for instance there is a class for the early 2s-2 1/2s and the 2 1/2s-3s), their kid customized class structures, Donna is a wonderful manager and Patty is really understanding. The teachers are really involved in providing instruction. They have take-home reports of day activities. I noticed at first that in the infant class the teachers seem a bit distant and when you drop a child, no one offers to get the child or help if you might be carrying more and plenty of stuff (such as additional clothes, diapers, milk, food etc). However I discussed this with the teacher and she understood my concerns. She conversed with me and we tackled the issue. I think the noble thing to do as a parent and for our children is to discuss issues that one may have before resulting to complaints and judgment. I resulted to taking out my infant son but mainly due to the cost of having all 3 kids in one center. The other 2 still go there and I'm satisfied. Schools and daycares are a transition for both parents and children, it takes time and talking to table out any problems and conduct a great environment for the benefit of the little ones.

Graves Mills Early Learning
freemand rated

Despite the posting from the disgruntled customer above this is the best daycare I have ever used. The staff is always friendly, the facility is great and my kids love it. I love how much they are learningTake a look yourself . Personally I don't think you will find a better place to leave your children.

Graves Mills Early Learning
ksksksksks rated

If I could give this daycare zero stars, I would. My child had never been to daycare before and he started for the first time at GMELC at 15 months old. When I dropped him off in the morning, no one even acknowledge me or my son nor would they aid me in the dropping off process. My son would cry and they would just stare at us or give me dirty looks. None of them ever tried to help my son calm down or join the group. Thankfully, they have tv's that you can watch in the lobby... That showed me that they let him cry in the corner. Not one decided they should help him. I also witnessed a teacher grab up a child, much too rough for my liking and put them in time out. After four times of my son biting, they decided to tell me very unprofessionally, on my way out to work, that my son was "needed to find somewhere else". They did not follow their own biting policy, I received only ONE paper notifying me that he bit someone and he was never offered the break that their policy allows for. I then watched from the screen and saw my son remained crying alone. Every afternoon that I picked him up, I found him in a rocking chair, alone and upset. They serve breakfast, lunch and snack, but I chose to pack my son's lunch, which they were visibly annoyed with. Their papers that they rarely get around to filling out, were always inaccurate. They would say he ate 90% of his lunch, when he did "poorly" at lunch and he ate most of it... When I toured the facility, they told me they have a curriculum and they do art class, teach sign language and play outside. BS. My son made one "craft"... Believe nothing.I decided to go back in there and take my child out that day, rather than waiting to finish out the week. I could not stand the thought of him being mistreated. The director was very rude and unprofessional, the owner was hardly any better. I have since moved him to another daycare and he is back to his old self. He was timid and depressed for those three weeks. Now, I have my sanity and my child back. I wouldn't trust these people with a fish. I will be filing complaints with the state. Please, send your child ANYWHERE else.