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Justin B.



Great place to live and raise a family. We have been here since 2017 and we are in the process of now purchasing our home here :).

Charlie R.



I have nothing but good experience here. The owners are great- they have a bad reputation, but anyone would be the same way if they were running it. As long as you come in being respectful and not demanding, they are very helpful. The girls in the office have been great and easy to work with. I hear they give out warnings to people who do not abide by the community rules- I have lived in a couple parks and their rules are nothing crazy. You have such a small area to take care of, clean it up and you'll have no problems! Its quiet and my neighbors are awesome. No issues here.

Chloe S.



We have lived here for a few months now and it has been so quite. We have noticed if you follow the community rules no one bothers you and we pay our rent on time. I know a lot of people complain about the water here being high. We don't mind paying the $26 for the treatment we are greatful they make sure we have usable water. It is just like anywhere else. If you do what you are supposed to you will enjoy it.

James J.



New management has really made a difference! Very enjoyable and peaceful place to live. Absolutely no complaints.

Amanda H.



This is the worst place to live!!! They are so rude take you for everything your worth do not care about the people and the water bills are insane!! I would not recommend this place to anyone! Everyone who ask I tell theme to stay away!

Edited: 10/10/2016
Worst Place EVER! Mngmt is RUDE, Owners are money hungry EXPENSIVE, RIPOFF There is better for lesss

I hate Tyrone Woods LLC! Worthless, money hungry piece of "it" scum bags. Do not move in here. They charge you 100$ a month for water when they have a well and own a treatment plant that is on the property. They do not have Any place for kids to play such as a park or pool. Which leaves kids playing in the street, cutting through yards and getting into mischief. These are just a few of the many wrongs this park offers. Expensive and not worth it.This person must be an owner or part of management because that was a crock of "it".
Lot rent is 315 (indide lot) or 330 (perimeter lot) plus like 450 for the "house rent". You have to pay $50 for each- yes each(=100) rent if your late. You must have "home owners" rent even if you dont want to buy. That keeps the owners from being responsible for anything in or on your lot. That costs me 60$ a month. THEN they charge you between 70 and 100$ for water! Its well water and they have a treatment plant on site! There is a 57$ "Tyrone Rwp. Sewer Assessment" fee (which has gone up twice from 45$ in the two yrs I have lived here), then there is a 10$ "read/postage" fee making your water bill 67$ just in FEES and then add the 16-30$ for the "sewer/water" that u actually use. Come on.... that is ridiculous!!!!! They are ripping us off!!!!!

Todd stanley S.



I had a beloved family member who was unfortunate enough to have passed away at this com-passionless and unmerciful housing community.

The management here has harassed the grief stricken family members as though they had purposefully broke the lease contract and attempted to charge them unreasonable and unsubstantiated fees, including court fees for eviction, in spite of the keys being turned in and them being notified of the death. The family had to hire an attorney to finally be left alone by this place.

I would definitely not recommend this place due to the terrible experience my family had. Please rethink your options carefully before moving here.

Star D.



I would not recommend this place. When I first moved here they would come promptly to fix even minor repairs. Recently all that has changed. They say they only cover the heater and the roof everything else is on me. After paying almost 1000 for the trailer and then the ridiculous water bill i just don't also have more to pay for repair man to rewire faulty wires and pipes not put in right under the sink. It's all very discouraging as I'm a single mom and I really wanted a place that would be a good landlord. I definitely would not recommend this place.

Allan A.



Just spoke to them on the phone. Just rude. They act like you are bothering them.... go elsewhere.

Kelly B.



We've been here a few weeks and was not informed of sewer assessment of $57. Doing my research to find out if this is legit. I find it doubtful that charging over $10,000 a month to 200 or more trailers is legal. The $10 charge to read meters is another $2000 month to everybody. Can't see how it could possibly cost that much to have someone read meters. I m going to Health Dept. and Tyrone Township ASAP. Judge Brennan doesn't like this Community and makes them tow the line. I m finding out what court will hear this matter.

Jacqueline K.



DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! I just had Honorable Judge Brennan on 10/8/2014 sign for my security deposit to be paid in full $500.00. I have been waiting for this since May, Judge signed that I was entitled to the full amount back; however, this place has not returned no type of money back to me nor answer the phone when I call. I have filed with the BBB organization and started collections. My next move will be getting media and public involved. They are a ripoff and the public should know about it. They are so quick to nickel and dime but when a judge signs to have them return funds they don't return nothing. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE OR LIVE HERE.




If you like large aggressive dogs with no lease,or stray cats,then this is your place. If you like total strangers walking by your windows and thru your yard then this is it. A place where you can look forward to maintenance starting before 8 am and continuing until late nite,they park their vehicles up on lawns five feet from your house,guess the driveways r for renters only. Lock your car doors because the local children love to take whats left in the cars.dont worry about the 100 dollar water bill,everybody pays that much for well water that you can see floaties in. Yes its country side living,where the managment blows you off and the ghetto is moved ever wonder where everyone went when flint lost itall,they moved here. So come enjoy if you dare! Even the police walk around here with assault rifles,looking for the friendly residents here,boy, nothin says home like a cop walking down your street with a assault rifle.



Beautiful , countryside living.

In reference to the prior statement the management is very helpful here. Problems are addressed and taken care of pronto . The couple their referring too I have met, they are nice, helpful and kind. This couple runs surveillance cameras only protecting their investment . The people who are accusing them of stuff they are not doing. They say their moving soon ....... Good ridince to bad rubbish . The park is very nice safe ,clean place to live. Excellent management !!!!!!!!!



Absolutely horrible place to live!!!

Have been living here for 12 years and in the past 3 it has quickly gone down hill with the new "management". They are bringing in repo homes with broken window moldy/ missing siding missing shingles, just complete eye sores. They cut the grass maybe once a month, but if you skip one week they threaten to fine you. Now we have an older couple living across the street that is constantly taking pictures and video of my 8 year old son and his friends. When my wife went to the "manager" about it she shrugged it off like it was no big deal. All she said was "I moved their house in here and they aren't going anywhere". Thankfully I will be moving real soon, but I had to warn any potential renters or buyers of the complete trash this place has turned into.


Phone: (810) 714-1200

Address: 8378 Hogan Rd, Fenton, MI 48430


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