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Rainbow Lakes Division of B C & M Ent., Inc.

Fishing Lakes & Ponds, Fishing Piers


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Alan S.
Edited: 10/15/2019

Been Fishing at Rainbow Since Early 90's. Its changed a lot. Back in the day fish trucks would Stock the lake very often (EVERY WEEKEND 4 SURE) , in the past few years I have yet to see the lake stocked. The amount of fish in the lakes seems like its deplinished a lot. Now days your lucky if you sit there 4hrs and catch a fish, even shoulder to shoulder days no one is" tearing them up".. THIS IS MY OPINION OF THE LAKES>
Sorry If i offended anyone, hope the review helps. Thanks

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Ian L.



I've gone to rainbow since I was little,

and I must say this place sucks now. Owners are trashy fishing is average at best. it used to be somewhere where families could Go and have fun but now all it is garbage, complete and utter garbage. I won't be going back until owners change again.

Tom R.



These 5 and 4 star reviews are nonsense and are BS reviews by the owner or their friends. Example see below. A racist by the name Mark Peabody pretends to be Mexican and spells "amigos" with an "e" at the end. No Mexican or Hispanic would do that. I personally have been to this lake a few times and have caught nothing! Not worth the $14.00 fee.

David T.



I started going to Rainbow Lakes this year after hearing a lot of good reviews, I've been multiple times and have never encountered rude or unprofessional attitudes from the owners.

I've caught a lot of nice sized Flathead catfish, Channel catfish and large mouth bass and every time I go I see others doing the same.

With stocked Bluegill & a variety of baits in the bait house on site i've never run out of bait.

I'm surprised that there are so many negative reviews about this place, I love it especially since I don't have the luxury of having a boat I can still go to Rainbow Lakes and always hook into a monster.

Show up with a respectful and professional demeanor & I can guarantee you'll receive the same.

I would however be upset if I was an owner there and regularly saw people leave their trash all over the place when there are trash cans at every lake.

YPMobile User


Ken Childers Disgusting Behavior

My husband and I visited Rainbow Lakes today (7/5/14). The owner is by far the worst person I have ever spoken to in my life!!! I asked to talk to him because I witnessed him screaming at his employee that had to be 70 years old or older. I told him I was a manager at a bank and I would never talk to my employees that way! He then decided to talk to me the same way and told me if I didn't like it then I could leave and they would give us our money back. So we did leave and we will never be back!! I will not support a company that bullies their employees!!!! That is unacceptable!




These people must be crazy...I take my family here build a fire relax and roast hot dogs and marshmallows while I'm catching trophy catfish! I fish here atleast once a week and have had no problems at all eccept running out of bait. Bad people have bad experiences at rainbow...looking forward to each trip!




My family had a great time at Rainbow Lakes! My boys cannot wait to go back and catch a BIG one. Caught lots of channel cats, we didnt bring the right equipment for the big ones, but we surely saw them being caught.



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Seems everyone feels the same about

Seems everyone feels the same about rainbow. I was just trying to pick my son up from fishing all night when a man in his late 30s or early 40s working the gate told me I needed to offer him something sexually to get in. I immediately pulled out of the lot and phoned my son to walk to the road. He belongs in jail. Guys watch out here, your girlfriend wife or daughter may fall victim to this CREEP



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the owners (the Childers) are psychos...

I'm not surprised by the reviews at all.... Ken is a psycho, and the other Childers were the trash of Northridge.... He's got a short fuse, and seems to think he deserves to be treated like the President of the U.S. because he works stocking fish at a pay lake!? Go figure....



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Very Trashy Owners

Owners are very rude, have to say though, I never met people so mean and rude right from the start. I asked simple questions about the paylake trying to get more familiar and the female owner around 40 years old had smart a** comments for everything. They were just dirty looking people. After the conversion went south I told them to get *uck. The old prune looking mother with 2 teeth, of the witch owner looks like shes been road hard and put away wet. THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE MILLIONAIRES IN HOLLYWOOD IF THEY WOULD MAKE A ""WRONG TURN 4"" MOVIE.. This place wont last to long...



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rainbow paylakes

I dont know who is writing the good reviews about this place it has to be the new owners their selves. This is the worse place I have ever visited.The owners are rude and disrespectful to the customers.The place is nasty,they leave dead stinking fish laying on the banks for days.The restrooms are nasty and never have toilet paper. They allow underage kids in there with beer and drugs. These people say they are there for families. That is a huge LIE. Don 't ever take your children to this place. you will regret it. I know from going there with my kids.NEVER AGAIN WILL I SUBJECT MY FAMILY TO THAT KIND RUDENESS AND DISRESPECT. The owner is rude and unappriciative of his customers. You are continuously harrassed by the owner and he has his kids harrassing the younger kids that are there. We payed for our kids to fish and they were told by the kid there that they could not fish. They also have a child at the gate checking vehicles for fish. They have been reported to the authorities. I don't wish anything bad on anyone but I hope they close them down. The old owners were better and nicer. Try triangle Lake better fishing and nice owners. You can enjoy yourself and get respect there.



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False advertisements

Boy friend and his son went fishing there and on their web site it said that the price was $12 and that vets got 1/2 off ,but when they got there the price was $13 and they did not honor the vet 1/2 off said that it was not on their web site ,but it is.They should honor what they put out there.I guess its all about the money.



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rude owners

The owners are disrespectful. I am 11years old with an injured leg so my dad parked on a flat area to benefit me. They threatend me and my dad because our car was parked to close to the lake. We were atleast 2 car lengths from the lake and had been parked there for 6 hours and my mom was sleeping in the car. He yelled at my dad and told him that he was ignorant for parking there and he did not care that I was in a wheel chair or not. He said that i didn't belong there if I couldn't walk to the lake. That woke my mom up and she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not knowing that guy was the owner, my mom asked him what is the problem and he told her to shut her mouth, this is my lake and left. My dad moved our car but the owner still would not leave us alone. He came back 5 minutes later with atleast 8 people and the three girls started yelling at my mom and the guys harrassed my dad the whole time he was packing up our fishing gear. We were planing on spending the night but we had to drive over an hour to get back home at three o'clock in the morning. I was really scared! I never imagined someone could be that mean. They kicked us out and taunted us the whole time my parents packed up because of were we parked our car.DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON RAINBOW LAKES. They seriously have anger issues.

mstangba 1


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We got kicked out of the lake at 2am this morning for parking our car where the owner's son thought to be breaking the rules. We saw no signs stating where to park or not to park. The ticket said parallel parking only and we did parallel park. We had a disabled child with us and parked the best place we thought would give him easy access to fish and have a good time. The owner's son came around told us we broke the rules and move our car now or he would move it with his bobcat for us after he tour it in half. We moved it but he continued to taunt us and say things. He even went as far as to say that my nephew didnt look too disabled to him. Even though he can only walk with crutches and has a cast up to his knee. He left and we thought the issue was over but he returned with 11 additional people, including his mother who wanted to confront us about disrespect. She stated that one girl in our party came to the bait house 4 times to purchase items and she smiled at her and she didnt smile back. She was being kicked out for not smiling back because that is also disrespectful towards her as being the owner of the property that we payed to fish on. WE WILL NEVER SPEND ONE MORE HARD EARNED PENNY AT RAINBOW LAKES IN FAIRBORN OH. THE MANAGEMENT SAID THE DONT CARE OF THEY LOSE CUSTOMERS THAT DONT GIVE THEM RESPECT FOR BEING OWNERS.



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don't believe the Hype, not a great place to fish

The lakes look good they have spent a fair amount of money to clean up and build up. But the stocking and the attitudes you get from the owner and the workers not good Yes they can be friendly and helpful. But there are days lots of days where their attitude is not good. and i wonder with their so called stocking is that how we pay for it. when you ask about the stock !!! let the lies begin they must not realize fisherman talk no matter who it is black or white we when you say we stocked on friday and i am talking to a fisherman who was there and leaves because he was there friday didnt catch a fish and is there on saturday thinking your going to stock and you are not .That aint right. the previous owners stocked good and there was no limit. maybe no limit did them in i dont know. but now there is a limit and the stock is weak at best. I wonder the great reviews i see DID THEY COME FROM THE OWNER AND HIS FAMILY.? ME AND MY MOM 65 WOULD COME HERE EVERY OTHER WEEK FROM CINCINNATI SHE DOESNT WANT TO COME BACK .I WILL GIVE IT A TRY AGAIN BUT IF THE BEAR GETS ME AGAIN I WILL GO TO INDIANA tHE CATFISH LAKE THERE IS NO LIMIT . AND I AM POSITIVE I WILL CATCH FISH THERE. I USE TO CATCH FISH HERE ALL THE TIME NOT BACK TO BACK TO BACK SKUNKS.



good times

great lakes i recently moved to ohio this year started going to rainbow lakes at the beging of the season throughout the year the new owners have totally turned it around it looks like a totally different place. further more its full of FISH out of the 30 0r 40 times ive been this seasonive caught over a hundred fish and would recomend it to every body



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new owners, fat cats, and good people.

me and a good friend went to rainbow lakes on august 1, 2008 and had a great time and great fishing experience. we caught some real good cats. we met the new owners and were treated really well. the lakes are clean, the grounds are well kept and met some real good people there. in fact we are gong back on the 8th of august and are really looking forward to catching some more fat cats



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Not worth it

I moved into town about 10 years ago. l would occasionally see bumper stickers on vehicles that said rainbow lakes. looking for a decent lake, I decided to try them out. Went once and never went back.

I read that rainbow was under new ownership. also read a few negative reviews (2008)about the lake and the new owners. I had to find out for myself the hard way that the reviews were right.

Just returned from the lake. Got there with my wife, bought tickets and proceeded to drive around the lakes to look for a spot my disabled wife would be able to fish.

There were weeds a foot tall around the majority of the lake, not including the weeds in the water along almost the entire shoreline of the lakes.

There is a speed limit sign at the entrance to the lake that says 8 miles per hour. While traveling around the lake I was stopped by the owner that was outside putting up small wooden shelters for ""going too fast"" they say that the speed limit is 5 mph even though the sign says different.

The Owner had an unbelievably nasty attitude during the confrontation. He started going on about family atmosphere and all the time I could only think that there was nothing family about the way he was chewing me out instead of being more civil in his attitude.

They must be really proud in their accomplishments the way he was going on about cleaning up the lake, getting rid of the Dope heads etc. BUT HIS MAJOR A N A L RETENSIVENESS will most likely drive off the rest of the customers eventually like it did me today.

I proceded back to the entrance/baithouse and explained what had just happened, and got my money back.
I also informed them that I didnt plan on coming back until they changed owners again or attitudes, which they said would never happen in either case. that I had might as well look elsewhere. I think that they are right in this reguard. (You are better off looking elsewhere than to have to submit to their extremely nasty unprofessional demeanor.



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got to go

it is the best place to got its a place for familys its a place for fun go to rainbow lakes most fun place on earth



Gets more than 5 STARS

If you have never been fishing here, you are missing alot. They have 11 lakes, and it is all stocked by them. The Lakes are under NEW Owners and Management. They apparently are doing something right if in the middle of a Monday you go out there and they have lots of people there, Yeah they are doing something right. The staff there are really nice, and make you feel welcome. That is a must in my eyes. The gentleman that took my money today was really nice, and showed me where a pond was that had alot of bluegill fish in. My husband is in a wheelchair from a wreck and he enjoyed himself so much we have to go back tomorrow....I don't mind the fact that we did not catch anything this time but tomorrow will be another day, and this time we will be using something other than nightcrawlers. That was all we had today.

A word to the wise.....bring the sunblock, and the OFF!!!! The nats will eat ya up....they did me.

Great place for all ages.

Lots of barrels to put your trash in...Please help keep this place nice for the kids to come to and fish. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!!!

If you are coming from Columbus going towards Dayton on I-70 Take exit 41A and go left, not right, if you go right you will go into New Carlisle. Go left and take the 2 right which is Chambersburgh Rd exit. Go to the stop sign and turn left onto South State Route 235. Cross over State Route 4 and once you cross over the bridge you will see the lake immediatly on your right......Look for the Catfish MailBox...Your there.

They sell bait there also, along with ice, and snacks, drinks and even fishing stuff.

Go out there it really is a nice place.