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Central Denver, City Park
Comic Books, Book Stores, Collectibles
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Wi-Fi: No

Specialties: Photographs, Birthdays, Framing


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This place is horrible. Several days in a row they have their open sign up but theyre "just closing". Very rude and not a friendly atmosphere at all. it seems they got rid of the one guy who was nice. Do yourself a huge favor and go to mile high, at least that guy is nice and open on times.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Great Experience

My experience with this store was great! The staff was friendly and willing to help me find what I was looking for. They did not carry the item I was looking for in their inventory, but one of the employees had it in his personal collection. He was happy to sell it to me and even sold it to me for a great price. I was very pleased with my experience and I definitely recommend this store to anyone looking for great comics, low prices, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

essential touch


Provided by Citysearch - 
Time Best Spent

A crotchety lady from around the corner of this business warned me not to go in. The guy is so cranky she said. Fact was, I'd already been in, and all my experiences had been good. I thought to myself, ""I'll go in as much as I want, and like it"". The first time I came in (or one of the first) I asked him (the owner) why he'd named the store ""All in a Dream"". The explanation or story was so good, it felt like a party in there. I've noticed lots of other customers loving Ray and his store, especially regulars, who probably know more facets of the guy who is Ray, than strangers to him and his store who are too quick to judge (and are probably thinly disguised ""Debbie Downers"" anyway). The lady who told me to ""stay away"" had a ""tolerance"" sticker on her car, and ""an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"" which reduced my opinion of her's, since she was intentionally downing an obviously intensely dedicated local business owner, and only made me more curious to go in.
As far as I'm concerned, his occasional grumpiness, or crankiness only serves to make him (and his store and it's atmosphere) (it does have a definite one) more endearing and goes to show he is real (as others here have attested). I believe people should embrace all their energies, not just the pretty ones that make shallow people happy. I don't really know, but If I were him, I'd rather be genuine, than sell out for the satisfaction of all the ""sufacey"" people out there. Long experience makes one extremeley knowledgeable too. But don't expect him to share all his knowledge in one sitting.
If you are serious about buying comics, you will find your time is best spent here. Read and believe reviews ""Exellent Store"" by Dirk Manly, ""Best in Denver"" by DMV135, and other positive reviews by serious comic collectors, some who are also long time customers. They'll give you the more balanced, realistic review. As for the guy who says he is a paying customer but was accused of stealing, I heard tell of a guy who is a paying customer who has also stolen. Don't know if it's The same guy or not. I've been in the store when someone has stolen, so it isn't something that doesn't happen, or something a serious shop owner should have to feel guilty about being wary of.
Great selection. Great guy. And I like a lot of the other people who come in there too. Worth the trip. Definitely.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Horrible customer service

I wanted to get a specific book so I called this store and asked if they had it. Whoever I spoke to told me that they did. I told the guy my wife would be in later that day to pick it up and he said no problem. My wife went there and told whoever was working ""My husband called about a comic book and you told him you had it"" but before she could even finish her sentence the guys says ""No one called me today"". So she just asks him if he has the book without even looking for it he tells her ""Nope"". She then repeats that her husband had called and was told it was in so he proceeds to tell her that she doesn't know what she's talking about, she's obviously confused, doesn't know anything about comics and is probably lost. Real great service, this guy must not like selling his products. I would highly encourage people to go somewhere else for comic books.

To VanSciver who said ""That man has given his life to owning a store that supplies YOU with the BEST comic books while he lives in poverty."" No he hasn't done this in the least. He went out of his way to not sell his product. If he lives in poverty its because he can't keep customers coming into his store. I don't care how long he's owned his store so he can be a jerk to people. He doesn't deserve my respect.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Don't waste your time.

One star is 6 too many. A few people on here have tried to defend the owner (I'm assuming) and his terrible attitude, buuuut...

If you don't like customers of EVERY type, don't go into the retail business. There's a ton of people who don't give a sh** about comics, let alone a lot of the pretentious bullsh** out there. Many of these people might just be curious, or, as has been mentioned, looking for a gift for a friend. There is NO excuse for the staff to be that rude to customers. I don't care what a person likes to read, if they aren't rude walking in the door, they deserve to be treated with respect.

It's not their place to judge what a person decides to read as sh** or worthwhile. It's all a matter of taste or opinion. If you don't like people reading something other than what you like, start an online only retail site, and sell only what you like. Don't leave the house if you're that much of a whiney b**ch that you can't handle people with different tastes/opinions then you, and certainly don't go into business where the driving factor is DEALING WITH PEOPLE!

Even if you are a ""true collector"", everyone starts somewhere. Once upon a time, you didn't know everything either...and did someone acting like a complete a**hole towards you because of it help that at all? Would you consider that sort of behaviour encouraging to those looking to find a new hobby?

I made the mistake of walking into that store twice, and each time received a terrible attitude just for opening the door. I didn't even bother asking for anything in particular because, well...I sure wasn't going to give my money to some d**che bag who obviously didn't want it when I could get the same thing in better condition from friendlier stores (like All C's).

If he hates people that badly, ""Ray"" should go buy a cabin in the woods and never leave.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Little shop of horrors

I went into the shop to get a present for a friend of mine. I don’t know much about comic books, so I was hoping to get some help. But the guy was extremely unhelpful, rude and after a while even aggressive. It was very upsetting to be treated with such disrespect and frankly I was almost scared in the end. I was happy just to get out of there in one piece! Go there at your own risk. Or better yet, don’t go there at all.

comic guru


Provided by Citysearch - 
True comic lovers only.

This store is amazing. I have several friends who live in New York and apparently its reputation extends even as far as the east coast. I have been shopping there for many years and the owner has never been anything but friendly and helpful. From day ONE. All you whiny ****** who are complaining about how rude he is probably don't even read comics, (the ""collectors"") or you probably were looking for a ***** title which isn't even worth reading and therefor gives your true identity as a comic lover (which is to say you aren't one) away. Every time I go in there, Ray, introduces me to something new and awesome that I never would have found on my own, and I find myself locked in conversation with the man much longer than I had planned on actually spending in the establishment. As for the complaints about it's being ""run down"" or ""dingy"" or a ""pit"", you are just crying because you know you're a tool and he told you what-for. Yes, it is in an old building, yes the floors creak a bit. So what? You honestly expect a building that old to be with out its imperfections? I think it adds character. Ray treating you like you deserve, adds character. Why would he want to sell to tools? All In a Dream is a great establishment, and if you truly love to read comics, I highly recommend it.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Don't bother....

I am unbelievably taken aback at my experience I just had at this store. The owner was incredibly rude, aggressive, belligerent, and unhelpful. The apex of his qualities....condescending. After asking him where I might be able to continue my search for a particular title, he became aggressive. His unknown mental state must be taken into consideration after this encounter. I have never in my life been treated so poorly and with such disdain in a retail setting, as I was treated by him. I will never go back. Do yourself a favor and don't even bother entertaining the idea of going there, it will most likely be the best decision you'll make. The store is a complete dump. If I were able to give a negative star rating I would....‎



Provided by Citysearch - 
Best in Denver

I've read the reviews and some of the troubles people have had with the owner.

First of all the store is great! You can set up an account and pre-order comics. When they come in, you can give the employee your number and purchase your comics. This helps in low run or first print comics that you are looking for to be in stock for you.

The owner. I know what people are taking about and, YES, he can be a little rough around the edges, but keep in mind, he means well. I've been going there for over 15 years and I have had ""words"" with him, but it's just him. He's like the weather in Colorado, sunny one day, rainy the other.

Go there for the comics, the price on back issues, and to just be around people that like comics and all that Sci-Fi stuff.

This place is old school and once it's gone, there won't be anymore ""new"" comics shops popping up. You'll have to go Barnes and Nobel or the local chain and get rip off when buying your comics.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Great place to shop for comics

I had to write a review after my visit and I had read before hand the ealier posts about this store so I went with little expectations and found myself quite suprised. I found the owner Ray was really a nice guy to talk with. I myself am a older collector and have been around the hobby for a long time so I have some knowledge about the hobby and found Ray more than able to hold a interesting conversation about where the hobby has been and where he felt it was going. I am new to the area and he had no problem spending time with me and he had some issues I had been looking for no one else had locally. I had a far worse exp. at one of the local chain comic stores just trying to get mag boxes. I feel the ealier reviews are really off base and you should give this shop a try.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Quit your bitching.

I've been going to this store for a few years now, and most of my favorite comics came from here.
This is a very well-rounded comic shop, stocking every kind of comic. To hear anybody talk bad about a man who has been in that old store for as long as he has is disrespectful!. That man has given his life to owning a store that supplies YOU with the BEST comic books while he lives in poverty. Appreciate what you have, folks. And always support local stores! If you think the man is cranky, just buy your JLA comic and get out!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Worst comic book store ever

I have never been to a worse comic store. Seriously, this place nearly ruined my Free Comic Book Day experience. I go in there and ask about his free comic books and possible sales and instead of an answer all I could get was a dirty look. I didn't want to be the guy to go in, get some free stuff, and leave, so I look through his selection of what was supposed to be recent issues and I ask him about a comic title that I was interested in. Again all I got was a dirty look so I start to leave and the guy starts hassling me about the promo issues I had, starts complaining about me coming in too early (even though the door was unlocked and the sign said open) and told me to leave. You would think that a small business being based on customer relations would treat their customers with respect, but this guy obviously has none and doesn't deserve the customers he has. Seriously, this place couldn't be a worse place to shop. Don't go here because giving this guy business only keeps him in business and gives him more opportunities to try and make people feel as low as himself.



Provided by Citysearch - 
complete disrespect.

I've been to this store on more than a few occasions to buy comics. No complaints until today. I went there this time to buy some mtg boosters and a few singles. First of all, the guy (owner I believe) would hardly acknowledge me and was acting annoyed with my simple questions. I looked through his book of singles searching for a play set of a rare card I had found. I could barely get this guy to answer any of my questions. When I asked him another question about the price of a card he quickly dismissed it and told me I had to leave his store. When I asked why he told me I was ""distracting"" him and then accused me of trying to steal from him. I was very offended but tried to explain that I am an honest person and was there to spend money at his store. He pointed in my face and called me a liar. He then proceeded to escort me out of the store where he again got in my face and accused me of being a liar and a stealer. Keep in mind I have already spent money at his shop in the past. I spend easily one hundred dollars a month on mtg and was prepared to spend some of my hard earned cash right then and there. I will never return to that poorly run pit and and am very angry about the complete lack of respect I was shown. Shop there if you want, but don't expect to be treated liked an honest human being if you're not one of his familiar, regular, first-name basis, PAYING customers. However, if you like being treated like dirt, and enjoy being called a liar and a stealer, then you'll fit right in at ALL IN A DREAM!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Excellent store

I'm not sure who the negative reviewer on this page encountered at All In a Dream, but the only two guys who work there, including Ray the owner, are VERY knowledgable about comics. They definitely would have known what this guy was talking about if he asked in a halfway intelligent manner. I admit Ray isn't the most overtly friendly guy, but he's honest and a great conversationalist when the mood strikes him. His collection of back issues is huge. I've gotten probably half of my collection from him over the years. The store is old, but it's not dirty. And anybody that considers that a bad neighborhood, especially in broad daylight, has to be some sort of sheltered suburbanite.



Provided by Citysearch - 
One of the BEST comic book shops in town!!

I was incredibly sad to see Highlander close it's doors because I loved the place & the guys who ran it were the best, so I had to find a new comic book shop. I decided to zip by All In A Dream just to see what the place was like.

I showed up there yesterday a bit late & the owner was just closing up. He re-opened the store just for me. We had a great conversation about comics, sports, business, etc. & we HAD JUST MET. Not only is the owner incredibly knowledgeable about comics, he is the friendliest person!

The store itself was very easy to navigate & everything was pretty easy to find.& the atmosphere of the place is very mellow & I immediately felt comfortable. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend All In A Dream to anyone who wants a great experience & a cool place to spend your hard-earned cash.



Provided by Citysearch - 
One of the worst comic stores in Denver

First time at store. Not friendly, accusatory, very dirty and grimy. Employeee (owner?) did not ask if I needed help looking for anything. Seemed very leery of wanting to answer ""do you have silver age back issues?"" Very large back issue selection though, but won't sell ""back issues"" to ""collectors"", but prices them with Overstreet prices. Back issues are bagged in the very old, rubbery comic bags of the 80's. Very dusty and grimy on the back issues as well. Person at store didn't understand what .10 or .12 cent covers meant when I asked-- again, as in Silver Age back issues.

Located in a ""bad"" (older) part of East Denver.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Local Comics

Has a great collection of graphic novels and the owner Ray Barber is very knowledgeable when it comes to finding a title.

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