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Reshma G.



I paid the Mediacom bill I owed back in July 2016 for $341 and now they just dinged my credit again for $203 and I am not sure why. I had Mediacom for one month and cancelled service and received my bill late because we moved. However, I paid everything in full and here they are once again wanting additional money. I don't owe them anything.

Tahara R.



THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't even deserve 1 star.

I am also questioning Comcasts business practices because CPA is evidently getting Comcast customers contact and account information from Comcast. I called Comcast to verify these claims CPA sent me in the mail in the form of a "collection bill", Comcast said they have no idea what that company is, they never heard of that company, my account wasn't even delinquent and to NOT give them any money because they have dealt with similar situations.

I called CPA to tell them to delete my information. First, they sounded very VERY unprofessional. The first two times I tried contacting them I was hung up on. The third time I spoke with a man named Derek who couldn't even pull up this "phantom account" by using my name. Then his "supervisor", Joy got on the phone and my telephone number was connected to "Jose". Um, I'm a female and my name doesn't even closely sound like "Jose". THEN she looked up my actual name and that account was attached to an address in Chesterfield, PA. I don't live ANYWHERE near PA nor have I ever lived in PA!!!!

I told Joy that I am very concerned that they have my information (which she said was given to them by Comcast). She also told me that my name was put in collections 9 months ago!!!! EXCUSE ME WHAT!!!!!???? She said I didn't return equipment and had some ridiculous unpaid balance. I turned in my equipment the day I cancelled my cable!!!! She said that I was sent a letter and I asked her to what address and she said, Chesterfield, PA!!! Ummm, I don't live there!!!!!

So I kept asking her if this was on my credit and if so it needs to be removed immediately because it was falsely placed there. Of course she was NOT professional at all and got really smart mouthed. Why am I not surprised .... She said that my account was deleted. I asked her AGAIN if this was on my credit and she said no. I don't believe her so I am going to check.

I did tell her that I was going to report them. She responded with, "Go right ahead." SMH. Such a reputable company. I told her I will do just that and add on to the 250 plus complaints that have already been filed on the BBB website.

Finally got off the phone. But, I will also file a complaint with Comcast and i will NEVER use their service again. Like I said, this company didn't just get my info from out of thin air. However, Comcast doesn't know how they got my info ... Someones lying!

Now that I see more people have had the same problem, I know this has to be a scam and poor business practices on Comcast's part.

Steve M.



This company ( CPA ) has been harassing me for the past 12 months with lettes threatening to report an innacurate ballance owed to COmcast. I hav spoken with several people at comcast from general reps, to managers to the collections dept and everyone tells me I owe nothing. In fact Comcast recently sent me a refund because I overpaid at some time in the past.

When I call CPA they say that when they contact Comcast to dispute the ballance they are told I still owe money! Nobody at CPA is willing to tell me who it is they speak with at Comcast nor how they are getting their information. They are completely scamming people and reporting it to their credit report when they don't get payment that isn't valid. I have placed a complaint against the with the BBB and through Experian and nothing has been done since. CPA has reported it on my credit report 3 times in the past 2 weeks and it is severly damaging to my credit. This company has dozens of complaints regarding false debts and they seem to not care on bit. I hope the owner or someone else within the company understands that they have a big problem with how they are treating people and their credit report. When your company has dozens upon dozens of complaints when does it become apparent you are doing something wrong?

Principal: Ms. Vickie Grant (Executive Administrator)

Customer Contact: Mr. Nathan Levine (President)

Ms. Debbie Abercrombie (Manager)

Mr. Doug Bridges

Chris C.



FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!! This company is absolute SCUM

If you have begun receiving letters in the mail and harassing phone calls at all hours of the night, beware, this is common practice for CPA Credit Protection Agency. I have received all kinds of crazy threats that you would expect to hear from mafiosos and not a business (it is a far stretch to call them a business). The worst part is that this company is coming at me for Comcast bills for an address that I've never lived at and for equipment that I have already return. They claimed I owed them $777.26. I provided CPA with proof that I did not owe this money, and after my second filed dispute they took a 7 off the front of that number. They now claim I owe 77.26. I then asked them were they came up with this factionary number and of course they could not offer me any valid excuse. They claimed the $777.26 was for something completely different from I offered them proof of payment for, so I ask them why they would take off $700 if I offered them proof that was not even consistent with what they claimed I owed them money for. It make no sense!! So where do they get these figures from?????? I followed up by filing another dispute in which they responded by attacking my Credit Score by reporting the so called delinquent bill. They are trying to squeeze whatever money they can out of me!!

This company acts like hooligans accountable to no one. Somebody needs to shut this company down. I am writing my elected officials and I am attempting to make my story heard on every review site. They are absolute scum and I hope you never have to deal with these low-lives. They will use any means necessary to collect. They make up large numbers and beat you down until you pay them to just go away.




In July of 2012, I cancelled an account I had with comcast, returning the equipment and paying the bill. About a month later I received the first notice from CPA. I called comcast to verify that my account was paid in full, which it was, and I received a statement showing a zero balance. About two months later (October) I received a second notice from CPA. I ignored that one. I check my credit report monthly and today it was showing up as being in collections, and I just got finished placing disputes with all three. This company is doing anything in it's power to get money that it isn't owed.



Awful. The webpage doesn't wo...

Awful. The webpage doesn't work. The email address doesn't work. Calls to their phone number result in impossibly long hold times before you even talk with someone. Kinda makes it hard to find out the problem when you're overseas.



CPA Contact Information

I am posting on behalf of Credit Protection Association (CPA), L.P. to address many of your questions and concerns. You may contact CPA by:

Phone: 1-877-332-2432

Fax: 972-726-7557


To access your account, visit Here you can review your account, check your balance, make an online payment/dispute, and get instant confirmation for your transaction in a safe and secure manner.


Phone: (972) 233-9614

Address: 13355 Noel Rd, Dallas, TX 75240


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