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The Xu Wellness Center is a Chinese Medicine clinic and Spa, along with a Western Medicine side. We are devoted to combining both old and new ways of helping people reach their full potential. Our Wellness Center brings you a comfortable and relaxing environment that helps to ease the stress of everyday activities and demands. We combine modern and ancient medicine to give each person the tools they need on their road to healing, whether it be emotionally or physically. Our desire and goal is to see you whole and prospering.
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Gail H.



My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years. We had two rounds of IVF. One was in 2009 without the aid of acupuncture, and the other one in 2014 with acupuncture and use of Chinese herbs at Xu Wellness Center. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and thanks to the help of Dr. Mark Xu! He is truly God sent! He is very professional yet personable. He explained very well the benefits of health, wellness & purpose of acupuncture. I felt very comfortable during my first session despite the initial scary thought of having needles pierced. I started my acupuncture sessions a few months prior to our second IVF procedure. It has helped me a lot as it kept my system in balance. I felt calm and relaxed as it kept my stress level low which is a must when trying to conceive. It has also helped me tremendously during the stimulation phase of my IVF as I reacted well to all the injectable medications without any side effects. Now that I am pregnant, acupuncture has helped ease morning sickness, headaches, and fatigue which is very beneficial as I am able to function well especially at work. I would totally recommend this clinic to anyone who is seeking the help of acupuncture for fertility and other issues such as pain, weight mgmt, stress & anxiety mgmt, vertigo, insomnia, smoking cessation, etc. They also have a very nice spa section for massages, facials, colon hydrotherapy, etc. The staff is very friendly and courteous! I am so glad I found this place!




I have been seeing Dr.Xu for 2-3 years. I had plantar fascitis which has totally resolved with his treatment of acupuncture.He has also helped with my fibromyalgia,headaches and low energy.My husband,who is an internist also sees Dr.Xu and believes strongly in his treatments.We will continue to see him for a holistic,preventative approach to our health.




I started going to Dr. Xu for chronic stomach issues due to Ulcerative Colitis. I was in and out of the ER and missing a lot of work. I also had to put off having another child. After a few months, my symptoms went away and I started to feel myself again. I am also 12 weeks pregnant today. I never thought about acupuncture until a family member suggested talking to him. I don't know where I would be today, if I didn't give acupuncture a try. He truly does wonders!!



I have had migranies for the p...

I have had migranies for the past 10 years. I have tried everything from home rememdies to Neurology. I have been going to Dr Mark Xu for about a month now and my headaches are gone most of the time. I was ready for them to go away completely but Dr Mark convinced me this is a process and takes time. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help and is searching for a solution.



I went to Dr. Xu for mild chro...

I went to Dr. Xu for mild chronic fatigue which I had attributed to "adrenal fatigue". The acupuncture and oriental tea he prescribed were very helpful, and over time, I returned to my normal energy level. The acupuncture also assisted in reducing/eliminating hot flashes, as well as a mild bladder infection. Overall, I felt the treatments were very beneficial. I had never tried acupuncture before, and was quite impressed with the result. It is not painful, and is actually very restful. Dr. Xu is a very helpful, friendly, and caring individual and his clinic is very well run.



Dr. Xu is amazing. With his he...

Dr. Xu is amazing. With his help my wife and I were able to conceive beautifully healthy twin girls. I spent a lot of time in Dr. Xu's waiting room while my wife was being treated. Every patient that I spoke with had wonderful things to say about him and how he has changed their lives. Dr. Xu is always available for his patients - in our case he even treated my wife on weekends and after hours when necessary.



I give credit to Dr. Mark Xu f...

I give credit to Dr. Mark Xu for saving my daughter’s life. Beginning at age12 she began having trouble moving her legs (it would come and go). We took her to several specialist (neurologist, psychologist, every other “ologist”) and had test done (MRI, Nerve Conduction Test, etc) but none could find a problem. On a family trip to California she suddenly became very ill and started vomiting violently and her heart rate went over 200. We called an ambulance to the hotel where we were staying and they were able to stabilize her at the hospital. Afterwards her health continued to decline in other areas as well with no explanation. We were at the end of our rope so we decided to see if Dr. Mark Xu (he was in our neighborhood) could help. HE DID HELP! Under his care she constantly improved. She is now 21, married, and has a healthy baby boy. We thank God for Dr. Mark. He really wants to help people and it shows.



Dr. Xu has helped me in so man...

Dr. Xu has helped me in so many ways: I've lost 120 pounds without crazy diets, and feel much younger I'm much more active now, and am trying new things, while many others in their 60's are just waiting for retirement.



I was referred to Dr. Mark for...

I was referred to Dr. Mark for endometrosis pain and with the plan to try to get pregnant. I saw him for the 1st time in December 2009. By Feburary 2010 my pain was greatly decreased. March of 2010 - I became pregnant! After my pregnancy I worried that my pain would return - it did NOT! :) I have continued to see Dr. Mark regularly to keep my "core" healthy! and will continue to see him! I love it! It is rather relaxing and just plain AMAZING how well I feel with it! I will admit I was a skeptic at first but NEVER again will I doubt it!! Thank you Dr. Mark!!! :)



Dr. Xu has had a big impact o...

Dr. Xu has had a big impact on my life that has really surprised me. i began seeing Dr. Xu in 2006 when i was facing a very dangerous surgery on my cervical spine. i was laying in the bed eating pain pills all day. i started the program to prove to my wife that it wouldn't work. after 2 weeks of treatments i was a different person & did not want to stop. he can't make Spinal Stenosis go away but i have been able to enjoy my life & still have not had the surgery. in fact they stopped using that surgery due to the high failure rate. the treatment is very relaxing & i am thankful for Dr. Xu's influence on my life. any fears you may have are unfounded & i urge you to try. your doctor will write a RX or send you to a surgeon.



I started see Dr Xu for joint ...

I started see Dr Xu for joint pain. I play tennis a few times a week and was in a lot of pain after playing. I love playing tennis but was thinking I was going to have to give it up due to the debilitating pain I felt even after playing on the soft clay courts. I started seeing Dr. Xu 4 months ago. I noticed a huge reduction in my pain after only a couple of weeks. I went 3x a week for a couple of months. Right now I am going twice a week and soon will be down to once a week. I also drink the "tea" 3x a day. The tea is challenging at first because it is not a pleasant taste. But since I started feeling better, I drink the tea without any complaints! He also recommended a cream to use on my joints a couple of times a day. The combination of the accupuncture, tea and cream have completely changed my life. I can do more with less or no pain and I have more energy also. If you have pain, GO SEE DR XU!!



Dr. Xu is wonderful! He is a G...

Dr. Xu is wonderful! He is a God-send! I had been suffering from debilitating migraines for my entire life, 2-4 severe migraines (with every secondary characteristic you can imagine) every week since I was 4 years old. I had tried everything you could attempt: neurologists, food journals, herbal/vitamin remedies, even home/backwoods remedies. Nothing worked to prevent them or make them go away faster. Nothing worked until I found Dr. Xu. There has been such an amazing reduction in both the frequency and severity of my migraines! Now I have one migraine every 2-4 months, and the severity has been reduced to mild-moderate with NO secondary characteristics (nausea/vomiting, vertigo, blackouts, memory loss, or sensitivity to light, sound, taste, or touch.)! Acupuncture has changed my life for the better in unbelievable ways!

Plus Dr. Xu has also helped reduce my sinus problems. Any time there was a drop in temperature or a weather front was coming through our area, I would get horrible sinus pressure headaches that could also trigger a migraine on top of the sinus headache. I dreaded the Spring and Autumn seasons. Now I can make it through the entire season with little-no pressure and the occasional mild headache.

Thank you, THANK YOU Dr. Xu for helping me reclaim my life!!!



A couple of years ago, I had a...

A couple of years ago, I had a frozen shoulder and had tried all of the traditional medical avenues available. Nothing seemed to help with the pain. Acupuncture was recommended to me and I found Dr. Xu's clinic. It was amazing the relief I received in a short period of time. After my shoulder got better, I mentioned that I had migraines for about 10 years. I had been on every medication know to man for relief and only got mild results. Dr. Xu has been treating me for my migraines and now I am off all of the medications. He has been very accomodating. If I do have a migraine, he gets me in immediately to treat me.

Dr. Xu has a ministry attitude toward his business. He truly wants his patients to feel better and have a better quality of life!! I have never seen him when he was not happy!! If you have any issues that you have just decided to live with the pain.....Please give this precious man a try. You will not be disappointed.



Dr. Xu is a rare jewel in this...

Dr. Xu is a rare jewel in this city. Because of his understanding and knowledge of the art and science of acupuncture and chinese herbs, I live everyday able to give 200% to all my endeavors. Not only does he sustain one's health, he is able to rebuild your vital organs and renew your life force energy. Long live Dr. Xu.

His herbal ointments are the best ever to be found!


Phone: (901) 737-8282

Address: 235 Germantown Bend Cv, Cordova, TN 38018


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