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Linda B.



Voretex bought our contracts, sold new contract, and moved with no notice. Then the closed with no notice. No refunds or restitution either. Can't decide if they are the worst business managers or out and out crooks.

Laurene F.



f you enjoy being assaulted when you walk thru the doors, you will love this place! Or like feeling like speck of dirt!!! If Voretex wants to "compete with the big boys", then they better get a better system for allowing their members access to the facility without the "annoyance" of customers trying to come through the old JC Penney corridors (outside entrance and instore entrance)!!!! Other places, like Anytime Fitness, have special keys that allow their customers personalized access to their facilities. But Voretex has a personal assailant ready to guard the entryways from non-members trying to get inside or outside the mall. I was parked at the JC Penney entrance and walked into the now fitness center. I was admiring the new place as I made my way to the instore entrance to the facility (to get to a shop that was 3 doors down from the fitness center). I was thinking to myself: Oooh! This place looks nice; I might have to check it out." After I did my shopping, I made my way back again through the instore entrance to go back to the lot where my car was located. I was greeted with: "Hi, Are you a Member?". As I was preparing myself to get hooked into a sales pitch (which I didn't have time for at that time), I got another: "Are you a Member?" "No", I replied: A guy then walked up to me and got in my face and said: "Mam", you need to stop and turn around. This corridor is for members only. It is a liability to walk thru here." I kept walking toward the outside exit, not quite understanding what was going on and thinking "well, then I'll just get the heck out of here, cause he's really rude and scary." He then got in my face and kept jumping in front of me, like he was going to grab me, and said again: Mam, You need to turn around and leave this place, since you are not a member!!" Has Voretex thought about the impression they are giving future, potential, customers????? If anyone, like me, was giving any thought to checking it out (without harrassment), in order to see if it is a place that you may want to join, well then, you better become a member first!!!! Cause there is no ability to "take a casual stroll" through the place in order to survey it, while taking in the other shops in the mall without being made to feel devalued and humiliated. Don't give them your money until they change that policy!!! They don't deserve it. The only liability they need to worry about is losing potential customers because they treat them with desrespect and bully them.

Heidi W.



On 3.10.15, at approximately 6pm, I went to Bally at N Academy in Colorado Springs. There was a sign posted on their door that they are now Voretex Fitness and located at the Chapel Hills Mall.

This was the first time I was informed that they had moved. I am very disappointed at the lack of communication to their members.

I drove to the new location – when I went inside – there were no mirrors, no lockers to put my keys, phone, work clothes etc. They had moved all the equipment to the old JC PENNY.

The front desk didn’t inform details of the new change, just took my Bally card and made it a Voretex card. I asked what was going on. They just said that it was now owned by Voretex and that a renovation would be going on but wouldn’t be finished until hopefully June.

After doing cardio, I broke out in hives and had trouble breathing. The space is filthy and didn’t seem to be cleaned since the time JC Penny went out of business awhile back.

Also, there were no mirrors in the new location and many machines weren’t availble to use.

I was a long time member of Bally – my membership lapsed in December and only to the fact that I wanted to continue working out with another member who went Bally, I renewed last month. I am a member of another gym that I am happy with.

I paid upfront for a year in Feb 2015. My money was taken. I had not been told of the transition. What I paid for – now no longer exists.

I want a refund due to the fact that working out in the new space is a health hazard to me. I cannot use the new gym that I paid for it to use with a fellow member. I can’t do that anymore due to my health issues of the new space.

I am frustrated that they took my money, re-signed me and didn’t inform me. They had to know about this only a few weeks ago when they re-signed me

I asked to speak with the General Manager and owner, Kirk on 3.10.15. I was told he left.

I called today on 3.11.15 . I called 7 times since they are still getting the phones set up. When I finally got ahold of Kirk and explained my situation and the health concerns, he refused to hear me out, most importantly didn’t care that his new space for Voretex/Ballys new members, was a health hazard for me.

To me the fair thing to do was to refund me starting today and until my contract runs out in early 2016. I physically cannot use the facilities. I have no problem going to another gym.

What also is highly concerning to me is the lack of communication from Kirk to the members that he just took to Voretex. It felt dishonest and sneaky to have done this and not informed me at the time of renewal when they had to have been in negotiations for a new building. I cannot use what I pre-paid for.

He told me several times that I will not be getting a refund and that only option is to pay an additional $5 per month to put my membership on hold until they have a renovation in a few months. I should not be paying additional money to put on hold a membership that I already prepaid for and that I cannot use.

I’d like to inform you of the owner, Kirk, is treating of loyal members . I feel it is very unfair especially with having an allergic reaction all night that I had to deal with. I’d like a refund for my remaining membership amount which is $129.69.


Phone: (719) 593-1559

Address: 1710 Briargate Blvd Ste 000C1, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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