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Amber L.



I highly recommend Dr. Li for everything! I came to see Dr. Li for my digestive issues that I had been having for over 4 years and constant anxiety that had taken over my life. I had visited many doctors and was diagnosed with onset ulcerative colitis. I changed my diet and tried all different types of natural supplements to manage the pain, but nothing was helping and the anxiety was spiraling out of control. I was having difficulty running my own business, I was terrified of eating anything because of the possibility of a flare and the panic attacks throughout the day. After my first session with Dr. Li I was completely shocked at how I felt the next few days. I was calm and was able to eat again without throwing up or running to the bathroom with diarrhea. I finally felt like my body was holding onto the nutrients and I was able to eat larger meals without restricting the types of food I had previously avoided because of the flares. I felt better after each visit and I am really surprised how good I feel after three months. I will continue to see Dr. Li to maintain this and will also use him for other issue in the future. He was able to use acupuncture to help with the discomfort, nausea and fatigue I get each month during my menstrual cycle. He was also able to work on a cold I had and I was able to get over it in one day!
I am very thankful for finding Dr. Li and discovering the uses and benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Thank you, Dr. Li, for giving me my life back!

Kelly G.



I'm ashamed to say it's been almost 2 years since I visited Dr. Li. I went to him for help with infertility because I have PCOS. While he was conducting the test that determines what is out-of-balance in your system (I can't remember what it was called), he noticed a mole on the top of my foot and made a comment that I should have it checked. By the time I left that day, he repeated at least 5 times that I needed to have it checked. To be honest, his persistence struck a bit of fear in me so I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist to have it removed. It was tested, and found to be melanoma. I had to have additional surgery to have a larger area removed, but thankfully they caught it before it spread. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Li for being so concerned about my well-being. He quite literally could have saved my life. I just realized that I did not properly thank him, so the least I can do is write this review. . . . . by the way, my son turns 1 tomorrow!!!! Yes, I sincerely recommend Dr. Li. :-)

Alexis N.



I had this intense back pain for months. I went to many doctors, chiropractors, and trigger point massage therapy. We spent a lot of money trying to fix this constant pain. I was not able to bend down without help and sitting for an extended period of time was not an option. I was an appointment away from scheduling a MRI and heading down a path that would ultimately mean back surgery. For me this was not a route I wanted to go down. Something told me to look into acupuncture, but I was skeptical because I didn’t know how it would help intense lower back pain. I had tried acupuncture before for an illness as a kid and the results were amazing. So I went ahead and searched online and found Dr. Li. He has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. My back doesn’t hurt and I have a pain free life now. I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Li to any and everyone that is having any kind of pain. I no longer take heavy pain medications to manage the everyday tasks.

Wanda H.



After suffering with allergies, bronchitis and sinusitis for over 20 years, I tried acupuncture with Dr. Li. And it was one of the best health decisions of my life! At that time, the allergist and ear, nose & throat doctors had me on 7 medications and I was still miserable. After a couple months of treatments with Dr. Li, I stopped taking all previously prescribed medications and felt better than I had in years. Since I am such a skeptic, I waited a year to write this review. I am now a true believer in acupuncture. I take no allergy medicines and have had no allergy problems, bronchitis or sinus infections since I began seeing Dr. Li fourteen months ago. I am excited to have Dr. Li as my doctor and happy to recommend him to family and friends.

Nancy L.



Oct 1, 2014

by nlogue

I originally went to see Dr. Li after being told by my rheumatologist that there was nothing more he could do for my fibromyalgia pain. After about 3 or 4 visits, my pain was gone! After suffering for many years and not being relieved by prescription drugs, Dr. Li was the answer all along. Dr. Li is now working to balance my hormones and restore felling in my feet due to diabetic neuropathy. I can't say enough great things about him. In addition, the staff at his office is kind and caring. Don't wait in pain or hesitate to make an appointment. NLogue

David J.



Not a good experience. Dr. Li seems like a very nice guy; very nice staff in a beautiful building. BUT, (1) you pay over $200 for a report that he says he is going to use to help with needle placement so that your treatment is more effective -- however, he didn't even look at the report prior to needle placement, (2) he connects a number of needles to some type of electrical pulse generator -- so that instead of 30 minutes of relaxing, "no pain" acupuncture treatment, I felt like I was electrocuted for 30 minutes; not fun or relaxing.

Y M.



I originally made an appointment with Dr. Li to see if he could help with migraine headaches I had been having since being rear-ended in an automobile accident a couple of years ago. In addition, I’ve had esophageal spasms and GERD for years. I had a few other issues but didn’t really think about them much. It’s just life, right? My chiropractor had improved my physical issues over the years; my neurologist gave me medication to kill the pain when I got a migraine; and my gastroenterologist gave me medication for the GERD. But I was still having occasional migraines and the GERD issues were getting worse. I didn’t want to take toxic medication to cover up symptoms (and possibly damage my health further); I wanted relief. I was sick of feeling bad; and I was more than willing to try something different. So I set up an appointment with Dr. Li. I was in a terrible mood and very stressed from work the day I saw Dr. Li for my first appointment. After an examination, Dr. Li gave me an acupuncture treatment. As I lay there with needles sticking out of my head, my mind kept running over the events of the past couple of days; and not only was I no longer upset, it appeared to be impossible to make myself get upset! This is interesting, I thought. Afterwards, when I told Dr. Li that I couldn’t make myself get upset, he simply said, “I know.” Very interesting, I thought. My stress level has continued to decrease and my optimism about life has continued to increase. I’m actually … HAPPY … most of the time! What a concept! Dr. Li has been treating me for the migraines, the esophageal spasms and GERD, stress, and various other health issues for about three months. After a couple of days of esophageal spasms recently, Dr. Li did his usual acupuncture treatment and added some Chinese herb pills for me to take at home (supportive herbs, not toxic medication). Esophageal spasms gone! Indigestion rarely happens at all anymore; and when it does, only slightly. Amazing!!! I didn’t know how good it felt to feel good! With simplicity, professionalism, and a warm caring spirit, Dr. Li and his staff create a tranquil healing environment. I heartily recommend Dr. Li if you need help along your journey to health and well being. And the migraines I went to Dr. Li for in the first place? I haven’t had any since I began treatment --- I’m loving it! At 63, I’m beginning to get my life, health, and energy back. I wish I’d known about Dr. Li a very long time ago!


Ellen B.



I suffer from Sjogren s, arthritis, depression and Fibromyalgia, which mean wide spread pain and debilitating fatigue sometimes. I have tried everything out there - including other Acupuncture doctors. Nothing worked. Since I don t want to depend on medications for many reasons, I decided to try Acupuncture again. That is when I found Dr. Li. He was different from any other doctor I had seen. He took the time to explain how acupuncture could help me. He performed a test on me that provided information on the state my body was in and where we needed to work. When I went to him I was in so much pain and mentally fatigued (I call it being unplugged) I didn t know if he could help. He truly cares about each patient s results. Within three treatments my pain was so much better, my energy was returning and the depression was lifting. With continued treatments the results were amazing. I do understand that he can t fix me and that I need to continue treatments to maintain my balance. When I miss treatment for more than three weeks I realize how much it helps which draws me back for more. Dr. Li made a believer out of me. I was also impressed that Dr. Li is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a medical degree - not just an acupuncture practitioner. Also, his offices are very nice and clean with great office staff and the location is good.

Ellen B







Dr. Li is awesome! When I was ...

Dr. Li is awesome! When I was referred to Dr. Li, I had a host of health issues; however, the most urgent issue was a serious strain/muscle tear in my left leg/quadriceps.

I had tests (X-Ray & MRI) which confirmed the diagnosis and I was told (several weeks after the injury) that it would take no less than 3-6 months from that time for my leg to heal. I was in pain 24/7. It was unbearable and impossible to sleep. I had to walk with a cane and couldn't walk far or stand long without causing real trouble for myself.

Dr. Li treated my leg, which began to feel better after a fairly short time. It continued to get better and better and the pain decreased so that I no longer had to take pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxers in order to sleep.

I began using the cane less and less as treatment progressed. My leg is now about 90% healed and I am walking without a cane at all. I am now a firm believer in acupuncture and will continue to see Dr. Li in the future for other health issues. I am very thankful that the Lord led me to Dr. Li; what a blessing!



I began seeing Dr. Li for chro...

I began seeing Dr. Li for chronic insomnia that I have struggled with for four year. I also needed help dealing with stress and anxiety. I have tried numerous sleeping aids and nothing has really helped my insomnia. My goal was to figure out the cause of my insomnia and get off drugs that are not very effective. After my first treatment, I felt so relaxed and stress free. After my second treatment, I was sleeping so much better and felt much less anxiety than I had in quite a while. I was actually dreaming and sleeping for longer periods of time without waking up. After a few more treatments, if I do wake up I am able to get back to sleep without laying in bed awake for hours.

The treatments are really helping me deal with the stress of everyday life. I did not expect to feel so much better mentally and have been pleasantly surprised by what acupuncture can do. Seeing Dr. Li has made such a positive impact on my life in so many ways. I was struggling with anxiety and rage issues that were causing me to become a negative person. I really can not stress enough how much acupuncture has changed my outlook on life. I feel like I am again the positive, happy person I used to be.

In addition to treating my insomnia and anxiety, Dr. Li has also treated me for acid reflux, allergies, and hormone imbalance, with positive results after the first treatment. I plan on seeing Dr. Li for years to come. I look forward to my sessions and talking with Dr. Li as his attitude on life inspires me.



J. Stahl I have been going ...

J. Stahl

I have been going to Dr. Li for about 3 years. I had been in a car accident which caused me great pain in the neck and back. After the first session, the pain was reduced a whopping 50% whereas before with traditional therapy and medications, it was barely feeling better at all. After only a few treatments I was as good as new! I now see Dr. Li for any issue, right now it is for menopause and after a treatment my hotflashes go away for quite awhile This is much better than dabbling with the unknown dangers of hormone replacement therapy!



I came to Dr. Li after working...

I came to Dr. Li after working with several doctors and specialists none of which could help me. They removed my gall bladder, gave me a hysterectomy, and finally put me on anti-anxiety meds all within a year. As you can imagine my system and my mental clarity were all off balance. I decided to stop taking the anti-anxiety meds and I had severe withdrawals including dizzyness, nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, and something that felt like my brain was receiving electrical zaps. The doctor's who prescribed the medicine said there was nothing they could do and I would just have to suffer through it. I almost lost my job and it affected my family as I have a disabled husband at home. Luckily, I went to Dr. Li and he helped me through acupuncture and herbs. I almost immediately started feeling better. The nausea and headaches went away and I was able to think clearly again. I am still in treatment because your body takes time to heal especially after so much trauma done to it. Dr. Li also helped me look at the types of foods I was eating and what is beneficial to help heal. I highly recommend others try acupuncture as a more natural and healthy way to treat many things that western medicine does with synthetic drugs and unnecessary operations.



Coping with neck pain for more...

Coping with neck pain for more than 20 years, for the past few years headaches and shoulder pain have been added and traditional medecine has offered me pills and injections. Lately I could not turn my head to the right my arm would not lift and I was in considarable pain all the time. Sleeping was a problem!I did not know much about acupuncture but to get away from meds that were working less and less I decided I was willing to try a different and healthier approach and WOW did I do good for myself. After the first treatment my head was turning and the terrible headache that was present that day was gone. Now after a few weeks of treatments I feel better than I have in years, no headaches ,no pain, arm in working order and best of all no meds! Thanks Dr.Li!



I had been coughing incessantl...

I had been coughing incessantly for three weeks from bronchitis when I first visited Dr. Li’s clinic. After the first treatment, my coughing was considerably relieved. It was hard to believe but true. I wasn’t coughing as hard and could sleep through the night. After four treatments and with the help of some herbal medicine Dr. Li prescribed, I almost stopped coughing. Because my bronchitis was caused by allergy, my family doctor prescribed allergy medicines for me to take from March to May each year. This has caused me big concerns as I do not wish to be so reliant on medication. And after five treatments with Dr. Li, I feel like I can rely less on the allergy medication. I am still taking the prescription just to be safe; but I have cut the doze in half and I feel fine.

Aside from the healing power of his acupuncture treatments, Dr. Li is also a very patient practitioner. For my first appointment, he sat down with me and listened to me talking about my symptoms and concerns before suggesting a treatment plan. The consultation session lasted for about 30 minutes and Dr. Li was patient throughout. This kind of willingness to take time with patients is rare among our physicians today. I highly recommend Dr. Li to people who seek alternative and effective healthcare practices.



I was suffering from kidney st...

I was suffering from kidney stones for 2 months; I had lost all hope of recovery as my pain was getting unbearable day by day. Acupuncture served as my savior. Dr. Li and his staff worked diligently and before I knew it in just two treatments the stone passed. I was able to retrieve my old life and enjoy every minute without the stone. Thank you Dr. Li for all your help.



Dr. Li is amzaing... I started...

Dr. Li is amzaing... I started going to see him a couple of years ago for my chronic back pain. No other doctor or methods I tried would work very long if at all. I now have no back pain at all and he is also helping me keep my high blood pressure under control. Like I said, he is an amazing doctor.




I started coming to Dr. Li for...

I started coming to Dr. Li for help with stress, particularly a twitching eye. I had previously tried exercise, yoga, cutting out caffeine... I had never done acupuncture before and decided to give it a try. I found it to be relaxing and pain free; I leave feeling happy. After a few weekly treatments, my symptoms went away. Now I go as part of a maintenance program to keep my symptoms at bay. I still get stressed in situations, but the uneasy feeling goes away quickly. (Incidentally, I stopped coming for a month and a half and my symptoms came back.)

I come all the way from Flower Mound to see Dr. Li. The staff (Ashlea) is courteous and efficient. Their appointments work with my schedule and I'm always seen right at my appointment time.

I like the fact that Dr. Li is a medical doctor and can understand a wide range of problems. Did you know that doctors in China do not get paid if a person is sick, only when they are well? Dr. Li has helped people with relief from pain, allergies, chemotherapy side effects - all without using medication.



In was introduced to Dr. Henry...

In was introduced to Dr. Henry Li when I was looking for an alternative medical doctor for my mother to help her with blood pressure issues and recurrent urinary tract infections. She is 84. He discussed the situation with me on the phone and assured me he could help her. I made an appointment for her and brought her in and was totally amazed! Just from the first visit his treatments lowered her blood pressure by 30 points! When I brought her home it was in the 120's. He also prescribed some chinese herbal combinations for blood pressure regulation as well as maintaining the urinary tract. I have continued to take her there weekly for several months and she is doing quite well. Another benefit from his treatments, she began to be more alert, conversational and doing much better mentally. I have sent other people to him and I have gone to him myself since that time and everyone i send sing his praises! He also diagnosed the source and treated a family member that had unexplained anxiety for years and treated him successfully sending him on his way feeling great for the first time in years. If there is anything you have going on that needs special attention and you would like a natural alternative, I would highly recommend this doctor. He is a genuinely caring doctor, great personality, very educated and experienced. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants a natural way to heal and to feel better right away. Thumbs up! Thank you Dr. Li! You are a blessing to me, my family and friends!



At the age of 23, I was diagno...

At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with major depressive and anxiety disorder after suffering for 10 years. Not surprisingly, the quick-fix prescription drug solution was offered to be my only way out of my misery. Hesitantly, I accepted the treatment plan only to learn later that the harmful effects from the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs far outweighed any benefits I was receiving.

After several months of attempting the prescription treatment plan I was ready to give up. I felt like a lost cause and thought nothing would work to help me get my life back without putting my health at risk. My personality remained dull, melancholy, and virtually lifeless; I was not a person people enjoyed being around, and that tore me apart even more.

Fate stepped in when a close friend of mine witnessed my suffering and highly suggested I go and see her Acupuncturist, Dr. Henry Li. After doing further research online and listening to my friend’s story on how Dr. Li significantly changed her life for the better, I made one of the best decisions of my life and called to schedule my first appointment.

I have never met a more sincere and compassionate Doctor than Dr. Li. He strongly reassured me that he could help me and would eventually work towards weaning me off all the harmful prescription drugs. My first treatment I felt immediate relief from anxiety as a surge of relaxation rushed through my body during the treatment, leaving me feeling less anxious for days. I continued treatment twice a week for about three months and before I knew it I was completely drug free! Not only did my anxiety greatly subside, but my depression symptoms lessened as well. I now can genuinely smile on a regular basis, wake up more energized feeling good and excited about my day, sleep soundly throughout the night, and relax my body so I am not constantly tense. I slowly but surely gained my life back.

In addition to helping me with these things, Dr. Li also helped with my severe menstrual cramping and even acne! I cannot give enough gratitude to Dr. Li and everything he has done to help me. He truly is a real life miracle worker.

-Corrie F.



The pain is gone! When I first...

The pain is gone! When I first came to Dr. Li I had chronic pain that could not be managed by either drugs or surgery. After about four months of treatment, the pain is almost completely gone. I am working out again for the first time in years! Don't worry about the needles; the treatments are so relaxing that I always fall asleep. Dr. Li has helped everybody I have recommended him to, addressing a wide range of complaints (migraines, vertigo, arthritis, etc). Even my teenage children are believers. His approach is comprehensive, thoughtful, and caring. The office is spotlessly clean and very efficiently run. I highly recommend acupuncture in general and Dr. Li in particular.


Phone: (817) 788-8388

Address: 4603 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034


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