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One of the few places where cr...

One of the few places where crab legs are still served more frequently than other Chinese buffet Restaurants. However, the price for a dinner buffet in April 2012 is $16,99, soft drinks are additional on your bill. If this price is worth for you depends on what you like to eat, if you are not a seafood type eater, this price is too high. If you like eating crab legs and certainly do not want to wait so long for the next fresh ones to come up, this may be a choice for you. Food trays and food variety is of good quality. Find out if this place is for you.



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First Time Visit and Very Pleases

I had a $20 Groupon so I thought I'd give them a try. Very good food, clean buffet bar, a large variety of food choices and excellent service. I must have been asked 8 times if I wanted another soda. :-)

Go there hungry because there's a lot to choose from.



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Bye bye to Panda Express for me

Last week, I noticed a new poster promoting its new Express Menu. It is offering carry-outs for customers on the go during the day. For $5.95, I can pick two entrees and choice of rice or noodles in a lunch box. The manager gave me a box and let me take as much as I want with no weight limits, as long as I stick to the two entrees I selected. That is way more cool than Panda Express!!!



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My family and I have been going to Mongolian BBQ for over 5 years now. It is in deed the entire families FAVORITE restaraunt in St. Louis. Every friend we've ever taken or visitor from out of town agrees. It's the absolute best. Some of you compare this place to Chinese restaraunts, that's not a good comparison considering Mongolian isn't even Chinese. Mongolia is in between Siberia and China but you cannot just clasify it as Chinese. It's a part of Asia. If you want to classify it as something, classify it as Asian Cuisine. The price is right and the food is delicious. I could eat there once a week, and sometimes do!! It's worth the drive from where we live and it's definitely worth the money. The people are always polite and curtious. They recognize us as soon as we walk in the door. They have are drinks ready in minutes before we even get back from the buffet. The food is cooked thoroughly and tastes delicious. My family, friends and I will continue to be Mongolian BBQ's number 1 fans for LIFE!! This is a must. You have to try it if you haven't already. And you can't go off of one person's bad experience when there are obviously so many great ones. My family and I have never had a bad experience in 5 years. That says a lot.



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We decided to eat at the Monglian because of all the good reviews. I called thirty minutes before we arived and asked if they would have crab legs tonight. They said yes, after we were seated customers started asking where the crab legs were, they said they ran out, other customers had called too. . They must have found some and when they brought them out they were nasty. Besides the crab legs, the rest of the buffet was half empty, the shrimp garlic sauce had one shrimp. The sauce counter was a mess. It took fifteen minutes for someone to give us a drink. The butter used for the crab legs was a horrible unknown sauce resebleing butter. Most of the customers were complaining about these things too. Do not waste your money. This happened Sun Jan 11 at 6:30pm



Superb food quality - reasonable price

High viewers,

As a frequent tester of Chinese buffets, I give you an opinion on this place. The management just changed some month ago in 2008. At the beginning of re-opening, the choice was not very huge, but clean and tasty. Later they expanded the choice of food, that also includes excellent crab legs. And I am talking about proper crab legs, not those of a third grade ones in some other buffets. You will also find an almost first class Mongolian buffet, where you can choose what you want, several sliced meats, fresh salads, sauces and get it done at the Mongolian hot plate.

What is a great difference in this Restaurant is the fact that the waitresses place the bill on your table right at the beginning. Not like in other Chinese buffets, where you get the bill placed on your table after 30 minutes to tell you: "we have enough of you, go and pay now". Also a slight difference in this house is the fact that you get real cotton napkins and not just simple paper ones.

Every tray with food looks clean and will be filled up frequently.

Choices you have in this place:

- Standard Chinese buffet

- Mongolian food

- Shrimps

- Crab legs good size

- Salad bar

- Dessert bar

- Cookie bar

Price for a dinner buffet ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday ) is $13,95 ( includes soft drinks too ) for adults. Kids pay less.

Buffet price from November 2008

Final thought: definately at the moment a 4 star rating. 5 stars would mean that everything is perfect, which would also be too over exaggerating. Give this place a try. Maybe it also becomes your favorite buffet.



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Very clean, tasty food, no pressure, a relaxing time, reasonable price. Definately a MUST!!!

I have visited this buffet by a recommendation of a friend. Folks, I have not been given the wrong impression! This please is neat, clean and most important, the food is tasty. I came there on a Saturday afternoon, around 5am. and I was seated in by a friendly waitress. The bill was placed on the table right from the beginning, unlike other Chinese buffets, where you get the bill after 30 or 40 minutes on the table to tell you "" it's time for you to leave now""! They hava e asuperb Mongolian BBQ. You choose your items in a bowl and walk down to the BBQ, where your food gets fried on a hot round iron plate. But they also serve real good crab legs. Not those tiny ones, where you lose already interest because they are too small. And you can be happy, you will always get crab legs, when you want more! The tray in the buffet bar is always full of them. No need to hurry there! If you like the general Chines food, no problem! It is tasty, well cooked and clean - which is very important when you enter a Chinese buffet. When you walk around you will notice that this place is clean - unlike many other Chinese buffets. Probably they try offering their best they can. The buffet price on weekends for an adult is around $15 in the evenings. That already includes the soft drinks too. You should not miss this nice and clean buffet out on your next trip to a Chinese buffet. You won't regret it.! This Mongolian buffet is one of the very very few locations in the Saint Louis areas, where you have a great buffet meal and a relaxing time. Test it out and give a comment here for other interested people.



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Great crab legs, delicious Mongolian food

I keep informing you folks about this nice buffet from time to time. This year ( 2008 ) I gave it a new try after the management has changed. Within a couple of month the quality of food has nicely improved and everything is served fresh continuesly. Usually under Chinese management, things have to be considered very carefully as I have seen a huge number of buffets which were filthy, very dirty and could easily upset your stomach. Not so with the Mongolian Buffet! I am very picky when it comes to the appearance of such buffet. This buffet looks clean and people keep the food trays clean all the time. The napkins on the tables are real made of cotton, not those thin paper napkins. The waitress places the bill on the table at the beginning, not like in other Chinese buffets after 35 minutes to let you know you should leave now. You can eat here in piece without being presserized. The food here is of great value. It seems the cook tries hard to maintain a nice flavor of all things which you receive here. If you like Mongolian food, this is definately worth a try. Oh, and if you like crab legs, don't miss this buffet out! This place is not one of those buffets which place some legs on the tray and then you have to wait 20 minutes or more till new legs are placed back on the empty tray again. They keep the tray full for everyone all the time! And the size of the crab legs are decent, not those tiny sizes which are not even worth to look at like in the China Buffet in Fenton and some others. Crab legs are served only Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening only. And let me tell you finally something about the price. A great full buffet on weekend nights is $14,95 ( September 2008 ). Thank you!




I love this place. You can get a healthy and tasty lunch quickly, and actually watch while it's being cooked. Definitely one of my favorite Asian restaurants!



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Best crab legs I have eaten

I am addicted to crab legs. So I was visiting plenty Chinese buffets in Saint Louis and outside for about two years. Some had real good seafood, but many closed down for good. So I came to the Mongolian buffet. My first impression when I came in was not different from other buffets. I had to change that attitude when I was seated in by a waitress. The tables had nice table cloth on and even a neat cloth napkin was placed. Now to my favorite food; crab legs. They had them available. They served them warm ( in the past I came across to several buffets who served them cold. Very strange ), and they filled up the tray continuesly. Never had to wait to get some more. And the size of the crab legs are great, Not those miniturized legs which just fit your little tooth. Also the Mongolian corner was neat and delicious was the food. The other selection of food was not better than most of the buffets I have been before. Also the deserts had no highlight. I myself missed an ice cream or a soft ice cream machine. But if you are a fan of crab legs, give it a visit. Maybe you also have a nice experience there. I was also impressed how they deal with the bill. You get it right in front and they place it on the table so you are not pestered after maybe 30 minutes or so with that impression ""now is time for you to leave!"". Stay and enjoy your food. To round it up. Great buffet, clean inside ( also the rest rooms ), great crab legs and after already 2 visits in January 2007, they have polite waitresses. Give it a try. You will probably enjoy it. I give it a 4 star rating!



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Best Bowl of Mongo in St. Louis

I have tried many Mongolian BBQ's, but this is my favorite in St. Louis. The food is great, however, there is always a long line at the BBQ. Also, you smell like a grill when you leave.



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After reading the reviews on here, my wife and I went for dinner at 7:30 on a Friday night. All I can say is this: TERRIBLE! To begin with, if you're familiar with Mongolian BBQ, youll find this slightly different in that they don't allow or offer any noodles or rice to be cooked with your meat and vegetables (an important component I think). The chinese buffet was barely refreshed with anything while we were there. Majority of the food was cold or lukewarm. Someone mentioned General Tso's chicken...I'm still not convinced it was really chicken. We didn't even get a second round after going back up and seeing how stale and dry the food looked. This was absolutely the worst meal we've had in a very long time. I feel like I was robbed of the $30 it cost to have dinner. Dont do it!



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It's Wonderful!

I am not a huge fan of Chinese food and loved this place. The enviroment is just as delicious as the food was!



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Great Value

This restraunt has become one of our favorite places to eat. What sets them apart from other restraunts is that you can create your own dish, with a wide choice of vegtables, meat and seaonings, which is cooked on a grill while you wait. The Dinner menu also includes all-you-can-eat crab legs. The service has always been great. Prices run around $7.00 for lunch and $13.00 for dinner. lunch times during the week is busy, but you can easily be in and out in under an hour. I would sum it up as food like Robatas of Japan, without the stupid chef tricks.



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Buffet Bliss

I fell in love with Mongolian BBQ the first time I visited. The Mongolian BBQ is mouth watering and the buffet is full of different Mongolian treats. They have the best crab rangoon I have found in St. Louis and their General TSO chicken is to die for. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a clean, fast, inexpensive place to enjoy as much Mongolian food as they can fit in their stomach!


Phone: (314) 878-1998

Address: 100 4 Seasons Shopping Ctr, Chesterfield, MO 63017


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Four Seasons Shopping Ctr
Four Seasons, Chesterfield

Mongolian Bar-B-Que Buffet

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