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Established in 1982, Cary Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists, P. A. provides orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and physical therapy. Based in Cary, N.C., the center's orthopedic spine center treats various conditions, such as back and neck pain, compression fractures, herniated disc, multiple sclerosis (SC). Its area of specialization includes joint replacement, minimally invasive spine surgery, physical therapy and sports rehabilitation as well as biomechanical athletic performance analysis. In addition, Cary Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists, P. A. provides viscosupplementation injections for arthritic joints.
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Sam W.



Terrible service very unprofessional. They had me wait an entire hour just to tell me to come back later



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Not too thoughtful

My experience was luke warm at best. The doctor spent approximately 5 minutes with me. Asked me a question and didn't even let me answer. Very quick to diagnose. Told me that ""you are over 40 now"". Did not go over well. Gave me a RX for PT and said 'he didn't care where I went to have it done'. Only go back if I have to.



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Cary Orthopedics Disappoints Again

I was told to arrive 15 minutes before my appointment. I had my paperwork ready before my appointment. I arrived 20 minutes early and was not called from the waiting room until 30 minutes after my appointment at which time I was at the desk telling the receptionist to cancel my appointment. I had waited 50 minutes without anyone bothering to inform me how late they were running or when I might be called. As I left, a woman told me that she was in the same situation. I think that Dr. Martini is an excellent physician but obviously the scheduling policies at Cary Orthopedics have him overworked and show gross disrespect for patients and their only concern is making as much money as they can by scheduling appointments too close together.



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Very Unhappy with Office Management

I am extremely unhappy with my dealings with the management of the office of Cary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. I went to Cary Orthopedic because I needed knee surgery for a long standing problem. The doctor I was assigned was pleasant and a fairly good listener. The surgery was performed successfully and the first 2-3 weeks went smoothly including the physical therapy. Then for reasons the doctors could not explain, the knee began to swell and on 3 separate occasions 60-90 cc of blood/fluid was removed over the next 6 weeks. I had to really take it easy with the physical therapy and several times had to cancel. My issue is not with the surgery or the PT, but with the management of the office. As we came closer to my limit of reimbursed PT, I explained that I did not want the PT if I had to pay out of pocked as I am on Social Security with nothing to spare. I repeated this on 3 separate occasions at the PT office. They were not able to get accurate details on the current limit but based on their best calculations I was covered. It turned out that I WAS NOT COVERED for the last two sessions in spite of the numerous times I stated that I was NOT willing to pay out of pocket and signed a statement to that effect. The senior management basically said that if was not her problem. I have to pay for the last two sessions not covered by insurance. I asked for some understanding and/or concessions under the circumstances but her only offer was to set up a payment plan. She repeatedly continued to explain that it was not her/their fault and that I have to pay. It's clearly NOT MY FAULT as well and I expected that they would be more willing to work with me.



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High Quality Care

I went to Cary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists when I had a persistent pain in my left knee. My surgeon, Dr. Ray Carroll saw me and I was impressed by two striking things. First, he thought he knew what the problem was and it was confirmed as a torn meniscus, he said, he did not think surgery was indicated at that time, and gave me excersises to do and advised weight loss. To me a surgeon who is caring enough not to rush to the surgical option first, gains a high level of credibility with me. A few years later the pain grew worse, and Dr. Carroll recommended arthroscopic surgery. I had no fear going into the surgery and the anesthesiologist was great in answering my questions as to how he could be certain I was truly unconscious while being operated on. I shared that I often got quite nauseous when sick so I believe that the doctor and anesthesiologist provided an anti emetic with the sedation that put me to sleep. When I woke up, I felt clear headed and alert. When asked how my knee felt I said, well, I feel like I have a headache in my knee. I was given adequate pain medication to take during the first few days after the surgery. The 4th day after surgery I started PT with Performance PT across the hall from the doctor's office suite. All went well, and my left knee is now pain free. Later, I re-gained some weight and now have a strained or torn ligament in my right knee. I have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Carroll and have no doubt he will figure out the problem and give me his best advice, be it PT, stretching and exercise, and weight loss or surgery. I trust this practice and in particular my own doctor. I tell my middle aged friends about my experience with Dr. Carroll and Cary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine office whenever a friend complains of joint problems. \nBest of luck to all who need help in this area and know that there are many many people like me who feel confident at this medical practice.



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Not thrilled but not totally disappointed............

I had an injury and called for an appointment on Monday morning. Delighted, they fit me in that morning as a ""work in"". I arrived and when trying to sign in was ""greeted"", for the lack of a better term, by the guy at the front desk. He was less than friendly and acted a little like he was annoyed at me since I was a work in and maybe annoyed at the crowded waiting room. Definately no warm fuzzy feeling or eye contact at all. I was worked in pretty quickly and had xray's and saw the doctor all within 15 minutes. The doctor was nice, however seemed distant, like he really wasnt about my injury at that minute.\n\nI was sent away without ANY instruction on what to do until my next visit. No pain meds, no ice instructions, elevation? I am not dumb and know all of the instructions that should have come with it, however was surprised that nothing was told to me except to schedule my MRI and come back to discuss it afterwards.\n\nI got my MRI after waiting for almost 2 days for them to call and schedule it with me. I wonder if there was another option of places to get my MRI that would have been quicker? No one gave me any options just told me someone would call me to schedule. I was thinking it would be sometime later that day at the latest.\n\nI am going back for my follow up to discuss the MRI and my options...I will repost and let you know how that went. I already prepared to goto a different doctor for surgery if that is the recomendation, Depending on how my visit goes next week.



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I went to Cary Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Specialists due to some pain occuring after an injury. I went as a precautionary measurment to assure no severe damage was done. As a patient I expect to be treated kindly and LISTENED to. I was not only dealing with the pain but the emotions that came along with the pain. To start off, the front desk staff was uninviting and intimidating. I had never been to the clinic and did not know where to go. They did not offer help, I had to ask for it. \nSupport staff (who took X-rays and did the initial assessment) were great. They were efficient and mindful of my situation. However, when the doctor arrived things quickly got out of hand. He was very rude and did not listen to my complaints. He had no interest in my past history, he did not offer advice on how to cope with the condition and when I asked about whether the injury would effect the future of my joint he completely blew me off. He raised his voice to me and made me feel like my concerns were ridiculous and unimportant. I did not leave the facility with the peace of mind I had sought after. Instead, I left upset and in tears. I am no doctor, but I work in the health field AND have never seen or treated anybody with the disrespect that I was shown at Cary Orthopaedics. \n\nI am sure this facility has some great doctors, but if you are going in without a direct recommendation to a specific doctor, I warn you to reconsider going to this facility.



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I can continue to lead an active life style

I live in Durham, NC, and am very active physically, practicing some sport at least five days a week, including table tennis and table tennis lessons, water sports, volleyball, and walking. And I play the guitar every day.\n \nI had begun to notice a burning sensation in my right shoulder frequently after sports or guitar playing.\n \nMy physical therapist recommended I see an orthopaedic surgeon and i was fortunate to get an appointment with Dr. Raymond Carroll, Cary Orthopedics, to look into possible causes of the discomfort. An X-ray and exam revealed no gross problem, but the discomfort continued, so an MRI was ordered, which revealed my superspinatus muscle tendon (part of the rotator cuff assembly) was about 95% detached.\n \nDr. Carroll presented me my options, putting no pressure whatsoever on me to take one course of action or another.\n \nAs I wanted to resume all my physical activities without discomfort, and with full strength, it seemed obvious to me I needed corrective surgery.\n \nI have been very pleased with the results. \n \nMy treatment, personally and medically, at Cary Orthopedics, was superb. The facilities are airy, pleasant, and comfortable. The staff is courteous and pleasing. I NEVER felt what I have felt so frequently in other large medical settings, that I was just a mass of flesh--a number--intruding on an indifferent staff's time. The practice is very well organized, runs on time--most unusual in current American medicine--and is NEVER haughty, but seems to place each patient at the center of the treatment universe.\n \nDr. Raymond Carroll, my orthopedist at Cary Orthopedics, was a model of medical competence, excellent bedside manner, and a person you could talk with, not talk to, nor be talked down to. Most important, because this kind of surgery--perhaps more than other surgeries--requires patience, understanding, fortitude, and faith, Dr. Carroll was a great cheerleader and encourager--perhaps more than I have ever experienced before from a physician. You need someone on your side with orthopedic surgery, because you will have a long row to hoe, and you need to be encouraged to continue hoeing that row!\n \nWould I have the surgery again if the same situation presented itself, say with my other shoulder. Absolutely. Where would I go. Cary Orthopedics. \n

Very Satisfied Patient


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The Best Doctors and Physical Therapists - Ever

I've been a patient of the Cary Orthopaedic and Sports Specialists since as far back as I can remember. \nDr. Szura has treated me for shoulder pain and has operated on my ""trigger"" thumb. I highly recommend him...and his nurses are great.\nDr. Sanitate takes care of my back/spine issues...what a pleasure he is. The front desk staff at the spine/pt clinic is friendly and I never wait to be seen.\n\nMy PT therapy at Cary Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine has also been a great experience.\n\nI highly recommend Cary Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine!!!!!\n\nI would not go anywhere else for my treatment.....with or with out network insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!\n



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Helpful and Friendly

I tore my ACL on Saturday, was able to get up with them Monday morning and they had me in there by Monday afternoon (on a snowy day at that). Once there they were quick to get me in, and the doctor was very helpful. Not only was he able to diagnose it, but I had X-rays done and was talking about the surgery options within 15 minutes of walking to the back. The doctor was friendly, but still very professional. I had a very nice experience there.



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Very professional doctors

Had a cronic problem that was difficult to diagnose. The doctor took the time necessary to properly evaluate my problem, and set up the appropriate treatment. The problem was solved. They were very professional and showed great interest in my problem.



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Avoid this Office!

I was not impressed in the least with this office, its staff, or the doctor that I saw. I brought my 8 year old in for a broken bone and was met with an incredibly condescending doctor. He did not listen to our questions or concerns and was obviously less than thrilled to be working with us. It was appalling that from the moment I walked into that office, I was treated as if I didn't deserve to be there. The front desk staff were rude and certainly less than helpful. My child and I left there and immediately went to a different ortho where we met with a staff that actually cared as well as an amazing doctor. I have since spoken to many others about this office and am yet to get a positive response regarding service or care. Consider Raleigh Ortho if you are looking for a great place to be treated.



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Nice if I could get past the extremely rude receptionist

I called in an emergency, in a severe amount of pain, acting as nice as I possibly could trying to explain to them that I needed an appoinment ASAP. Instead of working with me, the poor southern receptionist did just about the RUDEST thing I have ever experienced in my life which was hang up on me because I suppose she couldn't take the pressure. I am a docile creature and was by no means harrassing, rude or angry in anyway shape or form, just trying to see if an appointment was available. If these are the type of people they hire on the front lines you can count me out.\n\nHonest to gosh, one of the rudest reatments i have ever gotten from a Drs office. Will never even touch this place



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Slow, brusque, unsure about skill level, maybe they deserve slack for it?

I have to agree with the SLOW analysis that someone else made. On my first visit, they didn't call me till over an hour from my scheduled appt. time (and I had arrived 20 minutes *early* with paperwork already done). My second visit was better since I had them book me super-early in the AM. My third visit they called me into the examining room only about 15 minutes late but then I sat there freezing for 35 minutes waiting for the doc. Then they don't apologize, they act like that's the way things are supposed to be. \n\nI've had 2 docs there so far. The first seemed aloof and like he didn't care what was wrong with me, he wanted to do cortisone shot, wait a few weeks with immobilization, and then when at my followup I said I was still dysfunctionally messed up, he sent me on my way without ordering any diagnostic tests. He just said, well, start using it more and come back if it gets worse. Totally not what I wanted to hear, given my functional problem and the high co-pay I have to shell out for a specialist visit! A couple of months later, in constant pain, I decided to give them another try. I called and told the front desk I wanted a different doctor. They said sure. This second doctor seemed perhaps a little more interested but the exam again took about 1 minute (like the first time). He ordered a diagnostic test, which was good, but told me that if the test revealed a problem, he'd have to refer me to a wrist specialist. I don't understand why the front desk didn't just hook me up with a wrist specialist to begin with? \n\nI can't comment on their surgical skills -- yet. I'm unsure whether I will be comfortable with letting one of them cut me open, honestly. They seem so brusque! I'm afraid they will spend about 3 minutes on the surgery! \n



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This is the slowest office I have ever been to. I had an appointment at 2:00, wasn't seen by a doctor until 4:30 and even at that I had to leave my ""room"" where I was waiting and flag a nurse to tell her I had to be on the road by 5:00. Finally, I was seen by a doctor, however, was told to ice, rest and take advil....when actually I needed PT. What a waste of my time. Don't go to this place unless you have a fat book and nothing else to do for the day. \n\n



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What a wonderful physician!

I'd been to several doctors about my chronic knee problems. One didn't strike me as trustworthy, another barely looked at my problem and prescribed PT. Dr. Martini and his staff are professional, courteous, fast, and very knowledgable. I've had one knee operated on, ten days ago now, and I've had so little pain. I went in today unexpectedly and got to see Dr. Martini briefly, I was only expecting to see a PA. Dr. Martini is very easy to talk to, very nice right off the bat. The fact that he's the team orthopedic physician for the Carolina Hurricanes was a wonderful bonus to learn about him, and now 10 days post-op I know why. If you are in the area and need an orthopedic surgeon definitely see Dr. Martini!! I have never felt so comfortable at a doctor's office before, never before for any doctor.



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Great doctor

Dr Martini is a wonderful physician.As is the case with many thorough and caring physicians, the wait was longer than I wanted, but so worth it. He listened and examined me throughly and made his recccomendations carefully. He is very personable and I would refer anyone to him



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All the things I look for in my physicians...

Dr. Martini listens and treats you where you are in your life. He designs your care regimen to achieve results that will provide you the best quality of life possible. He is a skillful surgeon but opts for what best meets your needs; that is not always surgery. He has a great 'bedside' manner and is incredibly easy to talk to. He has been my ortho doctor since he came to this area and I have referred many people to him. All of them have been very satisfied patients. He is an asset to the medical community in the Triangle area.


Phone: (919) 467-4992

Address: 1120 SE Cary Pkwy Ste 100, Cary, NC 27518


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