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Aqua North Carolina is a public water utility that owns and manages water systems engaged in the collection, treatment and distribution of potable water. It serves more than 71,000 customers throughout the state of North Carolina. Aqua North Carolina s sources of water include over 1,600 consolidated rockwells and aquifers. It operates nearly 55 wastewater treatment facilities. Aqua North Carolina s regulatory agencies include the North Carolina Utilities Commission, North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources and Division of Environmental Health. Aqua North Carolina has a staff of more than 160 employees. It is a part of Aqua America, which provides water and wastewater services to over 3 million people in nearly 10 U.S. states.
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Joe P.



I live in the Fountain Trace Subdivision in Hendersonville, NC. We experience about a half dozen water service interruptions per year. The water has a disturbingly high mineral content that clogs shower heads and leaves orangey stains in sinks. There is no generator on site in the event of a power outage, and a generator has to be trucked in from Raleigh, which leaves us without water often for up to 24 hours. Once power is restored, we are required to boil our water for up to 72 hours, which is a real inconvenience. This company couldn’t care on wit about its customers, and unfortunately we have no other options for obtaining water.

Mike P.



Terrible company nobody should support a company that uses affirmative action. As it's inherently racist. I would not receive a service from this company if my life depended on it.

Leslie S.



Wish I could give a BIG FAT ZERO ... and hope that someday this company will be taken over by someone else and all the customer service reps replaced! I bought a house in August 2015...gave my shut off notice...they billed me in December 2015...claimed I didn't have water cut out of my name...its your word against theirs....RECORD YOUR CONVERSATIONS WITH THESES PEOPLE! THEY ARE LIARS! Besides the water bills are outrageous and the water quality will make you sick and stain your clothes occasionally!

A D.



This company deserves no stars. Wish that was an option. They constantly raise rates, the water quality is horrible, there is frequently a brown discoloration in the water and customer service is terrible. Their standard response to complaints about brown water is that it's just "air bubbles." Brown bubbles that never dissipate, y'all. They're supposedly flushing the water lines in our subdivision this week and they advised us not to use our water for FIVE DAYS. WTF? I hate this company with a passion I normally reserve for insurance companies. If you have a choice, stay away!

Deb M.



This is the absolute worst utility company I have ever dealt with. How can they get away with charging over $70 a month for sewer services that do not include water. Really?? I recently reconnected service only to find out that they were going to charge $835, which includes $675 for a valve they used to stop the service. So the house smells like a sewer, there is no water and there is no option for a payment plan. $835 now or too bad. What a scam!! They conduct regular audits with the Davidson Water Company to find out if anyone is using water without sewer services (two different companies). Instead of sending an email or a text or a paper bill to your address to let you know that you need to turn on service, they send someone to your house during work hours to put a paper note on your door. Wind, rain, whatever happens and the note blows away. No follow up. No call, no email, no text and no other communication. You come home one day and your home smells like a sewer. Ridiculous. Unfortunately, there are no other options except to talk to your politicians. Good luck with that.

Steven W.



Horrible water company! The water taste is absolutely terrible. There is constantly things floating around in the water. When they were doing "maintenance" in our neighborhood, we had to let ALL of our faucets run for 20 minutes each and dump out off of our *BLACK* ice from our freezer in order for it to clear up. They offered NO compensation for having to let 6 faucets run for 20 minutes each. To add, they have horrible customer service and they're always rude. They charge an extra "maintenance" or "delivery" fee ON TOP of your actual water usage. Simply outrageous!! If you have to go with this horrible company, expect $100+ water bills for a family of 3. We need this company OUT of NC!




Never have I ever dealt with such disgusting water in my life (and I have lived / traveled to many places in the USA and worldwide). Not only are there continuous major problems with the water (usually it's brown, contaminated, or both), but the water in 'good' condition is loaded with particles that even a filter doesn't completely get rid of. We bought a water cooler because we won't drink or cook with the water here. Aqua North Carolina, Inc. charges a lot of money for the disgusting water and minimal service (at best). When we have to flush our house pipes because of brown water or contamination, we have to fight for any kind of break on our water bill (and we have to do this a lot). If they do give us a break, it's only a few dollars - we are responsible to pay for the water we use to flush out their problem! And it is difficult to reach anyone that can help via phone (my bill goes to NJ and I'm in NC - they have no idea what's going on). I think the Aqua NC customers should band together and file a Class Action Lawsuit for jeopardizing our health all these years. I have plenty of photographs and video footage of water running out of my faucets / tub each time there is a problem. All I need to do now is tape the calls I make to them. If a lawsuit can't happen, then take it to the media - Aqua North Carolina should be accountable for what they're doing!

Christine Warrington


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Pool quality water

I am looking now for every way possible to get Aqua to act responsibly. I have had nothing but horrible experiences the entire 4 years in our new home. They continue to say our water quality is poor because of this reason that reason with it never staying clear for any length of time. Who would want to bathe, drink, clean with this crap? LIVE AT 5 here I come! Their CEO's published salary on Forbe's is insane and they just gave me a $5 credit on my $200 bill after a neighborhood flushing!



Provided by Citysearch

We just purchased a new house and we have not even moved in, due to the house needing some renovation. We just received our first water bill from aqua, imagine my surprise to open a water bill for $100. I have not yet flushed a toilet, done a load of laundry or used the dishwasher. Neighbors please tell me what will my bill be for 2 people to take daily showers, laundry once a week and a couple loads of the dishwasher. am stunned and shocked.



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No answer every time I call

I am trying to set up new service because I'm moving to the area and there is no answer every time I call. I read everyone's reviews and strongly believe that all of us should file a complaint with the better business bureau at bb dot com



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Aqua North Carolina - Incompetent!!!

Add insult to injury - as if they don't have the monopoly on rates, we just received a notice in the mail notifying us that starting Mon April 18 to 22 between the hours of 8 - 5 they will be flushing the system.

How about designating specific area and time slot - so that i don't stop my life every day between 8 - 5. I am a stay home dad, i can't just leave home every day for 5 days between 8 - 5. Some of us stay home with kids from toddler to school age.



Provided by Citysearch

They don't even deserve one star. I am surprised the NC government is allowing this! I pay close to $100 a month for water/sewer through Aqua for a 2 person household because of their flat rate sewer fee of close to $70! And we received a letter of PROPOSED RATE INCREASES! Another $30/month??? You have got to be kidding me!

If you want to do something about this, there are public witness hearings coming up:
Winston-Salem April 6th at 7pm City Hall
Raleigh April 11th at 7pm Commission Hearing Room
Charlotte April 19 7pm Charlotte Govt Center
Hickory April 20 7pm District Court Building
Wilmington April 26th 7pm Judicial Building
Fayetteville April 28 7pm Cliffdale Recreation Center

Also please write to Public Staff (Mr. Rubert Gruber, Exec. Director) and Attorney General (Honorable Roy Cooper). You can fax statements at 919-715-6704 or email them to

Let's stand up against Aqua taking advantage of NC citizens!



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Shouldn't there be other options???

So, I was 6 days late on a payment, and they sent out a cutoff notice that I never got??? Then, I'm forced to pay a late fee, a new deposit, and won't get my water turned back on until the next day?!? The representative even looked at my past 4 years with Aqua, and saw that I never had a single late payment. He said ""it didn't matter"". #%#@$#

Like Suffer2011 says; being forced to buy water from this company - Aqua - should be against the law!

Frustrating beyond belief.



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Are they poisoning us???

Forced to buy water from this company? Should be against the law. How do they get past the clean water act? Pay off the gov officials? Have to filter this stuff to be able to drink/cook with it. So full of suspended solids, constantly leaving ring of crude in bathtub/toilets/dish washer/clothes washer. Guess some lucky government type getting his/her retirement home built for free.



Provided by Citysearch

If you move into a neighborhood with Aqua be sure to move!!! I will never buy or rent a house in an area where Aqua is servicing again. Their customer service and rates are far worse than ridiculous. No matter what happens, don't ever let them turn your service off, whether it is your fault or theirs because it will be a while before they turn it back on at their leisure! You will be without water and you will be far from a priority!



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What a joke of a company!

I've tried 5 times to contact Aqua who provides the wastewater service for my neighborhood. I call their toll free number only to be told, ""Your address is not serviced by Aqua."" Then the other day I receive a notice on my door (while I was home but they didn't bother to knock) stating I have not contacted them for service and now they threaten to interrupt my service! I finally find the 919-467-8712 phone number and call. The phone has now been ringing for over 10 minutes and no answer! A neighbor tells me they will try to collect for all the months I had service that they insisted they were not my provider. Is this legal?

BTW....I've now been letting the phone ring for 16:25 and still no answer!

Shocked and Amazed


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Aqua NC is absolutely unbelievable!

I have great concerns regarding this water company. It's disturbing to learn that your water can be shut off in a heartbeat and slow to turn it back on. It doesn't matter whether the error, mistake, fault etc is on the company side or consumer side! The company makes it very clear that the one with the water shut off is not a priority, as the workers have other job responsibilities and they will get around to turning the water back on when they can! How healthy is that? Geez! Unfortunately in the state of NC, water is not a protected public utility. So sad. I work with many people that are struggling financially and the company is not interested in working things out with the consumer. YET...the price keeps going up (in more ways than one)......



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Terrible Service and Consistently Charging Late Fees

Like the other reviews, I have been very frustrated that Aqua NC's website is barbaric and doesn't offer online bill pay. We have been with them just shy of 3 years and for some reason, I have received late fees on my past 4 bills. The first month I thought MAYBE I was a day or two too late getting the payment in the mail and was pushing it close to the due date. But the following months and July in particular I know for a fact that payment was mailed on 7/2 for a due date of 7/13. I called this morning and they posted payment on 7/21. That is absurd. I'm in Wake Forest and my family in Texas and Ohio consistently gets mail that I send to them within 2-3 days. I'm detecting a pattern and am wondering if they're sitting on payments or doing something fishy to generate more revenue in these not-so-bright economic times. I refuse to go to Western Union and pay a processing fee.
I'm hoping that by posting this, others that may be experiencing the same thing will contact me and we can put our info together and take action.



Provided by Citysearch
Aqua NC robbing the public

I live in Mallards crossing subdivision in Raleigh- a single mom with 2 kids and am baffled at how I had no sewage going out of my house for a month- nor water (we were staying with my mother) and the bill is still $85. How can we be charged for sewage at a rate of 3 times the amount of water. If I only use 20$ in water- I can't possibly have 66$ in sewage going out. This is the most outrageous rip off I have ever had to endure- I can not wait to move out of this subdivision and will never again move to a place where water is controlled by Aqua NC. IT IS DISGRACEFUL how they rip people off.



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Family of Five Sick and Aqua Deactivates Water Service

Please keep this in mind if you are making an individual or large-scale decision for water service in Apex or surrounding area: My family just returned from a two-week vacation to California and found our water service discontinued. Note: We have been customers with Aqua for close to 6 years and never had a problem with billing or late payments. We returned to find no water pressure, no running water, no notification via email, phone, etc. We were very surprised at this termination.

The kicker: Both my daughter (age 9) and I are very sick. We returned from Cali with the bug. We arrived home on Saturday, Oct 31 and immediately contacted Aqua emergency services who responded with ""there is nothing we can do"". Needless to say, we have not had running water in our home for close to three days now, with two very sick individuals and we now see signs of my youngest (age 4) developing the bug. We cannot bathe ourselves to prevent the spread of this bug and the sanitary conditions are not favorable to keep the bug from spreading. I do not want to get graphic, but just imagine the waste of 5 individuals with no running water. This is not acceptable for a family with close to six years of on-time payment.

Just heard from customer service that the earliest they would be able to turn water on is tomorrow, November 3rd. That's the earliest, they can't guarantee it.

Sickened by the lack of customer service and the risk that this puts the rest of the family, neighbors and coworkers. Given the challenges that we face at the city, state and national level regarding flu outbreaks, etc., you'd think a utility provider would have more care and sense in addressing this situation!!!!

Next step is to contact NC DHHS and representatives. Seems Aqua has a hold on our subdivision and we are at their mercy. This not good business or health policy.


Phone: (919) 461-3724

Address: 202 Mackenan Dr, Cary, NC 27511


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