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  • Medical Services

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12772 Hamilton Crossing Blvd

Carmel, IN 46032


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visa, mastercard

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Please do not go here.

First off the doctors have no idea how to actually treat anyone. They simply say "hey here a list of like ten different things we could do that might help you....Pick one" Seriously? I'm making my own medical choices?

Second you get to see an actual doctor maybe the first two times you come in. Then you get to see a Doctor's Assistant which is kind of like a nurse. They are NOT doctors. They see you from there on out. They can decide what to do with you now and they just go have the doctors sign the scripts.

I've been going there 2 years now and they have done nothing. I know your thinking well maybe you have something thats hard to fix... Maybe. The point is maybe if i actually got to see a DOCTOR i might be doing better.

Lastly say you suddenly get sick. Lets say Friday afternoon you get sick and you have an appointment Monday. Well unless you have a time machine you will have to pay $60 to cancel that Monday appointment. (Oh yeah they are closed Friday) Also say you have a Tuesday appointment at 3pm and you come down with an extremely contagious virus like the flu or the new Sydney norovirus and you call at 4pm Monday. Guess what! You get to pay $60 to keep everyone at there practice from getting said virus. NO EXCEPTIONS! Doesn't that seam a little unethical to you? I'd say so.

So in other words you don't get to see a real doctor, you get to decide how to treat yourself and you can't cancel an appointment for ANY reason if less that 24 hours.

Don't go.



I have had chronic pain for 15...

I have had chronic pain for 15 years. They have given me my life back. After life changing medication changes, I had a SCS trial a year ago and then a perm put it (not at there office) but at Dr. Turner s after the trial was done at Meridian. The staff has always been helpfull even when my insurance company wasn t whether it was with my procedure or with my medications.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Best Pain Management!

Fractured vertebrae L1 ~between thorough diagnostics, injections, new meds, Physical therapy,& counseling this group helped me w/ their care. 4 years since my accident & I am now off all pain meds, use a Lidoderm patch as needed. If your serious about pain relief this is the group for you. Not all patients have to be hospitalized they treated me as an individual. L & Dr. Arbuck are consummate professionals & caring to boot



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please beware be afraid and listen to others

this was a very scary place and the sad thing is i had read the bad reviews out there...but....they got me in pretty quick and i see why all they want to do is tell you what has worked for you was wrong and you must go inpatient for 5-7 days then go on suboxone nothing else will work or be prescribed!!!!!! then this quack told me not to read about this drug on the internet becuase it was all written by drug addicts who did not like it because they could not get high!!! save your time and money and oh they are about money



Provided by Citysearch - 
worst doctor i have ever seen

only see this doctor if you want suboxone. this is all he will give you for pain management and this is not what this drug is for.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Bait and Switch

My experience with MHG is unfortunately just like some of the worst experiences here. I want to address my grievances on a coherant basis:

1. As a new patient you will be seen by a physicians assisstant (or PA). The PA has not had the same schooling as the Doctor. They are assisstants like executive assisstants are. They are knowledgable in medicine like any nurse but they have some unique training in limited diagnostics and have limited prescribing powers.

My PA was L. She was set to hard sell me on a treatment approach that I wasn't prepared for the minute she entered the door. MHG has you sign a lot of paperwork getting you to agree to ""do whatever they want you to do"" before you ever walk in the door. At the time I signed those papers I thought ""sure, of course, if it will treat my pain"" why would i refuse?. When L made her pitch however it was clear that if I were to go to the ""Hospital"" (a nice word MHG uses for a true-lockdown Psychiatric Unit) for the required 5 to 7 days, I would be giving these people carte blanche to mess with all my medications not just my pain medications. I would in fact be accepting Dr D as my Psychiatrist as well as my Pain Management Doctor wthout MY KNOWING CONSENT. L commented how some of my medicines were old fashioned and harmful which as a scientist, I know they aren't. She said they were going to change those they didn't like and use ""newer & better"" medications. She never ASKED if they could touch my psyche meds or that they would even call MY ACTUAL PSYCHIATRIST. They were just going to change these medications.

This is the old BAIT & SWITCH (B&S). In a B&S certain products are advertised. In this example the product is Pain Management (PM). Then when the consumer shows up to take advantage of the offer the sales team will deceptively hard sell the confused consumer a more expensive item they didn't ask for or need.

In MHG's case this would be their ability to tap your insurance (and ultimately you) for many Medical Services you don't need and aren't aware you've agreed to in the first case (they actually make you sign something that says you are not planning to go thru a bankruptcy. At the time my husband and I signed it we thought it was a insensitive thing to ask - but now I know it is because this is all about being paid!).

2. Now, in reference to the quality of the people at this house of mirrors:

L - If you get L she will come into your room and hard sell you that what every other doctor has done to you is no good and that ""we have much better drugs available"". She will inform or at least insinuate to you that you are drug addicted and drug seeking even when you know you aren't. If you challenge her on it she will tell you all about her ""18 years with neurosurgeons"" or some such thing. She will talk over you and almost dare you to challenge her. When you do she will pull out her ""18 years as a such and such with neurosurgeons"" speech which she apparently equates with going to medical school, doing an Internship, doing a Residency in Neurophysiology (and Neurosurgery), and a Residency in Psychiatry (with prestigious Fellowships, of course!).

Now as far as Dr. D goes I can't tell you much because all he did was (literally) swoop in at the right time to impress the dire need for hospitaliztion (PSYCHE WARD). The most memorable thing that he said was when my husband said there was a money concern to which Dr. D actually said, ""money, money, everyones always concerned with money! This will help you. Don't think about money!"" Yeah. In my world money is still a big deal...he never did offer to pay for it hmself. I wonder why?

The worst thing I can say about MHG and Dr. D is that these people get a patient at their most vulnerable time and they take full advantage of them.



Provided by Citysearch - 
I Heart Meridian Health Group

Interestingly enough, I love Meridian Health Group. I'm a 19 year old female, soon to be 20, who has had chronic pain since I was 12. I've suffered knee dislocations and in return, from my home town in Michigan, recieved 5 years of physical therapy that ended no where. I changed doctors twice in the small town where I live before finding one who actually considered that I might have a problem.
This new doctor, still in my home town decided I needed surgery desperately because of a tracking issue I was having in my knees. We went forth with surgery. Long story short, it didn't work and made my pain worse.
I was a very active individual, participating in dance, soccer, marching band and cheerleading. Because of the surgery and the back fire, I was unable to perform at the 2009 Fiesta Bowl Competition that my high school marching band was invited to. Best part? I was the soloist in 3 numbers.
In June of '09, desperate for answers, my family and I made the long hall to Rochester, MN to, that's right...Mayo Clinic. Another long story short, they told me I had a sad situation, and there was literally nothing they could do to help me. Further, they perscribed me Darvocet, which is an ancient pain killer, because my Viccodin wasn't 'recepting' anymore.
A very painful summer followed, and I went to a small University, in Anderson, IN, about 3 hours south of my home town. During the semester I had excruciating pain, and could no longer take it. I went to see my PA and she told me about pain clinics. Where I'm from, there's one. And I'd been told not to go there. We decided to choose one closer to me at school, thus being Meridian Health Group.
Within minutes of me sitting in the room, they were running tests; x-rays, physical examinations, psychological questioning (etc.) They really wanted to get to the bottom of my problem that had been 'no big deal' or 'a sad situation' for a few years now. They found 2 things very wrong. 1) I have petollofemerol disorder. The funny part... I asked Mayo about PD, because I had Web MD'd it and they said , NO WAY!. But guess who was wrong. 2) my right leg in longer than my left by 2cm. That's the base measurement when things start going wrong with alignment. Mayo also checked this and didn't find anything wrong. Action was taken right away to switch my pain meds and get me to as many doctors as I needed. Without them, I would be in a wheel chair.



Provided by Citysearch - 

I had been going to Meridian seeing Dr. Wright for about 6 months for pain management. One day my doctor was out and they set me up with Karin Clary. She suggested a long acting pain med so I wouldn't have to take so many pills a day. I thought that would be a good idea and I asked if I could try methadone because I have heard good things about it.
She suggested suboxone and I said I would rather not and that I would prefer methadone. I have heard bad things about suboxone.
She said if the suboxone does not work out then we could try another pain medication. She named about 3 or 4 different ones. I asked to try methadone if suboxone did not work and she said yes. She kept repeating how suboxone was such a good medication for pain.

The day that I converted to suboxone Dr. Arbuck handled all conversions and he told me that suboxone was the strongest pain medication on the market. I said I heard methadone worked pretty well and he said methadone was the worst medication for pain.
Well....I went off narcotics like I was asked and suboxone did not help my pain very much. It gave me horrible headaches in which made it hard for me to concentrate, and confused.

I had a few appointments with Dr. Wright and he wanted me to give it more time to work. About 3 months went by and once again, my doctor was not there and I had to see Karin.

I went over everything with her about how I can not take suboxone anymore. I just could not tolerate it. The headaches were too bad and it barely touched my neck and shoulder pain. I brought my leftover suboxone in and set it down on the counter so they could dispose of it and asked to try methadone.
She paused for a minute and said well, you're not going back on short acting pain meds. It's suboxone or nothing! I said o.k. then...nothing!
She flipped her laptop closed, picked it up, and walked out of the room. She never gave me prescriptions for any of the medications I needed....xanax was one of the medications. You can not go cold turkey off of xanax or you will have a seizure. You can not go cold turkey off of suboxone either. Luckily my family doctor helped me with xanax and lortabs until I could find another doctor in which was very hard for me to do because she wrote ""STRONG CONCERNS OF ADDICTIONS OR DEPENDENCY""
in my medical file.

Every urine screen I have ever had in that place has been clean. There were a few times that they wanted me to detox off my narcotics and I complied each time. She made me take a urine screen that day also even though I was not supposed to.

I tried to see a pain management doctor in my town and she called Meridian to find out why they wanted me on suboxone and Dr. Arbuck told them they wanted me off all addicting substances.....Why????? He's not even my doctor so why is he calling the shots??

One month Dr. Wright prescribed me adderall so I can concentrate and stay awake Karin Clary told me I can not have them and would not prescribe me any more.

I called a hotline for suboxone, and I even have a suboxone pamplet that states that suboxone is not intended for pain. It is for people that are addicted to narcotics to help them to get off the narcotics.