Top Home Security Trends

Homeowners looking to buy their first home security system or upgrade an existing one face an array of choices, thanks to the latest technology available. From basic alarm systems to sophisticated video monitoring, there are several options to fit almost any need within even a limited budget.

Video On the Go

One of the most popular new trends in home security tech puts homeowners in full control of monitoring their property, even from halfway around the world. Many services now exist that can connect interior and exterior video cameras to the internet, allowing homeowners to get a live look from a secure web application. Some of these systems are even available on a smartphone or other mobile device, which means any area with wireless reception could allow for a quick check on kids or pets at home.

These systems have the potential to entice buyers by affording them peace of mind while they are away for extended periods, like on vacation. Rather than having someone look after the home on a regular basis, homeowners can do this themselves whenever they get a spare moment. These monitoring systems may also connect to window and door alarms, as well as smoke detectors and flood sensors to give users a full suite of warnings from anywhere.

SecurityHome security systems now have numerous advanced features.

Smart Home Tech

One of the most talked-about innovations leading up to 2016 was the promise of "smart home" technology. Smart home devices and services have only recently become available to most U.S. homeowners, and the features they offer are constantly changing. Using similar devices that enable remote video monitoring, some services can connect to a home's electrical grid and enable several possibilities. Through an app on a phone or tablet, users can adjust the thermostat, turn lights on and off, arm and disarm alarms, enable lawn sprinklers and much more.


Even better, some applications also allow users to automate security tasks while they are away. For example, a family away on vacation could choose to maintain a regular schedule for turning lights on, making it appear as though someone is still home and deterring potential criminals. By enabling these features, users can also receive notifications on their mobile device when an action is performed, such as if a pet sitter enters or leaves the house.

Location Awareness

Taking this concept even further, it's now possible to automate home security settings based on users' locations. By connecting with a mobile device via GPS or Bluetooth, a smart home system could tell where users are either within the home or beyond its borders, and perform actions accordingly. For instance, parents could set the system to turn on the kitchen lights and disarm alarms when their kids return from school. These actions would be performed as soon as they walk through the door. With modern technology, the possibilities truly are almost endless in this sense.

More Features to Watch For

If you're buying one of the latest home security systems, make sure the service has a solid reputation and you develop a full understanding of how to correctly implement this technology. Smart home systems and devices are some of the hottest products in the tech world, but rapid growth could present its own security risks. 

Web Access

Specifically, more services are becoming sensitive to the possibility that these web-connected devices could be accessed by someone other than the homeowner. In response, smart home security providers are taking steps to strengthen their cybersecurity and prevent these attacks. Homeowners should research and ask questions about digital safety when shopping for these systems.

Voice Control

Voice activation is yet another big-ticket feature that's becoming standard on most devices these days, and home security is no exception. With this technology, a security system could use your voice to identify and respond to commands as soon as you arrive home. This could make deactivating alarms and changing settings even easier. Ideally, these actions would also be possible from any area of the home with this technology implemented.

In many cases, these trends represent the cutting edge of home security systems today, and are still being developed and improved. There's nothing wrong with investing in the latest security features, but homeowners should first be sure to understand exactly what they are getting so they can feel safe at all times.