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Maintained in Burbank, Calif., Cartoon Network Studios, formerly known as Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, is an animated cartoon studio founded by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The studio has produced television cartoons for more than forty years. Hanna-Barbera was the first animation studio to successfully produce animated cartoons especially for television. In 1991, Turner Broadcasting acquired Hanna-Barberra. After the merger between Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner in 1995, the company had two separate animation studios in its possession. Hanna-Barbera began to solely focus on the Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network became the exclusive home of all new Hanna-Barbera productions. Around 1998, the Hanna-Barbera name began to disappear from the newer shows from the studio in favor of the Cartoon Network Studios name. The Hanna-Barbera name remains for classic productions based on properties like the Flintstones and Scooby-Doo. Animated series maintained by studio include Atomic Beety, The Batman, Captain Planted, Cartoon Theatre, Cow and Chicken, Dexter s Laboratory, Dragonball, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Juniper Lee and The Powerpuff Girls.
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Blake G.



I am writing a review hoping that Rebecca Sugar will see this. The fact that you have the ability to affect and relate to so many people using characters in a cartoon show is simply talent. You are a true gem and I hope that you realize how many people's lives you have changed with this show. May your show go on for a very long time, and your legacy go on even longer. Hopefully one day you see this or I am lucky enough to meet you. You are such a beauty in this world and I am just taken back by the community you have formed, and what a loving atmosphere it is. Truly excellent. Well done.

Seth P.



Dear Rebecca Sugar,
I love your show. I had to write a speech for a class so I chose the themes you show tackles as my topic. Here is the first part. Hope you like it:

Attention Getter: When was the last time you saw a cartoon that had themes that relate to the world around you?

If your answer to that question was never, then do I have the show for you. Steven Universe! A show that mixes mature themes with the goofy adventures of Steven and his magical guardians. Let’s start with the characters.


Our first character is the eponymous one, Steven Universe. He is the half-gem, half-human protagonist of the show. His gem is located where his belly button would be, and it is a rose quartz.

Gems are an alien race that conquer planets to use for literally growing their species using the minerals of the planet. They have literal gemstones that project light to create a physical form. They have no age, and live in a caste system. Pearls and Rubies being the lowest of the low, and Diamonds being the highest of the high. They are ruled over by four diamonds. Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, White Diamond, and Pink Diamond. All four of the diamonds are based primarily on the planet referred to as homeworld.

Steven’s mother was Rose Quartz, a warrior that was sent with Pink Diamond to colonize earth. She saw the effect it was having on the life on Earth and vowed to stop it. She recruited thousands of other gems and forced the Homeworld gems off of Earth, but not before Homeworld fired a blast so powerful that it destroyed all but 4 of the original rebellion. She and of the two other survivors would stay on Earth and protect it under the name of “The Crystal Gems”.

Christian C.



Dear Rebecca sugar I really hope you got my letter I sent you if you did please contact me at
Or 806-438-983-5 if you did get my letter please please please send it back sind with the cast i hope you got my letter.

Kenjii S.



Can someone tell me Rebecca Sugar's email? I love her animated show "Steven Universe". I'd love to talk to her and maybe help with the show. I might be a little young, but if she gave me a chance, I think I could be useful.

Emily L.



dear rebecca you are awesome I'm sending a letter because you made the greatest show ever and I made a gemsona her name's moonstone she's a friend of the crystal gems and she loves to have fun, she's lazy, and she's very kind. her wepon is the moon chain sword and she does control all the moon's density. and she adores cookie cat and she got poofed by Fire Opal (a forced fusion by Limonite and sunstone) to stop him from shattering the crystal gems and destroy beach city and the earth and home world but the crystal gems and the homeworld soliders stopped Fire Opal and sunstone took control and de fused with limonite and the crystal gems took moonstone back to earth and limonite got away to earth before the soliders could poof and shatter him. When moonstone regenerated she had to go into hiding that way limonite could not find her but she vowed to back in 20 years when moon became sliver. so rebecca do you like it or not? it's ok if you don't like it

Anthony W.



Hello Mrs. Sugar! I can't tell you how much I love your show! Probably my personal favorite airing right now. So much so that I've decided to make pixel art animations for a hypothetical fighting game. I don't plan on making it (even though I'm a minor game developer with a degree) but I'm finding the pixel art experience fun so far. I've done idle animations for Steven and Ruby (working from approximate shortest to tallest) and now I'm on Sapphire. I drew Ruby with her glove/gauntlet out already, and that got me thinking about Sapphire's weapon. I don't necessarily want to know what it is (especially if it's spoilery), and I know this isn't an AMA, but it would help if I were to know whether or not it's something I would have drawn pre-summoned just like Ruby's glove/gauntlet. If you don't respond, I'll just draw the idle without it. Anyway, for proof, here are gifs of the animations I have so far:

John A.



Hello, madame sugar!, as an artist, I have always admired your work! To make things quick, my partner and I fell inlove to your show. I would do anything to give her a signed ANYTHING of yours. When do you think you will mame it to the pacific north west again!? I understand if there is no reply. Thought i would give it a shot!!! DO NOT STOP PRODUCING. WHATEVER YOU DO.

Ell S.



Hello, Mrs. Sugar. I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe and have been since it premired on Cartoon Network. The show has such a deep impact on me and has actually helped me accept myself as I am instead of trying to be something I'm not, which I have struggled with my entire life. I have severe anxiety issues and have troubles expressing my emotions, but the music on your show has helped me greatly. Zach Callison's singing eases my anxiety and I'm actually able to sleep. The song "Here Comes A Thought" has actually prevented my last few anxiety attacks. The moment I could feel them start, I played the song and I sang with it and it calmed me down. I just want you to know how wonderful your show is and I wish I had grown up with it. Thank you.

Jeroen D.



Hey Mrs. Sugar
I love your show steven universe!!
I made my own carecter and learnd a part of the song on Some instruments like the ukelele, guitar, piano
And i don't know why but Evert time i heats the 'Love like you' i have to cry.
So keep up the good work
And if you ever need an voice actor you can mail me at

Have a Great life;)
Jeroen Doedens

Chris F.



I have no idea how to send a fan letter to Rebecca Sugar, I have never sent a fan letter in my whole life. I want to thank her for Steven Universe. It makes me cry with tears of joy every time I watch it, it makes me sooooo happy! I hope that somewhere in the world you are reading this. Thank you! You have done great work.

Andrew Z.



Dear Cartoon Network,

My name is Andrew G. Zapata, I'm 19 and I'm wondering if you would be interested in this half-hour TV series sometime this year, called The Zapatas.

The Zapatas is an American animated sitcom created by Andrew G. Zapata for Cartoon Network. The series is a satirical depiction of a middle class American lifestyle epitomized by the Zapata family, which consists of Andrew, Lindsay, Nati, Tina, Augie, & later Max Parks. The show is set in the real town of Bakersfield and parodies American culture, society, and television, as well as drawing inspiration from The Simpsons and South Park.

I've been drawing since I was 4 and years of practice got me drawing characters of my own. I've created this family and named the characters after members of my own family, substituting twin sister Lindsay for my real life twin brother Vincent.


Andrew G. Zapata

Alexa T.



Dear Rebecca Sugar

I'm writing a story and I was hoping you could give me advice on how to write a gay couple properly I love Ruby and Sapphire in show I want my couple to be just as respectable and lovable please reply as soon you can

Lena B.



Dear Rebecca Sugar, my name is Dustin and I have some really good ideas for your series Steven Universe if your interested in knowing them PLEASE email me at Thank you and have a great day Ms.Sugar.

Lill I.



Dear Rebecca Sugar,

I love your work and your Steven Universe show! Super duper creative! You have inspired many people, including me, and maybe I'll join the animation business someday. If it's all right with you, I have a few weird questions about Steven Universe:

Is it possible that Malachite and Alexandrite can fuse?

Can Steven fuse with a gem?

Are there going to be any new gems appearing on the show?

Did Jasper fall and join the cluster?