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Headquartered in Bryn Mawr, Pa., Aqua Pennsylvania is one of the largest investor-owned water utilities in the United States. It provides drinking water to more than 1.3 million people throughout the state. Aqua Pennsylvania is a part of Aqua America, one of the largest publicly held water utility of the U.S. Founded in 1968, the company provides water and wastewater services to more than 2.5 million residents in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Maine, Missouri, New York and South Carolina. It serves residential, commercial, fire protection, industrial, water, wastewater customers, and operating contracts. Aqua America also provides water and wastewater consultation, contract operations and management services through operating and maintaining contracts with municipal authorities.
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G C.
Edited: 01/17/2017

Repeating outages, boil water warnings, customer service representatives not contacting maintenance crews after repeated calls to service center, poor water flow, high billings for water, all add up to a pathetic company that really does not care about anything but milking the customer dry of money. This has been going on for years but the politicans protect this company.

Premium water prices for third world supply.

Cynthia R.



Aqua America water company in a nutshell does not care about their customers ! This company deserves a - 25 stars ! I recently signed on with them as there is no other company in my area. Unfortunately, I had to deal with their customer service representatives who are unprofessional, untrained and foul mouth. Customer service representatives are supposed to represent a company. Don't waste your time calling them just file a complaint with the Water Utility Commission. If you have an option to pick another company I highly recommend it. One can only pray that they get a competent CEO who will implement changes so that the customer service representative representing their company can show the customers the respect they deserve. Unfortunately this company has yet to realize that without customers they would not have a job.

Vicki G.



Nobody home for an entire month, how does your bill double? I called regarding Aqua coming out to investigate any leaks that are not obvious to me. Never got a chance to ask this question, as the customer service representative informed me rudely they any leaks are my problem and Aqua will NOT investigate. Also informed me that there was no decrease in my bill during the months nobody was home. I must have been using water from California! Rudest customer service rep I have ever dealt with. It is unfortunate that in Delaware County and the surrounding area that this is the only water company available. I would switch companies in a minute,just due to the unprofessionalism of the customer service representatives. She would not allow me to speak to a supervisor and when I requested that I was hung up on. My return call resulted in another customer service representative just as rude. The second rep told me there was no supervisor available and I had no good reason for requesting one anyway!! I HATE this company!!!

Maggie S.



Aqua customer service reps are DISGUSTING,RUDE,IGNORANT,and 100% UNPROFESSIONAL. If i could change my water company i would but they are the only water company in this Delco area. Actually i give them NO STARS

Marie G.



Aqua customer service reps are horrible, have no respect for people and their situations. They shut off my water for a past due bill of $126. I never received a shut off notice letter. They claimed they sent one but bill that have said payment due date is August 3, 2015. I can pay the $126, but the want me to pay them $50 reconnection fee plus $85 deposit fee. I told them that I am unemployed right now and I children in the home. I have a child with a medical conditions that require to have water in the home.They told me they are going to fax a paper of medical necessity to my child doctor for the doctor to fill out and send back to them. I did as they requested the doctor filled out the paper and faxed right back to them. I called them back they told me it takes 24hr to process. I called the next day nothing, they can't even verify if it was received or not. Now today is Friday my doctor office is closed, that disrespectful customer service representative told it's still not there, my doctor has to fax it again. I have been calling them every day since Tuesday. Now I have to wait until Monday and they don't care because they water in their home. Water is a basic needs it's not fair that companies like Aqua water can overcharge people and get away with it and then asking for more money that people don't have. That's why they stay rich and the poor stay even poorer because they are sucking the life out of the poor. I loose respect for those companies that provides basic needs services to people, they play God with people lives.



unemployed for 18 months; have...

unemployed for 18 months; have wife, 3 children and an 8 month old grandchild living with me; paid almost $200 last week to avoid water shutoff, got told yesterday I owe another $112 within 2 days or will have water shut off...said I was not eligible for hardship payment schedule because I work part time (to keep my house and buy food) and if they don't have the money by midnight the day Friday, the water gets shut off



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Rude and Incompetent Customer Service

Customer service representative would not give me her name even though I asked for it.

Her tone of voice was extremely rude and did not give me any assurance of my request.

I received a threatening phone call from a private contractor telling me that I had an overdue payment, so I paid the balance. But the contractor keeps calling saying that I did not post payment. The aqua representative told me verbatim ""ignore their calls""

I don't think this is very positive advice to give when the other contractor is threatening that my credit will go down if I do not respond.

I asked her for a reference number for our phone call so that I am not held responsible for her telling me to ""ignore their call"", but she would NOT give me any information for my own safety. She just dismissed what I asked of her and ended the phone call.

Clearly she doesn't respect the private contractors nor does she respect the customers who are calling in concern.



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I give the VP's assistant 5 stars for her help & concern.

Contact the Assistant to the VP she is very helpful and concerned about the company's customer's and their concerns. Trust me she will talk to you and take care of things for you.

Richard Fox Vice President Customer Services
Aqua Pennsylvania
762 W Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010



Provided by Citysearch - 
No Apologies

Just received 11 months of sewer bill at once due to their oversight. Of course the massive bill is due in a week and a half. Thanks Aqua. When I called to have them explain the bills to me (I received two sewer and two water within a week) they were not at all apologetic. No apology or appeasement for customers, for something I would consider a big mistake and now an economic burden. Of course there is only one water provider so we're stuck with Aqua and just have to pay the bill. A very expensive water company with many unnecessary fees. Sewer bills seem exceptionally high as well, costing more than half of what our water bill is for four adults. If only zero stars were allowed...

lyn atkinson


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Aqua says I'm using 100,000 gal of water a month

Aqua changed my indoor meter in Nov and ever since, they are saying that I am using 100,000 gal of water per month. My bill went from $24 to $960. I have no leaks and have contacted the PUC. Now, Bucks County Water and Sewer is saying that I have to pay them $500, because that water went down the sewer. That I have to prove that it didn't and until Aqua tells them different, I have to pay. Aqua won't send anyone out to frustrating. Aqua is HORRIBLE!!!!!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Bogus Billing!!!

I have never used Aqua PA's services ever before, but am receiving a bill from them. Hmm very interesting, don't know how that works. Well from all the comments below, I am really looking forward to contacting customer service & most likely getting nowhere. Sounds like a rip-off to me!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Customer Fee????

Did you know that you pay a fee for being a customer of Aqua PA. I want to know why I'm being charged a customer fee every month of $15.00. This is over and above my usage cost and all the taxes. They certainly have you over a barrel because you have no choice of companies to use.

I used to pay $35 for 3 months. Now I pay $39 for 1 month and $15.00 is a customer fee. What a rip-off.



Provided by Citysearch - 
What a Rip Off!!

I wish I could rate Aqua America with negative stars. Aqua America has the worst customer service I have seen.

Because our builder didn't cancel their account for the water service to our residence, Aqua America would not allow us to switch it to our name. They wouldn't let us pay the builder's bill for our house or anything. They were uncooperative and unsympathic to the fact that we couldn't get in touch with our builder. When the builder didn't pay our bill, Aqua America cut off our water service. When we contacted them to get it started, they wouldn't work with us at all. They needed forms from the builder, etc. When we finally got ahold of someone that seemed like they gave a darn, she asked us to send our application directly to her and she would get it turned on ""in a day or two."" When the water still wasn't turned on, we called. They said, ""well, we need proof of your closing to know when you were responsible for the water at this property."" What?!? First, couldn't you call us to let us know this two days ago? Second, shouldn't you tell people this is a requirement with the application. As it turns out, no one else had to do this; just us. Now, we have to wait for two working days, which lands Monday (so we get to wait over the weekend too) to hopefully get water. What a crock of crap! Avoid Aqua America at all costs. As much as they charge, it will pay off to drill a well in just a few years anyway!

We have talked to many, many people at Aqua America, and we have experienced belittlement, swearing, attitude, and multiple hang ups. While I usually say employees like this aren't good representations of their companies, I would have to say that of all I have learned of Aqua America, these types of disrespect are a perfect representation of Aqua America.

On another note, anyone know a good well digger?



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Home Water line Insurance Scam

AQUA PA keeps mailing me brochures touting the
"" homeowner's water service line insurance"" from
Home Service USA Repair Management Corp (Home Service). The brochure states that Home Service is not associated with AQUA. If that is so then why on earth is AQUA spending its effort and postage stamps in trying to promote sales for Home Services? Something funny is going on here.



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The Vice of Public Utility Monoply

Monthly billing instead of quarterly billing. Which allows monthly service fees.

No way to pay online or by credit card without being charged a fee. Mailed check is required to avoid that charge: the stamp and the envelope is cheaper than the fee for using an online check or a credit card. More paper and waste! Or a trip to a payment center with the wasted gas and the FEE for doing that!

Can't get an account balance and review of payments online either. Put in user name and password: get a rejection that these are wrong. Ask for the cofrrect username and password to be sent to Email: nothing ever comes. Tell that to representative on the phone and the reaction is ""so what"" disinterest. In short, the Website doesn't work for customers and it seems that Aqua doesn't want it to work. Or doesn't care whether it works or not.

Service is in PA. But the billing center for posting payments is in Newark, NJ. Takes three days do get snail mail there and another day to post a payment. WHY? That is, if one can get into one's account to find that out. Since the phone line is always busy and one is told to call back another time, it's almost impossible to find out when payments have posted.

Payment arrangements for past due balances to help low income customers clear up an account? What a joke! There's a set charge per month based on past usage PLUS the current monthly billed amount which is due. In other words, ""pay us in advance for what you haven't used yet plus what you have used."" That's not a payment arrangement to help out low income customers get current. That's a collected deposit towards future use plus the current usage amount being called a ""payment arrangement."" As if someone won't notice!

Customer service: well, there isn't any. And three times out of five, calling the AQUA number gets one a message that the phone traffic is tied up and the call is never answered. Directions are given to call back another time. The rates -- and the revenues to AQUA -- go up and the service goes down!

Nowhere else to buy water. We're stuck! LIke everybody else who is forced to buy from AQUA!

Let's not kid ourselves: utility monopolies have political power and clout to do what they do and the PUC isn't going to respond to complaints. Any more than AQUA is going to respond.

Nota Happy Camper


Provided by Citysearch - 
Can Everyone Say Monopoly

First of all, I am not clear why we don't use Lake Michigan water. I live in Illinois. Most people in Illinois use Lake Michigan water. I don't appreciate having no options when it comes to my service provider. In addition to that their service is terrible. As far as customer service, it seems like they just roll the dice and tell you whatever shows up, because no one tells you the same thing. The representatives are not knowledgeable and the water quality sucks. My water tastes like rust. I end up buying bottled water to drink because I can only use the house water for laundry, washing dishes and bathing. I can't believe I am paying such high prices for well water. They made a billing error which resulted in my water being shut off. My bill was paid and they could not 'find' the payment. My water was shut off before I even got the next bill. Customer service was not accomodating and acted like they were doing me a favor in talking to me. I had to wait for 2 WHOLE days before they turned my water back on, even after they told me it would be on the next day. I called the emeregency answering service. They are just as rude and ignorant as the day representatives. The 'on-call' guy was dismissive and said that I would need to call the office in the morning. Thankfully, I live in a state where the water is usually supplied by the local municipality. This means that we should have OPTIONS! How is it that my city has allowed this out-of state company to monopolize our water supply. If EVER another option becomes available I am ditching aqua like a used Kleenex. Aqua is the worst, most expensive water service ever. I refuse to take this type of treatment laying down. I am in the process of organizing a petition for residents in my city to sign to request other options for service providers. It is catching on quite well. Perhaps this can be a solution to those of you who are feeling trapped. Perhaps if does not accomplish getting a new service provider, it could make Aqua pay notice to their customers. Good luck everyone.



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AQUA is a Recurring nightmare!

My average bill has been 800 gallons per month - yes, the usage seems outrageously low, but you have to understand that the number reflects only on a household of 1 with probably an occupancy of 1 week per month due to work. Last month, my bill went from 800 gallons usage, to 6, 900! I called the company, ahd said that the meter reading is correct, that there is probably a leak in my house - if there is, my house will be damaged - there is no leak! I was told that for me to have the meter checked to see if there is anything wrong with it - well, you guessed right, I have to pay for it. I cannot understand why I have to pay for them to check their meter? There is no use talking with them, because they insist that their reading is correct! How can i possibly go from 800 gallons to 6, 900 in a month!
We are trapped!



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AQUA PA is a nightmare company!

AQUA PA is one company that shoves bills, literally speaking, down customers' throat going by other reviews on this page. Their 'take it or leave it' attitude is plainly nauseating and it is absolutely unfair that there is not an alternative company that can provide better services. Among the worst companies one has dealt with!



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Too pricy and there is no place to complain - they mail you the bill and no matter whatever you just need to pay it. Or they will threat to shut off your service. They do not response to any complain. We are spending our summer somewhere else, and still get a bill with numbers I can not imagine. Worst customer service.



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ABSOLUTELY WORST SERVICE EVER. I just got off the phone and the lady spoke to me like a child, I have never been more insulted by a company in my life.