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For over 50 years, people who know go to AAMCO
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We are the experts in transmission repair and complete car care - clutches, brakes, factory scheduled maintenance, electrical, check engine lights, radiators, overheating problems, a/c and more.
Transmission Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Brake Shop, Oil Change Service, Auto Service
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Toyota, Odyssey, Civic, Explorer, F150, Blazer, Town & Country, Suburban
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East Flatbush, Central Brooklyn

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Daoud M.



Frist of all the Owner is super helpfull and good Man but he have no idea that his service man are deciving people. bad people.

i tooke my lexus 2013 RX350. for oil change and check up because i had to inspection TLC inspection due next day. check the car, the black guy said the car has bad break, they charge me $900. but i ask the dealer the dealer said that put new break in that car. after all the guy did not replace the brake correctlly tow days later i had brake failer. i bring back they car they dieny me i took it to lexus they charge me $900 for brake caliper. the oil was leeking in my car i have to onther oil change. do not take your car there they are not honest

In response to Jonathan: Fi...

In response to Jonathan:

First of all, I never met you or saw your face over the 5 days, and 3 times I was in your shop about my car, which tells me you are not so intimately involved in the day to day grind of your business. How can you know the intimate details of what happened before you were involved, I only heard your voice when you called me about the car the 5th day your shop had it. I'm not going to call you a liar, but perhaps you are just spewing out the BS that your managers told you about the situation. You know they BS the customers, imagine how they must be BSing YOU!

I never refused to listen to the alternator, why would I? in fact I DEMANDED to hear the whirring noise from it that they were talking about. Steve and I both spun it and listened to it, and when I told them I didn't hear any noise, Steve said it was because it wasn't under enough stress like when the belt is on it, I thought that made sense but was still so skeptical about them telling me it was bad, that I signed the alternator over the center where it comes apart so I would know if it was tampered with before I had it BENCH TESTED which I was threatening to do since John the manager would not budge on the price of $600+ to replace the supposedly "bad" alternator which I knew was not the problem, and is still humming away at 4000+ miles after I was told it was bad and the reason for my power loss by the way.

You have no idea what I was told in that shop, because you were not there to hear it, but if you like I can play the audio I taped of your manager John telling me the alternator was bad, or perhaps you'd like to hear your lead mechanic (don't remember his name) agreeing with me when he said that a bad alternator COULD NOT cause the power loss I was experiencing.

The fact that you were willing to not charge me a dime for the tens of man-hours you have into my car only shows how guilty you truly are,.... Your team misdiagnosed my car, would not back down from charging for it, and only when confronted by a well informed, intelligent person who called you on ALL your BS, did you (the owner, Jonathan) finally get involved. You realized at that point, that you were better off cutting your losses, and giving me my car at no charge. Don't pretend to be some kind of angel. PS. I would NEVER let your shop touch my car again, so keep the free oil changes to yourself.

claimed iconBusiness Response12/06/2011

I understand your concern in you thinking we mis-diagnosing your car, but I will tell you that I heard the alternator whine myself, so I know it is bad. As far as the loss of power, after we felt the loss of power we diagnosed it as a bad turbo. We were correct on both. I'm sorry you had a bad experience in my center. It is very difficult to please everyone, but I want to thank you for bringing your experience to my attention. I have made changes to increase the communciation between my technicians and my office staff. As far as refunding the money to you, it was not to cut a loss but to try to appease a customer. It's not about the money, but how a customer feels when they give it to you. No matter what I did you would not have been happy, so I made a business decision to not charge you. The end result was, I spent a lot of money, time, diagnosed your power loss, diagnosed your whne, did not charge you and you still were not happy. I truly am sorry I ruined your week and I hope you have better one's in the future. Jon 516-523-9530

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Blackkady Black 2


Provided by Citysearch
AAMCO Nightmare!

I have just discovered that AAMCO are involved in dececptive practices in 2010 I took my vehicle to this location and was dissatisfied with the quality of their workmanship. It cost $3500.00 for the rebuilding of the transmission unit and it received a warranty for 3 years or 50,000 miles. The shop was a mess and the manager John Savin was as misleading as a representative of this location he was nothing more than a con artist. My vehicle has less than 50,000 mi and i maintain it in very good shape. last week i was driving on the street and i accelerated the engine and saw a huge cloud of smoke in the rear view mirror I immediately stop the vehicle and saw a large amount of transmission fluid leaking from the bottom of the vehicle. The vehicle would not move and did not shift at all the vehicle was towed and transported to 1266 Ralph ave the shop new location which I must say is far nicer than the former Utica Ave location. I at this time have not received any feedback from the shop and am without my vehicle. I did inform the shop that the vehicle is still under warranty and that the car should be repaired by them. I was told that they would phone me back today after leaving their shop and did not receive any phone call.

I brought my 2005 Subaru Baja ...

I brought my 2005 Subaru Baja Turbo to these guys 6 weeks ago because it was loosing power when accelerating, and making a whirring noise under the hood. The manager Steve seemed very professional on the phone and in person. It was to be about $100 for initial diagnostics. The first mechanic said there was a power loss. The manager later told me there was no power loss, and said it was b/c I was hearing a noise from the bad alternator on accelerating, and was instinctively taking my foot off the gas, and the alternator needed to be changed. I argued this b/c it seemed ridiculous that it A) had not just shut down the ignition system if it was bad, and caused instead a DECREASE in power. and B) I had been driving this car for 5 years, and know I wasn't laying off the gas, and C) Why would an alternator with 46,000 miles on it go bad. They nevertheless reluctantly talked me into changing the alternator (for $600+) with some convoluted story about how it could cause a power loss like I was experiencing, and this was after doing further diagnostics which were supposedly "very involved", and would now cost about $300 in total. After the work was done (5 days later now), the manager calls me and says "I know why you're having a power loss, you have a bad turbocharger".

They now wanted to charge me the $600+ PLUS the cost of a repair to the Turbo. At this point their supervising manager named John got involved. He was extremely difficult to deal with, kept changing the subject, and would not budge on the price for the repairs which I believed I did not need. He told me "I know your alternator is bad" I said, "but it was putting out the right voltage, and we have a source for the power loss now, how do you know it's bad?" to which he said "I could hear the noise it was making with the stethoscope we use to listen to the parts". Later I asked John what it would take to fix the Turbo, John told me "I don't know, we have to ask the mechanic" I said "you're not a mechanic?" he said "no, I'm not" but yet he was able to BS me into believing that the alternator was the source of the problem with intimidation, and 4 syllable words.

Finally I got a call from the owner, who said " we don't work on Turbo's, you don't owe us anything on the car, but we don't want to have anything to do with it anymore". This was after they had the car for 5 days and had countless man-hours into it. He first said he would drop the car off with me, but then reneged when I told him I wanted my old alternator back in the car,

He put back the old "bad" alternator, I picked my car up, brought it to the dealer, within 24 hours they told me the Turbo unit was bad, and 48 hours later I had a new unit installed, they even changed the oil at no charge.

This was a hellish experience. Dealing with the managing staff was very stressful, and they became rude when I would ask them intelligent questions.

I would tell everyone reading this to STAY AWAY FROM THIS AAMCO CENTER!!! They should call it SCAAMCO! BTW, 2000+ miles later, and my "bad" alternator is still humming away with no problems.

claimed iconBusiness Response10/08/2011

I'm the owner of Aamco Transmissions and would like to give my version of this customers story. I was personally involved with the diagnosis of this vehicle. The customer came to my shop with a complaint of loss of power. My tech. wrote loss of power on the paperwork so he would not forget the customers complaint but did not feel the loss of power on numerous roadtests. What we did hear was a whine from the alternator. We disconnected the fan belt from the car and the whine went away and when we connected it back the whine was back. We replaced the altenator with a remanufactured one and on the next roadtest my tech. felt the loss of power. We then told the customer that the turbo needed to be replaced and I told him myself that we don't work on subaru turbo systems. He then advised me that he wanted us to get the altenator checked and if the altenator was truley bad he would be happy to pay for it. I invited him down to hear the bearing whine and he declined. He then told me that he did not have a way to get to the shop and pick up his car, so I told him that if he wanted to pay a very discounted price for the altenator job then I would pick him up, if not then I would put back his old altenator (that was bad) and return his vehicle to him at no charge. I even waved the diagnostic charge. He wanted me to put the old altenator back, pick him up and not pay anything. I told him I could not pay for labor to put the new altenator in, take it out, put his old altenator back, pay for the pulley that I can't return and pick him up for no charge ( I felt that this was an unreasonable request). He said OK put back my old stuff and I will pick up my car. We did not misdiagnosis his car, as he even says that his altenator still whines, and did not sell him something he did not need. We diagnosed his car correctly, fixed his whine and told him what else was wrong with his car. All of this for free. I take offense when someone slanders my center and calls my center SCAAMCO. I always go over and above for all of our customers and I resent the fact that this customer did not see all the work I did for free. I'm all about customer service and if anyone has any issues or problems my name and cell phone number are clearly posted in my new state of the art center. I invite all of you to my center and meet us and I know you will be impressed with the profssionalism you will recieve. My cell phone number is 516-523-9530 and I can be contacted anytime. I would also welcome this customer to call me directly on any further problems with his car. I will make sure that he is a satisfied happy customer and the next 2 oil changes are on me.

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Phone: (347) 227-1110

Address: 1266 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236