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June S.


Great staff

Staff and vets are amasing. The office is nothing fancy but it's clean. I have no doubt these vets are HIGHLY qualified but I do wonder if they're pushing me to get expensive things my dogs don't really need. Dogs boarded here and they came back fine, no infections but they also returned with unused toys and treatment to soothe them. Overall, really professional and quality care



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be careful

I just have to say, be careful and do your research (especially if you are a first time pet owner like me). I purchased my puppy from Vanity Pups and they recommended this vet clinic. Before I went, I read all the reviews and did thorough research on each puppy vaccine and their average prices/side-effects. Since my puppy came with a $300 vaccine coverage at this clinic, I decided to pay a visit despite the horrible reviews. While I was there, I specifically told the vet I did not want any extra vaccine that wasn't included in my coverage. He said ok, but then mentioned he's be giving 2 shots. Immediately, I recognized one of mentioned shots were not covered and very overprices compared to other clinics. When I told the vet no, he simply said ok and took good care examining my puppy, giving it the covered shot, and giving good advice. All I'm saying is just because the vet uses big scientific words doesn't mean you shouldn't question. You should ask as many questions you want to avoid getting ripped off. And of course, do your research!!!



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Was a first time dog owner and needed to have my dog nuetered ( They were referred by the pet shop which I bought the dog) After the dog was taken care of I received a bill for over $600.00. Being a first time pet owner I thought this was kind of high but was just happy that my dog was okay. After about a week went by I was speaking to o good friend of mine( he also owns a dog}and I told him what I had paid. He was amazed by such a high price saying that the most he paide for his dogs was roughly about $300.00. Obviously this made me upset, but I didn't just want to go with his word, so I called about 3 other places in Queens to inquire about their prices. To my disgust their prices were about half of what I paid. I called the vets office the next day and after getting the run around the office manager called me back. She explained how they are very professional and while their prices may seen high they make sure the pets are okay. I told her how 4 other palces, who I am also sure make sure your are taken care of, all told me that I had been charged almost 2X as much of what they charge. She didn't want to hear it and told me that's what their rates are. After calling her a few choice names I hung up on the B***H. I am here to tell you avoid these scam artists, they will bleed your wallet dry.

Maryann and pooch


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Great Experience.

I had just recently purchased my new puppy (Cody) from the store Vanity Pups down the street. I called and made an appointment that same day of the purchase because Cody had been coughing and sneezing. After doing so I researched the clinic and read all of the horrible reviews. My husband convinced me to go so we can get Cody checked out. After reading the horrendous comments I did not expect much but an outrageous bill and a stressful visit. I have to be honest I experienced the total opposite. The staff and doctor were more than welcoming and truly cared for the health and well being of Cody . They gave Cody antibiotics to go home with( which were covered by Vanity Pups) and sent me home with this helpful puppy packet. I was charged to run a fecal sample to make sure their were no bugs in the stool and ear cleaner. I did not feel they were forcing me to buy things.(which was something I was worried about) They answered all of my questions and gave me brochures to read about for the future visits. I was more than happy with the visit and set up my next appointment with them.

PS: Cody is doing much better!



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Very disappointed and sad

I went to Bayside Animal Clinic because it was the only clinic in Queens that I found for exotic pets. I brought our 2 guinea pigs since they were sneezing and rubbing their noses often and I was concerned for their health (I'm a new guinea pig owner, and many websites pointed out how delicate cavies can be and how quickly their health can deteriorate). I had expected to pay in the neighborhood of $200 for the check-ups and stool testing (I had inquired of this over the phone). As of today, the total is a tad over $600.

The initial feeling was that they cared for the pets (we were welcomed, and the pigs were handled gently). However, the feeling waned as the expenses increased: check-ups, stool testing, nose culture testing, meds, boarding with med administration. As a new pet owner, I took it all in, swallowed hard and went with the recommended treatment of 7 more days with meds after the boarding.

I became really upset when I returned at their phone request more than 10 days after the previous visit and way after the previous treatment was finished, and was told that I need to administer new meds for 10 more days because one of the bacteria found would be resistant to the previous meds! Why was I not notified of this sooner? The lab report (of which I received a copy), was dated 4 days after the visit, and I was told of the results 8 days after that! We could have switched the meds mid-course, instead of having to now subject the poor creatures to more meds.

I was even asked to return in a week, to see how the pigs are doing after the meds. I told them I did not want to return. I felt it's been one upsetting ride. I love our guinea pigs, but I didn't expect such a bleeding. They even suggested well visits too. At this time, no thanks.

I do not plan to return to this clinic. I'm very disappointed. I really thought they would care about the animals. Instead, I felt like a big cash register.

I should have read the reviews before going. I regret that.



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They should be closed down!!!!

After reading all of these negative reviews and hearing so many people that had similar experiences as I did with this vet I cannot help myself from writing my own review to let everyone know how I was treated.
I have a 1 and a half year old puggle puppy and have spent in excess of 3000 bucks there. I feel so stupid for ever letting them have my money. My dog has been there for a spaying and 3 other visits. The last visit was for a bladder infection. The 2 previous visits were shots and check ups that we were charged extra for these random things that my dog didnt need. I didnt think much of it because of how much i love my dog and if the vet thinks she needs something I should trust my vet. The third visit we were in financial dire straits and we told him so that he would not charge for unnecessary things and just give her antibiotics. Well he charged us 100 for an antibiotic shot, the visit and two other unecessary shots like a vitamin c shot! That was 50 bucks! I could have given her an orange! The total was over 300 bucks and it shouldnt have been more than 100 at the most. As upset as I was I was willing to give them a chance to redeem themselves when 4 stray kittens were born in my backyard and the mother was hit by a car. They were starving and desperately in need of medical attention that I could not afford. My plan was to nurse them back to health and give them away to loving homes for no profit whatsoever. I explained the situation to my vet and begged if he would just look at the kittens as a favor to me since ive spent so much money in the past year. They downright refused to give me so much as a discount! I was so disgusted that I told them to have my puppys medical records ready I was picking them up and going to another vet! I also made sure to tell them that I planned on telling everyone I could how they treated me and four little dying kittens! how can u turn ure back on them? Especially someone that goes into vetinary medicine for the love of animals!! Now I know for sure they just care about money and not your pet! Even when I brought my puggle there the way he handled her was so rough it really made me uncomfortable. I have to warn people about them. It is amazing to me how they can still be practicing and I do agree with the other members here that vanity pups and bayside clinic scratch eachothers backs. Do yourself a favor and goto petfinder and give a rescued animal a loving home. The rescuers really love animals and do not do it for profit. youll know you are getting a loving healthy dog from someone who really cares about their wellbeing. boycott vanity and bayside clinic, we have to give our defenseless animals a voice!



Getting an appointment is very...

Getting an appointment is very easy but it's only because they're probably not busy since so many people have complaints about this place. I've been bringing my dog here for a few years and I just walked out of there yesterday and boy, did I feel ripped off.

I took my dog here 3 weeks ago for his yearly check-up and the bill came out to double what I though I would have to pay. They don't tell you exactly what they're doing but hand you an astronomical bill at the end. They said my dog needs a canine flu shot (whice i've never even heard of!!) I don't even get yearly flu shots! But not only did they charge me that day of, but told me I had to come back 3 weeks later to follow up w/ a second round of shots.

So I finally drag myself in to get the 2nd round of shots and "SURPRISE" I had to pay again!!!!!!!! The nerve of these people....The doctor is alright and the staff seems ok. But the receptionist has a huge attitude problem. And is kind of rude!

They also tried to pressure me into buying flea meds + heart meds there and of course they were charging me more than I could get it for elsewhere. And I tried ordering revolution on petmeds and the doctor wouldn't fax them a copy of the prescription. I think spending $300 there should warrant a prescription from them.




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cannot recommend, go somewhere else

I took a tiny (9 oz) feral stray kitten that I found and fell in love with, and hoped to keep as a pet. I was hoping to get her de-wormed, checked out for diseases and boarded for perhaps a week until she was a little stronger. I picked this place, even though in the past I have always gone to Flushing Veterinary Hospital, because they had late hours and I work. I really wish I had read the reviews. My appointment was for 7:30 pm, but they saw everyone who came in before me, and saw me last, just as they were closing up (guess a stray kitten is not that important). The receptionists were all very kind but I did get the feeling from the moment I walked in that payment was the most important thing. OK, I don



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NEVER GO HERE! Terrible Vets and Money Hungry!

I bought my puppy also at Vanity Pets in Bayside and was told to go here for the free shots. As many others have said, i was nervous b/c i read the terrible reviews. When i went for my puppies shots I had to tell the Vet 3 times NOT to give my puppy any shots that I would have to pay for. They tried to pressure me to get more, but luckily the first time I was able to tell them no. Then 2 weeks later, Max came down with a cold and was coughing. When my husband brought him here they told him that he had a fever, was dehydrated and had to be put on an IV and brought over to the hospital immediately! Of course they get kickbacks so they told us to go to Valley Stream Emergency Center.I thought they were crazy so i brought my 4 month old maltese Max to the NYC Veterinary Hospital in Forest Hills. THANK GOD I DID! Not only did the vet over diagnose my dog, but they wanted to charge me $400 more dollars than what they charged me at the other hospital. Bayside Animal Clinic tried to pressure us into signing tons of paperwork and stealing our money. DO NOT GO HERE! THEY SUCK! NYC Veterinarian Hospital is amazing and highly recommended for emergency situations. I am still looking for a great Vet in Bayside. Let me know if any of you have found a caring place that doesn't try to steal your money.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Dr. Leah Ottenbreit is awesome!!

I bought my puppy at Vanity Pups and the first few visits and shots were free at Bayside Animal Clinic. I read the reviews and was really nervous to go there but with my husband's urging tried it once. I was a nervous new puppy owner. I was so thrilled to meet Dr. Leah. She was wonderful and caring. The dog had a little kennel cough and she treated him first before shots. They really didn't sell me anything unneccesary. I can't speak for the other doctors but she was worth the trip and the staff I dealt with was great. I even called a few times and they were very helpful. I would recommend going but make sure that you ask for Dr. Leah!!!



Provided by Citysearch - 
DO NOT take your pet here!

I bought a puppy from Vanity Pups and they throw in ""a deal"" w/the purchase of your dog that you get free shots & free vet visits for the first 15 or so days of having the new pup. Well the day after I bought my puppy I brought her in b/c she was sneezing and coughing. They diagnoised her w/kennel cough. After they checked her out, the vet prepared a shot and gave it to my puppy. I assumed it was something for the kennel cough. Well I go up to the front counter to get my paper work and they woman tells me I owe $85. They gave my puppy a bordetella shot without my approval. I had argued w/the receptionist b/c I was only in there for her to get checked out for the cough, and aside from that the shot should have been free! She came up w/some story and I wound up paying the money and leaving. To makes matters worse, 3-4 days after the visit my puppy was still sneezing and coughing and it had gotten much worse. I took her to another vet and she was diagnoised w/bronchtis!! The new vet told me to never take my dog back to that vet. I would never go back to this vet if it were the last vet open in the city. They are clueless in there. They will also try to sell you all kinds of stuff that you dont need so if you do go there dont go for the scams. Find a new Vet!



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I took my parrot to Bayside Animal Clinic in queens b/c he was breathing heavy and not acting normal. The vet told me ""you're bird is dying, you must of read the symptoms on the internet"". ""He's on his last days.""I was shocked b/c I had no idea how sick my bird was. I thought he would give him antibiotics. I didn't know that he was that sick. I started tearing up. He suggested to keep him at the valley stream clinic for 48 hours at least. Total Bill would be close to $1000. I couldn't have imagined how expensive that would be, I don't have that much money. I told the nurse I couldn't afford it and she then said, well what can you pay and said we can work with you? Weird huh? They tried giving me a bargain discount of $300 for antibiotics and a culture. As I glanced at the bird cage, I saw that my bird was getting even sicker and closing his eyes. I had a bad feeling inside and knew he was dying. Dr. Charos and the nurse insisted on the clinic and tests. He knew the parrot would die, he's a doctor, of course he knew, but he tried taking my money first. Then they tried to make me feel bad by saying that if you pay us $300 Donation, we will take the bird in and treat him and find a good home for him if you don't want to take care of him!!!! Can you beleive that??? What heartless people! I said no, he's my bird! And after the nurse gave me an atitude and tried to convince me that these are the typical fees for treatiing parrots, she still insisted that I wouldn't take good care of him on my own. I get the rates and fees, but inside I knew something was wrong. They were not being honest with me. I decided to pay the $300 for the meds and culture... Minutes later. Dr Charos performed the culture and my bird screamed and seconds later died instantly of stress. He was very weak. Dr. Charos should have been honest and told me to take him home, that my parrot would not make it. INSTEAD, he wanted my money ($1000) for a parrot he knew deep inside was going to die. Come on, he's been a Vet for how long? Over 10 years?? Unbeleivable. On top of that he said all you have to pay is $65 for the consultation. They collected my money and said so sorry about your parrot. I was crying the whole time. If he wasn't so money hungry and a good person, he would of just told me that I should of brought my parrot in sooner and since I waited too long it was just too late to save him. He never said that. I felt soooo bad. Please choose your Vet with care and investigate his background. Dr Charos was dishonest. He made me think he would help but deep down he knew that my bird would die within hours. He is an experienced doc and must of seen cases as severe as mine. Now I know the symptoms of an ill parrot and will rush him to get checked at the vet as soon as i see any signs. Dr. Charos and his staff just made me feel horrible and by taking him to the vet, that accelerated my parrots death. He would of been better off at home with me and I could of properly sad my goodbyes to him.



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Disgrace! The greediest vet I have ever met!!

I came here to spay my dog, I had bought a muffin certificate, muffins . org , which basically means that operation costs were covered. I had once used this certificate and ended up not paying any additional fees. The minute I walked in the door the vet didn't stop offering to do any procedure in book such as dental procedures (that the dog doesn't need since I already took her to an honest vet). The vet also ""offered"" an ""optional"" IV infusion that according to his claims might be prevent complication 5% of the time for another 60$, while thinking to myself that such a thing should be left to the surgeons discretion I agreed to pay the extra fee. After the dog was taken away I was presented with an outrages 500$ bill, ballooned with ""extra"" expenses such anaesthesia , hospitalization and other fees that should be included in the price of the certificate. Since the bill was presented to me after the dog was taken away, I had no choice but to pay the outrages bill. As I have already metioned, I had used the certificate before without paying ant additional fees, certainly not 500$ worth. I have a feeling the personal at terrace animal hospital see it customers as walking money trees that need to be shaken bare.
DO NOT set your foot there.



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What a disgrace

We've been there a number of times because the place we got our puppy said we'd get free shots. Well, that's not true, they charge for every damn thing under the sun. First, we took him for his first vet visit. Got all the shots for which we paid the full amount for. They then hawked a bag of food, and some other things for the dog we didn't need on us. After his (assumed) routine weekly visits for the first 3 weeks, we told them he was scratching himself non-stop. They than tried to sell us some sensative skin shampoo and to try that out. We were a bit skeptical and with the vet assistants attitude of trying to hard sell us, we declined and went to petco to buy sensative skin shampoo, anti scratch spot medication and a whole slew of other sprays. Nothing worked. We went back to the vet after the fecal exam came back positive for some kind of parasite and had to pay for some kind of oral medication. While there they checked his ears and noticed he had ""b*gs"" in there and that was the source of his scratching. we asked how he got it and they said it was from his mother. They couldn't tell us that from the first visit? After they tried to sell us all that junk, they make us buy some ear medication. Needless to say, as naive first time pet owners we fell into their trap and paid for another visit to make sure the b*gs were cleared out of his ears. After taking our dog to get neutered somewhere else we like morons, went back to the Bayside vet clinic and got his annual checkup with shots. They tried to get us to get 10 different shots and admitted after we prodded them that many of the shots were unneccessary. They asked us for a fecal exam, so we gave them one. They said, ""if you don't hear from us, than there's nothing wrong"". Some kind of service, eh? WHAT A JOKE THIS PLACE IS. By the way, don't let the vet clip the dogs nails, they charge $25 for that and don't even clip the hind legs!



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I had brought my cat to Bayside, Animal Clinic to get her teeth cleaned and was told she would have to get test's done before going under anesthesia. Well the tests were done but no-one ever bothered to look at them until after she was pronounced dead. When I had called to see how she was doing, the nurse asked me why I was calling, not knowing that my cat was under respiratory distress at that time. I received a phone call the next morning advising me she was dead. They never took time to look at the tests to find out that she was diabetic, instead, put her under anesthesia and the cat did not make it. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DON'T USE THIS ANIMAL CLINIC. And to boot, insisted on getting paid for the services they rendered. Makes you think twice huh.



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My puppy was very sick and they sent her home...twice!

I am not a happy customer and my puppy has paid the price! Dr Charo...cleared my puppy to be sold from Vanity Pups on 11/21/08, two days later I had to bring by puppy to Bayside Animal Clinic to be checked out because she was listless, not eating, had ""the run s"" and a runny nose. Dr Charo sent her home with antibiotics. A few days after that I had to bring her back again because she still wasn't eating, still listless, still had ""the run s"" and her runny nose got worse! Again, Dr Charo gave her additional antibiotics and sent her home! I was up the entire night with her and she continued to get worse, by morning I brought her to my own vet in Middle Village and within minutes of seeing my vet she was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration, this didn't happen overnight...Dr Charo should have seen less than 24 hours before when I had my puppy in his office at Bayside! Please do not patronize this animal hospital, take your animals elsewhere if you want them to be healthy, happy pets! At this time I dont have an outcome for my puppy I had to return her to Vanity Pups Boutique because she was just so sick and should never have been sold to me!



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Vanity Pups

Pat B.

Whitestone, NY
1 star rating11/18/2008
Got a great dog here, very cute curly haired Cockapoo puppy,looked like a mini sheep dog. Price ok for Bayside but no bargain. Very nice informative saleswoman. Helpful in first few days with new owner questions. Dog came with a grooming discount so I brought it back after some months (it's hair was matted). I asked Michael to keep the dog ""shaggy"" and he said with the matting (mainly underside) they would have to cut close. He suggested a dematting which took longer and cost more. I asked for a regular trim but to keep the face, head and back as long as possible as my children liked the dog that way. My wife picked the dog up later and it was shaved bald from nose to tail. Even the face ears and legs where matting wasn't a question. Someone had taken clippers and run over the dog like a sheep being fleeced. The dog looked terrible. I called Michael and asked if I hadn't been clear. He said that he ""did what he had to do"" and I must have misunderstood him. He needed to cut the dog that close ""so it can grow out the way it's supposed to look"". I could understand trimming the matted underbelly or sides, but they did everything against my stated instructions. I assume they were busy and this was faster then doing a professional job. I might see getting a dog here but would not recommend the grooming or spa. Stay away from their vet also.



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Great experience

I took my sick kitten in with very little notice. There was a kind of long wait, but the staff members were all very nice and helpful. The vet was professional and knowledgeable. My kitten is now doing so much better.



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great vets that truely care

First off I have been a client for 16 plus years and can not thank them enough. CVA provides 24 hour care @ their Valley Stream location with an actual doctor caring for the patients.[ this is rare and unheard of in our area ] Unfortunately we have had to use the emergency service many times and is how I found them in the first place. The facility and staff have always been incredible. I highly reccomend you visit and take the tour they offer.They have such compassion and dedication to our loved ones and it is obvious. My complete and extended familly uses them or one of their other offices and feel the same. If low budget or cut corner care is what your looking for this is not the place to come. It can get expensive when problems occur, but as I have learned over the years you get what you pay for. Our pets are part of our family and we only seek the best care available as I do for myself. It is great to see people who love their work and it shows.
pros great doctors and staff
24 hour care
state of the art facilities
great hours and multi location
treat wildlife and school pets for free
above and beyond charity work in their local communities
very busy and great place to meet fellow pet lovers
always a cornicopia of different types of pets [ fur, scales, shells, and feathers ]
cons long wait sometmes



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When i bought my Puggle @ Vanity Pups (a pet store one block from Bayside Animal Clinic that have deals with eachother). He was throwing up every single day, including the day that we got him. He was throwing up almost 8 times a day, without fail. We brought him to Bayside Animal Clinic. There, he was supposed to have his ""Free visit"" courtesy of Vanity Pups...but i ended up paying $90 for some Purina Puppy Chow, a shampoo that they ""highly reccomended"" that was $15, and some other stuff i didnt need.

I went there twice, (never again, since the service was horrible) but each time, they tried to sell me shampoo's, brushes, toothbrushes, medicine, a $100 fee for someone to ANALYZE an XRay of my dogs stomach. One night, the throwing up was violent, so we took him to an animal hospital in long island. There, they said his lungs were cloudy and he may have pneumonia, he was very sick. He was given some antibiotics and we went home. 8 hours later, we were in Bayside Animal Clinic and they said, ""nothings wrong with him, he's healthy, his lungs are clear."" He said my dogs lungs were clear, looking at the same Xray that the animal hospital (not affiliated with Vanity Pups) was saying his lungs were cloudy and he was sick.

BAYSIDE ANIMAL CLINIC will cover for it's friends at Vanity Pups.. My dog was severely sick & Bayside Clinic told me he wasnt. We brought him to an entirely new vet, New Hyde Park animal hospital, who claimed that all the medicines that Bayside was giving my dog was useless and he tossed them in the garbage right in front of me. He gave us completely new medications & food. My dog has been fine since and he's the light of my life. I'm just scared that something else might pop up. I'm pretty sure Vanity Pups get theirs from puppy mills.

By the way, my neighbor across the street has a puggle and experienced the exact same thing as me, with Vanity & Bayside.



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Call Today to Make an Appointment! Call us today to schedule your first appointment for your pet! n the heart of Bayside, Queens along with the many restaurants, boutiques, and dynamic night life lies the Bayside Animal Clinic waiting to help you and your pet. With compassionate doctors and staff, they look forward to discussing all of your pet's needs. The Bayside Animal Clinic has late hours every night of the week except Saturday and Sunday to accommodate those who enjoy a night time walk on the town with their pet or for those who have an evening emergency. We also have a 24 hour pet hotline and emergency hospital in Valley Stream, New York for any questions, concerns, or emergencies. Please call to schedule an appointment.
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