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Gwynns Falls, Southwestern Baltimore

A Quick Response Towing Inc

Quick Response Towing Inc

Towing, Truck Wrecking


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Sheila F.



The driver seems to like to tow cars in the dark part of mallow hill apts. Wonder why??? He doesn't get out to see who has permits he just steals random cars. But hey guess what maggot i'm up all night and everytime i see you i WILL walk up there and video tape it. Believe that caton trash.



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Editorial review from Citysearch

To Big Berk. When they are informed of the law by reference and official web address they ignore it and sell stolen vehicles anyway. If that is the strictest adherence to the law they ALL need to be put out of business. You probably got into trespass tow so you could steel cars and get away with it. I know tow owners who left the business because of the criminal intent. To Trish88 After they towed my first truck I called them and demanded they return it or the law would be involved, within 12 hours they retaliated by taking my second truck. Both removals were in violation of Consumer Affairs protocol and Howard County law. Management finally called me after a good 7 or 8 messages and after reading him (Mr Robert Carroll) the Howard County Code sec.17.600-612 and telling him where to find it online he promised to call me back but never did. Shortly afterward I find my truck has been transferred to a recycling company while a lawsuit is in progress. I refuse to pay extortion. The company is organized for criminal activity.



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Great Company

I don't understand or believe any of these negative reviews. I was recently towed for being illegally parked and was treated with respect both by the Driver and the staff at the office.When my car wouldn't start one of their Mechanics fixed the problem at no charge and I was on my way. I think some people get so mad that they got caught that they make up some of the most bizarre stories and vent their anger on the Tow Company.Rule # 1- Take responsibility for your own decisions that you make. And when you get caught : point the finger where it belongs, at yourself.

Big Willie


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Rude, unprofessional and careless

I was recently towed because I parked illegally. They tore up my vehicle in the process. I confronted the truck operator when he was raising my vehicle. He refused to put it down and left me in the freezing rain. I offered to pay so he would not take my vehicle away and the driver gave me the finger and drove off. I got a ride to pick up my vehicle and it was damaged. There was no manager to discuss the damage. I called 3 times the next business day as I was towed on a Saturday. I never got a call back. I called two times the next day and never got a call back. Finally, on the 3rd day, I got the owner to look at my vehicle. He said he would call be back by the end of the day with a resolution. He never called. I called the next day and he said he would call me right back. He never called. My lawyer called reached him and he says they did not do the damage.....of course he said that. Next step...civil court. What a bunch of idiots! The bad karma will get them in the end!



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Never do Business

On 02/14/12 I was picking up food from G&M and buying my drinks from Whitey's however I went to G&M first. I spent about 4 to 5 min in G&M getting my food just to come out in see my truck being towed. it was $150 drop fee in order to get my truck. Quick Response was the tow truck company. I would never do business with either establishment. I am getting with several other businesses to put the word out on these guys. it’s a big scam and it's not cool. you have the owner standing outside having cars towed away. if you’re going to stand out there just tell the ppl that they will be towed just so heartless. I see that it would not have mattered if I got my drinks before or after I was going to be towed. I will be sure to inform my AAA never to send them to my location and why. they are a scam for a tow truck company..

Big Berk


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I am a tow truck operator in Baltimore. I have worked at numerous towing companies. Many of which do "" Tresspass Towing."" It's funny how people think they can park however, wherever they want, and there should never be any consequences. I did work for quick respones at one time, and out of the companies I worked for, they are the stricktest on "" following the law"". Like it or not, YOU screwed up and got caught. We as drivers work on a commision basis, only making on average $30 per car, $15 if you pay the ""Drop Fee"" . No driver is going to risk his job by ""threatening"" or ""stalking"" illeagel parkers. Although, the ""stories"" are very funny, just keep in mind, they are just that, stories that people tell so you will feel bad for them. After all, would you like it if somebody parked across your driveway, and walked across the street to see one of your neighbors.................. didn't think so!



Provided by Citysearch - 

My car was towed by quick response towing after I walked away for about 5min. I was told it was $300.00 CASH ONLY. Went to pick up my car could not look at it or in it until I paid and signed the paper work. Went back to the store and spoke to the owner were my car was towed, He stated he never authorize quick response and that the address on the slip that was given to me was not there address. At this point this is a civil matter I don’t know who else on here will like to file a claim or be a witness in a trial. I am asking for jury trial, and suing these thief’s for ripping off people in the city of Baltimore.
I have printed a form from the IRS site that I have filled out and made a copy of the receipt that was given to me and sent it off to the IRS. I also made a claim at the BBB. greatermd.bbb

Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to be a witness to testify about my experience with Quick response towing. I will also like to have a few witnesses at my jury trial when time comes.

Please feel free to contact me at
0r text me or call me @ 240-745-4215

Girma Retta


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Quick Response Towing Inc - Social Irresponsibility

Quick Response Towing Inc - Social Irresponsibility:

I was delivering dirty clothe to the laundry located in shopping center stopping my car near another car doing the same thing. In a matter of two or three minutes when I turned my back to the glass door, I saw a Quick Response Towing Inc truck pulling up to my car. I told him I was delivering dirty cloth to the laundry. I also told him that to my understanding the yellow sign is for loading and unloading also. He told me unless I pay $150 cash he is going to tow my car, and if it was towed I would pay $275. After a lot of verbal disagreement, my car was towed. When I went to recover my car at 531 Caton Ave, Baltimore, I ended up paying $300 which is different from the truck driver told me. This happened on December 22, 2011, and I took it very easily by saying that this was my Christmas Gift. Quick Response Towing and other towing companies should be socially responsible, especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year. I am considering filling a case against Quick Response Towing Inc



Provided by Citysearch - 
Criminals and thugs!

I was eating in the Church's chicken by Hopkins and needed to use the restroom. The bathroom was closed and they said I could go across the street to the weinberg building to use it there. As soon as I walked across the street the Quick Response truck pulls up to my car. I told him I was just going to use the restroom and I was a paying customer at Church's. He said okay and I went to the restroom. When I came back he had hooked my car up to the truck. I asked him what he was doing to my car and he responded ""its my car now, punk!"". The he said, unless I wanted to pay $150 in unmarked bills to unhook the car, he would impound it. I said I would go the the ATM, and not a second later he floored the gas and took off with my car while flipping me the bird and laughing. I showed up to the shady business and they said pay $300 cash (no tracable form of payment would be accepted) or I would be ""dealt with"" and its ""not worth your life"". A bunch of low-life thugs .... we need to arrange a class action lawsuit against these guys. They also damaged my bumper in the process.



Provided by Citysearch - 

Total Scam - posted a sign on a empty building then waited with 3 trucks for the parking lot to fill from the surrounding business and then started towing vehicles. When confronted one of Quick Responses drivers acted as if he had a gun in his belt and said he would kill anyone that interfered. Police were called but let the guy go - I guess its not illegal to threaten people with bodily harm. Wrong move guys - we'll be watching for you from now on.



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My husbands car was towed today by Quick Response off of a library parking lot in baltimore city. My husband was there taking my daughter to a library reading group. A neighboring business who also shares the lot with them has one side, and my husband parked where there was NOT a sign!! After checking in with the neighboring business and the library, the tow driver only checked the business to see who's car it was, it was not called in! My husband was informed that he could pay a drop fee of $150, but would not wait until my husband ran to the bank machine to get the money out. Took off without even waiting. The police were called, and they just drove by didn't even stop and see what was going on.

Not Right At All


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I am disable w/handicapp stickers in window,and a hang tag and have been living at my address for 16 years, never ever had this problem. I parked my car in front of my door to unload my bags brought the bags in the house and went back to move my car and it was gone. Mind you I had my car in front of my own door at my home. Reported my car stolen and the police called me back to say that my car was towed by Quick Reponse Towing. I called QRT and they said that I need $220.00 to get my car back. I am reporting this to the news and I will persue an investigation on this company. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL.



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scam artists

I parked my car, walked accross the street to a proprietor's business. They had a sign posted not to park accross the street or you would be towed. Having read that sign, I went back to move my car. But the tow truck driver was camped out on the other side of this parking lot so by the time I got to my car he already had it up off the ground. I told him I was there to move it but he said it was already impounded. For $150.00 CASH ONLY he would release it. I told him I didn't has enough cash and he right away pointed me to an ATM in the lot owners business. It was a drill they seemed to have down pat. So my 2-5 minute stay cost me $150.00 plus $3.00 in ATM fees.



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9-3-09. One of two of ""QUICK RESPONSE'""s tow truck drivers crossed the double yellow line today to pass me on Fleet St. today between stop signs an attempt to catch up to his fellow driver who was in front of me. When my car blocked him from forcing his tow truck (as well as the Dodge minivan he was towing) in front of me, he stopped while blocking both lanes of traffic, got out of his truck, and asked me ""if I had a problem?"", told me "" get the F out of the car"" and that I ""was F'n' slowing down in front of him on purpose"". After quickly telling him that I was driving slow because of the STOP SIGNS every few hundred feet, he continued to yell and then punched the window of my car and walked back up the street. When I (yelling out the window) for the name of his company, his fellow driver approached my car and told me ""It doesn't matter, you're F'n with the wrong people"". I'm honestly not one to complain, or even write an online review for that matter, but this was one of the most ridiculous situations I have been involved in. One in which someone/(in turn) a company should clearly be held accountable. Yes, I called the company and they are apparently calling me tomorrow. But still...ridiculous.



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Our car was towed after the Ravens game as well. My 7 year old child and my husband had to stand in that lot to wait for a ride. $300.00 for a family night! We've called the supposed to be ""owner"" of the lot who contracted the towing company. He basicly said ""too bad"". A GIANT grocery employee's car was towed as well. These people has no conscience whatsoever. Karma is a bit*h. I know they won't get away with this. This won't last much longer.



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Worst Towing Company ever opened!!!

These are the worst companies to deal with. Supposedly they tow cars in areas of baltimore city, but my experience was horrible. First of all, I am blaming not only the towing company for towing my car (which are these people), but baltimore city itself. If a city is going to post a sign up for individuals not to park in a certain area...I would think they would want to make the sign bigger. Of course not....why should they, that is how they make their money. It is also ridiculous how they charge $300 for using dollies, because a car is park a certain way. The way one parks doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with the rates. If they have to use their stupid dollies because my car was parked a certain way, that is their fault, because in anyone's mind, they don't expect to get towed and if they do believe me, we will all parked facing outward so that we can make their jobs easier.....THis IS RIDICULOUS and sounds stupid. So now that I have gotten out my fustration, I am going to tell you what happened. I went for a job interview on light street (which was really only for 30 mins) because I already had an interview before this one and by the time I came out of the interview my car was towed. I went into dominos because it was their parking lot and one of the employees was telling me that they tow cars if the customer is not coming into dominos to pick up an order. So I called the tow people and come to find out, I had to pay $300 to get my car back. The funny thing is the ""so called"" sign saying we can't park there was covered by a little shrub, which is why I couldn't see the sign in the first place and yes I have a picture! And this whole thing about paying in cash needs to stop because if one charges their card, who cares they will get their money one way or another (we are not all like Bill Gates walking around with $300 in our pockets). I am not done with this company yet and most of all this needs to stop and can we have BIGGER SIGNS!



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