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did no help me at all ...

did no help me at all to quit smoking. I had a female and yet I do read on here that Simon must be the one to go to not her.



So dissapointed

I walked away feeling the exact same way as when I went in. Not only did it not give me even the slightest strength in quitting smoking but now I just feel like I got ripped off. Not to mention she recommended 5 more cessions. Tell me why I would spend more money when the first didnt give me anything to work with. Two hour visit hour in half just talking about why I wanted to quit, what I wouldnt get if I didnt and so on then just started the "hypnotherapy" which lastest 29 minutes which 11 was just of her talking down from 20. So dissapointed and can NOT recommend this woman. I know that hypnotherapy works but not with this woman.



A New Day helped with stress

I decided to try hypnosis to learn to handle my stress and anger in a healthier fashion. As a child, I watched my parents yell and argue, so at around age five I began modeling what I saw from them and started having explosions when something upset me. I decided that hypnosis could be a viable option for me after my closest friend told me that she had used hypnosis for her flight anxiety and it had worked really well. I had a lot of major changes in my life lately and it’s been really stressful. I was at a point where I was in a state of crisis and I needed help, so I hoped that hypnosis could help me with my issue too. This problem affected every part of my life and everything that matters to me and I had to do something about it, so when I saw a flyer for A New Day Hypnosis I decided to call.

After a week or so I started to notice that I was more in tune to my reactions and had more tools to refocus my energy and cope with difficult situations. I had a method and a way to deal with things and it made my experience better and easier. I’ve used yoga and meditation in the past to help me with my problem and they are wonderful at calming the anxiety, but didn’t help me to identify the signals that came before I blew up or make it easier for me to change my behaviors.

I feel more in control now because I have ways to identify and address my behaviors. I have more confidence and it’s been a real eye opener for me. I now realize that I had a whole lifetime of reacting to things in a certain way and it was hard to understand that I could change. Having somebody outside of myself offering new methods to deal with things really helped. I know now that I can change these almost instinctive reactions into something different and it’s made all the difference for me. For the first time, it makes perfect sense that I can change the way that I react to things.

I would absolutely recommend these services to anyone who would like to be in control of their anger and stress. Laura is very competent at what she does. You can’t trust everyone that you meet, but she is very calm and instills a sense of trust immediately because she’s very good at making people feel comfortable. I now have really high hopes for myself and I know that I have all the tools to make this work for me. The most important benefit that I’ve received from A New Day Hypnosis is the chance to have a better, healthier relationship with the people that I love and to offer them a positive influence so that they can have better, healthier relationships.



A New Day Hypnosis helped me sleep

I���ve had problems with insomnia and anxiety for the last three months. It started out when I had a really bad respiratory infection and I found myself panicking at night when I couldn���t breathe. I���ve always been even tempered and all of the sudden I was wigging out. I couldn���t stop the panic and that was really scary for me. There were times when I would have such uncontrollable anxiety that I really felt like I was going crazy.

I tried listening to meditation tapes and they eventually helped me to calm down and sleep, but it really took a long time. It wasn���t really helping me to focus on changes in my thinking because I was still feeling anxiety all the time. I felt out of control.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from my husband Fred who came to see Laura for help with his insomnia. I was ready to do something. I figured out where the anxiety was stemming from and hypnosis helped me focus on what to work on. I noticed that I was staying calm and sleeping through the night and it���s been a fairly easy process. I don���t really have to think about it and it���s more natural for me. I notice that if I feel a little anxiousness coming on, I know that I can overcome it. I have tools that can help me so that I���m not lost.

Because I���m sleeping better, I can think more clearly during the day. I���m more productive and focused with work because I have a lot more mental clarity. I don���t feel crazy anymore and I���m making lots of other health improvements, too. I���m drinking more water, eating better, and my exercise has increased. Everything is coming together for me as a whole.

I have a greater sense of control now. If I feel a little anxious or unsettled, I can calm myself down. I feel like I went through a dark tunnel and I���ve come out into the light. I have a more positive outlook because I know that I���ve really accomplished something. I feel more confident because I���m not afraid of change anymore.

The most important thing that I���ve gotten out of this is my sanity. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with anxiety and insomnia because I���ve been successful and so has my husband. I feel confident that if I do wake up I can go right back to sleep and that���s been such a relief to me.



saved the day!

This is my new saving grace! I had an awful experience with another local hypnotherapist. I would have given up had I not tried A New

Day! They were all I wanted! I was looking for an ND/hypnotherapy combo and when I asked to see credentials from the first hypno I went to in Austin who was billing herself as an ND she explained she had taken some correspondance classes on the computer and had not completed them. When I discussed the frauduluncy, she removed the ND from her ad. (only SOME ads) I found a New Day on recommendation...they had all REAL credentials and it showed. I lost 30 pounds!! My wife is feeling healthier now too. All good.


Phone: (512) 799-5736

Address: 3705 Medical Pkwy Ste 520, Austin, TX 78705


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