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Ping's Tree Service
5050 Freyn Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 298-8482


Over 40 Years Experience!
we had a tree cut down 2 years ago,we had a misunderstanding as to what tree it was and although it was more then we could afford at time they had it taken care of for us because it was so big it was a danger,we just had the other tree cut down and their estimate was lowest and they did great job.
Thanks services are great and that's a tree professionals opinion
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All Westside Tree Service
6565 Coffman Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 293-5600


We are a family run full service tree care company.
Very happy! Had them trim some trees over my roof too high for me to get on my rehab project. Quote was very fair. The job was very difficult and they had no problem. In a couple hours, I could actually see my house and the animal highways to the roof were gone. The crew hauled everything away and m...
Great family run local tree service. I order my firewood from them every year. They come on time and stack the wood for me. They even rotate it, so my old wood is on top. I also had them trim a tree to get the deadwood out. Friendly people.
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Stewart's Tree Service
1917 S Franklin Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239
(317) 643-4562



We have a full line of tree service with all the equipment needed. We can redo any area in your yard with the plants of your choice. Open 7 days a week.

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Another service done by Larry and his crew. Have had him several times and still can't find a flaw in his work. His staff of workers exceeded in excellance in all ways. The clean up was done and there wasn't even a twig left. Hats off to you and your crew
I asked for clean wood. I got the nastiest wood I've ever had in 20 years. It smelled like creek mud and much was soaking wet. It had mold on it and looked just about rotten. I will not even let my dog smell or chew it. I'm fearful it would kill her. Never buy without looking at what you are g...
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